Monday, July 17, 2006

The new job, 10 days later...

Well, it's now 10 days later, and I'm still sucking (and occasionally fucking) cocks through a gloryhole for money...

The thrill has worn off *just* a bit... lol!!

Yeah, I get that same thrill whenever a LARGE cock gets put through the hole, especially if it's a Black one, but they are few, and far between...

One thing that will never cease to amaze me, is the size of the loads these different cocks shoot!
I've had these BIG cocks, with some HUGE balls, that wind up shooting these tiny, watery loads, then every once in a while, I get some guy with a tiny set of balls, average white dick (about 6 inches, if anyone cares), and, with these tiny balls, you'd think the cumload would be nothing... Not always so, my dear readers! I have had this one cock (I'd say, "this one guy", but I've only ever seen his cock and balls), he cums in about every 3 days, sticks his cock and balls through the hole, and always picks MY hole! (we try to use the same hole every night) I get right down on him, especially now, more so, now that I know what his deal is! He shoots this HUGE, thick, ropy cumload, that is SO tasty! It fills my mouth up EVERY TIME! DAMN!
And the taste is just indescribably SWEET!! Not quite candy sweet, but absolutely NO bitterness to it, and it just tastes so damn good!!

But like I was saying... I'm starting to get a little bored, of sitting there, night after night, sucking one strange cock after another, swallowing cumload after cumload...Oh, I alternate occasionally... besides getting my cunt pumped full of strange cock every once in a while, sometimes, I'll suck him till he's ready to cum, pinching my nipples the whole time, and pull off, just as he starts to cum, aiming his load on my chest! It makes for a nice change of pace... Can't wait to try it tonight, with the buy with the tiny balls, and huge cumload! I'll bet he's gonna cover at least one tit with cum!

I told one of the girls about mr. tiny balls, and how good his load tastes, and she didn't believe me.. so last time, instead of swallowing ALL his load, I kept about half in my mouth, then pulled her to me, and kissed her, feeding it to her! She loved the taste too!
I don't know if I want to give this one up!

But... Another thing that happened last night... It was late.. maybe 3am, and my shift was just about over.. I had eaten about 30 or more cumloads, and was really feeling a little queasy.. I think I'd better not eat anything before I go in, from now on... I always wind up feeling pretty full at the end of the night... Only 1 other girl there, will swallow almost all the loads, like I do..
So, last night, near the end of my shift, this guy sticks it through, and at first, it looked great! Nice and hard, thick, and about 7 inches.. I was like "YEAH! Good Eatin'!!!"

WRONG!!! It was uncircumsized, which I don't mind at all, but when I pulled back his foreskin, the STENCH hit me! I don't think this guy had washed his dick for 2 weeks!
I almost threw up, on the spot!! Well, I reached over for a baby wipe, cleaned his cock up, and thought I had done a good job! All the dick cheese was gone, and it didn't smell as bad, so I figured, what the fuck, I'll get him off quick, and get it over with...
Again...WRONG! He took quite a while, to get ready to cum, and before he did, I was gagging, struggling to to throw up again, from the taste of his cheesy dick, and suddenly, it happened.. Luckily, I keep a bucket below me, to catch any cum that spills out of my mouth..Well, I suddenly started gagging worse than I ever have, and just as he started to cum, the first shot hit the back of my throat, and I let loose with a load of vomit that surprised even me!
it was like, the sandwich I had eaten earlier (A Reuben.. Definately NOT a good idea! LOL!), untold number of cum-loads, and the usual nasty shit that comes up when you puke...
Funny thing is, I SWEAR, when I started puking, I heard somebody say "Cool! She's puking on his dick!", and his cum shot out even harder! Well, that just started more puking, and by the time he's down to a dribble, I've coated his cock, and half the wall, with my puke!
Thank god, one of the other girls was in between blowjobs, because the first thing she did, was reach for the baby wipes, and clean him off, before he pulled out (don't want to embarrass the guy more than we already have), then she started to wipe my face down, and my chest, then started scrubbing the wall! I just sat back recovering, and asked "How the fuck can you be so calm about this mess?"
"Simple, " she told me, "I have two kids.. I'm used to cleaning up messes like this!" LOL!!! OMG!!
She later told me that she has two kids, 1 year old, and 3 years old, so she's gotten used to cleaning up puke, and shit....
I asked her what her husband thought of what she was doing, and she told me that her husband left her after the last baby, insisting that it wasn't his.. (She insists that it is, that she never had sex with anyone before him, and didn't cheat on him, while they were married..)... I don't know.. she's a PRETTY GOOD COCKSUCKER, and that's coming from someone with a good eye for these things! hehehe!
She told me that her mother watches the babies while she's working.. I asked if her mom knows what she's doing, and she said that she told her mom everything, that it was the only way she could make enough money to pay her bills, and provide for her kids... Apparently her mom isn't helping her financially!

