Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What's been happening...

Well, New Years Eve, I got my wish!
I was the party slut for Michael, and all his friends, and their friends, and their girlfriends!

It started out kinda tame, I was dressed sexy, but not slutty, and I was the hostess for Michael's New Year's Eve party, making sure everyone had fresh drinks, food to eat, etc..
I thought it was going to be a rather boring New Year's Eve, thinking I'd get fucked by Michael, and maybe a couple of his friends...
Boy, was I wrong!!

At around 11:30pm, I was in the kitchen, fixing up some more snacks for everybody, and the wife of one of the older guys comes in.. She was about 70 or so, and seemed like a sweet woman... Oh, she was sweet, but not in the way I thought!

We started talking, and Shirley, the wife, suddenly, out of nowhere, asks "So, I hear that you're a slut for Blacks.. Is that true?"
I was kinda taken aback by this older woman, looking like someone's grandmother, being so blunt! I didn't answer for a moment, and Shirley asks again, "SO? Are you a white trash slut for blacks or not???"
Well, at this point, I was feeling kinda defensive, thinking I was about to get into an argument, figuring she found out about her husband fucking me silly these last few months, and I was like "Um, well, uh, I DO kinda have a thing for Black Men.." Then she says to me "I heard you eat Black Pussy, too.. Is that right??" At this point, her voice has gotten a bit louder, and almost angry sounding, and she's all in my face, and I'm thinking "OH SHIT, I'm gonna get my ass beaten by this old broad!"
I nodded yes, and she practically yelled in my face, "Answer me, bitch! Do you eat Black pussy or not!!????!!??!"
Well, at this point, the fear was fading, being replaced by a bit of anger, at her yelling at me like that, so I just came right out with it, saying "YES! I eat Black Pussy, I suck Black Cock, And I love to get fucked by Black cocks!"
Well, that's all Shirley seemed to need to hear, because she went over to a nearby chair, pulled her skirt up, and showed me her bare cunt! This 70 some-odd year old woman is panty-less,and on top of it, her cunt is shaved bare!
Shirley immediately said for me to eat her Black cunt!
I was so shocked at this, that I just kind of stood there for a while, my mouth hanging open, till she yelled at me, again, to eat her cunt!
Well, that snapped me out of it, and I dropped to my knees, and started giving her pussy the attention she demanded!
This old broad tasted SWEET!!!
After I gave her about 5 good cums, her husband walks in, unzips, and she starts sucking his dick!
It all got a little blurry after that, but I do know that it turned into a bit of a mini-orgy after midnight!
I woke up the next morning, cum all over my body, and my face covered in pussy-juices!