Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Gangbang!

Well, I've set something up for tonight...
Starting at 10pm tonight, I'm going to be the slut for a group of Black Men, for a New Years Eve Gang bang!!
The guys have already rented a cabin just outside of town, and with funds they've given me, I've stocked it up with Champagne, assorted liquors, and pary trays with different coldcuts, and assorted foods, and I've started cooking some of my favoite recipes for the guys.

So far, it's pretty much free-form, with one agreed-on exception..
At Midnight, all the guys have agreed to piss on me!!
This should be fun, as there are 30 guys confirmed, with a possible 10 more cumming!

This will be an all-bareback gangbang, no holes-barred, anything goes!
And Ladies, there is NOTHING like getting a group of drunk Black Men together, horny as hell, and telling them that there is NOTHING they can't do to me!

I expect my holes to be filled, and stretched, with cum in every orifice!
The piss thing is just something I added at the last minute, and surprisingly, no one said no!
This should be fun!
Thank god for Walmart! You can find ANYTHING there!
I got a BIG kiddy pool for the main room, and at 11:45 or so, I'm going to bring it out, already inflated, and step into it, and lay down in it, for all to cover me in piss!
Should be fun!

Well, I'm off now, to go get some party treats.. have to get some meth for myself, to keep me going, and I've got a guy coming in for the party, who said he'll be bringing at least a quarter pound of some GOOD weed!
BTW.. one thing I will NOT be getting, is condoms!

let you know later, how it goes!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something I've been thinking about...

Been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially after talking with *certain* people on Yahoo IM..
This guy has asked me a lot of questions about my daughters.. in particular, my 9 yo daughter...

So, I've been thinking about this:
I've already corrupted my daughters.. most of all, my youngest one..
They've witnessed me having sex with MULTIPLE Black Men.. and when I say multiple, I'm NOT just talking about me fucking different guys, on different days.. I'm talking about her walking in, and seeing, no, scratch that.. WATCHING me taking a big Black Cock in my pussy, my ass, and my mouth, all at the same time!
She's watched me taking on groups of guys, and 1-on-1's with may different Black Men.
Since I left my husband, and left my girls behind (not by my own choice, mind you.. He got a better lawyer than I did, so he got custody of the girls) I've tried to keep in touch with them, via phone calls, email, and occasional video chat, so I've been able to watch them growing up...

Now here's the thing... the youngest, at 9 years old, has, for the last year, been dating a teenaged Black boy... And YES, they've been having sex!
From talking with her, I've learned that she has sucked his dick, let him fuck her pussy AND her asshole, she's sucked him off outside, in her back yard, and at his house, and, not only that, but her boyfriend has had her suck off his friends!
I wouldn't be at all surprised, if she was fucking his friends as well!

So, here's what I've been considering...
If I could take custody of her again, after doing all the travelling I've done, and loving damn near every moment of it, , could I settle down in one place??

I think I could.. if I found a place where I could find LOTS of men! Perhaps a large city??
New York City perhaps? or Chicago?
Thought about Los Angeles, but just get a bad feeling there... San Francisco is a definite possibility!
Perhaps someplace in Canada??

Now.. the reason that I'm considering a big city.. I don't intend on giving up being a Slut!
In fact, My Main Reason for this post is this...
KNOWING that my little girl is already a slut for Black Cock, perhaps, if I got custody of her, I could train her to be the best BLACK COCK SLUT possible!

Think about it... it definitely is do-able!!
We get set up in a place, and I start by making it clear that I will NOT stop her from having sex with Black Men (or ANY men, if she so chooses), but I WILL insist that she be on birth control, and keep her studies up!
I have NO problem with my 9 year old daughter being a slut! What I DO have a problem with, is if it affects her grades!
And yes, before anyone bothers to IM me, have given thought of how sexy she would look, pregnant, at such a young age!
HOWEVER... I want to be realistic... a pregnant preteen would suffer being an outcast, and other problems... Her schoolwork would suffer..
And I want my slut daughter to have a way to support herself, that doesn't involve sex!
True, it SOUNDS like a great way to grow up, but lets face it after so many years of being used, sexually by men, unless she gets REAL lucky, and finds a RICH, cuckhold male to support her, and let her sleep around, sooner or later, she is going to have to be able to pay her own bills!

