Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Gangbang!

Well, I've set something up for tonight...
Starting at 10pm tonight, I'm going to be the slut for a group of Black Men, for a New Years Eve Gang bang!!
The guys have already rented a cabin just outside of town, and with funds they've given me, I've stocked it up with Champagne, assorted liquors, and pary trays with different coldcuts, and assorted foods, and I've started cooking some of my favoite recipes for the guys.

So far, it's pretty much free-form, with one agreed-on exception..
At Midnight, all the guys have agreed to piss on me!!
This should be fun, as there are 30 guys confirmed, with a possible 10 more cumming!

This will be an all-bareback gangbang, no holes-barred, anything goes!
And Ladies, there is NOTHING like getting a group of drunk Black Men together, horny as hell, and telling them that there is NOTHING they can't do to me!

I expect my holes to be filled, and stretched, with cum in every orifice!
The piss thing is just something I added at the last minute, and surprisingly, no one said no!
This should be fun!
Thank god for Walmart! You can find ANYTHING there!
I got a BIG kiddy pool for the main room, and at 11:45 or so, I'm going to bring it out, already inflated, and step into it, and lay down in it, for all to cover me in piss!
Should be fun!

Well, I'm off now, to go get some party treats.. have to get some meth for myself, to keep me going, and I've got a guy coming in for the party, who said he'll be bringing at least a quarter pound of some GOOD weed!
BTW.. one thing I will NOT be getting, is condoms!

let you know later, how it goes!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something I've been thinking about...

Been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially after talking with *certain* people on Yahoo IM..
This guy has asked me a lot of questions about my daughters.. in particular, my 9 yo daughter...

So, I've been thinking about this:
I've already corrupted my daughters.. most of all, my youngest one..
They've witnessed me having sex with MULTIPLE Black Men.. and when I say multiple, I'm NOT just talking about me fucking different guys, on different days.. I'm talking about her walking in, and seeing, no, scratch that.. WATCHING me taking a big Black Cock in my pussy, my ass, and my mouth, all at the same time!
She's watched me taking on groups of guys, and 1-on-1's with may different Black Men.
Since I left my husband, and left my girls behind (not by my own choice, mind you.. He got a better lawyer than I did, so he got custody of the girls) I've tried to keep in touch with them, via phone calls, email, and occasional video chat, so I've been able to watch them growing up...

Now here's the thing... the youngest, at 9 years old, has, for the last year, been dating a teenaged Black boy... And YES, they've been having sex!
From talking with her, I've learned that she has sucked his dick, let him fuck her pussy AND her asshole, she's sucked him off outside, in her back yard, and at his house, and, not only that, but her boyfriend has had her suck off his friends!
I wouldn't be at all surprised, if she was fucking his friends as well!

So, here's what I've been considering...
If I could take custody of her again, after doing all the travelling I've done, and loving damn near every moment of it, , could I settle down in one place??

I think I could.. if I found a place where I could find LOTS of men! Perhaps a large city??
New York City perhaps? or Chicago?
Thought about Los Angeles, but just get a bad feeling there... San Francisco is a definite possibility!
Perhaps someplace in Canada??

Now.. the reason that I'm considering a big city.. I don't intend on giving up being a Slut!
In fact, My Main Reason for this post is this...
KNOWING that my little girl is already a slut for Black Cock, perhaps, if I got custody of her, I could train her to be the best BLACK COCK SLUT possible!

Think about it... it definitely is do-able!!
We get set up in a place, and I start by making it clear that I will NOT stop her from having sex with Black Men (or ANY men, if she so chooses), but I WILL insist that she be on birth control, and keep her studies up!
I have NO problem with my 9 year old daughter being a slut! What I DO have a problem with, is if it affects her grades!
And yes, before anyone bothers to IM me, have given thought of how sexy she would look, pregnant, at such a young age!
HOWEVER... I want to be realistic... a pregnant preteen would suffer being an outcast, and other problems... Her schoolwork would suffer..
And I want my slut daughter to have a way to support herself, that doesn't involve sex!
True, it SOUNDS like a great way to grow up, but lets face it after so many years of being used, sexually by men, unless she gets REAL lucky, and finds a RICH, cuckhold male to support her, and let her sleep around, sooner or later, she is going to have to be able to pay her own bills!

