Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve, and I'm all alone..

Well, here it is, the night before Christmas.

I'm alone again....
Going to Mom's in the morning, where my ex is going to bring our daughters, to exchange gifts.

But till then, I'm lonely as hell.. still sick, just not as much.
Not even horny.....

Wishing everyone a happy holidays, spend it with someone you care about.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I've got a cold!

Wel, I've been laid up in bed for the last week or so, sick as a dog. Guess I caught the cold from being on the streets.. The other girls out whoring themselves were all bundled up, but I was there in just a micro-mini. and tube top... no wonder I'm sick!

My men have stopped by during the week, bringing me chicken soup, and other things to eat, and Jacob even gave me a bath!
The guys have been really great this past week, trying to make sure that I'm somewhat comfortable, and eating properly, and a couple of the wives were by, helping to nurse me back to health..Feeling a bit better now, but my throat's still swollen, my hair's a mess, and I don't feel at ALL, pretty...

The building superintendant came by last night, saw I was sick, but told me he wanted a blowjob anyway.. Hurt my throat to do it, but I have to....

Thomas spent the night, and fucked me a few times, doggy-style, cumming in my pussy twice, and in my ass once. I licked him clean afterwards, and we both fell asleep soon afterward.
He woke up an hour ago, and woke me up to feel him fucking my ass! I'm not as sore there now, so it was kind of a nice way to wake up!
He just left, so I thought, as long as I'm up, what the hell.. enter something here....

Friday, December 16, 2005

Jacob just called...

Seems he feels that I haven't suffered enough abuse yet.

Jacob called, and told me that, for the rest of the day, even if I go out, I am to keep my fattest dildo in my ass, and two VERY LARGE dildoes in my pussy!
Now, normally, I'd say "no problem!"
Today, BIG PROBLEM! It hurts like HELL, just to wear panties! A thong wouldn't be so bad, except for it rubbing in my ass-crack, but my WHOLE ass hurts today, not just my asshole!
And to keep these dildoes in my holes, I'm going to have to call my mom, and borrow one of her panty-girdles, to keep these fake cocks from slipping out!

Oh well, just more pain that I have to suffer through..

Hmmmm.... wondering if Mom would like to come over and help me satisfy my Men?
Let me call.....

NOPE.. mom will loan me the panty-girdle, but she tells me that she's already having her lover over tonight, and, since she read my blog this week, she's told me that I deserve my punishment, and that I've got to do whatever it takes, to make it up to my Men.
OK, so I walk around the house naked, except for the panty-girdle... Hopefully, it won't be too bad...



Well, my ass and pussy got used like a slut's last night, and I loved it!
I'm still in a bit of pain from that huge cock, but it's a good kinda pain.. keeps reminding me of last night.
It's hours after, yet my asshole is STILL swollen, and still gaping slightly.. I just slid two fingers, greased with just my spit, into my asshole.. a little pain, but they slid in a little TOO easily, if you know what I mean! ;-)

My poor cunt is ruined, at least for a day or two more... it's really swollen, and red, and bruised from the punches I took there....
My lips are also swollen, and bruised... hell, it even hurts to drink from a glass!

My nipples are cracked from the cold, and bleeding ever so slightly.
It's actually kinda hard to be writing this right now, as both eyes are swollen, and black and blue, but My men told me to write, so write I will!

Right now, I'm sitting on a feather pillow, trying to give my poor asshole and cuntlips a break from the pain. FORGET ABOUT WEARING PANTIES! Just hurts too damned much!

Jacob called just now, and he says he's bringing over a few guys to use me tonight...
I don't know how the hell I'm going to be able to handle it!

This has been probably, one of the most brutal beatings/rapes I've had ever...
But I was wrong for going out whoring on my own, and even more so, for not telling them afterward, and handing the money over to them, like I would any other time, so, I guess I deserved it...

Till later...
Time to go clean up, and start dinner for 4 or more..
Either going to be steaks, or veal.. haven't decided on which, but I think it'll be a buffet style tonight.. That way they can eat when/where they want.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

They had me working the streets last night...

Well, it was a Wednesday, and it was EXTREMELY COLD!!
So, not a whole lot of business... They had me out on the streets wearing a miniskirt (a size too small, and EXTRA short!) that barely covered my ass, and no panties. boy was my pussy cold!!!
A tube-top two sizes too small, so my big tits were practically falling out, and 4 inch stilletto heels. No stockings to help keep my legs warm.. brrrr!!!
As usual, I was ordered to put my makeup on heavy, and slutty, and take any date that was offered.

I only got 4 dates last night, a couple of blowjobs for 20 bucks a piece, and a regular fuck, no condoms, of course! And I told him to come on my slut cunt, like I was told to do.. The last date of the night was a man who couldn't keep his hand, lips, or cock away from my big titties! He gave me a BIG load al over my tits and face! Of course, I licked up what I could, but still left a lot on my chest and face.

I was out there for 2 hours, no traffic in sight, and no dates.
My Men finally came by in my van, and picked me up, and took me to a local flophouse, where some really scummy guys were living.. My Men fucked my pussy, ass, and mouth, then told the guys they could have me for the rest of the night, and to feel free to do whatever they wanted with me.

I was fucked in every hole, called names, slapped and beaten, pissed on, and in, then passed around to some guys that had just arrived. All told, I think about 20 guys used me.

Today, I have bruises all over my face, chest, thighs,back, ass, oh hell, I've got bruises all over my body! I'm hurting like a bitch right now, and one of my men just called, telling me he just checked my blog, and was pissed that I hadn't posted about last night yet.

He told me that he's coming over with Darnell, a really sadistic bastard. Black as night, buiilt like a pro bodybuiler, and packing a 12 inch cock that's thicker than most I've taken! He really gets off on hurting me.. both with his cock, and with his hands.
Last time he came over, he tied me up, put a noose around my neck, and hung me by it, while punching me in the cunt, stomach, tits, and face. It's almost worth it though, as when he gets going, he gets VERY horny, and fucks like a horse! He stretches my pussy so wide with that huge cock, that it's hours before my pussy starts to tighten back up! And I can't even begin to describe the pain/pleasure I get from him fucking me in the ass! It's like, instant orgasm!

Granted, I'm going to be bruised, and hurting like hell for the next couple of days, but.. between the awesome sex I'm be getting, and the fact that my Men OWN me now, I accept it as a cost of living the life I want to live..

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Been away.. sorry..

Sorry folks, but this cum slut has been busy as of late!

After my choice to become a whore for the night, and making ALL that money, a few of my guys read my blog, and boy, were they pissed!!!

After beating the crap out of me, for not giving them the money I earned, they repeatedly ass-raped me for over 4 hours, bringing in a bunch of young gang kids, telling them it was as punishment! I know I had at least 30 different cocks in my ass that night, many of them fucking my ass more than once. It hurt like hell for the first 15 minutes, but then the cum started to work as a GOOD lube, and I started to enjoy the hell out of it!
By the end of the 4th hour, I was cumming almost non-stop, just from having my ass raped!
Did I mention that no lube was used? Well, at the beginning, no lube was used, then the cum made a great lube, but then, after I had taken at least 10 loads of cum in my ass, and had a huge pool of it on the carpet, where it had dripped out of my ass, they had turned me around, and told me to lick the carpet clean of cum! I hesitated for just a second, but that was too long, for Jacob, one of my Men.. He grabbed my hair, and hauled off and smacked me HARD! I didn't hesitate again... I licked it all up, like a good slut, and found I kinda enjoyed it!
They wiped my ass clean of cum, and some shit, and continued the rape.. However, by then, my ass was gaping open, so there wasn't as much pain as before, when they cocks went in dry.

When the kids were done raping my ass, they dragged me into the tub, and pissed all over me. I was made to lay in the tub, all that piss polling around me, till they felt it had gotten cold enough.
Then everyone left, with my Men telling me they'd be back later.
Two days later, they came back. My bruises were almost healed, so they fucked me, and left.

A few days later, they came by again, telling me that, since I made so much money that one night, I was going to be doing it more often!
I've been out on the street, hooking, every other night since then.
So far, my Men have made over 8 thousand dollars from my cunt, ass, and mouth!
I've gotten 300 bucks so far, from all my work. That paid for food, and booze, and this month's cable/internet bill.
I was really hoping to be able to buy a webcam, and possibly a digital cam with that money, and start taking some pics of myself to share with you guys... Perhaps in the future...

Last night, instead of putting me out "on the stroll", they took me to a Black bar that I've been to before...I was made to bend over a table, where they tied my wrists and ankles to the table legs, blindfolded me, and plugged my ears, and announced that I was available to anyone who wanted to use me, for the rest of the night.
That was at 6 am, I had lost track of how many men fucked my holes, and I know I had cum dripping from my pussy and ass, and cum drying on my face, and in my hair. I was a total mess!
I have to admit though, I loved it! I couldn't see who was using me, including at least 3 different women (I could tell my the taste of their cunts), and I was able to concentrate on every taste, and touch, and cock that used my body!

My men have threatened to arrange a breeding party for me, if I get too independent with them again...
They tell me that they will tie me up, my ass high in the air, so the sperm can get deep into my womb, and impregnate me. They also threatened that I wouldn't know who it was, what color the guys were, what they looked like, etc..
Hmmmm... sounds kinda fun!
They also told me that, if/when I finally get pregnant, whether it be from a "breeding party", or just from me taking cocks without rubbers, that I will CONTINUE to be a whore, whether it be on the streets, or in private, until I can't fuck anymore.. They didn't say that it would be until I was too pregnant to risk the baby, just that it would be until I can't fuck anymore...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about that last part...
Maybe I should behave for a while....


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tonight, I was a whore....

I was mad tonight... No money, no sex all day, and no calls from my Men....

I got mad.. Then I decided to do something about it.

I got dressed up really trashy, and slutty tonight. I decided to dress in whore red tonight. A pair of sheer, tiny, crotchless panties, in red, of course, a tiny red leather miniskirt, with a slit all the way to the top, red fishnet stockings, my favorite red "fuck me" pumps, with a 4 inch heel, and a red tube-top, a size too small (one of the ones that one of my Men ordered me to buy, a while ago), hair teased to within an inch of it's life, bright, red, slutty, glossy lipstick, too much blush (red of course!), and black eyeliner, trying to make myself look as slutty, and whorish as possible! Wish I could have taken a picture!

I went out to the van, started it up, and drove to the city, parking on a side street, where I had to walk past a lot of seedy-looking guys.... I loved the catcalls I got, especially fromt he latino guys, who al called me a puta, which is spanish for whore, or slut, I think...