Now, on the subject of raising her, other than schoolwork..
I'd do everything I could, to teach her how to please a man, anyway that he might want, and even things he might not be aware that he wants!
I'd teach her to deepthroat a really THICK cock, as well as a really LONG cock, (btw.. I find it's easier to deep-throat a long cock, than it is to swallow a thick cock... It's not that hard to relax your throat enough to take length, but thickness, that's another story.. you can't just relax your throat... sooner or later, you're going to find one that stretches not only your mouth, but actually stretches your throat, ore than you could ever think possible!
The ONLY way to train yourself, is to force that cock into your throat, as OFTEN as possible!
And when I say force, I mean, just that! You have to find a guy that you trust enough, to FORCE your mouth down, farther and farther, each time, holding it in your throat, getting your throat used to the stretching, and dealing with the discomfort, and sometimes pain, that accompanies all that cockmeat pushing it's way in, forcing itself deeper into your throat, without causing you to black out from lack of air!
Trust me, I've had this happen a few times.. kinda hot, but scary, when you don't expect it, and don't entirely trust the guy.
But when you trust the guy to pull out, and get you in a position where you can breathe again, it' incredibly erotic! Coming out of it, the only way I can describe it, is like this:
You hear EVERY LITTLE SOUND, all at once, surrounding you, then you start to feel tingles in your feet, your hands, and climbing up your extremities. It's kind of hard to explain, but once you're used to the feelings, it's incredibly hot! At least for me...
I'd start her training by finding the THICKEST cocks I can find, starting with just one guy, and working our way up to multiple cocks, teaching her not only how to deep throat, but to take a really rough face-fucking.. what some (including myself) call "Skull Fucking"
It's one of my favorite things to have done to me, and I want to teach my little girl to enjoy it, as much as I do! To give up that control, to let a man take full control of your mouth and throat, just RAMMING it down your throat, yanking your head side to side, back and forth, up and down, not caring about your pleasure, just using your mouth and throat to make his cock feel good, is such a rush!
I tend to completely lose myself when a guy does this, losing all track of time, or where I am, or what else may be happening at the time!
There have been times that I'm getting seriously skull-fucked, I've often not even noticed that a guy has just rammed his dick up my ass! And when i finally DO realize it, it's like "WOW!! When did that happen??"
Even hotter, is when you DO pass out, and come back out of it, and, while the sounds, and extremitiy feelings are hitting, all at once, you suddenly realize that you've got a huge cock splitting you open, ramming hard into your ass!
THiS is the type of thing I want to pass on to my child!
I'd encourage her to dress any way she wanted, from normal, to totally slutty!!
Actually, I think I'd encourage her to dress like a slut/whore/sex-toy at all times!
I'd encourage her to go for whatever look worked for her, whether it be an innocent-looking schoolgirl, or the nastiest, trashiest, trampiest look she could manage, whatever look would get her the most cock, most often!
I'd encourage her to dress like a slut, even when she's home alone, sleeping, or just relaxing on the couch, on a rainy, lazy day!
I'd encourage her to be an easy fuck, but also teaching her to watch out for those men who, while they may be a good fuck, would otherwise be bad for her.. Those that would try to sponge off of her, to take advantage, financially..
I'd encourage her, owever, to take advantage of any kind of gift men offer her.

I'd also encourage her to be bisexual... to enjoy giving herself to women, men, even animals, if she so chooses!
I'd teach her to enjoy sex anyway, and with anyone, she can get it from!
In essense, to be just like me!
If she chooses to sell her pussy, mouth or ass, fine!
Just so long as she isn't forced into it, or coerced into it...

I believe, if I did this, that my daughter would be a true slut. A girl that enjoys sex, with no hang-ups, no limits, no barriers, to stop her from enjoying it!
I'd also train her to find pleasure in pain.. whether it be from the pain of a big cock splitting open her holes, or the pain of having her nipples really twisted, pinched, pulled, slapped, clamped, or even beaten!
If she chooses to go even more hardcore, like S/M, than that's her choice, and I'll support her in it!

I confess that I'd LOVE to see my little girl in some hardcore porn!
I know, the more I stay out her, fucking strange men, and chatting with even STRANGER men, I'm becoming more perverted.. more twisted...
I mean, MY GOD! What the hell am I thinking/saying??????

I doubt I'll ever get custody of my little girl, or even my older girls.. So maybe that's why I'm thinking this way... KNOWING, deep down, that it's all just fantasy.. that it will never happen..
But I can imagine it...
I imagine my daughter, all of 9 or 10, coming home from school with some strange boy (or better off, some GROWN MAN) in tow, telling me, "Mom, I'm going to take this nice man upstairs and let him fuck me", and I just answer "OK dear, have fun, and don't forget to lick him clean after he's been up your ass!" And the look on the guy's face, as she answers "Yes Mommy" and asks him "Would you like my mommy to fuck you too?"
To see the man leaving, hours later, a satisfied look on his face, and I go upstairs to my little girl's room, to find her on the bed, naked, with the exception of her torn, slutty-looking stockings, cum seping out of her freshly fucked pussy and ass, the sight of cum on her lips, or on her face, looking like she's in a happy little fuck-daze, and telling her that she got a call from one of her school friends, and that she should get cleaned up before he, or she gets here, unless she wants them to see her covered in cum! To hear her tell me that it's ok, the person didn't mind sloppy seconds, or to see her jump up, clean herself up, and get herself all slutted-up all over again, for the next person!

To know that my little girl was entertaining a group of men that were going to use her like a fuck-doll.. that they were going to fuck her in every hole, that she was going to willingly drink their piss and cum, and let them piss all over her!
To know that she was going to suck and fuck the football, or basketball team in the locker room ater a game, or eat the pussies of the cheerleading squad, or, perhaps her gym teacher!
To know that my little girl was being a total woman, enjoying everything possible as far as sex goes.. to deny her nothing, to teach her everything I knew...

Alas... it's probably just going to be nothing but a fantasy.. but I can hope, can't I??

(Wishing I could find pictures of things like this.. things I'd love to see my little girl doing.. Taking multiple Black Cocks, over and over, in every hole...)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa.. I was a BAD girl this year!! LOL!

I was driving around, after having had a few tokes off some really good weed, and spotted a Santa, leaving a nightclub!
I couldn't resist!
I pulled over, told Santa I was a BAD girl, which got his attention, so I invited Santa in, and gave him a blowjob, with both of us fully clothed, then sucked him to hardness again, and asked him if I could sit in "Santa's" lap!
He said yes, so I climbed on, and rode Santa's cock till he gave me a nice, cummy present!

