Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tonight, I was a whore....

I was mad tonight... No money, no sex all day, and no calls from my Men....

I got mad.. Then I decided to do something about it.

I got dressed up really trashy, and slutty tonight. I decided to dress in whore red tonight. A pair of sheer, tiny, crotchless panties, in red, of course, a tiny red leather miniskirt, with a slit all the way to the top, red fishnet stockings, my favorite red "fuck me" pumps, with a 4 inch heel, and a red tube-top, a size too small (one of the ones that one of my Men ordered me to buy, a while ago), hair teased to within an inch of it's life, bright, red, slutty, glossy lipstick, too much blush (red of course!), and black eyeliner, trying to make myself look as slutty, and whorish as possible! Wish I could have taken a picture!

I went out to the van, started it up, and drove to the city, parking on a side street, where I had to walk past a lot of seedy-looking guys.... I loved the catcalls I got, especially fromt he latino guys, who al called me a puta, which is spanish for whore, or slut, I think...

Got to the streetcorner, and stood there for about 5 minutes, hand on my hip, occasionally walking up and down the sidewalk, swaying my hips like a slut in heat, (which I am, of course!), and got picked up my some old guy in a beat-up pickup truck.
He asked how much, and I told him that since he was my first of the night, I'd give him the "senior's discount"... 5 bucks for a blowjob, 20 for a regular fuck, and 30 for anal.
He took the blowjob, and I climbed in.. we found a nice dark alley, and I sucked him off in about 2 minutes.. not the usual whore blowjob, where it's mostly handjob.. I kept my hands on his leg, and just used my mouth.. He came real quick, but it was a nice-sized load, and it tasted damn good!!! He dropped me off back on "my" corner, and I went back to strutting my stuff for a while.. about 15 minutes later, a new Dodge Magnum pulled up (I LOVE that car!) in bright red, matching my outift, and I mentioned it as I leaned in the window, showing him my cleavage, and we quickly agreed to a price.. We went to his room in one of the casinos, and he pulled my tube-top down off my tits, leaving it to hang around my waist, lifted my skirt, and just RAMMED his bare cock right into my cunt, right between the opening of my crotchless panties!
He fucked me hard, pressing me up against the window of the room, giving anyone who might have looked up, a pretty good view of my semi-naked body being given a good hard fucking!
He came in me pretty fast, but, instead of going soft, like I expected, he stayed hard, pulled out with a squish, and rammed it right up my asshole!!
It hurt a little, as I hadn't lubed my ass up, but his cum helped it slide in a bit.. It hurt a bit at first, but then started to feel REAL GOOD! He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes, grabbing my tits, and twisting on them pretty good, and even wrapped his hand around my throat while he fucked me! That got me a bit nervous, but also made me wetter!
He was choking me pretty good, till he shot his second load of the night into my ass, pulled out, slapped my ass HARD, and yanked me down by the hair, telling me to clean his cock.. Now, I love doing that anyway, but knowing he was paying me well for the full treatment, made it even better! He was calling me nasty names the whole time, calling me a shore, a slut, a fucking pig, for sucking his cock clean after it had been in my asshole! I loved it!

After he was satisfied with the cleaning, his cock going limp finally, he slapped my face lightly, and said that I had earned my money well.. He took 3 one hundred dollar bills (we had agreed to $200 for the full treatment) and stuffed it into my cum-filled cunt, and told me to get out.
I pulled my top up, tugged my skirt down, and walked out of the room, fixing my hair in the elevator, barely remembering to pull the 300 bucks out of my cum-filled cunt before the elevator doors opened!

I went straight to the hotel bar, and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, and drank it right down, and ordered another! I took my time with this one, and flirted with a few of the guys at the bar, even letting one buy me a drink!
He tried hitting on me, but I told him that I couldn't let him have me, not from the bar, as casino security would right away, think I was turning tricks from the bar, and throw me out...
I told him that he could look for me later, on the street, and told him where I'd be. He looked shocked as hell by my admission that I was a whore, and backed off immediately!
I finished the iced tea he bought me, and walked out of the bar, somewhat fucked up, from the booze, and went to the ladies' room, and sitting down, realized that cum was dripping from my ass and pussy! (not that it surprised me, I just forgot it was there.. silly me!)
I got cleaned up, scooping the cum from my pussy and ass with my fingers, and eating it all up, then a quick wipe of my pussy, and I was back to the streets!