Got to the streetcorner, and stood there for about 5 minutes, hand on my hip, occasionally walking up and down the sidewalk, swaying my hips like a slut in heat, (which I am, of course!), and got picked up my some old guy in a beat-up pickup truck.
He asked how much, and I told him that since he was my first of the night, I'd give him the "senior's discount"... 5 bucks for a blowjob, 20 for a regular fuck, and 30 for anal.
He took the blowjob, and I climbed in.. we found a nice dark alley, and I sucked him off in about 2 minutes.. not the usual whore blowjob, where it's mostly handjob.. I kept my hands on his leg, and just used my mouth.. He came real quick, but it was a nice-sized load, and it tasted damn good!!! He dropped me off back on "my" corner, and I went back to strutting my stuff for a while.. about 15 minutes later, a new Dodge Magnum pulled up (I LOVE that car!) in bright red, matching my outift, and I mentioned it as I leaned in the window, showing him my cleavage, and we quickly agreed to a price.. We went to his room in one of the casinos, and he pulled my tube-top down off my tits, leaving it to hang around my waist, lifted my skirt, and just RAMMED his bare cock right into my cunt, right between the opening of my crotchless panties!
He fucked me hard, pressing me up against the window of the room, giving anyone who might have looked up, a pretty good view of my semi-naked body being given a good hard fucking!
He came in me pretty fast, but, instead of going soft, like I expected, he stayed hard, pulled out with a squish, and rammed it right up my asshole!!
It hurt a little, as I hadn't lubed my ass up, but his cum helped it slide in a bit.. It hurt a bit at first, but then started to feel REAL GOOD! He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, grabbing my tits, and twisting on them pretty good, and even wrapped his hand around my throat while he fucked me! That got me a bit nervous, but also made me wetter!
He was choking me pretty good, till he shot his second load of the night into my ass, pulled out, slapped my ass HARD, and yanked me down by the hair, telling me to clean his cock.. Now, I love doing that anyway, but knowing he was paying me well for the full treatment, made it even better! He was calling me nasty names the whole time, calling me a shore, a slut, a fucking pig, for sucking his cock clean after it had been in my asshole! I loved it!

After he was satisfied with the cleaning, his cock going limp finally, he slapped my face lightly, and said that I had earned my money well.. He took 3 one hundred dollar bills (we had agreed to $200 for the full treatment) and stuffed it into my cum-filled cunt, and told me to get out.
I pulled my top up, tugged my skirt down, and walked out of the room, fixing my hair in the elevator, barely remembering to pull the 300 bucks out of my cum-filled cunt before the elevator doors opened!

I went straight to the hotel bar, and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, and drank it right down, and ordered another! I took my time with this one, and flirted with a few of the guys at the bar, even letting one buy me a drink!
He tried hitting on me, but I told him that I couldn't let him have me, not from the bar, as casino security would right away, think I was turning tricks from the bar, and throw me out...
I told him that he could look for me later, on the street, and told him where I'd be. He looked shocked as hell by my admission that I was a whore, and backed off immediately!
I finished the iced tea he bought me, and walked out of the bar, somewhat fucked up, from the booze, and went to the ladies' room, and sitting down, realized that cum was dripping from my ass and pussy! (not that it surprised me, I just forgot it was there.. silly me!)
I got cleaned up, scooping the cum from my pussy and ass with my fingers, and eating it all up, then a quick wipe of my pussy, and I was back to the streets!

All told, I got picked up by 9 guys, before I decided to call it quits for the night, took at least 5 loads down my throat, 7 in my whore's cunt, and another 3 up my ass!
My last trick of the night wanted a blowjob, and I asked him to cum all over my face and tits. He was shocked, to say the least, and practically EXPLODED all over my face and chest! I got what I wanted, he got a good blowjob, and I made 50 bucks for it!!

I got in about an hour ago, and I'm sitting here, a THICK dildo in my pussy, and a nice thick dildo in my ass, both lubed by all that cum, and I just got done rubbing all the remaining cum into my face and into my titties. Did I mention how much I love the feel of drying cum on my skin?? It's just the GREATEST thing for keeping my skin firm!

And I made a total of $1300.00 for the night, not including the drinks in the hotel bar, and some chinese food!!!!

Thinking about doing this more often!
It's nice not having to give my Men any of the money.. But I worry, when I think of what will happen to me when they find out.. and they will, knowing that they read this blog....;-)

Should be an interesting week...
See Ya!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I wound up going out for some fun.

Well, only two of my Men came over.. They fucked me in every hole, gave me a couple of nice-sized loads of cum, but that was all.
The last one left about 11:30pm, and I was out the door, and headed for the city, within 30 mins of them leaving. I was still horny as hell (truth be told, I'm STILL horny as hell, but not as much now), so I headed for the adult theater. Being as cold as it is, there obviously wasn't as much action as in the middle of summer, but I wound up being used rough, the way I like it, by 6 or 7 guys. My nipples are bleeding from the rough usage they were given, at my request. No, make that my DEMAND!! LOL!
At one point, I was squatting over this one old, fat man's cock, about 6 inches, and had a NICE thick, BLACK cock in my ass, about 9 inches, but thicker than my wrist, while I was trying to cram two cocks (one white, one Black) in my mouth at the same time! The old man was squeezing my tits gently, almost lovingly, and I stopped sucking just long enough to tell him to "HURT MY TITS, YOU BASTARD!!"
Well, he did, and more! He was digging his fingernails into my tits, not just the nipples, but digging his fingernails DEEP into my tit-flesh!
That gave me an INSTANT orgasm, causing me to stop sucking the cocks in my mouth, and I started screaming as I came! Within a second of me screaming, I had one of the cocks shoved in my mouth, with somebody telling me to shut the fuck up!
Oh well! LOL!! Guess I got just a little TOO loud!
By the time I left, I had taken the cum of at least 4 guys, total strangers, in my slutty pussy, and at least 3 loads (I think.. Some guys, I can't always tell if they're cumming of not) in my asshole, and I know at least one guy came on my breasts, and the two I was sucking off, came all over my face.
The guys kept switching positions, taking turns with each hole, but my favorites were when the guys who were just in my asshole, shoved their cocks down my throat! I love ass-to-mouth!!!

BTW, when I left the house, I had on NOTHING, but a short winter coat... I'm sure that my pussy was seen more than a few times, as I walked the half-block to the theater, but I really didn't care!

When I finally left the theater, I had cum dripping from my pussy and ass,still on my tits, some still on my face, and a little left in my hair!
I'm sitting here now, still naked, but with a towel between my legs, so I don't stain the chair, and a buttplug in my ass.
My nipples are lightly bleeding, and they are SO tender right now! I love it! Just makes me want to put my nipple clamps on them!

Not much else I can do tonight, but I'm making sure that my front door is unlocked, and I'm going to stretch out on a comforter on the floor near the door. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a visitor???

Nite now...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sorry I've been away so long!

Sorry folks, wish I could tell a hot and horny sex story, explaining my absence, but it's been a lot more boring than that.. Yes, I did some cocksucking, ass-licking, pussy eating, and of course, getting my pussy and ass filed with Black cock, but that hasn't been happening like it used to.

Most of the last few weeks have been spent keeping my apartment clean, and cooking for my Men...Lately, they come over, give me a quick fuck, cum in one of my holes, then tell me to cook something for them, they eat, drink, and leave...
I miss being used......
All I know is, if I don't get a good hard using, soon, by at least 2 guys at once, I'm either going to go crazy, or get my ass back out on the streets, picking up any Black guys I can!!

I've run out of spending money, as the guys are just paying my bills now, buying groceries and booze, paying the rent and utilities, but no spending money for me!
I've already worn out 6 2-packs of "c" batteries for my dildoes, my pussy hasn't gotten a good stretching for a while, and I SWEAR, I'm starting to suffer from a cum defiiciency!!

We'll see how the night goes....I'm calling up ALL my men tonight, and BEGGING them to sum use me, like they used to!!!
Here's hoping....

Saturday, October 29, 2005

didn't mean to leave that last one unfinished....

Sorry, but while I was writing that last note, I got a couple of visitors.

One was the building super, looking for sex. I told him that I couldn't fuck him right now, but that I'd give him a blowjob, which was fine by him.

He must have been really horny today, because his cock was rock hard before I even opened his pants, and he came within 30 seconds of my mouth being on his cock!
Damned white boys... I swear, I have YET to find a Black man that doesn't last less than 5 minutes! I love to have to work for that load of cum!

The second guy came by 10 minutes after I finished with the building super.
This was this little tiny asian man.. Turns out his dick matched his stature... so tiny!
I think it had to be no more than 3 inches long, but it felt so nice in my mouth, and on my tongue! It was so soft, and silky feeling, while still being rock-hard! I have to admit, it was one of the nicest feeling cocks I've had in my mouth in a LOOONG time!
Yes, it was tiny, but the feeling made it worth it... Not to mention, this asian man fucked my face good and hard, ramming his pubic bones into my face, fucking my head just the way I like it!
He only lasted about 5 minutes, but when he came, WOW!!! He didn't just shoot cum, like most men, his dick practically EXPLODED cum into my mouth! There was so much, I couldn't swallow all of it, and a lot of it ran out of my mouth, down, onto my tits. I was swallowing like mad to keep up, byut I just couldn't, so I finally just pulled off his cock, and let him shoot the last couple of jets of cum all over my face, which he seemed to enjoy!
When he was finally done, I licked his cock gently clean, loving the feel of his smoooth dick-skin on my tongue, till he pulled away, and zipped up.
Right before he left, he reached over and gave my nipples a HARD TUG, and a viscious twist, and I came immediately!! As he left, I was on the floor, spasming in a mind-shattering orgasm that left me totally drained!

It's 45 minutes later, and I've showered and shaved my legs, and trimmed my bush, and I'm getting ready to meet a few of my men for drinks and who knows what else..
As I've been ordered, I'm wearing my too-small jeans, and a tube-top, no panties, of course, and no bra, with a pair of 4 inch stilletto heeled red "fuck me" pumps.

The temperature's really dropped in the last hour, so I know my nipples are going to be really poking out tonight.... I can't wait to see what happens tonight...

Been busy........

Sorry I've been away so long, but my Men have been keeping me busy! ;-)

Since my last entry, Jacob, the most Dominant of my Men, read my last blog entry and man, was he pissed!!!