Afterwards, as I was driving off, I heard him say "HO HO HO!!!"

I love holidays!
When's St.Patricks day again? Maybe I can find a leprachaun to fuck! LOL!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Canadian travels...

Well, I know I haven't posted anything for a while...I've been travelling again...

yes, the van is back on the road!

I've been driving through Canada, of all places!

I had to call mom, and have her fedex my passport, birth certificate, and other things to me, before I crossed the border..So I'm legal, at least, as far as the border patrols are concerned! LOL!

I realized, like, a half mile from the border, that my n would be searched, so I spent the next 6 hours, cleaning my van, throwing away any illicit substances (yes, by that, I mean pot, coke, meth, and anything else I thought might be sniffed out by dogs!)

I vacuumed, febreezed the van within an inch of it's life, washed all the sheets and drapes in the van, and even sterilized all my dildoes, and other toys!

Wouldn't you know it? I get to the border, and they pass me right through! Damn!

Well, I hooked up with some Black guys in the first decent-sized city I came to, got fucked, and sucked a bunch of Black cock, and managed to score some more pot, and meth.. the stuff's great for sex, and for keeping me awake while driving!

I explored the city for a few days, made some money selling my ass on the streets, and did some hard partying while I was at it!

One night in particular, was very memorable...

It was a Saturday night, and, rather than go out partying, which I had done for the last few nights, I decided to go hooking..

I was dressed ultra-trashy, as usual, and had my first date within minutes of getting out on the stroll...
Nothing memorable, a $200.00 date, he fucked me, and I sucked him clean, to hardness, and then he fucked my ass, came in both holes, then I licked him clean. Then I was out the door...

A few more dates, and I was ready to call it a night, having made over $1000.00, when this guy pulls up..Dirty, ratty-looking old chevy...His looks matched the car..
He was a white guy, looked like a real blue-collar type.. beard, jeans, and a denim work shirt.
He called me over to his car, and told me that he had been looking for a trashy-looking whore all night, and was a interested in making some money?

I thought at first, nah, I better pass on this guy.. he probably wants a $20.00 blowjob...not worth the time... but then I said, out of nowhere, "Sure! $200.00, and you get anything you want, for 2 hours!"
He instantly agreed, and I hopped in his car, and we went to, of all places, a garage!

We pulled in one bay, and he closed the door behind him, and led me to the other garage bay. He handed me $250.00, 50 more than we had agreed on, and he told me to strip, unless I wanted to get my clothes ruined.
I stripped down to my stockings and heels and garter belt, and asked what he had in mind?
Well, he walked me over to the car lifting thing, laid me in the middle, raised it up to the level of his face, and just walked right up, and started eating my pussy!

He ate me for about 10 minutes or so, then lowered it to crotch level, and proceeded to pour oil all over my body! He even poured it on my face, and in my hair! WHOA!! KINKY!!!
But then he got even kinkier!! He took a grease gun and pumped a LOT of grease in my pussy, and asshole!

Once I was covered, he stripped, and pulled out a cock that was only about 6 or 7 inches in length, but was HUGE as far as thickness!
He walked his cock right up to my cunt, and just slammed it right in!
I felt quite a bit of pressure, as he stretched my cunt, but no pain, and no friction! WOW!!
He fucked me like that for a good half hour, came in my pussy, then pulled out, and rammed his cock, still rock-hard, right up my ass!
That lubricant worked really well!
It just slid right in! Granted, it HURT, but then again, I LOVE the pain of a really thick cock in my ass! LOL!
He must have fucked my ass for at least 15 minutes, before he shot another load into my ass, then, with his dick still in my ass, he reached up, and started kneading my tits like they were dough! His hands slid all over my tits, he slapped them around a little, and, hearing my moans of pleasure from that, he started to really slap my tits hard!

Well, I just went wild at that, and started cumming, my asshole squeezing his cock, and damned if he didn't get hard again, in my ass! He fucked my ass again, then pulled out, and shoved it back into my cunt, took a few strokes, then back in my ass again! He fucked me like that for the next half hour or so!
When he was finally ready to cum, he pulled out, and walked up to my face, and shot all over my face.ok, nothing new, or surprising about that...
What WAS suprising, was the SIZE of his load! Considering that it was his third load of the night, he damned near covered my face in cum!
He reached down, and started smearing his cum and the motor oil, all over my face, my neck, even in my hair!
By now, I was a greasy, slimy mess, and I figured he was done with me...
He then proceeded to stick tools in my pussy and ass!
He stuck some really big wrench handles in my pussy, at least 3 of them, then reached over, and jammed the handle of a HUGE socket wrench in my ass!
Those tools were COLD!!!!!!!!
My holes tightened right up, and I was gasping at the shock of the cold, not to mention the tools themselves, and I was like "What the fuck???" He told me not to worry... there's more fun to come!
Now, I had just been fucked hard, and deep taken 3 loads in, or on me, and was covered with motor oil!! What the fuck else could he do??
I soon found out!
He walked over to me, with two tools that I didn't know what the fuck they were! they had handles, but also each one had a strap on it, like a metal band.. he said they were used to remove oil filters on trucks!
I had NO idea what he was planning to do with those things, so I asked him.. he told me "just watch, and enjoy!"
He proceeded to wrap each of the straps around each tit, and started tightening them up!
Within seconds, each tit was bound tightly! even with all the motor oil greasing up my tits, they still gripped hard!
Then he tightened them up even more, till my tits started to hurt, and I could see them starting to turn blue!
He slapped my tits for a while more, pretty hard, then put vice grips on my nipples, till I screamed in pain! He loosened them up a bit, till I was just panting, not screaming anymore, and apologized, saying that he didn't realize they were that tight at first (yeah, right!).
H yanked the wrenches out of my cunt, which hurt a bit, then rammed his cock back in my pussy! he said that the cold of the wrenches made my cunt tighten up tremendously, and he fucked me hard, and fast for a few minutes, till he was cumming up my pussy again!