Now, on the subject of raising her, other than schoolwork..
I'd do everything I could, to teach her how to please a man, anyway that he might want, and even things he might not be aware that he wants!
I'd teach her to deepthroat a really THICK cock, as well as a really LONG cock, (btw.. I find it's easier to deep-throat a long cock, than it is to swallow a thick cock... It's not that hard to relax your throat enough to take length, but thickness, that's another story.. you can't just relax your throat... sooner or later, you're going to find one that stretches not only your mouth, but actually stretches your throat, ore than you could ever think possible!
The ONLY way to train yourself, is to force that cock into your throat, as OFTEN as possible!
And when I say force, I mean, just that! You have to find a guy that you trust enough, to FORCE your mouth down, farther and farther, each time, holding it in your throat, getting your throat used to the stretching, and dealing with the discomfort, and sometimes pain, that accompanies all that cockmeat pushing it's way in, forcing itself deeper into your throat, without causing you to black out from lack of air!
Trust me, I've had this happen a few times.. kinda hot, but scary, when you don't expect it, and don't entirely trust the guy.
But when you trust the guy to pull out, and get you in a position where you can breathe again, it' incredibly erotic! Coming out of it, the only way I can describe it, is like this:
You hear EVERY LITTLE SOUND, all at once, surrounding you, then you start to feel tingles in your feet, your hands, and climbing up your extremities. It's kind of hard to explain, but once you're used to the feelings, it's incredibly hot! At least for me...
I'd start her training by finding the THICKEST cocks I can find, starting with just one guy, and working our way up to multiple cocks, teaching her not only how to deep throat, but to take a really rough face-fucking.. what some (including myself) call "Skull Fucking"
It's one of my favorite things to have done to me, and I want to teach my little girl to enjoy it, as much as I do! To give up that control, to let a man take full control of your mouth and throat, just RAMMING it down your throat, yanking your head side to side, back and forth, up and down, not caring about your pleasure, just using your mouth and throat to make his cock feel good, is such a rush!
I tend to completely lose myself when a guy does this, losing all track of time, or where I am, or what else may be happening at the time!
There have been times that I'm getting seriously skull-fucked, I've often not even noticed that a guy has just rammed his dick up my ass! And when i finally DO realize it, it's like "WOW!! When did that happen??"
Even hotter, is when you DO pass out, and come back out of it, and, while the sounds, and extremitiy feelings are hitting, all at once, you suddenly realize that you've got a huge cock splitting you open, ramming hard into your ass!
THiS is the type of thing I want to pass on to my child!
I'd encourage her to dress any way she wanted, from normal, to totally slutty!!
Actually, I think I'd encourage her to dress like a slut/whore/sex-toy at all times!
I'd encourage her to go for whatever look worked for her, whether it be an innocent-looking schoolgirl, or the nastiest, trashiest, trampiest look she could manage, whatever look would get her the most cock, most often!
I'd encourage her to dress like a slut, even when she's home alone, sleeping, or just relaxing on the couch, on a rainy, lazy day!
I'd encourage her to be an easy fuck, but also teaching her to watch out for those men who, while they may be a good fuck, would otherwise be bad for her.. Those that would try to sponge off of her, to take advantage, financially..
I'd encourage her, owever, to take advantage of any kind of gift men offer her.

I'd also encourage her to be bisexual... to enjoy giving herself to women, men, even animals, if she so chooses!
I'd teach her to enjoy sex anyway, and with anyone, she can get it from!
In essense, to be just like me!
If she chooses to sell her pussy, mouth or ass, fine!
Just so long as she isn't forced into it, or coerced into it...