Jacob came by a few days after that last entry, about 5am, while I was fast asleep, walked into my apartment (doors are still unlocked, remember) and woke me up by grabbing me by the hair, and yanking me out of bed! He started slapping the hell out of me, slapping my face, tits, the side of my head, anywhere he could reach easily.
He was saying that he KNEW I was a slut, but that he had TOLD me that my days of freedom were gone, and that I seemed to have forgotted that! I told him that I was bored, and horny, and nobody was around, and nobody had come by to use me in a few days, and that I just NEEDED to get out!
Well, he took care of that all right!
Jacob took me outside, naked, at a little after 5am, threw me into the van, and took me to the city, where he told me that I was going to be a treat for some of the homeless guys.
He took me to the Mission, and found a group of drunken homeless guys there, and threw me out of the van, telling me not to come back till they were done with me!
He then walked over to one of the guys, and told him that they could use me any way they wanted, for the next few hours.
Man, the looks on the faces of these guys scared me!
Some looked VERY horny, and some just looked crazy!
There, right in front of the Mission, I was forced to my knees, and the guys took turns fucking my mouth, over and over, cumming in my mouth, on my face, and on my tits.
After they all came the first time, they dragged me off to the side, out of sight of anyone passing by, and threw me onto a couple of trashbags, and took turns fucking me, over and over.
By the time it was done, it was light, I had cum dripping from my holes, and quite a few bruises from slaps and punches from the homeless guys.
When they were done, they just said "Get up slut, and get the fuck outta here", so I got up, and walked out to the street, still naked, and dripping cum, looking for Jacob.
I didn't see him, and started to panic! Just as I was starting to freak out, I heard the familiar beep of the van horn. He was about a block away, so I started to walk towards the van. When I got there, he just told me to climb in the back, and lay down, so I did..
All the way home, all I heard was him muttering "fucking pig! Fucking slut! what the fuck am I gonna do with you?"
I didn't answer, just huddled in the back till we got back to my place. When we got there, he pushed me up the stairs to my apartment, and pushed me into my place. He told me that I looked, and smelled like a pig, and to go take a shower. When my shower was done, he told me that for the next week or so, I was going to be an "on-call" slut.. That he was going to be putting my phone number out, around town, for men to call for a blowjob, and that was ALL I was allowed to do, was give blowjobs! I wasn't allowed to get fucked, just to suck cock (or pussy) till he told me otherwise.

So, for most of the last two weeks, that's how things have been going.. I've gotten calls from at least fifty different men,and quite a few women, and all the calls start the same.. "I got this number from (wherever-men's room walls, friends, ladies' room walls,etc) and I was just wondering if it was for real?"
I tell them (as ordered), "Yes, it's for real, I'm a hungry slut who just wants my mouth to be used for strangers' pleasure!! Where would you like me to eat/suck you?"
Many times I was called to motels, offices, homes, cars, bars, and a few times I was told to meet them late at night at the local kid's park, where I'd blow them, or eat their pussy somewhere in the park, such as on the kid's swings, or in the Jungle Gym area! One guy even had me hang by my knees fromt he monkey bars, upside down, ad suck his cock as he stood on one of the bars!
A few people decided the wanted to cum to my place, so I just told them the address, and to walk right in, where I was waiting, naked, on my knees, just inside the door. Some came inside and sat down on the couch, or on a chair, others just unzipped, right there in the doorway, with the door wide open, and started to fuck my face right there! Thankfully, no one came by while this was happening!
One guy had me come to his office, around 6pm, and when I got there, there were about 6 guys there, all waiting! They tried to fuck me, but I told them no, that I don't fuck, just suck. (Trust me, that was a tough one, as I hadn't been fucked in days, and was so horny I would have fucked a dog, just to get some dick in me!!) They weren't happy about that, but they used me for a few hours, fucking my face, cumming all over my face and tits, and a few even pissed in my mouth, ordering me to swallow it all! I did, of course.
The highlight of the week though, was when a woman called, and told me to come over to her place.
I got there, and knocked on the door, and it was answered by a Black woman, about 5'6" tall, and about 350 pounds! She told me to "get yo white ass in here, slut!", and had me strip naked, and eat her pussy as she lay on the couch. I swear, some pussy tastes almost better than Black Cock, and Black Pussy, YUMMY!!! I ate that fat Black woman for over an hour! She was a squirter, and she HOSED my face with her cum so many times I lost track, and she lost consciousness!! While she was out, I was just gently licking her juices up, loving the taste of her wetness, and loving the feel of her fat rolls in my hands, as I kneaded her breasts, and every other roll of fat I could get my hands on!
When she finally came to, about 15 minutes later, she rolled off the couch, onto the floor, on all fours, and had me eat her ass for awhile. It was sweaty, and funky, but tasted so good, that I had my head buried so far in her asscheeks, that I could no longer hear anything, and could barely breathe, as she grabbed my head, and pushed it in deeper! I had my tongue, AND my nose up her ass, and I was loving every minute of it!

After a while, she pulled my head away, and handed me a strap-on dildo, about 14 inches long, Black, and thicker than my thickest toys! She told me to fuck her pussy with it, and to give it to her real good and hard!
As I was fucking her with it, she was moaning, groaning, and thrashing all over the place, telling me that she hadn't had a man in years, prefering to have some white cunt fuck her with a dildo, instead! She told me that she loved how white women fuck, seeming to know just where to hit with the dildoes!
I fucked her like that for about 15 minutes, till she came again, squirting her pussy-juice all over my thighs, then collapsed on the floor again, panting.
I figured that was it, and started to get up to leave, and she told me to stay, that I wasn't done yet.....
She told me that I had to eat her one more time, and to lie on my back, that she was going to sit on my face. I almost freaked out, knowing what her weight on my face might do, but she just laughed, and said not to worry, she wouldn't smother me... much...and laughed again!
I laid down, and she got on her knees, and slowly brought her fat, dripping Black cunt down to my lips.. I started eating her as best I could, and I guess I was doing a pretty good job, because she was leaking pussy juice all over my face the whole time! I have to admit, I loved sucking on those fat pussy lips, and sticking my tongue deep into her pink, tasting her arousal, as she finger-fucked my horny cunt. I guess I got into it a little too much, because I didn't even hear someone come into the room, until suddenly, I felt a cock pushing into my pussy!!! At first, I was like "OH MY GOD! That feels TOO good!" Then, I was like "Hey! I'm not supposed to be getting fucked!! Jacob will kill me if he finds out!!" I slapped her ass and thighs, trying to get her off me, to stop the man fucking me, and all I heard was laughter!! She was telling me, "Bitch, you gonna get a GOOD fucking now!! My brother loves fucking white bitches who can't do nothin about it!"
I couldn't move if I wanted to! Part of me DIDN'T want to, mind you, as it was feeling too good, to have that cock stretching my pussy, so I just kinda gave up, and went back to eating her fat Black cunt, while some stranger was really pounding my pussy!
When she finally came, spraying my face again, she got off, and I got to see who was giving me such a wonderful fucking! It was Jacob!!!
He acted mad, telling me that he ordered me NOT to get fucked, but then started laughing, saying that he could understand, as I couldn't exactly fight it, with his sister sitting on my face!
He finished the fuck by ramming it in deep, and shooting a BIG load of Black baby-batter up my cunt, and kissing me, licking his sister's juices off my face as he came.
We all got dressed, and his sister told me that I was welcome in her pussy anytime, and I told her that if Jacob said it was ok, I'd love to come over whenever she needed me!
Of course, Jacob said YES!

He took me home after that, and called over some of the other guys, and they fucked every hole I have, using me nonstop for about 4 hours, till I finally passed out, covered in cum, with cum dripping from my pussy, my ass, my mouth, hell, they even came in my ears, and up my nose!
I woke up later, to find myself tied to the bed, cum dried up on me, leaving me somewhat sticky, and sore, but feeling soooooo good!
They left me like that for the rest of the day, finally letting me up to pee. When I was done, they let me take a shower, and then I went and cooked up some steaks for my Men.

I'm still getting calls, and Jacob says that I'm to continue going out, and being a cocksucking slut.. at least till he tires of it.. It's funny, but most of the cock I've been sucking lately, has been white guys... I do it, not by choice, but because I'm ordered to.. I have to admit though, after sucking all that white dick, I appreciate my Black lovers' cocks that much more, when I finally get them!

One of my Men suggested that, when I go out on these "cocksucking calls" as he puts it, that I put a big butt plug up my ass, and an even larger one in my pussy, to keep my cunt stretched out, and full, and that I wear a pair of super-tight jeans, to hold the plugs in, plus, he says he likes the sight of me in too-small jeans... He says that I look like an even bigger piece of white trash, with my belly hanging over the waistband, and my ass squeezed so tight into those jeans!

He's also making me go out wearing a tube-top, something I always thought was too trashy, and "teeny-bopper" for me, but I know the drill by now.. if he says do it, I do it!

Weather is getting a lot colder now.. I hope he'll let me at least wear a warm coat... granted, the cold will make my nipples stand out that much more, but I hate the cold!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally went to the chiropractor...

Feel so much better now!!
I have to say, if you haven't been to a chiropractor before, please go!
I used to hear the stories about chiropractors, people saying that you have to go at least twice a week, EVERY week.. That's BULLSHIT!

I go about every two weeks or so, especially if my Men have been particularly "physical" with me, and it helps keep me in pretty good health! My back dosn't hurt much, and let me tell you, when you're getting your face and throat fucked HARD, and often, it tends to yank things around. My chiropractor get's me all fixed up in no time at all! And it's a HELL of a lot cheaper than having to pay prescription drug prices!!

Now, is I could only pay him with sex, life would be a lot easier!!! LOL!! (Besides, his receptionist is a really CUTE redhead!!I'd LOVE to spend some time under her desk, licking her pussy!)

Weather here has been really shitty the last few days.. Lots of rain, and wind, and the temps dropping... Even the ducks are staying inside!!
But.. I was feeling adventerous, and horny (I know, nothing new!) so I went to the city tonight for a few hours.. could have gone to the adult theater, didn't, could have gone to the Black bars, didn't feel like drinking tonight though, so I just walked around... Was enjoying the looks from the young bucks, as I walked around in just a short skirt, a tube top, and heels, (no panties, or bra, of course!), and when the rain started to really come down hard, I ducked into a local adult bookstore.. There was someone new at the counter tonight, that I didn't recognize, so I started browsing the adult toy section, thinking maybe I'd pick up a new vibrator or a new fake cock..
Saw a couple nice ones, that I'm going to come back for later.. But while I was there, I noticed a few guys looking at me, and that always gets my juices flowing...
When I noticed that the clerk was busy with a customer, I ducked into the video booth area, to see what was playing, and maybe have some fun.

