Monday, February 20, 2006

About the orgy...

Well, as I said, I met this really BUTCH Black lesbian on the 15th, and she invited me to a lesbian orgy!
I had met her in a lesbian bar in a good-sized city I was driving through (I won't say where), and we talked, and drank, and talked, and drank, and after an hour or so, we were making out at the bar.
Janee' suggested we go "powder our noses", and I followed her to the women's restroom.
As soon as I got in there, she had me against the wall, kissing me hard, while feeling my breasts!
Well, you all KNOW I love it raunchy, so I got into it with her really quick!
Next thing I know, she's fingering my pussy, after snaking a hand up under my short skirt, and finding me not wearing any panties, and started calling me a slut, which only turned me on more!
I was trying to get my hand into her panties, but she had on a really tight pair of jeans, and I found myself unbuttoning them to get to her hot cunt.
She pushed me away, and then told me "get on your knees, bitch!"..Well, I always respond well to that kind of language, especially from a Black Man or Woman, and I dropped right down, and just looked up at her, as she opened the button-fly of her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles, showing that, she too, wasn't wearing any panties!
She grabbed my head, and for the next 15 minutes or so, forced my face into her hot cunt! I really didn't need to be forced, as she had me so fucking horny by that time, but I enjoyed the feeling of being used, so just went along for the ride.
I brought her off about 5 times, then licked her clean, when she had shown that she had had enough. I was about to get to my feet, when another girl walked in, saw us, and Janee' told the other girl to "Go ahead and use the bitch!"
Well, I think this girl misunderstood, because she grabbed my hair, and dragged me towards the toilet! She leaned my back against the toilet, and pushed my head back into the bowl, and just squatted over my face, and let her pee fly!
My face was soaked, and I opened my mouth to drink her piss, and lick her wet pussy!
When she was done, she spit in my face, and told me to lick her clean! And you KNOW I did, too!

Afterwards, Janee' helped me up, told me that I was a good cuntlapper, and then told me about a little get-together she was going to, all women, some bi, some gay, but ALL fun!
She asked me if I was interested, and of course, I said yes!

I met her later that night, and she drove me to the place.

When we walked in, there were already about 6 or 7 women there, just standing around drinking, smoking, and chatting.. All eyes turned to us, when Janee' walked in, and announced that I was the designated submissive for the night, and that anyone could use me, ANY WAY that they wanted! And Janee' made SURE that everyone understood what she meant by "Any Way"!
Within a minute, I was stripped naked, and had my face forced into the pussy of a realy talkitive white girl, skinny as hell, but with the HAIRIEST mound I have ever had the pleasure of eating!
She was rubbing my face all in her cunt, thinking that I didn't know what I was doing, until I latched on to her clit, and licked all around it, then sucked it into my mouth like a tiny dick!
She went wild at that, and raised her legs up high, exposing her asshole, and, without needing to be told, I buried my tongue DEEP into her ass! Well, that just set her off, and she EXPLODED all in my hair, and all over my face! I kept up my tongue action, alternating between her cunt and ass, till she came all over my face again, then she grabbed my hair, pulled me up, and gave me such a soft, tender, tongue-kiss, that I almost couldn't believe it was the same girl! I just melted in her arms, and was perfectly content to be right there, till Janee' pulled me off, and pushed me to the floor, on my back, and told me to stay right there, till she or someone else, told me otherwise. What happened next, is easy to figure out..
Girls took tooks sitting on my face for the next 6 hours! I was also fisted in both my pussy And my ass, and had my tits brutally slapped, pinched, twisted, yanked, punched, etc..
Well, you all KNOW what THAT does to me, so I was off into orgasm-land for the next hour!
I passed out at some point, and came to, to find that I had been put into the tub, and I was being peed on by 3 women at once! Once I knew where I was, and got over the shock, I just opened my mouth, and drank as much piss as I could, while others peed all over my face and head.
When they were all done pissing on me, I thanked them for their gifts, and licked them all clean!

Janee' pulled me up, and proceeded to give me a shower, soaping me up SO nicely, and gently, and I figured that was the end of that..


Janee' took me out of the shower, and led me to the bed, and tied me, face-up, to the bed, tieing my legs up, and back, so my cunt and asshole were exposed, and for the next few hours, the women took turns, using strap-ons, and regular dildoes, and fists, and fucked me to the point that I was rubbed raw, and my holes were swollen, and it was no longer pleasureable for me!
The just laughed, and kept abusing my holes, while occasionally sitting on my face!

I finally was released, hours later, and staggered out to Janee's car, hair all messed up, my clothes plastered to my body, between sweat, and piss, and cunt-juice, I was a wreck!