By now, I was sweating, and cumming, and swearing, and damn near delirious!
my god! I love having my body worked over, but this was a new experience for me!

Wen he was done, he lowered me down, helped me up, and as soon as I got up, WHOOPS! the vice grips were still on my nipples! New pain, and another orgasm for me!
He undid the vice grips right in the middle of an orgasm, and the pain just made me cum harder!

I came to, a few minutes later, he said, and the straps were off my tits, and I could see that I was laying on the cold concrete floor, still covered in oil, cum, and god knows what else, when he helped me up, and led me over to this red sink thingy..

He turned the tap on, but instead of water, there was some dark-colored stuff running out of the tap! He explained that it was used to take oil, and grease off of parts and tools, and that it would get the oil off my body...
He then proceeded to point this flexible nozzle, with the stuff jetting out of it, all over my body!
I could see the oil just running off my body like water!

Together, we rinsed my hair, my face, and the rest of my body, and he picked me up, and held me so that the nozzle was squirting right into my pussy, and later, my ass, flushing all the grease and oil out of me... WOW!! What a feeling!!!

I STILL had to take a long, hot shower, to get the rest of the stuff off me, but all he had for soap, was this pumice stuff.. sort of like lavasoap, only softer..

Girls.. don't EVER use that stuff to wash up with, other than your hands!
My hole body felt like it had been rubbed down with a rough stone!
Granted, I was clean, but the scent of the soap was kinda weird...
And my pussy and asshole felt sore for a couple of days!
Not something I'd repeat too often, but it was kinky, and different, so who knows? maybe i'll try it again some day, if I can find another kinky mechanic!
He dropped me back off where he picked me up, and I went back to my motel, and took a long, hot shower, and put lots of lotion on my body, to get rid of the garage smell...

I woke up the next day, and after having a cup of coffee, got a sudden, nasty thought!
I went to the auto parts store, and bought a couple of those oil filter changer things, and, while looking at them, realized that my breasts were extra sensitive that day! I realize it must have been from the goo in the shower, so I found some more, it's called orange-something or other, and bought a couple of bottles.

When I got back to the motel, I stripped naked, and took the orange hand cleaner stuff, and started rubbing it into my breasts, till they were all tingly!

I think I must have rubbed them raw with that stuff, going through half a bottle!
My tits were all pink, and tingly, so I put the oil filter wrenches on my tits, tightened them up, even more than the machanic did, and put on my strongest nipple clamps, and pulled out my biggest toys, and spent the next four hours fucking myself with them, while slapping my own tits!

I had some fantastic orgasms!! OMG!!!

I woke up hours later, cleaned myself up, paid for the room, got in the van, and decided it was time to move on...

More to cum!


PS... I wound up RUINING my stockings, garter, and my sexiest heels!!
Damn.. gotta go shopping again....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm going to hell! LOL!

Well, I'm guessing that I'm going STRAIGHT TO HELL!

I finally did it! I convinced the preacher to let me blow him during Sunday church services!
I had to get under his podium two hours before the service, so no one would see, and I couldn't leave until almost two hours AFTER the service!
And the service was two hours long!
So I was under that podium, on my knees, NAKED, for about 6 hours!

I finally convinced him, after doing some of the MOST perverted things I've ever done! And that's saying a lot!
Sunday morning, about 5am, he had me meet him at the church.
He started off by taking a knife to my dress, and cutting it to shreds, before ripping it off my body, then slapped my face HARD, before having me lay down on the altar, and he shoved a large crucifix into my pussy, hard, and twisted it around for a while, then left it in me, and walked away, telling me not to move.
He returned a little bit later with a chalice, and communion wafers, and he pissed in the chalice, and dipped the wafers in the piss, and fed them to me, telling me that i was eating HIS (the preacher's flesh, and drinking HIS water of life! (Thank god he didn't put his blood into it! That would have been too much!) He fed me a dozen communion wafers, and make me drink all the piss in the chalice, before taking the cross out of my sore pussy, and then fucked me hard for a few minutes, before pulling out, and cumming on my face! (He called it "Annointing" me)

He led me to his office, and proceeded to beat my tits, ass, and cunt, while calling me names, and spitting on my face. He didn't allow me to wipe his cum or spit off my face, telling me to leave it there till he told me otherwise.