Watched the flicks for about 15 minutes, and stroked my pussy for a while, just enjoying myself for a while, then decided to see what else was going on...
As I came out of the booth, I notice that the male population in the video booth area had grown from about 3 guys, to about 10.... a real cute asian midget, a few white guys, a couple of hispanics, and one Black Man.
Now, you all know, by know, how I get around Black men, especially when it's in a situation where I know I can get used easily!
I soon had him joining me in a big booth, where he immediately pinned me to the wall, kissing me hard, while pawing my tits through my tube top with one hand, and shoving his fingers in my soaked pussy with the other hand! I was loving it!!!
He had the tube top down in an instant, and was really sucking on my nipples with finesse!! Now, I love having my nipples worked over, and he could tell, by my moans, that I was really enjoying it! I dropped to my knees a minute later though, as I just HAD to see what he was packing in his pants! I didn't waste a second, yanking his zipper down, and opening his pants and boxers, to find a nice thick 6 inch cock! Now, granted, I'm a size queen, I'll admit it.. I'd much rather have a 9 or 10 inch Black cock, but any Black cock turns me on, and his was no exception!! Besides, it was really thick!!!
I had him down my throat in no time, swallowing him to the root, and licking his balls at the same time! His cock tasted SO good!!!
I was enjoying making love to his Black cock with my lips and tongue, loving the feel of his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth harder, on to his cock, when suddenly he stopped, and pulled me off his cock! I looked up at him, ready to ask why?, when he pushed my head towards the wall!
Turns out there was a gloryhole there that I didn't see! (New one that I hadn't seen yet) And there was a nice hard dick sticking through it!! It was white, but that didn't stop me.. This hot Black man wanted me to suck this strange white cock through the hole, I wasn't going to argue, or disobey!
I immediately attacked that white cock with a passion, sucking it as passionately as I did the Black cock before it. Next thing I know, I the Black man's hands on my hips, pulling my ass up in the air, and, a moment later, his nice thick cock entering my dripping wet slut cunt.
He must have fucked me like that for at least 10 minutes, ramming into my cunt hard, which only served to ram my face into the wall, driving the dick in my mouth, deeping into my throat.
Next thing I know, the white dick is cumming in my mouth, I'm swallowing all the cum shooting out, and the Black cock in my pussy is shooting a nice load in my womb, and I'm cumming so often, and so loud, that I KNOW the clerk has to be hearing us!!
I was right, because within a minute of all of us cumming, the clerk is banging on the door, telling us to all get out, before he calls the cops!! Well, we all scooted out of there quick, the Black man pulling me out of the store, and into a nearby alley!

He pushed me back down to my knees, in that smelly, dark, wet alley, and made me lick his cock clean. When I was done, I looked up, and there were a group of other guys from the bookstore, all with their cocks out, and waiting their turns!!
Naturally, being the cocksucking slut/whore that I am, I had a strange dick in my mouth in no time at all!
I wound up sucking off 6 guys in that alley, and getting fucked in the ass by the last one, the asian midget! He came a HUGE load up my ass, and after I licked his cock clean afterward, he gave me his phone number, and told me to call him sometime, that he had some friends who would love to fuck me!
I left the alley soaking wet, face and chest covered in cum, my knees muddy, and red from the alley, and thouroughly fucked! I think I came about 5 times while I was in the alley, as well!

As I stumbled out of the alley, a couple of really sleazy, cheap-looking hookers were passing by, and looked down at me, and just kinda sneered "slut!"..
I looked at them and just laughed... LOL!!! I got off all those guys, for NO CHARGE!! They had to be pissed, as they would have probably made a few bucks off those guys! oh well!
I know the guys were happy... they didn't have to pay for a hooker, and they didn't have to put a rubber on!!
I got to my van, climbed in, and drove home... This was a few hours ago, and I've taken a nice long bath, followed by a hot shower, and I feel somewhat "normal" again...

I hope some of my Men cum by today.... I'm getting horny again...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

didn't go to the chiropractor...

Well, I woke up this morning, and felt like TOTAL shit.
I figured, ok, I'll sleep till late afternoon, and go to the chiropractor around 4..
Woke up, STILL felt like shit.. back doesn't hurt as much, but my belly feels horrible... like I've got some MAJOR gas.. yet I can't fart, can't burp.. what the fuck?????

I think I'm going to ask one of my men to come over and give me a good ass-fucking.. I tend to fart pretty good, after a good ass-pounding! LOL!!!

OH!! My aching BACK!!!

Been two days now, that I've been damn near incapacitated with severe back pain!
Don't know WHAT THE FUCK happened, but besides my back, my neck has been hurting, and my stomache isn't feeling too well either...

Going to the chiropractor's office today.. he always makes me feel better... I hope he can do it today, 'cause I really need relief....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

So much for waiting a few more days....

Well, it's 4:15 am here, and 2 guys just left... I'm still leaving my door unlocked, as ordered, but I figured that, since my guys told me that I would have the next day or so off, I wouldn't have to fuck anyone.. guess again!

I was sound asleep, in my bed, covers pulled up, old, comfortable (and not at ALL sexy) pajamas on, nice and comfortable, and next thing I know, there's a cock in my mouth! (I tend to snore, so I guess my mouth was open enough that the guy took it as an invitation!)

Well, I barely opened my eyes, just started sucking, letting him grab my hair (fucked up a nice hairstyle, btw) and fucking my face, till he came in my mouth.. And me, slut that I am, said thank you! What I didn't realize, was that there was another guy there.. He pushed his cock into my mouth, and, as usual, I just started sucking.. I *did* however, notice that this was a different one, and opened my eyes a bit.. through the haze of being half-asleep, I noticed that it was the apartment building super!!! And he's white!!!
Well, like I said earlier in the blog, when a man (or woman) walks in my door, and wants to use my body, I don't say no.. even if it *is* a little-dicked white guy!(the super only has a 6 inch dick!) Thanks to my Men, I can't turn anyone down... but at times like this, I wish to hell that I could! I was having a nice sleep!!!
The super decided he wanted to fuck me, but I told him I was on my period (easier than trying to explain that they just took stitches out of my pussy!), so he said ok, he's fuck my ass instead!
I told him that I wasn't clean back there, and he really didn't care.. He just rolled me onto my stomach, and spit on his dick, and slid right up my ass!
He made a comment about what a loose ass I had, called me a fucking whore, and kept on fucking my ass till he came.
I can't say I didn't enjoy it, because that would be a huge lie.. I always enjoy having my asshole fucked, and, even though it was more painful than it should have been, I still enjoyed it.. Didn't orgasm from it, but it was enjoyable anyway...
The other guy said he wanted to fuck my ass also, but seeing how open it was after getting fucked, he said he's rather jerk off instead! Now THAT, I took offense to!! but I didn't say a word... He jerked his cock off, slapping my lips, and nips with it, till he came in my hair. OK, what the fuck.. I'm used to it by problem....

So they wipe off, and leave.
Now I'm wondering if my building super is going to cause me any trouble..... I hope not.....

I'm going back to sleep.... wish to hell I could lock the damn door...

Friday, October 07, 2005

I've decided to wait....

Not as sore today, but I've decided not to chance ripping myself back up.. At least not yet...;-)

I went out shopping today, my first time out, by myself, in at least a couple of weeks..

Felt good, being able to walk around by myself, not having to go wherever someone else wants me to go..
I went and got my hair and nails done, a full manicure, and pedicure, of course, you KNOW that I got my nails done in "slut RED", of course!! LOL! Got my hair styled nice, but had to argue with the girl in the salon, when she wanted to cut it short.. I had to tell her that I wanted to letit grow out more.. I want my hair to reach my ass, if posssible, as the guys really enjoy grabbing my hair from behind, and, I have to admit, I love it as well!

I also went to Frederick's of Hollywood today, and got the cutest outfits!! See them here and here
I can't wait to see my Men's reaction to it!

Also did some more mundane stuff, like paying my electric bill, and cable internet, and did some food shopping as well..
Tonight, even though it's Friday, I think I'm going to do something really boring, like housework...I've asked my Men to give me a day to myself, and they said ok...We'll see...

Check back later!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Stitches are OUT!!

Thank GOD!!!
I got the stitches out yesterday, and I can't wait to start having regular sex again!!

I'm still pretty sore, but right now, it's a toss-up.. Have sex, and deal with the pain, and hope I don't over-do it, or wait a few more days, which the doctor suggests....

Decisions, decisions....


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Put back to work again..

Well, the stitches are almost ready to come out, but not just yet.. a few more days, at least..

A few of my Men came over last night, and announced that I had taken enough "time off"..

They took me to a cheap motel, tied my wrists to my ankles, and put me on my knees.
They told me that tonight, I was going to earn some money for them. I remonded them that I was still healing, and they reminded me that I was tied like that for a reason.
My "job" for the night, was to suck off any man who came in and paid them!

So there I was, on my knees, unable to move, and within 10 minutes, the first guy came in..
He handed one of my Men 20 dollars, and unzipped, and shoved his cock right down my throat!
He didn't last long, perhaps 5 minutes, betwen being excited, and the fact that, whenever I have a cock in my mouth, I get REAL cock-hungry!! I was sucking that cock like it was the last thing I'd ever get to eat!!
The rest of the night went on like that, for at least 6 hours. I think I must have sucked at least 20 different cocks! Most of them came in my mouth, but a few came on my face, and a few on my tits.
My jaw was so sore by the time I was about halfway through, that many of them just shoved it down my throat, not even caring if I gave them any suction. Luckily, I can deep-throat big cock pretty easily, so there wasn't much of a problem...
By the time I was done, and they untied me, I could barely stand, as my legs were almost numb.

They laid me on the bed, and I sucked off my Men, as my final job of the night...As they were leaving, they laid a 100 bucks on the nightstand, and told me that the room was paid till noon, so I could sleep there if I wanted...
I woke up at 10, tired, honry, but ok... Walked the three miles to my apartment, and dozed off for a few hours..

Monday, September 26, 2005

Slowly healing....

Well, my pussy and asshole aren't as sore as before, but still tender...

My Men haven't been using anything but my mouth for the last couple of days, and THAT is starting to feel a little sore...

The guys have been really good about this whole thing.. I was sure at least one of them would be pissed off, but they've been real nice about it. They're settling for blowjobs, handjobs, and the occasional tit-fuck.
The wives of some of my guys aren't too happy though... They say that since their husbands aren't getting any pussy or ass from me, that their men are more agressive than usual, and that they can't seem to keep up. I guess that they were only getting it a couple of times a week, if that much.. One wife said that her husband has been fucking her every other day now, and doing things with her he never used to do, like ass-fucking her, and coming all over her face! LOL!!!

Three of the wives came over last night, and had me service them all.. They kept fingering my pussy, and not being that gentle, either... They kept playing with my clit, getting me almost to the point of orgasm countless times, but they kept stopping!!
I was damn near crazy with the need to cum!!

After they finally left, I managed to get off two weak orgasms with a vibrator, but what I REALLY want, is a cock (or at least a dildo!) in my pussy and ass!! It's driving me crazy!!

