Tuesday, July 26, 2005

That Bastard of an Ex-Husband

That bastard of an Ex-Husband called me tonight...asshole..

Seems he *finally* found out that our 17 yr old daughter is dating a Black Man.
He came home early, and found our 17yr old in bed with her Black lover.. Seems he was fucking her ass pretty good!
He was really pissed, and knew, right away, that I was the cause of her having a Black Lover..

He called me, and ranted that I was the cause of his "Princess" turning into a "nigger-loving whore", because *I* am a "nigger-loving whore", a slut, a piece of "nigger-loving white trash slut/whore"

Now, those comments didn't bother me at all, because, I confess to being all those things!
I admitted that he was right, that I was all those things, and more! And I wasn't at all ashamed of it!!!

The thing that got me upset though, was when he called me a horrible mother... That is what hurt me!!
I think I have been a great mother!
I've raised my two girls when their father was away for days, even weeks, at a time, with rarely a time that they needed a babysitter, as I was a stay-at-home mother.
I tended to their wounds, both physical, spiritual, and psycological, I raised them with good manners, and taught them to always hold their heads high, and stand/walk erect, and proper, and later, when I discovered my true calling in life, being a Black Cock Slut, I introduced my girls to the joys of Black Cock, and serving, and servicing Black Men!

My girls were growing up well-adjusted, healthy, and happy!

Now, thanks to their father, they are crying everytime I hear them, missing their mother, and hating their father!
So.. who's the bad parent???
He only sees that the oldest one is being fucked by Blacks.. He doesn't see how happy she is with him, both in, and out of bed!
He doesn't see (and doesn't know, I don't think) the looks of joy the youngest used to get, when she would taste a Black Man's cum, or lick his cock, or the look of youthful surprise when a Black cock shoots it's load of cum on her hand!!!
She loves the stuff, but now, the poor girl can't get anymore of it!!

I'm miserable about these things!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Saturday night...

Well, I *had* plans for relaxing today.. I had booked the afternoon at a local spa. I had done the mudbath, the herbal wrap, the sauna, and the whirlpool, and was in the midst of an hour-long deep-tissue massage, to be followed by a relaxing rubdown with scented oils, new-age music, and candles, and, of course, a good joint of some mellow weed one of my men had given me. I had taken a few tokes during each stage (the owner of the spa is the wife of one of my Lovers, and, in fact, is an occasional lover of mine, as well, and is very cool about these things, with people she trusts), and I was pretty well stoned off my ass by this time, and the effects of all these soothing things, especially the feel of those talented hands on my body, as well as the pot, had my pussy juicing pretty well, but I was determined not to make this a sexual thing, just a sensual one...
As I said, I was in the midst of a deep tissue massage, which had me moaning, and groaning, as my muscles got a good working over, when my cell phone rang... Now, normally, I wouldn't have bothered to answer it, but at that point, only two things would keep me from answering it.. the distinct ring of my youngest daughter's school, and the ring of this one Black Man,
who has an absolutely huge sized cock, and the best lips of any man that I've ever kissed!
He calls me, and I NEVER fail to answer, as it means only one thing.. I'm gonna get a GREAT fucking!!!!
Well, he calls me, and tells me to cancel any plans I have for this evening, as he wants to use his favorite white slut tonight, harder than usual!!
At this, I perk up, and tell him ok, to call me in a couple of hours, with the time to meet, and I hang up...I ask the massage girl to send in the owner, and when she enters, she dismisses the massuesse, and asks me what's up, as she can smell my arousal, and, dipping her finger into my hot cunt, takes it out, looks at her finger, and tastes it, telling me that I'm particularly wet today...and asking what got me all hot and bothered?? I tell her, and ask her for one of her special "treatments".. She knows just what I mean, and when I'm done the treatments I had scheduled, I followed her into a private room for an enema that I can't get anywhere else.. I don't know what the hell she puts in it, but by the time I've gone through four 2-quart enemas, my asshole is not only clean as a whistle, but also more relaxed, and open than usual, and a lot more sensitive to touch, which she proves, by putting her tongue in my ass, making me climb the orgasm ladder, closer to heaven, with each lick!
She stops before I cum though, and tells me that I'm done, and to head home..
By 4pm, He has called again, telling me what he wants me to wear tonight, as he's taking me out...
He wanted me to wear the following:My red see-through blouse (VERY sheer!), 1/2 cup Black Bra, that shows off my nipples, and really pushes my tits together, and up, a red micro-mini skirt that he bought me months ago.. it barely covers my ass!
Red lace garter belt that extends down to mid-thigh, and red fisnet stockings, with a pair of BRIGHT red pumps, with a 4 inch heel.
He told me to put my makeup on really heavy.. he wanted me to look like a cheap whore....

He arrived at 6pm,, walked in, told me to turn around so he could see me, and when I did, he immediately slapped me HARD! in the face, grabbed me by the hair, yanked it back, and yelled at me, telling me that my make-up wasn't whorish enough for him, and wanted to know why the hell I was wearing panties? (they were a red lacy pair, and I thought they would go well with the outfit, and told him so.. Obviously, he didn't agree)
He grabbed the panties and RIPPED them off my ass, which hurt like hell, then, while I was still sobbing in pain from the slap to the face, and the pain of the ripped panties, he threw me onto the couch, face down, and ass up (my fav position, btw), yanked up my skirt, and proceeded to beat my ass with his belt!! By the time he was done, my makeup was totally fucked up, mascara running down my face, from the tears, and my ass was a bright red, to match the outfit, with large welts running across it!
He told me to go back, and fix my face, so I spent the next 10 minutes reapplying the makeup, heavier this time, and when I came out, he looked pleased, and told me that NOW I looked like a real cheap whore! I practically cried, I was so happy at his look of pleasure!
He took me out to his car, a Black 1985 Lincoln Town Car, and we drove to the seedier part of town...He gave me one of those little walkie talkies that are so popular now, and took my purse, emptied out everything but my ID and the walkie talkie, and gave it back, telling me to get my white ass out on the street, and make some money for him.. I was surprised, but not shocked.. it wasn't the first time he's had me whore myself on the streets.. but he's usually made me dress a little classier, in the past.
He also told me NOT to turn any tricks with white guys... I could only do Black Men... no hispanics, even if they were dark-skinned!