I swear.. I thought I had seen it all.. guess I'm still learning...
Went out to breakfast with her and the kids this morning.. The kids are SO cute! and she looks so normal, when she's with them! You'd never know that she sits on a stool all night, 4 nights a week, and sucks all these strange cocks!
BTW.. she's one of the few girls that swallows most of the loads.... go figure!

I've got a date with one of the guys from internet cafe where I'm typing this from, tonight...
Kinda geeky, but cute, and I could use the night off, maybe just have a "normal" date.. either no sex, or just something nice, and romantic.. we'll see!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Got a new Job!

I won't tell you where, other than it's in Arizona..

I went to a strip clug, out of boredom (ok, I was horny as usual, but wanted pussy for a change, instead of dick! LOL!) and was watching things, and saw guys going through a door, almost continually, and coming back out, 5-10 mins later, looking like they had just blown their load!
So I decided to check it out.. Seems there were a couple of gloryholes in the walls! Guys came in, stuck a twenty in a slot, stuck their cock in, and got serviced!

I talked to the owner of the place the next day, and got a job working the hole!!
I get to keep 15 of the 20 bucks, and get all the dick I can suck!
Nice part? I don't see the guys, they don't see me, and I get all SORTS of dick!

Lsst night, I made three hundred bucks!
I sucked off most of the guys to completion, swallowing their loads, but there were two cocks that were so big, I just said to hell with the rules (supposed to be just BJs), and backed up to the hole, and took those cocks in my pussy, and rode them till we both came! It felt SO good to feel those cocks shoot into me!

Took tonight off, and just drank for a few hours.. Was doing shots of Jack Daniel's with beer chasers... got too drunk, and puked in the alley... real lady-like, eh? hehehe!!!

I turned down a couple of guys who wanted to fuck me... Would have been nice, but for some reason, I didn't want sex tonight...
Go figure....
Going jogging in the morning... My belly's getting a bit big.... (No, I'm not pregnant--At least I hope not... ;-)

The club owner says that I can stay in an apartment over the club if I want... but my cut of the bj money get's to only 10 bucks of the 20... not sure... We'll see...
Nice town.... kinda yuppie-ish, but I don't mind...

Wierd having this place in this area.. I'm guessing the owner is paying off the cops...Seems like such a straight-laced kinda town.. I was surprised to see this place here...

The other girls that work the holes here are a couple of skanky-looking bitches...
One is so skinny, she looks anorexic, and her breasts just kinda hang down.. look like a 3 cup, but skinny, and the end of my shift, she looked like death warmed over, but I've seen her work... she really sucks cockmeat down! Like she's starving or something!

The other girl is this UGLY black chick... And when I say UGLY, I'm not stretching the truth!
If these guys saw what she looks like, that would be the end of business for her!
But, again, she's got a talent for blowjobs... So I'm going to watch these two whenever I can, to learn anything I can from them...Whereas I did 20 guys, these two had to have done 30 each, at least!
The ugly one, at least, swallows... the skinny one, she just spits, or lets it shoot on her chest..

I think I'm going to try alternating with what I do with the cumloads... One in my mouth, one one my face, maybe one on my chest...but if those two big cocks come back, next time, I'm going to try to take them up my ass! LOL!