The unannounced visits from strange guys have let up quite a bit.. Gave two blowjobs tonight, before the wives came over, and one while the wives were taking a break. Kinda embarassing doing this guy while they sat there, drinking wine, and talking, all naked, especially when I had to announce, loud enough for them to hear, that *I* was the slut that was available, and they were, like him, here to use me.
But, as always, I take it.
I forgot to mention... While I was servicing the wives, they put nipple clamps on my nips, with some HEAVY weights..and every once in a while, they would give a hard tug to the chain...I thought they were gonna tear off my nipples at one point!
They weren't even being sexual about it.. It was more like "Let's see how much pain we can inflict on the white whore!"

But, as they say, "payback's a bitch!" Wait till I'm healed... their husbands aren't going to have any energy, or desire left, to fuck their wives... I plan on draining their husbands completely, and as often, as I can!!!
Right now, I swear, I'm so fuckng horny, I'm ready to take the chance of ripping my stitches open, by getting fucked before the doc says it's ok!!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

some pics of what I probably looked like..

These aren't me, but I have an idea that this is what I was looking like that night that the Sadist got a hold of me...
Wonder if they took any pics?

Answering a question..

One of the blog's viewers, Emmanuel, asked me how I HONESTLY feel, about being abused, like I've been, for the past few weeks?

Well, Emmanuel, With my ex-husband, he never abused me, and before this past month, no white man had ever hit me.. I had been beaten a bit, years ago, when I was raped by those Black guys, but that, I figured, was part of being raped, so didn't think about it.

At first, I didn't enjoy being beaten, and abused.. not at all.. But I came to realize that, as a white woman who wants to be able to please Black Men, I should learn to take any, and all abuse, that they wanted to dish out..At first, it was like "well, I know that if I take it, and not piss him off, he'll give me that Black cock I want so bad..".. Later, I came to enjoy it more and more, actually having orgasms from being used like a cheap slut, and stronger ones, from being beaten!

Now, I'm to the point that, on those occasions when one of my Black Lovers wants a slow, gentle, loving session, I enjoy it, and I have orgasms, but they are nowhere NEAR as intense as when my Black Men (and some of the white guys, when my Black Men tell me to service them) treat me like shit, and slap me around!

I mentioned a while back, about being told to meet my Men on the corner, wearing nothing but a raincoat and heels, with the raincoat open, for all to see me naked underneath.
What I don't think I mentioned, was that I wound up being taken to a warehouse, stripped of the coat, tied up, and beaten repeatedly, by my Men, and a friend of theirs, who happens to be a real sadist!
I was marked pretty good, whipped, cropped, punched, slapped, and sexually misused, and abused, far worse than normal! I had a black eye, both lips were swollen, and I couldn't sit for days...I typed standing up, slept in constant pain for two days, and it hurt to even move much!
But I know that, while they were laying in to me, I was having some serious, gut-wrenching orgasms!!
I'm actually hoping that it wasn't a one-time thing, and that it will be repeated at least a couple of times a year!

I suppose I'm becoming somewhat over a "pain-slut", but that's ok.. I can deal with it..

So, to answer the question, "How do I REALLY feel about the abuse?"
I guess I can honestly answer this way...

I love it!!!!!

Went to the doctor today....

I went to the doctor today, as my ass and pussy were really sore, and my ass was bleeding pretty bad. I've had my asshole ripped before, and there was some bleeding, but it always stopped after a while.
This time, I was having to take a shit every hour or so, and I was getting blood every time.
I finally went to the doctor that I see, whenever it looks like I've taken too much sexual abuse, and after checking me out, said that he was going to have to give me stitches!

Well, I was in so much pain, that I knew that it must have been pretty bad... He gave me a local anesthetic, to numb me, and he proceeded to give me six stitches INSIDE my asshole, as I got pretty torn up there, and a couple near my clit.. Those are the ones that REALLY, REALLY hurt!!

How did this happen?? I got horny, then I got ambitious, then I got hurt....

A few of my Men came over, and brought a few of their friends.. A total of 10 guys were here, early this morning, and woke me up with a few hard slaps to my face, and tits. By the time I was able to focus my eyes, I noticed that they were all naked, all Black, and all sporting hard-ons.
I smiled, and figured I was going to get used GOOD today, and I wasn't disappointed!
These guys took turns fucking my mouth, my pussy, and my ass, and one of the guys lit up a joint, which always makes me hornier.. Inside of an hour, each man had cum at least once, using every hole, and I had taken a couple of REALLY fat Black cocks in my ass, at the same time, and was loving every second of it!! But, being the high, horny slut that I was, the two cocks in my ass felt great, but I wanted more!! So, stupid cunt that I can be, I asked, no, that's not right, I BEGGED for a third cock in my ass!!
And which one do I beg for?? Naturally, I begged for the biggest!! I felt like, and I told them, that I wanted my ass ripped open, and ruined, by Big Black Cock!!
Well, I got what I asked for, that's for sure!! The third guy was only about 9 inches, but he was the thickest there, with about nine inches ( 9") around!!! I was screaming in pain as he started to push it in, and he almost stopped, but I was so fucking high on the weed, that I yelled at him to just ram it in, to the balls!!
He did, and I felt my ass rip! Only problem was, as soon as he got balls-deep, and was screaming, another guy grabbed my hair, and shoved his cock down my throat!
Well, that did it for me, at that moment, I had one of the strongest, wettest orgasms I've ever had!! They say that once I stopped cumming, I passed out, and they kept fucking me, till they all came in my ass!
They slapped me till I came to, and as I was trying to focus, all I knew, was that I had 3 Black Cocks being pushed into my face! I was on autopilot by then, and they say I went wild licking all their cocks clean!
I don't remember much of it, actually...
I *do* remember though, that, as much pain as my ass was in, I was horny all over again!! Sucking cock always does that to me.. (goofy grin)

I told them, that if my ass could take it, I wanted it in my slut cunt next, telling them that I wanted three of those Big, Black, Nasty cocks in my pussy!
Even now, I'm wondering how they did it.. Hell, I'm wondering how the hell they got three cocks in my ass, for that matter!
All I know is, they did it, and I came almost as hard as when my ass was getting ripped up!
They fucked me for the next few hours, tag-teaming each other in.. when one came, or got tired, he's pull out, and another would take his place.. for at least two hours, I had three cocks at once in my pussy, fucking like mad, cumming in me, pulling out, and being replaced!!
I couldn't even concentrate on sucking anybody while it was happening, and one guy tired to fuck my mouth, and wound up getting his dick bitten a bit, when the guys would hit a spot in my pussy, that made me just clamp down!! Poor guy... no stitches, but his cock's gonna be sore for a week or so... and I KNOW that I'm going to get beaten pretty good for it....
But, as always, I'll accept it as part of life....

Right now, I've got a soft pillow under my ass, and I'm starting to feel the effects of the pain killers the doc gave me, so I'm just going to relax, maybe hop on yahoo messenger for a while, then go lay down..
My men have assured me that I won't be getting any cock in my pussy or ass for a few days, but that my mouth will be busy till my holes heal..
I've got two of my Men's wives coming over tommorrow morning to check on me, and to have me service them... that's gonna be hard, as, besides my jaws feeling a little sore, I can't even play with my pussy or asshole for a while! The doc even told me to TRY and AVOID having an orgasm!! DO YOU HAVE *ANY IDEA* HOW HARD THAT IS FOR ME???? lol!!!!

till later,

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just got home...

Well, I was right about that guy last night... He smelled BAD!!!!
His cock was nice though (I know... ALL Black cocks look nice to me!! LOL!).. He had 8 inches, and a nice curve to it, and after he was done fucking my face, he came all over my face, then had me lick his asshole.. smelly as hell, but I do as I'm told.
That got him hard again, and he yanked on my hair, throwing me to the floor, and essentially, he just raped my asshole. Hurt quite a bit, due to the curve, but my ass is getting used to it...;-)

He left, after cumming up my ass, and I got up, took a shower, and just laid on the floor in front of the tv, watching some good interracial porn... Fell asleep, and was woken up this morning with some stranger's cock in my pussy, just fucking away.. guess I got wet while I was still asleep.....
He came in me, and I just rolled over, and went back to sleep.

In the afternoon, I get a phone call.. one of my Black lovers, asking if he could come over.
He told me that he wanted to take me to a party, and show me off to his co-workers...I said okay, after checking with one of my new Masters... He said ok, but that I better be a good slut!
I dressed nice, like he asked.. not slutty, but a classy-kind of sexy...
The party was nice, good food, open bar, where I tried not to get too tipsy..he kept introducing me to his male co-workers as his "white slut".. I blushed at first, but got used to it, and soon began feeling proud, that he would introduce me this way.. many of his white co-workers tried to hit on me, but I told them, point-blank, that I only fucked Black men. I said this, many times, near him, and he told me later, that he was proud of me!
After the party, he took me dancing, then to a nice jazz club, and we just spent the evening cuddling in the club...
Later, he brought me home, but not before having me give him a blowjob in his SUV...
I just got in a few minutes ago, and thought I'd let you all know what I've been up to..

Later, when I wake up again, as long as there's nobody there to fuck me, I'm going out food shopping.. I want to make a nice big dinner for some of my Men...
Thinking of maybe making a few steaks, baked potatoes, and maybe some greens... need to make sure I call the wife of one of my lovers, and have her tell me how to make them! I have no idea how, but she makes them so good, I've got to find out!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

haven't been online much lately...

Sorry aobut the lack of appearance online folks, but the last couple of days have been kinda weird...

One of my Men came over, wednesday morning, and tied me up.. He likes to do that occasionally, so I thought nothing of it.. he usually only ties me up for an hour or so.

That day was different... MUCH different.
He hog-tied me, so that my asshole, pussy, and mouth were all available, and started slapping my face, tits, and ass, HARD!
He then told me something that scared me...He planned on leaving me tied up like that till monday, with just an occasional break!
This is one of those breaks.. he looked at my computer, and found the link for my blog. He read it, and decided that I should write at least once a week, about my new life.
See, after he had me tied up for about 6 hours, having invited a bunch of strangers over to fuck me, as well as a few of my other Men, he finally told me to give him the phone number for my job.. I did, and while he was dialing the phone, told me that my days of working a "straight" job, were over...He, and a few of my other lovers, had gottent together, and decided that they would support me partially, and I would also become their whore, fucking whoever they brought over...
He told me to tell my boss that I was quitting my job, permanently!
He's also informed me, that soon, I would probably be getting a webcam, and would be making some movies, and possibly showing myself getting used, on cam, probably on a pay site or something.
I'm allowed occasionally, to post here, and get on Yahoo messenger, but otherwise, my freedom is to become very limited....
I don't know how this will go, so please be patient with me for a while..

For now, I have to go, as one of the conditions of them paying most of my bills, is that my front door is NEVER to be locked again... I never know who will cum by, ad I'm to offer my body to anyone who walks in, and a strange Black Man just walked in... He looks old, and dirty, but I've got to do as I'm told....
Stay tuned!