He then led me up to the podium, and had me get on my knees, and sit on my heels, and he tied my hands behind my back, and then tied my feet together, and tied my hands to my feet.
He then positioned my body under his podium, and told me not to make a sound!
So there I am, 2 hours before the service, tied up, and on my knees, under his podium, naked, knowing that I was going to be there for a LONG time!
Finally, I heard the church filling up.. old folks, adults, and kids!
The service started, and he approached the podium, and I was wondering how I was going to get to his cock with my hands tied?
Well, he started the sermon, and I' guessing about a half hour into it (I had lost all sense of time by now) he opened his robe, to show me that he was naked under it!
His cock was soft, and I just leaned forward what little I could, and actually fell forward, into his crotch! I don't know how visible it was, but I know that he got nudged backward a tiny bit, but he steaded himself, and me, and continued on with the service.
I had his cock hard and throbbing, in no time, and as he spoke, I was sucking harder, and harder!
His speech was getting louder, and more passionate about what God's plans were for us, and I just kept sucking harder, and deeper, till finally, he came in my mouth!
I don't know how the hell he did it, but he kept up his sermon as if nothing was happening to him,, and after I swallowed, and licked him clean, I kept his softening cock in my mouth..
Damned if he didn't piss in my mouth, minutes later!! Of course, I was expected to swallow every drop, which I did, then I watched him discreetly tuck his cock back into his robe.
I couldnt see what he was doing, but I know he walked away from the podium for some time.
By now, my legs were cramping up, and I had to pee so bad!
He came back up to the podium, and started talking again, but didn't pull his dick out, so I just leaned forward, and moved my head around till I was inside his robe. I found his cock, and wrapped my lips around it again, and started sucking... He took a lot longer to get hard this time, event though I was doing my best to get him hard, and when he got hard, he took at least a half hour of sucking before he came again! I kept my mouth on his dick until he finally reached down and pushed me off him, adjusted his robes, and finished the service. I had to stay under there for 2 more hours, until everyone was gone, including the maintence guy, before he came and got me.
He pulled me out, and untied me, and I told him how much I needed to pee, and he just handed me the chalice, and told me to piss in it..
Well, by now, it was either piss in the chalice, or all over the floor, as I doubt I could have made it to the bathroom in time, so I just let go, almost filling the cup!
Then, he told me to drink it!
OK, I figured, what the fuck, I'm already going to hell, and I've already drank his piss, so why not?
I drank my own piss, then he stood me up, and immediately bent me over the podium, and rammed his cock, DRY, right up my ass! I screamed at the pain, but he kept right on fucking me!
When he was done, he told me to get out of his church, that I was a filthy slut, and how could I make him do such vile, sinful things?? I had to keep from laughing out loud!
I reminded him that he had cut up my clothes, so he took me back to the room where the church keeps clothing donations, and he picked out some old clothes for me to wear.. I got dressed, and left the church, and went back to my van, and spent the rest of the day curled up in a nice, soft, warm blanket, rubbing my pussy, and remembering every second of my day!

It's not something that I'd want to repeat often, but it *was* fun!

Also.. I finally got my van fixed!!
I'm going to leave this crazy town in the next day or so...
I haven't decided which way I'm going to go yet.....we'll see...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Called my parents...

I decided to call my Mom and Dad, as I hadn't talked to them in a few months, and Dad answered..I asked what was up, and dad filled me in on the usual, the taxes going up again, the local events, and told me that he had seen my Daughters a couple of days ago.. I hadn't talked to my daughters this week, and was glad to hear that they were alright, and that they were visiting their grandparents on a regular basis.
I asked to speak to Mom, and Dad told me that she couldn't come to the phone, as she was *entertaining*.. Now, when Dad says Mom is *Entertaining*, that ALWAYS means that mom is getting fucked by at LEAST one Black Man, and usually more! LOL!
I asked Dad to have Mom call me when she could, and about 18 hours later, she finally called... Seems she went out to the city, *on a mission*.. She does this every few weeks or so.. usually, she gets buzzed, and if she can't get a Black guy to fuck her that night, she'll continue drinking till she's either TOO drunk to stand, and call Dad to pick her up, or wind up offering her body to ANYONE, man or woman, that she thinks will use her like a whore!
Usually tho, she just calls Dad.
Well, turns out that this night was different...She went to a Topless bar, and was getting drinks bought for her almost as soon as she walked in.She told me that, within 15 minutes, she was surrounded by Black men, all trying to run their game on her, to get her to go home with them.She was kissing all these guys, she said, and rubbing cocks through pants like she would never get the chance again!She says she even sucked off two guys by the DJ booth! She also said she blew the DJ, a wimpy-looking white guy with bad skin and glasses, since he didn't say or do anything to stop her.
She wound up taking 6 of these guys home with her (Dad confirmed this), and got used in EVERY room of the house, including on the front porch, the bathroom, the laundry room, and the room my daughters stay in, when they stay overnight!They also fucked her on the upstairs deck facing the street (dad said that they had her bent over the railing, with her head dangling over, her feet in the air, and the only thing keeping her from being tossed over the railing, was the railing pushing into her belly, and the guy holding tight to her hips... Dad said that he didn't realize it was happening, until he heard her moaning.. He walked out front, looked up, and saw his wife, my mother, being ass-fucked, HARD, while dangling over the railing!)Mom told me that 8 hours after they started, they finally all left, and Dad found her exhausted, covered in cum, and love-bites, and literally *fucked stupid*! She was blabbering, drooling cum from her mouth, her pussy and ass, and couldn't stand, so Dad did what he's done in the past, every time she's overdone it with her lovers.. He licked the cum from her tits, belly, pussy and ass, then kissed her, gently, and lovingly, smoothed her hair, and covered her up with a sheet, put a pillow under her head, and put a cool washcloth on her pussy.
Dad says she's been doing this for the past 20 years, but only recently started bringing up home than 2 guys at a time.I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

