Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ben over 3 months since my last posting...Sorry

Well, it's been 3 months.. 3 loooooong ass months!

Was stuck in some little hick town, with very little internet access, and my van broken down...

only one Black man in the entire town, and he's in his 70's!!!

Had to take a job as a waitress in a coffee shop, so I could pay for the van repairs..

My sex life hasn't been that great, let me tell you.. I miss the big cities now!
I need to get the fuck out of this little dump of a town!
So far, I've managed to get fucked by two of the local cops, and my boss at the coffee shop, and so far, I've gone to the old Black man's house 3 times.. For an old man, he sure can fuck though!

Need to get the hell out of here... too damn boring...
You've heard the saying "They roll the sidewalks up at night"?? This place is just like that!! LOL!!
NOTHING going on here, after 7pm!!!

My only regular sexual play, has been my nightly "date" with my dildoes!
Thank god for plastic! LOL!

Think I'll be able to leave here within a few more days though...