Monday, September 05, 2005

more porn

Still trying to get the hang of this.. pics don't go where I want them!
But here's a few more that get me wet, in no particular order...

Some of my favorite porn pics.

Bored, and sore, so I figured I'd kill a litle time here, and post some of my favorite pics.. These are the pics that make me wet, for whotever reason. No particular order, and no particular reason, they just got me wet everytime I look at them...

The first pic here, is one of my favorites. You'll notice the name "Admiral Krag" on it, as well as the next one..

I came across the "Admiral Krag" series of scans years ago, when I first started checking out newsgroups. He started scanning, and posting magazine layouts for posting to the internet, about 10 or 15 years ago, when the average computer had only a 640x480 sceen size, and we were lucky if we had a video card that supported thousands of colors, much less the millions we have available today. His scans were always the clearest, and the best quality, while still being small enough to view fullscreen, yet big enough to enjoy.

(Yes, I've been on the internet THAT long!! But I mostly stayed in "lurker" mode, being too shy backk then, to post anything.. How life changes!!)

New Job

Well, I didn't take that job at the massage joint.. at least not full-time..
I've worked 3 days so far there, thinking I might do it once a week or so...

Last two times were kind of average.. Nothing special.. sucked off a couple of white guys, let a couple of asian busnessmen (at least that's what they looked like) jerk off on my face, sort of a mini "bukkake", got my pussy fucked a few times,and my ass seems to be pretty popular with the guys..
Still, the sex, while fun, is nowhere near as satisfying as when I'm with my Black men.

Got a new job, working in an accounting office, as a secretary. Boring, but the pay isn't bad, and the people seems nice.. No freedom to take long "fuck-lunches" like I used to, but, such is life..

I met a new guy a few days ago, a Black Man, naturally, and he's really nice... older, around 50, distinguished, very low-key. His names Abraham, and he's sexy! Not in a way that I'd normally be attracted to my men, but we started talking, and I could see the lust in his eyes..
He asked me out to lunch, and was a total gentleman! He took me to a little asian place, one I hadn't heard of before, really out of the way place, and the food and conversation was flowing like we were old friends that came to the place all the time!
(Turns out he *does* come to this particular place wuite often)

It's weird.. he hasn't come on to me yet... not sure how to take that. But it was nice to just sit, eat, and talk like a normal person, instead of him treating me like a cheap white slut, like the other guys do.

I went out Friday, not having been out alone for a while, and decided to visit an adult bookstore that has gloryholes... I was in the mood for some anonymous cock, and seeing how it was Labor Day weekend, my Men were all with their families and such, and I was really in the mood for some anonymous cock.
Dressed as slutty as I could, and still be legal (hell, if I could, I'd go out dressed in crotchless panties, and a push-up bra, and heels, and nothing else!) I was wearing a short skirt (VERY SHORT), with a slit on the side that ran all the way to my waist, exposing lots of thigh, and a sheer black blouse, with no bra underneath, and naturally, no panties, heavy makeup, and a pair of 4 inch heels, open-toed.
I went into the bookstore, browsed the adult magazines and videos for a while, and looked at the assorted sex-toys, finally deciding on a nice thick dark-brown dildo, about 10 inches, with a suction cup, and a pair of "clover"nipple clamps.
I told the clerk not to bother bagging them, and opened the packages right there, in front of her(the clerk was this older woman, about 60, and white) she looked at me kinda funny at first, then smiled a knowing smile, as I started feeling all the veins, and ridges on the dildo. I picked up my new toys, and walked into the video booth area, and walked straight to the booth that I knew had the gloryholes, paused before going in, to let the guys see me going in, and entered, and locked the door. I put a 20 dollar bill in the machine, and chose a good interracial flick, and stripped down to just my heels. I wet the suction cup of the dildo, and got on my knees in front of the hole, and positioned it just right, and slid right down on the dildo (my pussy was already plenty wet, by the time I got to the bookstore) and put the clamps on my nipples.. (God, I love the feel of my nipples being clamped! The pain/pleasure is so damned good!)
There was already a guy in the booth on the other side of the hole, and I motioned with my finger, for him to stick his cock through... no go... turns out it was a gay guy, and *he* was there to suck cock too! He told me to get out, so other guys could come in, and I told him no, I had just put 20 bucks in the machine, and I wasn't leaving till I sucked some cock through the hole!
He got out a few minutes later, mumbling something like "Fucking hetero slut!"
Poor guy! Jealous, I guess!
I sucked quite a few guys off that night, none spectacular, but one sticks out in my mind.. He came into the booth after I had been there about an hour, probably sucked off about 6 guys, and had a few decent cums myself, along the way, thanks to the dildo, when this one cock pokes through the hole.. there was only about two inches sticking through the hole, and it was white, but I had decided earlier, that I wouldn't leave until I either (a) got tired, (b) ran out of 20's for the machine, or (c) the line of cocks dried up. So I sucked his cock into my mouth, all the while wishing it was longer, so I could swallow more, and within about a minute, the guy came. It was a gusher!!! I mean, this guy was shooting like a water fountain! It hit the back of my throat with such force, that I gagged! (and I rarely gag when cum shoots into my mouth!) The taste was ok, but what made it so hot, was the sheer force of his cum shots! I pulled back for a second, to recover, and that cock kept shooting, long, watery shots, that hit me square in the face, then, as I backed up a bit, shot all over my breasts! I swear, the way this guy was shooting, his balls must have been pulled back into his body, from the force of it coming out! He soaked me! I quickly put his cock back in my mouth, noticing a very strong taste, like Indian food, which was a little unsettling, but I was shocked that, even after all he shot on me, I was still getting such a mouthful of cum, that I had to keep swallowing!! I'm sure it only lasted a minute or so, but I swear, it felt like I was swallowing cum for 5 minutes straight!!!
By the time he was finished, my chest was almost covered in watery cum, my face was a mess, and I was in the middle of another orgasm! I licked him clean, and he pulled his cock through the hole, and pushed a 20 dollar bill through!!! I thanked him, and told him it wasn't neccesary, but he insisted, saying that I should use the 20 to keep the movie running, so I could stay longer. (He obviously understood bookstore/gloryhole ettiquette, in that, it's a business, so you've gotta keep putting money into the machine, to stay there. Most guys forget that, and then wonder why, when they're in the middle of sucking cock, management comes and bangs on the door!

I stayed there for at least 3 hours that night, and when I wasn't sucking cock (didn't see any that made me want to get fucked by them), I was riding my new dildo, and yanking on the nipple clamps, making myself cum over and over.
When I finally left, I had dried cum all over my chest and face, and some in my hair (I wear cum in my hair like a badge of honor, btw), and my knees were dirty, and red, from being on them on that dirty floor for hours, my pussy had finally dried up a bit, and I had tucked the dildo and clamps away in my purse.
I climbed into my van, and headed home.. didn't get fucked, but my craving for anonymous cock was satisfied.. at least for the night...
One of my Men called me last night, and came over. Seems he and his wife had an argument over something or other, and he needed to let off some steam.
He came over, and found me naked, and waiting for him, as usual. I had his fav drink in my hand, a bottle of malt liqour, and he took it from me, and started to chug it down, while sitting, and I proceeded to strip him down.
When I got his pants off, his cock was sticking through the fly of his boxers, and I started to lick it, when he grabbed me by the hair, and shoved my mouth down on his cock. I didn't complain (I rarely do), just went to work sucking. He was more brutal then usual, and told me that I better plan on not going out that night, as he was in the mood to smack me around, to let out some of his tensions. He fucked my throat pretty hard for a while, then yanked me off his cock, stood up, finished stripping, and grabbed me by the arm, and yanked me around, throwing me down, face first, ontot he kitchen table. He told me to stay there, and not move, and he proceeded to smack my ass pretty hard, before ramming his cock, dry, into my ass! I screamed in pain, as he's got a pretty thick 9 inch cock, and, as I said, I was dry back there (knew I should have lubed up there!) but he kept on fucking me, finally cumming in my ass as I screamed in pain/pleasure (hurts like hell, but I love being used like that!)!
He finally pulled out, grabbed my hair, turned me around, and forced me to my knees, telling me to clean his dick. I went right to work, tasting his cum, and my ass, as well as cleaning a little blood off his cock. When I was done, he pulled back, and really let me have it, a hard slap, right across the face! He told me that was for not saying thank you! Well, you know, I immediately said I was sorry, and thanked him for using my ass for his pleasure, and, as I was saying that, he started smacking my tits!! HARD!!! Now, mind you, that hurts like hell, but it's also one of the things that gets me off big-time!!
I became instantly wet!! And he got hard again right away! (he has a bit of a sadistic streak in him, which is why we get along so well!)
He fucked my pussy for about an hour after that, with me on my knees, on the living room floor, till he filled my white slut cunt up with his Black seed.. Then he flipped me onto my back, and fucked me that way for awhile, alternating between my pussy and my ass, till he came again, this time in my ass, all the while, smacking me in the face, tits, and even right on my pussy!

I've got the makings of some pretty good bruises right now, all over my chest, my lips are swollen, and I think Ive got a black eye right now.. But they never last for long, and I've gotten pretty good at hiding the marks with makeup.

All in all, he was there for about 4 hours, and he came in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass, my pussy twice,before dragging me by the hair into the bathroom, and pissing all over me. By the time he was done with me, I was a quivering mess, still orgasming my ass off, just from his treatment of me, and he kissed me so tenderly afterward! He thanked me for letting him blow off some steam, and asked if I was ok, while he was getting dressed. I told him yes, I was going to be ok, and thanked him for using me, as he was heading out the door.

Most people would say that I'm a sick, fucked-up bitch for putting up with that type of stuff, but I learned a couple of years ago to accept almost anything from my Men, and learned to get pleasure from hard use!

I'm going to go out tonight, a few of the guys got together and made plans. they want to take me to someplace special, they said..
They told me to be ready to go, and to wear only the highest heels I have, and a raincoat.. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

No "real" job yet....

Well, it's been what, almost two weeks since I lost my job in the Law office.. Bills are piling up, but at least I'm over my depression...

Jacob, one of my favorite guys, took me out to see a friend of his last night.. He runs a "massage" joint, and Jacob suggested that I try working there for a while, for some extra money, to help me till I get back on my feet.. I worked there last night, for about 6 hours.
Seems my tits are a big hit there!
I gave my first massage within 15 mins of arriving, and made 50 bucks tip!
The guy *said* he wanted a massage, so I started to give him a back massage, then he told me that he wanted an ALL-OVER body rub, meaning that he wanted me to pour oil on his back, and rub my body all over him! I was a little surprised at this, but soon had him all oiled up, and my naked body sliding all along first his back, then later, his front!
Naturally, soon, he wanted some "extras", meaning, he wanted to slid his cock in between my oil-up breasts, so I told him that for 50 bucks, he could tit-fuck me! Within minutes of him sliding a 6 inch cock (he was white, btw) between my greased-up tits, he shot a nice load on my face, and into my mouth! Well, never being one to waste a load of cum, I swallowed what shot into my mouth, and licked the rest up from my fingers!