Janee' took me to her place, cleaned me up, and held me for the rest of the night, telling me I was welcome to stay with her as long as I wanted, but on HER terms..
In other words, that night, was just enough to tell me what life would be like if I stayed with Janee'...
It's been over two months now, and I'm getting ready to leave Janee'... It's been great fun, as she's a VERY domineering bitch, and has slutted me out to different groups of women, and a few groups of men, but I'm starting to miss my freedom....
I haven't been allowed to go out, without her permission, and I have to tell her where I'm going, with whom, and when I'll be back... If I'm late, she's beaten me for it..
That, and I haven't had any money for months now...

I have enough gas to make it to a decent-sized city, where I'll either get a temporary job, or go back to being a whore, till I can get together gas and living money....

We'll see how things go..
And to those who missed me, I'm sorry.

To those who don't believe what I write here in this blog, well, as Janee' constantly says...



Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Going to have fun tonight!!

Met this really butch, Black Lesbian online this morning, and she invited me to a Lesbian orgy!!

It's later tonight, and I can't wait!!

Ill try and fill you in on how it went, when I get back.. If I have enough energy! LOL!


Friday, February 10, 2006

Still Travelling...

Well, I haven't decided if I want to settle in any one place yet.. Been driving through NY state, went as far as Vermont, but it seems too cold this time of year, and the tires on my van really aren't up to the snow, so I'm going to try heading west..

Someone emailed me that I should come down to HotLanta (Atlanta Georgia), and it's tempting...I've gotten some pretty nice offers from Black Men, wanting me to cum down and be their slut. Very tempting idea indeed, as Atlanta has gotten the reputation of having some pretty hot, horny, Black men!
I KNOW I'd get fucked on a regular basis THERE, and I know that I'd probably be doing a lot of gangbangs as well.. While it's tempting, I think I'm going to hold off going there, for now...

I'm really enjoying travelling, and people have been so nice to me, at least most people...
Women tend to be a little strange at times.. especially in the smaller towns.. I swear, the looks some of these women have given me, you'd think I came into town, looking to steal their husbands or boyfriends!

I haven't dressed really trashy for a while now, just wearing jeans, and a sweater, and some comfortable sneakers.
But I'm getting tempted to dress slutty's ok, I've got about a thousand bucks left, right now, picking up a few bucks here and there, giving the occasional blowjob, of letting some lucky guy pay me for letting him fuck me.
I kinda miss being on the street... the feel of being nothing but a "dirty whore", of taking money for sucking a cock that I might suck for free, in a different situation, of being paid to spread my legs for some stranger, and the feel of taking loads from guys I've never met before, and probably will never see again, the stares of the men who want to fuck me, and the women who can't understand why I'd do this.. It just gets me so wet and horny!

I've thought about applying at a strip club a few times, but I can't dance.. at least, not sober, anyway! LOL! I always start thinking about where my feet have to go next, and next thing you know, I'm tripping all over myself!
Speaking of which- I went into an adult bookstore in Albany NY a while back, and while in there, I noticed that they had girls dancing behind glass. I couldn't figure out what that was, so I went up and put twenty bucks in the slot of this one older woman... About 50'ish, breasts were sagging a bit, and the face looked kinda rough, but everyone else's booth was busy, so I said, what the hell... I got in, closed the door, and dropped the twenty into the slot. A bit of fabric rose up, showing her there, naked, and playing with herself, and she pointed to a phone on the wall, that I should pick up. I did, and we started talking, with her asking me what I wanted to see?
I wasn't sure, and told her so, and we talked for a minute, with me finally telling her to do for me, what she usually does for the male customers.
Well, at this, she pulled out a dildo, and started writhing on the stool she was sitting on, licking the dildo, and rubbing it her pussy, talking dirty to me the whole time, telling me she wished it was my cock, and that I was so hot, etc, etc...
Near the end of the show, which was only about 10 minutes, she asked me if I'd like a "private show" with her. This confused me. I asked her if what we were doing right now, wasn't private?

She laughed like a big sister, showing little sis how something works, and explained that a "private show" was where you went into a little room with the girl, and got to touch her, and, for the right amount, you could get a blowjob, a massage, or a fuck from the girl!
I asked her how much she tended to make a night, working in that place, and she told me that during the week, perhaps $150 bucks or so, but when she worked weekends, and put in a 12 hour shift, she could sometimes average about $500!!