I believe, if I did this, that my daughter would be a true slut. A girl that enjoys sex, with no hang-ups, no limits, no barriers, to stop her from enjoying it!
I'd also train her to find pleasure in pain.. whether it be from the pain of a big cock splitting open her holes, or the pain of having her nipples really twisted, pinched, pulled, slapped, clamped, or even beaten!
If she chooses to go even more hardcore, like S/M, than that's her choice, and I'll support her in it!

I confess that I'd LOVE to see my little girl in some hardcore porn!
I know, the more I stay out her, fucking strange men, and chatting with even STRANGER men, I'm becoming more perverted.. more twisted...
I mean, MY GOD! What the hell am I thinking/saying??????

I doubt I'll ever get custody of my little girl, or even my older girls.. So maybe that's why I'm thinking this way... KNOWING, deep down, that it's all just fantasy.. that it will never happen..
But I can imagine it...
I imagine my daughter, all of 9 or 10, coming home from school with some strange boy (or better off, some GROWN MAN) in tow, telling me, "Mom, I'm going to take this nice man upstairs and let him fuck me", and I just answer "OK dear, have fun, and don't forget to lick him clean after he's been up your ass!" And the look on the guy's face, as she answers "Yes Mommy" and asks him "Would you like my mommy to fuck you too?"
To see the man leaving, hours later, a satisfied look on his face, and I go upstairs to my little girl's room, to find her on the bed, naked, with the exception of her torn, slutty-looking stockings, cum seping out of her freshly fucked pussy and ass, the sight of cum on her lips, or on her face, looking like she's in a happy little fuck-daze, and telling her that she got a call from one of her school friends, and that she should get cleaned up before he, or she gets here, unless she wants them to see her covered in cum! To hear her tell me that it's ok, the person didn't mind sloppy seconds, or to see her jump up, clean herself up, and get herself all slutted-up all over again, for the next person!

To know that my little girl was entertaining a group of men that were going to use her like a fuck-doll.. that they were going to fuck her in every hole, that she was going to willingly drink their piss and cum, and let them piss all over her!
To know that she was going to suck and fuck the football, or basketball team in the locker room ater a game, or eat the pussies of the cheerleading squad, or, perhaps her gym teacher!
To know that my little girl was being a total woman, enjoying everything possible as far as sex goes.. to deny her nothing, to teach her everything I knew...

Alas... it's probably just going to be nothing but a fantasy.. but I can hope, can't I??

(Wishing I could find pictures of things like this.. things I'd love to see my little girl doing.. Taking multiple Black Cocks, over and over, in every hole...)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa.. I was a BAD girl this year!! LOL!

I was driving around, after having had a few tokes off some really good weed, and spotted a Santa, leaving a nightclub!
I couldn't resist!
I pulled over, told Santa I was a BAD girl, which got his attention, so I invited Santa in, and gave him a blowjob, with both of us fully clothed, then sucked him to hardness again, and asked him if I could sit in "Santa's" lap!
He said yes, so I climbed on, and rode Santa's cock till he gave me a nice, cummy present!

Afterwards, as I was driving off, I heard him say "HO HO HO!!!"

I love holidays!
When's St.Patricks day again? Maybe I can find a leprachaun to fuck! LOL!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Canadian travels...

Well, I know I haven't posted anything for a while...I've been travelling again...

yes, the van is back on the road!

I've been driving through Canada, of all places!

I had to call mom, and have her fedex my passport, birth certificate, and other things to me, before I crossed the border..So I'm legal, at least, as far as the border patrols are concerned! LOL!

I realized, like, a half mile from the border, that my n would be searched, so I spent the next 6 hours, cleaning my van, throwing away any illicit substances (yes, by that, I mean pot, coke, meth, and anything else I thought might be sniffed out by dogs!)

I vacuumed, febreezed the van within an inch of it's life, washed all the sheets and drapes in the van, and even sterilized all my dildoes, and other toys!

Wouldn't you know it? I get to the border, and they pass me right through! Damn!