The rest of the time went pretty much the same, until the end of the night..

The owner of the massage joint walked in, layed 100 bucks on the table stripped, and told me that I had gotten nothing but good reviews from his customers, so he decided to try me out himself.

He stripped down, and I told him to lay down, for the massage. He told me, "No massage, I want to skip right to the "extras"".
I stripped off my panties, and dropped to my knees, and got started sucking his dick.. It started out small, only about 4 inches soft, but within a minute, I had him hard, and throbbing, and standing up at at least 8 inches, and THICK!!!
He pulled out of my mouth with a POP!, and then, as the head passed my lips, I realized just how THICK his cock was! My lips felt like they were being stretched outward, from the sheer size of his cockhead!

He pulled me to my feet, and quickly bent me over, face-down, on the massage table.
He didn't waste any time with foreplay on me, and just RAMMED his thick cock right up my pussy! He rammed that cock into me harder, and faster, rubbing me raw, as my pussy was almost dry, when he started. My cunt got wet very quickly, so it wasn't so bad.. After about 5 minutes, just as I was ready to have an orgasm (not the first, btw.. I had had a couple just from sucking cock.. getting to be almost a Pavlovian response with me.. Cum in my mouth, or on my face, and I cum so hard!) as I was saying, as I was ready to cum, he yanked his cock out of my cunt, and rammed it, almost DRY, to the balls, in my ass!! That hurt like hell!!!

The pain didn't last too long though, as my lovers have gotten me ADDICTED to having my ass fucked hard!! Within a minute, I was cumming again!! I was begging him to fuck me harder, which he did, fucking me like an animal for the next few minutes, slapping my ass, grabbing my hair, and pulling hard (another thing that get's me off, btw!) till he shot a huge load of his cum up my ass!
When he came, I had another strong cum, and just slumped to the floor, gasping for breath, till he shoved his cock in my face. He didn't have to ask, or tell me, I just wrapped my lips on his cock right away, and licked it clean of my ass-slime, and his cum, and just a tiny bit of my shit, licking, and sucking, till his cock was clean, and he was pulling me off his cock.

He told me that I was welcome back anytime, and that he'd love to have me there fulltime!
I told him I'd think about it....

Jacob offered to pick me up when I was done, but I was in the mood to walk.. I love walking in the city late at night... always get's my head clear, and my juices flowing, and this night was no exception... I walked for a few blocks, kinda in a daze, till I heard the catcalls and whistles.. . I realized that I was walking in public with nothing much on, except my heels, a sheer blouse, and a miniskirt, that barely covers my ass, and no underwear! (I figured it would be a good outfit, for going into the massage joint).
I recognized a few Black guys, really young guys, about 15-17 yrs old, that I had seen around the city a few times, and I shook my ass a little more, as I walked, enjoying the attention..
I was still a bit horny, so I turned around, walked back up to the guys, and invited them into an alley to fuck me... And did they ever!!! I love young boys like that, as they have so much energy!
What they DON'T know about sex, they make up for with their eagerness!
I wound up coming out of the alley a half hour later, with 3 loads of cum dripping from my pussy, and another from my ass, while still more, dribbled from my face.
I was just about a block away, still wiping up cum from my face, when a cop car drove up, and asked me if I was alright?
I said "Sure! Why?", and the cop told me that I looked like I just got raped or something!
I giggled at the cop, and told him that it was "Something like that", and told him thanks for caring, and to have a nice night, and I went back to walking.
I only walked a couple of blacks more, till I decided that I had had enough for that night, and flagged down a cab, to take me home..

When I got home, I emptied my purse, and counted up my money...All in all, I woulnd up coming home with about 450 bucks!

So.. the rent's almost paid, and the internet bill, and utilities are due soon also...I'm still debating whether to go back there or not....
I mean, I enjoyed the way the men used me, especially the owner, but only one of the guys I did that night at the massage joint was Black, so I'm not entirely sure...
(God, I wish I could do that, with nothing but Black men!!)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday Night.....

Well, feeling a bit better tonight... Horny again, so I guess that's a good sign..;-)

Just sat up part of the day, watching old movies.. got bored of that, so started looking through my collection of old tapes, and dvd's.....
Found one that a lover of mine made for me, full of interracial clips, so I decided to put that one in the dvd player...
WOW!! Forgot how hot those movies got me!!!
Within 5 minutes, I was fingering my pussy and ass, watching those lucky girls take on these horse-hung Black Men in all holes!! I had to get out my toys, and start fucking my own holes, to match the action on the screen.. Got me off tremendously, the only problem was, after the dvd was done, I was even hornier than when I started!!!

That being the case, I called the house of one of my lovers, who is a long-lasting buck, and has a kink streak a mile long!!
His wife answered, and we chatted for a few minutes, she asked me when I was coming over again, as she missed the times we used to spend, when her husband was either fucked-out from the two of us, or when we were waiting for him to get home... I told her that I'd be over Sunday (today, now), and that I couldn't wait to get my mouth on her pussy! After she told me that she was looking forward to it (as am *I*!! She has a SWEET tasting pussy! Must be the fact that she's a vegetarian!), she put her husband on, and I told him what had been going on with me the past week, and how I was crazy horny now, and needed some relief, NOW!!!

He told me he'd pick me up in a half hour, and to be ready for anything, and to wear as little as possible!

I quickly showered, shaved my legs, and my pussy (decided to surprise him, by shaving it ALL off!) and put on a pair of really high heels, (stilletto's, with a 6 inch heel that I can barely walk in, for more than 2 minutes), teased my hair up really trashy, and made my face up as whorish-ly as I could!! Bright red lipstick, with matching fingernails, and toenails, and a bright blue eyeshadow and extra-heavy eye-liner.
Once that was done, I went to the door, and put on a trenchcoat. It came to mid-calf, so you couldn't tell what I had (or should I say, didn't have) underneath!

He got there a few minutes later, and I practically RAN to his car, jumping in, and we were off!

He drove to a local porn store, that has a theater, and that has a reputation for being a mostly gay place... I knew this, and mentioned it to him, and he said that, if his plans didn't work out here, he had another place to go...
We went inside, and he paid for our tickets to the theater, and led me in.
It was so dark, at first, I couldn't see a thing, other than some shapes moving around.
Within a minute though, as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw various men either jerking off, or sucking other guy, or getting fucked..
Now, before I go any further, I should explain that watching gay men play, turns me on pretty strong... something about a man taking another man's cock in his mouth, or ass, is just such a turn-on to me!!I guess it's like guys getting off on watching two women go at it!

He took my coat off, and told me to turn around, telling me he liked what he saw.
He took me up front, near the screen, so everyone could see, and pushed me to my knees, and told me that for the next hour, I would take on any guy that wanted to use me, any way they wanted. I was so damned horny by this time, I would have said yes, if he had brought in a horse, and a group of horny, tiny-dicked white guys, I would have taken them all on!!!
He started off fucking my face, deep, and within minutes I had a couple of guys near us, jerking off towards my face, watching me take his 8 inch Black cock down my throat.
When my lover came, he pulled out, and sprayed my face and tits with his load,and stepped back, telling everyone in the theater that "this white slut will take on anyone, any hole, no arguments!"
At this, the two guys jerking off near me started jerking off faster, till they came in my eyes, on my nose, and in my hair!

I couldn't see for a while, but at one point, I was bent over, and ass-fucked good and hard (luckily for me, my pussy was soaking wet, and dripping down to my ass-crack!), by at least 4 different guys, all cumming in my ass!
I got my pussy fucked at least 6 times, by two Black guys (btw, my lover, after cumming on my face, sat back and watched all this!) a couple of white guys (think the largest white cock was about 8 inches, but hard to tell, as I didn't see much of it, between the fact that I was getting fucked from behind, and the cum in my eyes..btw.. cum stings when it get's in your eyes!!!) and a couple of hispanics.. mexicans, I think...
My mouth was kept pretty busy too, as a few of the guys came over, and either stuck their cocks in my mouth after fucking my pussy and ass, or stuck their asses in my face, and I ate their assholes, either to get them ready to be fucked, or to suck the cum out of their asses! ( That was a new one for me, but I liked it!)

By the time I was done, two hours later, I walked out of the theater naked, the coat held by my lover, ad cum dripping from my pussy, my ass, my breasts, and my face and hair!
The looks I got from the clerk were priceless!!! The clerk was an old queen, and his reaction was like, "EWWWWW!! You whore!!!" I just looked at him, smiled, and blew him a kiss, as I walked out, still maked, onto the street, where my Lover covered me up, just before a local cop drove by!

We got in the car, and drove around for a while finally stopping at a McDonald's for something to eat.. He had me pull the coat open, while he ordered a couple of twenty-piece chicken nuggets, and kept it open while he paid for them, and got the food! The girls at the windows looked shocked as hell, but one of them looked envious!
After we pulled away, we shared the nuggets, with him feeding me mine, dipped in my pussy, and wiped across my breasts, and rubbing it across my cum-soaked asshole, making me eat them with the strangers' cum! I never enjoyed chicken nuggets so much!

Afterwards, we went to his place, and he hosed me down in his driveway, in front of his house, so anyone could see.. Took me inside, and had me service his wife while he fucked her, and came in her pussy, then made me eat it out.
Once they were done, and I had cleaned them both with my mouth, he took me home, after giving me my raincoat back, and I got in, and took a nap...
Woke up, took a long bath, and got online here....

Overall, I'm feeling MUCH better today!!
Monday, though, is job-hunting day.. either that, or start whoring myself to Black Men again! (This time, at just slightly below normal rates!!)


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Still Sick..

Not as ill as last night, but still sick...
Slept something like14 hours today, woke up, ate some soup, and watched a little tv..
Took a bath, and another nap... It's12:20 am now, and I've been awake about a half hour.. already want to go back to bed...

Hope for better days...


Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm tired.....

Well, it's Thursday night (Friday morning), and I'm tired...
I've been making my body available to damn near ANY Black man in my area, for the last few months, with the exception of a day I took this past week, to pamper myself, but it's not enough.. It's just not enough...
By body is aching, my mind feels clouded....

Truthfully, I'm hoping that I've just come down with a 24 hour flu bug or something, and not something more serious....

I woke up tired today, but horny, as always...
I went to work, where my boss, who's usually a nice enough guy, was in a foul mood...something about a contract that wasn't finished, due to me going out on my multi-hour fuck-lunches.