I wound up paying her 50 bucks, and went into a private room with her, and just ate her pussy for about 15 minutes, till she came. She asked if I wanted her to eat me, but I said no, that I couldn't afford to be spending money like I just did. She told me not to tell anyone, but as nice as I made her feel, she wanted to pay me back for the pleasure, so I said ok, and enjoyed one of the best tongues I'd had in a LONG, LONG time!!
She really seemed to enjoy eating my pussy, and even dipped down, and ate my ass! That seems to be something that not too many women are willing to do, and it drove me wild!!
Afterwards, I told her that I thought that what she did was a pretty cool way to earn a living, and that it's something I'd LOVE to try!
Well, she talked to the boss, and he didn't even hesitate to say ok, as long as I passed the "audition" LOL!!! I KNEW what he meant by that, and I dropped right to my knees, in his office, fished out his cock, and went to town on it! He grabbed hold of my head, and while telling me that I was a good cocksucker, that he wanted to see how much I could handle, he grabbed hold of my hair, and shoved his cock into my throat, balls-deep, and started brutally face-fucking me! I kept taking him, without flinching, till he finally pulled out, and shot his load all over my face, then smacked my face with his cock, calling me a dirty slut, and a whore! I scooped his cum up off my face with my fingers, and licked them clean, at which point he pulled me up, told me to strip, and commented that he knew I was a slut, and seeing that I wasn't wearing panties confirmed it! He bent me over his desk, stuck a finger in my pussy to find it wet, and proceeded to shove 2 more fingers in my cunt, fingering, and stretching my pussy open, while he fisted his cock, getting it hard again.
At one point, he pulled the fingers out of my wet pussy, and pushed them into my asshole. I think he was surprised at how easily his fingers went into my ass, as all I heard was "Oh My God, what a fucking slut!" When he was hard again, he RAMMED his cock into my ass, (which I LOVE,btw.. getting my ass REAMED like that always turns me on more!), fucked me like that for a few minutes, then pulled out, and shoved it right into my cunt, and fucked me the same way for a few more minutes, then pulled out, and put it back in my ass again, doing this, back and forth, for at least a half hour, before he finally shoved it in my ass one more time, pumped deep a few times, and shot a nice load in my ass! Of course, I squeezed my ass muscles a few times, to really milk his cock dry, then he pulled out, and reached for a baby wipe that he had nearby. I told him not to bother, and dropped to my knees, and licked his cock clean, which kinda freaked him out! He was like "You don't HAVE to do that, you know..." I told him I ALWAYS lick a man's cock clean after he's fucked me!" He was like, "But it was up your ass!", and I said "So what?", and went back to licking his cock and balls, till they were nice and clean, and he was hard again!
It's very rare that a guy can get three erections in such a short time, and that just turned me on even more, so I offered to give him a tit-fuck. He said ok, and I went to work on his cock.
All the while, he kept says that I was a nasty whore, and saying shit like "Oh my god, I can't believe what a fucking slut you are", and stuff like that, with me telling him to use me like a fucking slut, treat me like a whore, and all those things that most men seem to love hearing me say!
At this point, he was spitting on my tits, to keep them wet for the tit-fuck, and on one shot, he hawked a huge wad of spit, missing my tits completely, and hitting me right in the eye! Now, this is something that tends to REALLY get me off, having guys spit in my face, and calling me names, so when he did that, he heard me moan, and put my head back, and tell him "DO it again! Spit in the face of this cheap whore!" Well, he did, again and again, spitting in my eyes, in my mouth, and even got some up my nose! That did it for him, and he shot again, and again! Not as much as the first two cums, but he did manage to get a few nice big droplets of cum to shoot out, landing on my tits, and he watched me rub the cum into my nipples, as I was licking his cock clean.
He told me I could start any time, but that, for the customers, I should use a rubber.
I told him that I hardly ever use a rubber.. I enjoy the feel of bare cock too much, and I'm NOT about to let a guy waste his load into a rubber, when it could go IN, or ON me!
HE told me that it was my call, and walked away, zipping up as he went, to tell the guy working the front, to set me up in a booth whenever I wanted.
I told him that I'd work a few hours that night, if it was alright with him, and he said ok, so I went to my van, drove to mcdonald's and got someting to eat, and got a cheap room, that I could clean up in, and get ready for the evening.
I picked out my trashiest lingerie, open crotch panties, low cut shelf bra, and stockings and heels, and when I was cleaned, and had my dinner, I went back to the bookstore.
Being the new girl, I got most of the business while I was there, and did 7 booth shows, making about a hundred bucks, after the house's cut, and did a couple of "private shows", picking up another 300 bucks, and paid the house $100.00.
I wound up leaving about 4 hours later, having made some decent money, and walked out of the store just wearing a short skirt, and my coat over my bare tits, with cum dripping from my pussy and ass, cum all over my tits, and a nice bit of it drying on my face!
As with the whores on the street, the girls there were all freaked out at the sight of me, seeing obvious proof that I hadn't used condoms, and I could hear a few of them talking, saying that I looked like a total pig!
I love it when these so-called "Pro's" get freaked out like that, especially when I've just made more money than most of them!

I worked that store for a few more days, till I had about 2 grand in my pocket, then told the boss I was going to leaving, but that I might stop back sometime, and work some more, if he'll let me. He said that I can come back and work anytime I wanted, as long as he got to "audition" me again each time! I laughed, and told him no problem, and hit the road again.

I think I'm going to drive towards Chicago next.....