Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back In Action! Finally!

Well, I've spent the last two months with Michael, he's been taking care of me while I recovered from that "almost" rape, and the loss of my van.

I was feeling better by 6 weeks, but I still didn't have any transportation, so I stayed on longer.

Michael said he was going to supply me with another van. When he did, I was shocked!

Here's a couple of pictures of it, taken by the old owner.

I just LOVE this van!

I took it out the first night, and drove around town.. nobody really seemed to take notice of it, which I'm thankful for, as that means less attention to it, and me.. Until I open it up, and they see the inside!! LOL!

I decided later that night, after I had fucked Michael's brains to mush, that I was going to pay him back, at least in part, for his fabulous gift!

So, a couple of nights later, I got dressed nice and sexy, and drove a few towns over, and went out on the street, hooking!

I haven't done this for a while, but all in all, I did pretty well, I think!

I brought a few guys back to the van, and "christened" it by getting fucked in my pussy and ass, and giving a few blowjobs, as well!

I was so intent on making back some of the money Michael had spent for the van, that I was taking on every guy that approached me! Even the cheapskates! The smallest amount of money I took was 20 bucks for a blowjob, and 50 for a quick fuck!

The most I got from one guy, was 250 bucks, and that was for an "around the world", that I did in the van. I sucked him till he was hard, and throbbing, then took him in my pussy, which he fucked for at least a half-hour straight, without cumming, then I told him to pull out, and stick it in my ass! Well, obviously, he didn't have a problem with that! He reached for some lube, and I told him to just ram it in, that my pussy was leaking enough lube down to my ass, that I didn't think he'd need any more! I was right!

He RAMMED that cock RIGHT up my asshole, to the balls!

I LOVED it! He was pumping my ass for about 10 minutes, when he pulled out, and just rammed it right into my pussy again, stroked it a few times in there, then pulled out again, and shoved it back in my ass!

Well, this just pushed me over the edge!

I started orgasming like mad!

Luckily, I was smart, and laid a rubber sheet down on the van's bed, and put some cheaper red satin sheets over that.. I'm saving the crushed velvet for me!

He was slamming his dick in and out, going from my cunt to my ass and back, over and over, for a good half hour more, till he finally was ready to shoot!

He started to cum in my pussy, and I figured that was where he was going to shoot, the whole time, but after a couple of shots up my cunt, he pulled out, shot one squirt on my asshole, then shoved his cock into my ass, and finished cumming in my ass! Of course, I licked his cock clean, and I actually couldn't stop myself.. I was still really turned on by his going back and forth between holes, so I just kept licking, and sucking his cock, even after he was clean, till I got another load in my mouth!

I used the van for 4 different "dates", and was in a variety of cheap motels the rest of the night, when I wasn't out on the street.

Around 5am, one of the local, so-called "pimps" (I had to laugh at this one.. he was black, about 5'6" tall, and looked like a fat Albert clone!) He rolled up on me, dressed in a tracksuit that looked like it came from walmart, and told me that this was HIS turf, and that, if I wanted to keep working here, I had to give up my money to him! LOL!

Well, he didn't intimidate me at ALL.

I wound up kneeing him in the balls, and when he went down, I pulled a knife out of my purse, and opened it, and put it right at his throat! I was more than a little pissed!

I told him that *I* choose WHO I'm going to work for, if anyone, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be him, and that, when I let him up, if he didn't run, and run FAST, I was going to stick my knife into any body part I could get to!

Well, when I let him up, he ran alright!

And I ran in the opposite direction! As soon as he had gotten up, I realized what I had just done, and kinda freaked out... I ran to my van, which was a couple of blocks away, and drove off quick, back to Michael's place.

Luckily, he has underground parking, so I stashed the van there, and went upstairs to Michael's place.

Once I wasin, and safe and sound, I woke Michael up with a blowjob, and after he was awake, and came down my throat, I snuggled up to him.

He asked what was up with the outfit I was wearing, and I told him I went out to whore myself, so I could pay him back a bit..

At that, I opened my purse onto the bed, and started to count up the money I made for the night.