Well, I hooked up with some Black guys in the first decent-sized city I came to, got fucked, and sucked a bunch of Black cock, and managed to score some more pot, and meth.. the stuff's great for sex, and for keeping me awake while driving!

I explored the city for a few days, made some money selling my ass on the streets, and did some hard partying while I was at it!

One night in particular, was very memorable...

It was a Saturday night, and, rather than go out partying, which I had done for the last few nights, I decided to go hooking..

I was dressed ultra-trashy, as usual, and had my first date within minutes of getting out on the stroll...
Nothing memorable, a $200.00 date, he fucked me, and I sucked him clean, to hardness, and then he fucked my ass, came in both holes, then I licked him clean. Then I was out the door...

A few more dates, and I was ready to call it a night, having made over $1000.00, when this guy pulls up..Dirty, ratty-looking old chevy...His looks matched the car..
He was a white guy, looked like a real blue-collar type.. beard, jeans, and a denim work shirt.
He called me over to his car, and told me that he had been looking for a trashy-looking whore all night, and was a interested in making some money?

I thought at first, nah, I better pass on this guy.. he probably wants a $20.00 blowjob...not worth the time... but then I said, out of nowhere, "Sure! $200.00, and you get anything you want, for 2 hours!"
He instantly agreed, and I hopped in his car, and we went to, of all places, a garage!

We pulled in one bay, and he closed the door behind him, and led me to the other garage bay. He handed me $250.00, 50 more than we had agreed on, and he told me to strip, unless I wanted to get my clothes ruined.
I stripped down to my stockings and heels and garter belt, and asked what he had in mind?
Well, he walked me over to the car lifting thing, laid me in the middle, raised it up to the level of his face, and just walked right up, and started eating my pussy!

He ate me for about 10 minutes or so, then lowered it to crotch level, and proceeded to pour oil all over my body! He even poured it on my face, and in my hair! WHOA!! KINKY!!!
But then he got even kinkier!! He took a grease gun and pumped a LOT of grease in my pussy, and asshole!

Once I was covered, he stripped, and pulled out a cock that was only about 6 or 7 inches in length, but was HUGE as far as thickness!
He walked his cock right up to my cunt, and just slammed it right in!
I felt quite a bit of pressure, as he stretched my cunt, but no pain, and no friction! WOW!!
He fucked me like that for a good half hour, came in my pussy, then pulled out, and rammed his cock, still rock-hard, right up my ass!
That lubricant worked really well!
It just slid right in! Granted, it HURT, but then again, I LOVE the pain of a really thick cock in my ass! LOL!
He must have fucked my ass for at least 15 minutes, before he shot another load into my ass, then, with his dick still in my ass, he reached up, and started kneading my tits like they were dough! His hands slid all over my tits, he slapped them around a little, and, hearing my moans of pleasure from that, he started to really slap my tits hard!