All told, I got picked up by 9 guys, before I decided to call it quits for the night, took at least 5 loads down my throat, 7 in my whore's cunt, and another 3 up my ass!
My last trick of the night wanted a blowjob, and I asked him to cum all over my face and tits. He was shocked, to say the least, and practically EXPLODED all over my face and chest! I got what I wanted, he got a good blowjob, and I made 50 bucks for it!!

I got in about an hour ago, and I'm sitting here, a THICK dildo in my pussy, and a nice thick dildo in my ass, both lubed by all that cum, and I just got done rubbing all the remaining cum into my face and into my titties. Did I mention how much I love the feel of drying cum on my skin?? It's just the GREATEST thing for keeping my skin firm!

And I made a total of $1300.00 for the night, not including the drinks in the hotel bar, and some chinese food!!!!

Thinking about doing this more often!
It's nice not having to give my Men any of the money.. But I worry, when I think of what will happen to me when they find out.. and they will, knowing that they read this blog....;-)

Should be an interesting week...
See Ya!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

I wound up going out for some fun.

Well, only two of my Men came over.. They fucked me in every hole, gave me a couple of nice-sized loads of cum, but that was all.
The last one left about 11:30pm, and I was out the door, and headed for the city, within 30 mins of them leaving. I was still horny as hell (truth be told, I'm STILL horny as hell, but not as much now), so I headed for the adult theater. Being as cold as it is, there obviously wasn't as much action as in the middle of summer, but I wound up being used rough, the way I like it, by 6 or 7 guys. My nipples are bleeding from the rough usage they were given, at my request. No, make that my DEMAND!! LOL!
At one point, I was squatting over this one old, fat man's cock, about 6 inches, and had a NICE thick, BLACK cock in my ass, about 9 inches, but thicker than my wrist, while I was trying to cram two cocks (one white, one Black) in my mouth at the same time! The old man was squeezing my tits gently, almost lovingly, and I stopped sucking just long enough to tell him to "HURT MY TITS, YOU BASTARD!!"
Well, he did, and more! He was digging his fingernails into my tits, not just the nipples, but digging his fingernails DEEP into my tit-flesh!
That gave me an INSTANT orgasm, causing me to stop sucking the cocks in my mouth, and I started screaming as I came! Within a second of me screaming, I had one of the cocks shoved in my mouth, with somebody telling me to shut the fuck up!
Oh well! LOL!! Guess I got just a little TOO loud!
By the time I left, I had taken the cum of at least 4 guys, total strangers, in my slutty pussy, and at least 3 loads (I think.. Some guys, I can't always tell if they're cumming of not) in my asshole, and I know at least one guy came on my breasts, and the two I was sucking off, came all over my face.
The guys kept switching positions, taking turns with each hole, but my favorites were when the guys who were just in my asshole, shoved their cocks down my throat! I love ass-to-mouth!!!

BTW, when I left the house, I had on NOTHING, but a short winter coat... I'm sure that my pussy was seen more than a few times, as I walked the half-block to the theater, but I really didn't care!

When I finally left the theater, I had cum dripping from my pussy and ass,still on my tits, some still on my face, and a little left in my hair!
I'm sitting here now, still naked, but with a towel between my legs, so I don't stain the chair, and a buttplug in my ass.
My nipples are lightly bleeding, and they are SO tender right now! I love it! Just makes me want to put my nipple clamps on them!

Not much else I can do tonight, but I'm making sure that my front door is unlocked, and I'm going to stretch out on a comforter on the floor near the door. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a visitor???

Nite now...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sorry I've been away so long!

Sorry folks, wish I could tell a hot and horny sex story, explaining my absence, but it's been a lot more boring than that.. Yes, I did some cocksucking, ass-licking, pussy eating, and of course, getting my pussy and ass filed with Black cock, but that hasn't been happening like it used to.

Most of the last few weeks have been spent keeping my apartment clean, and cooking for my Men...Lately, they come over, give me a quick fuck, cum in one of my holes, then tell me to cook something for them, they eat, drink, and leave...
I miss being used......
All I know is, if I don't get a good hard using, soon, by at least 2 guys at once, I'm either going to go crazy, or get my ass back out on the streets, picking up any Black guys I can!!

I've run out of spending money, as the guys are just paying my bills now, buying groceries and booze, paying the rent and utilities, but no spending money for me!
I've already worn out 6 2-packs of "c" batteries for my dildoes, my pussy hasn't gotten a good stretching for a while, and I SWEAR, I'm starting to suffer from a cum defiiciency!!

We'll see how the night goes....I'm calling up ALL my men tonight, and BEGGING them to sum use me, like they used to!!!
Here's hoping....