It was only 1200 bucks, but I handed it to him, and told him that if it wasn't enough, that I'd go out later in the week, and make some more money for him. (See? I TOLD you, *I* choose who I work for!! LOL!!!)

He told me that wasn't necessary, and that I could keep the money I made!

Well, a few days later, I drove to ANOTHER town, a few towns over, in the OTHER direction, and worked for a few hours...I made only 550 bucks, but it was easier this time, as I was parked outside a strip joint, and took the guys into my van for each one.

I gave mostly blowjobs, a couple of fucks, and one guy, with a really long cock, not that thick tho, after I had taken his cock all the way down my throat, I asked him if he wanted to finish in my mouth, or would he like a tit-fuck? See, I love a nice long dick in between my tits, and this one was ripe for it! I took my tube-top off,and let him slide that nice long dick in between my tits, and after a few strokes, he said it wasn't greased enough, so he hawked a HUGE gob of flem up, and spit it right into the valley of my tits! It was SO NASTY!! I LOVED IT!!!

I told him so, and, while he was fucking my tits, with me holding them nice and tight around his cock, I told him, "yeah, fuck this whore's tits! Treat me like a cheap whore! Spit in my face!!!"

Well, he did! He called me all sorts of nasty names, which only served to get me more turned on, and then he did it! He hawked up a HUGE gob of flem, and mucus, and spit it right into my face!

Some got in my mouth, some in my eyes, all over my nose, and on my chin! It felt so fucking nasty! It was rolling down my face, and he pulled his cock out from between my tits, and used it to spread that nasty stuff all over my face! I came on the spot!!!

After that, he went back to my tits, and started fucking them like a madman, while I left my mouth open a tiny bit, and he pushed that cock into my mouth on each up-stroke, so I got to suck on the head a bit each time!

He lasted about 10 minutes after that, and blew his load all over my chest, even giving me a couple of shots right in my face!

That did it for me! I came again!

He paid me 50 bucks for that, and I cleaned up, and opened the doors to the van after he left, and just sat there, naked, and fingering my pussy, hoping I could get another trick soon!

I got a couple more before I left, including one of the dancers, who walked right up, and asked "you eat pussy, slut?"

I said sure, and told her that I was almost done for the night, so I'd give her a break on the price... 20 bucks. (I would have eaten her for free, but I didn't want to tell her that! LOL!)

She climbed in, I had her strip and lay down on the bed, and went at that pussy like a starving woman! I gave her a couple of good cums, then, she offered to do me! Well, Who was I to say no?

I had one stipulation though... I wanted to 69! She was all for it, so I told her to lay on her back, that I wanted to be on top. I dropped my pussy right onto her face, and dove back down on hers, and after a minute, she stopped licking, and asked "is that a man's cum in your cunt?"

I told her yes, it was probably a COUPLE of men's cum. Did she mind?

"Oh hell no!" she went right back to eating me, both of us turned on even more! Her, by eating strange cum, out of a strange pussy, and me, knowing that she was doing it!

We both had a couple of STRONG orgasms, and fell back on the bed,cuddling, and getting our breath back...

When we were back to normal, I gave her the 20 bucks back, telling her it was on the house.

She told me that if I ever cum back here, I was to come into the club, and ask for her. She said that she was sure that quite a few of the girls would LOVE to have my mouth on their pussies!

I went back to that club this past Saturday night, and ate out every girl that was working that night, as well as the sucking off the bouncers, and the owner!

But that's another story, that I might tell later...

For now, I'm back on the road, with a brand new laptop, a new van (well, used, but new to me!), and a new collection of toys, and I'm still building my collection!

I try to stop at every adult store I happen to see, and just last night, I found one of my favorite dildoes, the LA Special! Look at it! It's SO great! I love the bumps!

Well, I'm back on the road again, this time, headed north, for now.. who knows where the road will take me??

Friday, May 04, 2007

Just got out of the hospital

I was robbed, beaten, and almost raped a couple of nights ago..
I say "almost raped", because they were going to rape me, and I told them that they didn't have to, that I'd willingly fuck them all.