PS.. I had sex with the preacher again!
He seems to be getting kinkier each time!
This time, he fucked my ass (no lube, btw) till he came in my ass, then pulled out, and rammed it down my throat, and held my head till my eyes rolled back in my head, and almost passed out!
After I caught my breath, he pulled out, and told me to lick him clean.
After I did that, he took me into the kid's playroom (day care had been done for hours, and the only other person in the building was the janitor.. And he was out to dinner), and put me on my knees, and tied my wrists behind my back with a jump rope, shoved a paint-splattered rag into my mouth, and proceeded to slap my face with his bare hand, then took off his belt and beat my tits with it, before grabbing my hair, and yanking me off balance, til I was face-down on the floor, with my ass in the air.
He proceeded to shove assorted toys into my pussy and ass, then beat my ass until it was on fire, and each smack was causing me to jump, and toys were popping out of my holes like crazy!
After he was done doing that, he fell on top of me, and fucked my pussy til he came (about a minute or less), then untied me, and told me to get dressed, and get out.
What the preacher didn't see, was that I was smiling as he said that... I doubt he noticed that my pussy was dripping wet afterward.. and not from his cum!
It's rare that I can find a white guy to use me like this..I'll never look at the clergy the same way again!

BTW... we're getting closer to the area where he does his sermons... I'm STILL hoping that either I can convince him, or that he comes up with the idea himself, to let me blow him under his pulpit, DURING a sermon!
I turns me on SO much, to think of sucking his cock, during a packed house on a Sunday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

August Rush (movie Review)

I meant to mention this earlier, but I went and bought the DVD "August Rush" the other day.. I had been meaning to rent this movie for a while, but, being on the move, "Blockbuster" isn't exactly thrilled to rent movies to me.. LOL!

So after reading a few reviews of this movie, I decided to buy it..
All I could say was, WOW!
This movie has some FANTASTIC music, and a great story!
it's romantic, suspenseful, and overall, amazing!
I laughed, I was in awe at times, and a few times, I couldn't help it, and just bawled my eyes out!
Biggest problem I faced, watching this movie, besides not being able to really turn the volume like I wanted, (Going to rememdy that, by asking my Hostess (the woman who let's me park my van in her driveway) if she wants to watch it with me) and, the second problem, is that after watching it, I feel like I need someone to cuddle with! I mean, I was crying my eyes out, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and all I could do was hug my pillows!!!DAMN!!!!

If anyone is interested in hearing the soundtrack I suggest going to and checking it out...
I'm going to try something new, and see if I can get this to work... If I can, I'll come back and edit this..
Okay... seems you need to download Rhapsody for this first.. if you haven't done i already, I highly recommend it!
A guy gave me his old Sansa Rhapsody player (2 gigs) a few months ago, and I did a little bartering(translated, I let a guy fuck me, and sucked his dick) to get him to install a thingie that runs through the stereo in the van, that I can plug my mp3 player into.
The Rhapsody service costs me about 15 bucks a month, but I can constantly change my music around, download new stuff into the m3 player, and if I don't like it, take it off, and put something else on, and they have this neat thing called "Rhapsody Channels" that will play an assortment of certain types/genres of music that you like!

Well, enough advertising the Rhapsody service, needless to say, I love it, and think others should know about it!

Till Later,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I had the preacher!

Well, one of my admirers, who reads my blog, suggested that I fuck the preacher...

I thought about it, and about what might happen, and I guess my horniness got the bet of me! LOL!

I was helping the preacher with some bookwork, and I started trying to "entice" him!

I was wearing a very proper outift, nothing slutty, or even overtly sexy, just a long (for me) skirt, pantyhose, flats, and a black blouse that buttoned all the way up to my throat, I was wearing my "mom" glasses (only use them for reading), no make-up, just my wedding ring,(still keep it, just for the turn-on factor it has for some men), with my hair up, nothing too extreme, but just enough to keep it up out of my face.

I wanted to look proper, like a woman should, when working for a preacher, yet underneath, that was a whole different story!

I had NO panties on, a demi bra that was a size too small, and allowed about 80 perent of my breasts to be visible above the bra (if I had my blouse open more, which I didn't).

What I didn't mention earlier, is that the pantyhose were my favorite type.. I had, before I went to the church, cut out the crotch of the pantyhose, so my pussy and asshole were both naked, and exposed!

I ket glancing at the preacher's crotch, hoping I could see a trace of interest...NO LUCK!

I had finally given up, having tried, with no luck, the following:

Bending over the desk, away from him, to retrieve some paperwork,

On my knees, with my face at crotch level, just inches from his dick (OOPS! Dropped some papers!

(Not too) Discreetly scratching my inner thigh

Licking my lips

Brushing my hand across my tits, (perhaps TOO discretely?)

Sucking on a pencil

I was going CRAZY, trying to think of SOME WAY to turn this man on!

I was begining to think I was going to have to dress of as a teen-aged altar boy to get his dick to respond!

Finally, we were done all the paperwork, and, without asking, let my hair down, and unbuttoned just the top button of my blouse, and stroked my neck, and turned my head side to side, to get out some of the kinks.


Seeing that, the preacher asked if my neck was bothering me, and when I said that it was a little stiff, he offered a neck massage. It felt SO GOOD!

He had me moaning in relief in no time flat and within a minute, I could feel his breath on my nek!

He said that I had a beautiful neck, and started kissing it!