Well, I just went wild at that, and started cumming, my asshole squeezing his cock, and damned if he didn't get hard again, in my ass! He fucked my ass again, then pulled out, and shoved it back into my cunt, took a few strokes, then back in my ass again! He fucked me like that for the next half hour or so!
When he was finally ready to cum, he pulled out, and walked up to my face, and shot all over my face.ok, nothing new, or surprising about that...
What WAS suprising, was the SIZE of his load! Considering that it was his third load of the night, he damned near covered my face in cum!
He reached down, and started smearing his cum and the motor oil, all over my face, my neck, even in my hair!
By now, I was a greasy, slimy mess, and I figured he was done with me...
He then proceeded to stick tools in my pussy and ass!
He stuck some really big wrench handles in my pussy, at least 3 of them, then reached over, and jammed the handle of a HUGE socket wrench in my ass!
Those tools were COLD!!!!!!!!
My holes tightened right up, and I was gasping at the shock of the cold, not to mention the tools themselves, and I was like "What the fuck???" He told me not to worry... there's more fun to come!
Now, I had just been fucked hard, and deep taken 3 loads in, or on me, and was covered with motor oil!! What the fuck else could he do??
I soon found out!
He walked over to me, with two tools that I didn't know what the fuck they were! they had handles, but also each one had a strap on it, like a metal band.. he said they were used to remove oil filters on trucks!
I had NO idea what he was planning to do with those things, so I asked him.. he told me "just watch, and enjoy!"
He proceeded to wrap each of the straps around each tit, and started tightening them up!
Within seconds, each tit was bound tightly! even with all the motor oil greasing up my tits, they still gripped hard!
Then he tightened them up even more, till my tits started to hurt, and I could see them starting to turn blue!
He slapped my tits for a while more, pretty hard, then put vice grips on my nipples, till I screamed in pain! He loosened them up a bit, till I was just panting, not screaming anymore, and apologized, saying that he didn't realize they were that tight at first (yeah, right!).
H yanked the wrenches out of my cunt, which hurt a bit, then rammed his cock back in my pussy! he said that the cold of the wrenches made my cunt tighten up tremendously, and he fucked me hard, and fast for a few minutes, till he was cumming up my pussy again!

By now, I was sweating, and cumming, and swearing, and damn near delirious!
my god! I love having my body worked over, but this was a new experience for me!

Wen he was done, he lowered me down, helped me up, and as soon as I got up, WHOOPS! the vice grips were still on my nipples! New pain, and another orgasm for me!
He undid the vice grips right in the middle of an orgasm, and the pain just made me cum harder!

I came to, a few minutes later, he said, and the straps were off my tits, and I could see that I was laying on the cold concrete floor, still covered in oil, cum, and god knows what else, when he helped me up, and led me over to this red sink thingy..

He turned the tap on, but instead of water, there was some dark-colored stuff running out of the tap! He explained that it was used to take oil, and grease off of parts and tools, and that it would get the oil off my body...
He then proceeded to point this flexible nozzle, with the stuff jetting out of it, all over my body!
I could see the oil just running off my body like water!

Together, we rinsed my hair, my face, and the rest of my body, and he picked me up, and held me so that the nozzle was squirting right into my pussy, and later, my ass, flushing all the grease and oil out of me... WOW!! What a feeling!!!

I STILL had to take a long, hot shower, to get the rest of the stuff off me, but all he had for soap, was this pumice stuff.. sort of like lavasoap, only softer..

Girls.. don't EVER use that stuff to wash up with, other than your hands!
My hole body felt like it had been rubbed down with a rough stone!
Granted, I was clean, but the scent of the soap was kinda weird...
And my pussy and asshole felt sore for a couple of days!
Not something I'd repeat too often, but it was kinky, and different, so who knows? maybe i'll try it again some day, if I can find another kinky mechanic!
He dropped me back off where he picked me up, and I went back to my motel, and took a long, hot shower, and put lots of lotion on my body, to get rid of the garage smell...

I woke up the next day, and after having a cup of coffee, got a sudden, nasty thought!
I went to the auto parts store, and bought a couple of those oil filter changer things, and, while looking at them, realized that my breasts were extra sensitive that day! I realize it must have been from the goo in the shower, so I found some more, it's called orange-something or other, and bought a couple of bottles.

When I got back to the motel, I stripped naked, and took the orange hand cleaner stuff, and started rubbing it into my breasts, till they were all tingly!

I think I must have rubbed them raw with that stuff, going through half a bottle!
My tits were all pink, and tingly, so I put the oil filter wrenches on my tits, tightened them up, even more than the machanic did, and put on my strongest nipple clamps, and pulled out my biggest toys, and spent the next four hours fucking myself with them, while slapping my own tits!

I had some fantastic orgasms!! OMG!!!

I woke up hours later, cleaned myself up, paid for the room, got in the van, and decided it was time to move on...

More to cum!


PS... I wound up RUINING my stockings, garter, and my sexiest heels!!
Damn.. gotta go shopping again....