To top it off, I was to charge the following prices: 20 bucks for a straight pussy fuck, 30 for an ass fuck, 10 for a blowjob, and 5 for a handjob... He told me that I couldn't call him until I had 2oo dollars!!
Well, I was out there for 6 hours, turning down white guys left and right, as well as a few hispanics, and the REAL hookers out there were giving me looks to kill, as I was a busy 'ho that night!
I lost track, and when I finally counted my money, I found I had made almost 300 bucks!!
I called him on the walkie talkie, and he pulled right up.. seems he was nearby the whole time, watching me... He told me I had gotten picked up my over 20 guys! WOW! I was stunned!
He took the 200 dollars, and gave me the rest, for being such a hard-working slut!
BTW... he told me NOT to let any of the guys use condoms!
At one point, cum was dripping from my ass, and my pussy, right down my legs... the other whores out there were looking at me in disgust, and asking how the hell I could NOT use a condom, and I told them the truth! My Black Pimp told me NOT to! I was getting fed up with these bitches, so I just scooped up the cum that was dripping down my legs, and ate it right up!
That shocked the hell out of them, but I still wasn't done, so I dug 3 fingers into my cum-filled cunt, scooped out a nice load of cum and licked it from my fingers right there! And I wasn't done yet! I did the same to my asshole! Then ate it!! I started laughing hysterically, at the looks of these bitches!!!
And then came the "trick of the night"!!!

He pulled up in a Hummer H1 (the original humvee)..
He asked how much for my white cunt, and I rattled off my rates, without thinking...
He said ok, and I got in...
We drove to a cheap motel, and went in, and I pulled his pants down, I got slapped in the face by two things! A HUGE Black cock, and a BADGE!!!
He told me he could bust me now, as he had it all on tape, or I could give him a freebie...
Needless to say, I didn't charge him..;-)
He insisted on wearing a condom, no matter what I said, so I asked him to pull out before cumming, and shoot either in my mouth, or on my face.. He chose to shoot on my face. After he was done, he took me back to where he picked me up, and left me there.. cum still dripping down my face...(he wouldn't let me wipe it off) I got picked up within seconds, and had another Black cock down my throat, les than a minute later, and another load in my belly 2 minutes later!

After my Lover picked me up, he got me cleaned up a bit, and took me to an all-black bar that we go to occasionally.. he bent me over a barstool, and cuffed my hands to the legs, and offered my holes, free of charge, for the next 2 hours...
Needless to say, I came home that monring, one well-fucked white whore!!!
He called me this morning, btw, and told me what a good white slut I was, and that the owner of the bar wants me back often! Seems drink sales went up while I was there!!! LOL!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A little history about me...

Well, I guess I should start off this Blog by telling everyone a little history about me...
I'm a 41 yr old mother of two, recently divorced. Why would anyone in their right mind divorce me, you ask?
Well, for some, it's simple, for others, maybe not so....
I'm a slut for BBC (That's Big Black Cock, for those not familiar with the term).
I discovered a few years ago, that I have a fascination.. No, that's not the right term... a craving for BBC.. I love nothing more, than to be used by a Black Man (preferably a GROUP of Black Men) sexually, for hours on end!

One day, as I was being brutally gangbanged (my favorite way, btw) in the bed my husband and I used to share, he came home from work early... TOO EARLY!
As he walked in, thinking I might be taking a nap or something, he saw the following:
Me, on all fours, with a Black Man's hands on my head, ramming his cock deep down my throat, another Black Man laying under me, his thick cock in my pussy bareback (I hate condoms.. never use 'em!) while another was behind me, ramming what felt like a tree-trunk up my ass, as he smacked my ass HARD, and the guy on the bottom, btw, was squeezing my big tits like they were cow udders, and he wanted some fresh milk!!
He started to say something, just around the time I noticed him standing there, and I quickly pulled my mouth off the cock I was being face-fucked with, and after letting out a whorish moan, told him to go away, that I'd talk to him later.. (not the smartest thing to do, but what else was I gonna do? yell rape????
yeah, right... when I'm getting Black Cock shoved in me, or find myself being used, I can't think too clearly, and sure as HELL ain't gonna pull off all that cock that's in me!!!
The guy's freaked out a bit, and started to pull out, but I just told them to keep fucking me!
An hour later, they finally finished with me, and left, and I came out into the living room to see if hubby was still there.. He wasn't.

He came back a few hours later, drunk (boy could never hold his liqour anyway)and pissed, but he's too much of a wimp to do anything about it, so he just sat there and cried, moaning "How could you do this to me??" and "how long has this been happening?"
I sat down, and told him that I had been getting Black-Fucked for a couple of years now, and had no intention of giving it up.. that he either accepted it as part of life, or he didn't, but I wasn't going to stop...

I'll continue this later, as one of my lovers just called, and wants to cum over, fuck me, and have me make him lunch...;-)