He kissed the back of my ear, and that did it for me! I was INSTANTLY WET!

I'm not sure exactly WHAT happened next, but before I knew it, he had ripped the buttons from my blouse, and was licking, and sucking on my neck, like a horny vampire, while he was yanking my bra down, and squeezing my big titties like a schoolboy!

Now, I just ADORE having my breasts squeezed, in fact, the harder the better, and before I even realized it, i was down on my knees, opening the fly of his pants, while he was still digging his fingers deeply into my tit-flesh!

I reached in, and pulled out his cock, which was about 4 inches long, but kind of thick, and i just INHALED his cock!

He shot in my mouth, not 30 seconds later, and pulled his soft cock out of my mouth, trying to apologize, while i was still trying to gulp down his load, which was extremely thick, and somewhat bitter (He drank a lot of coffee that day, so I'm guessing that's why it was so bitter) but I grabbed his cock, which was still leaking a bit, and started to rub it all over my face, which, I guess, turned him on some more, as he pulled his cock away from my face, and said "My God! You act like a cheap whore!"

I just laughed, guess it sounded kind of evil, because he grabbed me by the throat (another thing I love, btw, is a man grabbing my throat, especially when he's fucking me!), pulled me up, and told me that if I was going to act like some dick-hungry whore that he would treat me like one!

He pulled me up spun me around, and pushed me, face down, over his desk!
He took his belt off, and proceeded to give me at LEAST 20 HARD Smacks with his belt!
I screamed in surprise, and pain, and by the time he was done the 20 strokes, I was crying like a baby, yet, I was also dripping wet!
He must have gotten his hard-on back to full force by the, because he just RAMMED it in my cunt, and fucked me hard and fast, like a man on a mission!
He shot in my pussy minutes later, then grabbed me by the hair, and dragged me to my knees, and wiped his cum (and pussy)-coated cock all over my face, before shoving it back into my mouth, and telling me to clean it! (Like I wasn't already planning that? LOL!)

After he was done, again, he apologized for his actions, saying that they were sinful.. I just laughed again (apparently not as evilly as before tho), and explained that it WASN'T evil, just a natural bodily function, just like needing to piss! (yes, I put it JUST like that!)
He looked startled, and started to argue, but I managed to get him to "see the light" as it were, and agree that it was just something he had been denying his body and soul for so long, that when the opportunity presented itself, his mind and body just did what it had to do!

The next day, he didn't seemed so ashamed!
In fact, the next day, HE approached me about doing it again!
Well, we did, and this time, I had him eat my pussy! not bad, for someone who claims he had never done it before!
I can't wait to teach him about eating his cum out of my pussy!
And OMG, I hope I can convince him to try eating my ass!

Next thing on my list of things to do, to corrupt this "holy man", is to convince him to let me suck his cock during Sunday Service!
I doubt I will be able to convince him, but I'm sure going to try!
It just seems so NASTY and Sinful!!
Just the thought, had me playing with myself half the night, last night!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Latest News...

Well, my van broke down (AGAIN), and just outside some little Podunk town!
I only had 300 dollars on me, and no credit cards.... The damned transmission wont get out of first gear!
I figured that I would take to the streets or bars, to try and "earn" some money, on my back, like I've done before...
Seems I've landed in a town with NO night life, NO bars, and NO chances of selling my ass on the streets! This town is SO small (I know.. "How small IS it?" LOL!) that at night, they turn off every other streetlight!
I'm not kidding!
The town PD has ONE car on at night, patrolling, and he's already made it clear that he doesn't approve of me sleeping in my van at night, and doesn't like strangers!
So, I've been forced to get a REAL job! OMG!!!
It's only temporary, I hope..
I'm working at a day care center, as a helper, so I have to dress respectfully all the time!
However, the owner, a nice older woman, who I suspect is a lesbian, or leaning FAR into it, has agreed to let me park my van in her driveway at night, so the police don't bother me.
She offered to let me stay in her spare bedroom, but I told her that I couldn't.. it wouldn't be fair to her, as I like to stay up late, and watch movies..
She somewhat reluctantly agreed, and so, here I sit, in the van, naked, with my favorite dildo in my pussy, and my favorite butt plug in my ass, typing away.. Surprisingly, she has a wireless router for her laptop, and I'm using her DSL signal to get online.. Luckily, she leaves it on most of the time...
I've got some Santana playing, low, through the van's speakers, so nobody complains, and I'm chilling with a bottle of wine I had stored away..
I've been here for days, and the boredom is driving me crazy!
That, and I haven't had a cock in me or a pussy to eat, in days, so not only am I bored, I'm horny as female dog in heat!!
I'm hoping that something happens to change all that, and SOON!
It looks like I may be here for at least two-four weeks, till I can get up enough money to get the transmission repaired!
I'm being very thrifty with my money, not like there's anywhere I can go crazy spending on, but still, I'm getting tired of the early-bird specials at the cafe',and I don't want to impose on my host too often.. Although, I got her to agree to let me cook dinner for her one night...
I'm not a great cook, but I've been told that I make a mean meatloaf! (I use ground turkey, pork, and beef, btw) So at least, I'll have some familiar food, to help me stay on balance.

I met up with the local Presbyterian Pastor today, and agreed to help a couple of days a week, with bookkeeping, and such, and Saturday, he needs Chaperons for the middle school dance...
THAT should be interesting, as some of these local buys are CUTE!! I'm going to have to behave around them! DAMN!!!