He fired me!
I went home, and one of the guy's showed up, with a stranger. some homeless guy he found, that he thought he's humiliate me with, by making me have sex with him.
As tired, and depressed as I was feeling, I felt that I had no choice, but to do as my Black Man told me, after all, there's nothing I won't do, to please my Men.

The homeless guy stripped, and told me to eat his ass, then suck his cock, before he would fuck me. Luckily, he was Black, so I didn't mind the smell, or the dirt on him as much as I would have, had it been a white guy.
Turned out he was hung pretty well, about 10 inches, but thick as hell! He hadn't had a woman in years (and probably hadn't had a bath, in at least as long!) and he fucked me like a madman, for at least an hour!
After he had cum in me, 3 times in my pussy, one in my mouth, and one in my ass, I drew a bath for him, and he spent the next two hours in it, cleaning himself up, while my Lover proceeded to fuck me for another hour. While my Lover was sleeping, I made a large meal for the three of us, and ran out, still dripping cum from my ass and pussy, to the local thrift shop, and bought a decent-looking set of clothes for the homeless guy, who's name was Jacob, btw.

After his bath, I gave him the clothes, and sat him down to eat. He filled himself up with the food, and afterwards, proceeded to lay me down, and eat my pussy and ass, as thanks for the sex,food, and clothes, making me cum like I haven't in a long time, from getting my pussy eaten!
(It's not true, btw, that Black men don't eat pussy... but most of them prefer to fuck)

I woke up my Lover, fed him, and he left, and I fell asleep minutes later.
That was around 2pm, and I've just woken up about an hour ago.. Yet I'm still tired...
I made a sandwich for my dinner, and sat to watch some TV...
Decided to get up, and add something new to the Blog...

So fucking tired right now....

I'm going to sleep for a few days, in hopes that I'll feel better. If not, I'll go to the Dr., and get myself tested for whatever I've caught... I hope it's nothing too serious.

I'll let you know, from here, what's going on..

Gina Forchevsky,
a tired, weak, foggy-brained Black-Cock slut

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

That Bastard of an Ex-Husband

That bastard of an Ex-Husband called me tonight...asshole..

Seems he *finally* found out that our 17 yr old daughter is dating a Black Man.
He came home early, and found our 17yr old in bed with her Black lover.. Seems he was fucking her ass pretty good!
He was really pissed, and knew, right away, that I was the cause of her having a Black Lover..

He called me, and ranted that I was the cause of his "Princess" turning into a "nigger-loving whore", because *I* am a "nigger-loving whore", a slut, a piece of "nigger-loving white trash slut/whore"

Now, those comments didn't bother me at all, because, I confess to being all those things!
I admitted that he was right, that I was all those things, and more! And I wasn't at all ashamed of it!!!

The thing that got me upset though, was when he called me a horrible mother... That is what hurt me!!
I think I have been a great mother!
I've raised my two girls when their father was away for days, even weeks, at a time, with rarely a time that they needed a babysitter, as I was a stay-at-home mother.
I tended to their wounds, both physical, spiritual, and psycological, I raised them with good manners, and taught them to always hold their heads high, and stand/walk erect, and proper, and later, when I discovered my true calling in life, being a Black Cock Slut, I introduced my girls to the joys of Black Cock, and serving, and servicing Black Men!

My girls were growing up well-adjusted, healthy, and happy!

Now, thanks to their father, they are crying everytime I hear them, missing their mother, and hating their father!
So.. who's the bad parent???
He only sees that the oldest one is being fucked by Blacks.. He doesn't see how happy she is with him, both in, and out of bed!
He doesn't see (and doesn't know, I don't think) the looks of joy the youngest used to get, when she would taste a Black Man's cum, or lick his cock, or the look of youthful surprise when a Black cock shoots it's load of cum on her hand!!!
She loves the stuff, but now, the poor girl can't get anymore of it!!

I'm miserable about these things!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Saturday night...

Well, I *had* plans for relaxing today.. I had booked the afternoon at a local spa. I had done the mudbath, the herbal wrap, the sauna, and the whirlpool, and was in the midst of an hour-long deep-tissue massage, to be followed by a relaxing rubdown with scented oils, new-age music, and candles, and, of course, a good joint of some mellow weed one of my men had given me. I had taken a few tokes during each stage (the owner of the spa is the wife of one of my Lovers, and, in fact, is an occasional lover of mine, as well, and is very cool about these things, with people she trusts), and I was pretty well stoned off my ass by this time, and the effects of all these soothing things, especially the feel of those talented hands on my body, as well as the pot, had my pussy juicing pretty well, but I was determined not to make this a sexual thing, just a sensual one...
As I said, I was in the midst of a deep tissue massage, which had me moaning, and groaning, as my muscles got a good working over, when my cell phone rang... Now, normally, I wouldn't have bothered to answer it, but at that point, only two things would keep me from answering it.. the distinct ring of my youngest daughter's school, and the ring of this one Black Man,
who has an absolutely huge sized cock, and the best lips of any man that I've ever kissed!
He calls me, and I NEVER fail to answer, as it means only one thing.. I'm gonna get a GREAT fucking!!!!
Well, he calls me, and tells me to cancel any plans I have for this evening, as he wants to use his favorite white slut tonight, harder than usual!!
At this, I perk up, and tell him ok, to call me in a couple of hours, with the time to meet, and I hang up...I ask the massage girl to send in the owner, and when she enters, she dismisses the massuesse, and asks me what's up, as she can smell my arousal, and, dipping her finger into my hot cunt, takes it out, looks at her finger, and tastes it, telling me that I'm particularly wet today...and asking what got me all hot and bothered?? I tell her, and ask her for one of her special "treatments".. She knows just what I mean, and when I'm done the treatments I had scheduled, I followed her into a private room for an enema that I can't get anywhere else.. I don't know what the hell she puts in it, but by the time I've gone through four 2-quart enemas, my asshole is not only clean as a whistle, but also more relaxed, and open than usual, and a lot more sensitive to touch, which she proves, by putting her tongue in my ass, making me climb the orgasm ladder, closer to heaven, with each lick!
She stops before I cum though, and tells me that I'm done, and to head home..
By 4pm, He has called again, telling me what he wants me to wear tonight, as he's taking me out...
He wanted me to wear the following:My red see-through blouse (VERY sheer!), 1/2 cup Black Bra, that shows off my nipples, and really pushes my tits together, and up, a red micro-mini skirt that he bought me months ago.. it barely covers my ass!
Red lace garter belt that extends down to mid-thigh, and red fisnet stockings, with a pair of BRIGHT red pumps, with a 4 inch heel.
He told me to put my makeup on really heavy.. he wanted me to look like a cheap whore....

He arrived at 6pm,, walked in, told me to turn around so he could see me, and when I did, he immediately slapped me HARD! in the face, grabbed me by the hair, yanked it back, and yelled at me, telling me that my make-up wasn't whorish enough for him, and wanted to know why the hell I was wearing panties? (they were a red lacy pair, and I thought they would go well with the outfit, and told him so.. Obviously, he didn't agree)
He grabbed the panties and RIPPED them off my ass, which hurt like hell, then, while I was still sobbing in pain from the slap to the face, and the pain of the ripped panties, he threw me onto the couch, face down, and ass up (my fav position, btw), yanked up my skirt, and proceeded to beat my ass with his belt!! By the time he was done, my makeup was totally fucked up, mascara running down my face, from the tears, and my ass was a bright red, to match the outfit, with large welts running across it!
He told me to go back, and fix my face, so I spent the next 10 minutes reapplying the makeup, heavier this time, and when I came out, he looked pleased, and told me that NOW I looked like a real cheap whore! I practically cried, I was so happy at his look of pleasure!
He took me out to his car, a Black 1985 Lincoln Town Car, and we drove to the seedier part of town...He gave me one of those little walkie talkies that are so popular now, and took my purse, emptied out everything but my ID and the walkie talkie, and gave it back, telling me to get my white ass out on the street, and make some money for him.. I was surprised, but not shocked.. it wasn't the first time he's had me whore myself on the streets.. but he's usually made me dress a little classier, in the past.
He also told me NOT to turn any tricks with white guys... I could only do Black Men... no hispanics, even if they were dark-skinned!

To top it off, I was to charge the following prices: 20 bucks for a straight pussy fuck, 30 for an ass fuck, 10 for a blowjob, and 5 for a handjob... He told me that I couldn't call him until I had 2oo dollars!!
Well, I was out there for 6 hours, turning down white guys left and right, as well as a few hispanics, and the REAL hookers out there were giving me looks to kill, as I was a busy 'ho that night!
I lost track, and when I finally counted my money, I found I had made almost 300 bucks!!
I called him on the walkie talkie, and he pulled right up.. seems he was nearby the whole time, watching me... He told me I had gotten picked up my over 20 guys! WOW! I was stunned!
He took the 200 dollars, and gave me the rest, for being such a hard-working slut!
BTW... he told me NOT to let any of the guys use condoms!
At one point, cum was dripping from my ass, and my pussy, right down my legs... the other whores out there were looking at me in disgust, and asking how the hell I could NOT use a condom, and I told them the truth! My Black Pimp told me NOT to! I was getting fed up with these bitches, so I just scooped up the cum that was dripping down my legs, and ate it right up!
That shocked the hell out of them, but I still wasn't done, so I dug 3 fingers into my cum-filled cunt, scooped out a nice load of cum and licked it from my fingers right there! And I wasn't done yet! I did the same to my asshole! Then ate it!! I started laughing hysterically, at the looks of these bitches!!!
And then came the "trick of the night"!!!

He pulled up in a Hummer H1 (the original humvee)..
He asked how much for my white cunt, and I rattled off my rates, without thinking...
He said ok, and I got in...
We drove to a cheap motel, and went in, and I pulled his pants down, I got slapped in the face by two things! A HUGE Black cock, and a BADGE!!!
He told me he could bust me now, as he had it all on tape, or I could give him a freebie...
Needless to say, I didn't charge him..;-)
He insisted on wearing a condom, no matter what I said, so I asked him to pull out before cumming, and shoot either in my mouth, or on my face.. He chose to shoot on my face. After he was done, he took me back to where he picked me up, and left me there.. cum still dripping down my face...(he wouldn't let me wipe it off) I got picked up within seconds, and had another Black cock down my throat, les than a minute later, and another load in my belly 2 minutes later!

After my Lover picked me up, he got me cleaned up a bit, and took me to an all-black bar that we go to occasionally.. he bent me over a barstool, and cuffed my hands to the legs, and offered my holes, free of charge, for the next 2 hours...
Needless to say, I came home that monring, one well-fucked white whore!!!
He called me this morning, btw, and told me what a good white slut I was, and that the owner of the bar wants me back often! Seems drink sales went up while I was there!!! LOL!!!!