I was coming out of the rest room at a gas station in a little town in Wyoming, and these mexican guys jumped me, pulled me to their car, and took my van.
They beat me up pretty bad, almost broke my jaw, both my eyes are black and blue, and swollen, my lips are cracked, and swollen, my tits have bruises, my cunt got punched at one point,, my face looks like a mess...and I'm still as hell tonight..
The cops have my van, say they'll release it to me in the morning, no holding charge, no towing charge, and I called Michael, and he's wiring me some money, so I can drive back to him, and recover.
Im at an internet cafe right now, typing this up, and I ust saw my reflection in the window...
I look like shit!
It turns out that they took my laptop, my dildoes, all my money, and my dvd player, and car stereo... luckily, they found my wallet, with my ID in it, under the van...

So, here I am, flat broke, going to get a room for the night, when Michael's wire transfer comes in, and sleep all night, then go get my van, and drive back to Michael, to recover...

I told the cops that I had been beaten, and robbed, but didn't mention rape.. after all, I figure, I OFFERED to let them fuck me, when I heard that they intended to rape me, so, I guess it wasn't rape after all... yeah, it hurt, and not all of it was a good hurt, but I still got a good fucking out of it, and a few good orgasms...

I'm going to see if I can put up a wish-list here, if anyone wants to replace what was stolen... (I know, wishful thinking, right?)

Sorry for taking so long between posts folks, and Sal, if/when you read this.. thanks for being there...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's been happening...

Well, New Years Eve, I got my wish!
I was the party slut for Michael, and all his friends, and their friends, and their girlfriends!

It started out kinda tame, I was dressed sexy, but not slutty, and I was the hostess for Michael's New Year's Eve party, making sure everyone had fresh drinks, food to eat, etc..
I thought it was going to be a rather boring New Year's Eve, thinking I'd get fucked by Michael, and maybe a couple of his friends...
Boy, was I wrong!!

At around 11:30pm, I was in the kitchen, fixing up some more snacks for everybody, and the wife of one of the older guys comes in.. She was about 70 or so, and seemed like a sweet woman... Oh, she was sweet, but not in the way I thought!

We started talking, and Shirley, the wife, suddenly, out of nowhere, asks "So, I hear that you're a slut for Blacks.. Is that true?"
I was kinda taken aback by this older woman, looking like someone's grandmother, being so blunt! I didn't answer for a moment, and Shirley asks again, "SO? Are you a white trash slut for blacks or not???"
Well, at this point, I was feeling kinda defensive, thinking I was about to get into an argument, figuring she found out about her husband fucking me silly these last few months, and I was like "Um, well, uh, I DO kinda have a thing for Black Men.." Then she says to me "I heard you eat Black Pussy, too.. Is that right??" At this point, her voice has gotten a bit louder, and almost angry sounding, and she's all in my face, and I'm thinking "OH SHIT, I'm gonna get my ass beaten by this old broad!"
I nodded yes, and she practically yelled in my face, "Answer me, bitch! Do you eat Black pussy or not!!????!!??!"
Well, at this point, the fear was fading, being replaced by a bit of anger, at her yelling at me like that, so I just came right out with it, saying "YES! I eat Black Pussy, I suck Black Cock, And I love to get fucked by Black cocks!"
Well, that's all Shirley seemed to need to hear, because she went over to a nearby chair, pulled her skirt up, and showed me her bare cunt! This 70 some-odd year old woman is panty-less,and on top of it, her cunt is shaved bare!
Shirley immediately said for me to eat her Black cunt!
I was so shocked at this, that I just kind of stood there for a while, my mouth hanging open, till she yelled at me, again, to eat her cunt!
Well, that snapped me out of it, and I dropped to my knees, and started giving her pussy the attention she demanded!
This old broad tasted SWEET!!!
After I gave her about 5 good cums, her husband walks in, unzips, and she starts sucking his dick!
It all got a little blurry after that, but I do know that it turned into a bit of a mini-orgy after midnight!
I woke up the next morning, cum all over my body, and my face covered in pussy-juices!