Well, I'm halfway through the bottle (A nice merlot), and have a nice buzz on, so I'm going to put the cork back in, turn off the laptop, turn off the lights, and snuggle under my satin sheets..
I've already decided that the plug, and the dildo are staying in for the night...
Night all, and wish me luck!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I was on my knees for hours yesterday!

I went to a local adult bookstore, as I was in a REALLY cock-hungry mood, and wound up spending literally HOURS on my knees, sucking strange cocks!

I woke up this morning, feeling REAL hungry for cock!After showering, I got dressed in a VERY short pair of shorts, that came halfway up my ass cheeks, and no panties,as well as an old tube top that I found at the local goodwill store, that was a few sizes too small for my ample tits, and was pretty worn, so it was just this side of transparent.. I'm guessing that, if a cop wanted to, he could have busted me for indecent exposure, it was so thin! I put on a pair if running shoes, figuring that I may as well be comfortable.I wasn't sure where I was going to go, only knowing that I HAD to get some cock in my mouth, and soon!
I wound up going to an adult bookstore that I had found a few days earlier, and went in, got 20 dollars worth of tokens, and went to the back, where the video booths are.No glory holes here, which I was a little disappointed by, but the selection of movies looked good, and I went into a booth, after walking around for about 5 minutes, letting what few guys that were there, check me out.I pumped about 5 bucks' worth of tokens into the machine, and chose a movie that had Ava Devine (my idol, btw) sucking some stranger's cock in a bookstore (my favorite Ava Devine movie, btw... "Midnight Prowl" the first I'd ever seen her in, and to me, the hottest!) and I had just started to rub my pussy through my shorts when the door opened (I hadn't latched it, and had left it open enough that the guys would notice), and in walked this old man, had to be 70, easy, and he looked down, saw me rubbing myself, and closed the door, and unzipped.
Well, at this point, I was so hungry for dick, that I didn't hesitate to drop to my knees, and suck his shrivelled old cock right into my mouth!He surprised me by getting rock hard, VERY quickly.. a hell of a lot quicker than I expected! He grabbed my head, and started fucking my face hard, and fast! I was loving this!He came pretty quickly though, a nice sweet, thick load, that I thoroughly enjoyed!He zipped up, and left the booth, leaving the door open, and me still on my knees.. I figured I'd stay this way for a while, hoping the guys outside the booths would take a hint...I didn't have to wait for long, thank god! Within a minute, another guy came in, and pulled out a 3 inch dick... the fucked up part was, it was 3 inches HARD!!! LOL! I had to bite my lips to keep from laughing! However, I was still hungry for cock, so I just dove down on it, and sucked him all in, even fitting the tiniest set of balls I'd ever seen, outside of a baby's, into my mouth!I was working him like I've never worked anyone else.. I was able to make my tongue do things with his cock and balls that I could never do with an average sized dick! He went wild, moaning, groaning, running his fingers through my hair, and finally, after about 2 minutes, he shot a HUGE load into my mouth! He actually filled my mouth to the point that it was leaking out the sides! Where the HELL did he store all that cum??????I swallowed everything that was in my mouth, then took his dick out of my mouth, and rubbed it all over my face, since he was still dribbling cum, then licked him clean, and thanked his for the huge load, and told him that I hoped I ran into him again!His cum wasn't that tasty, I'm guessing he didn't cum that often, but the sheer volume of it, was what turned me on! I'm going back tommorow, and see if I run into him again!
Next up, was a Black guy.. I didn't see his face, as my eyes were pretty much centered at cock level, but I definately knew he was Black when he pulled out his cock! It was beautiful, at least 8 or 9 inches long, and the color of a dark chocolate candy bar, and the thickness of 3 Musketeers bar!I decided I wanted this one to last, so I tool my time with him, licking every inch of his cock and balls, even licking his asshole, and rubbing my face in it, loving the smell of his musky aroma!I must have been doing this for 10 minutes or so, when all of a sudden, the video turned off, and the booth went silent! Now, in most bookstores I've been in, if you don't keep dropping tokens/quarters, they hassle you, banging on doors and such, but there were no shouts, no banging on doors,so I just kept up my licking of him, till he grabbed my hair,pulling my head back, and he kissed me, hard! Now, kissing is a MAJOR turn-on for me, and when he released my head, I was gasping for breath, and rubbing my titties through my tube top, and he just reached down, yanked my tube top up, and over my head, then grabbed my hair again, pulled my head back again, and this time, he SPIT in my face! It was a big, juicy load of spit, that went right into my eyes, and some into my mouth! Now, anyone who has read my blog KNOWS that I get INCREDIBLY hot whenever someone spits in my face during sex (never had someone spit in my face outside of sex, so who knows? maybe that will be a turn on too! I wonder how I'll arrange for THAT to happen? LOL) That made my already wet pussy get even wetter, so I figured I'd better just strip, and keep what little clothes I had on, clean.So here I was, naked, except for my sneakers, in a video booth with a strange Black man, who had just spit in my face!I got back on my knees, facing his beautiful cock, when he slapped my face, and told me to "Suck my big dick you white whore!" Who was I to argue? I took him right into my mouth, licking around the head as I sucked, till he grabbed me by the ears, and force my head down to the root of his cock, telling me "I told you to suck, slut, now SUCK!"I was in heaven now! A big Black cock down my throat, attached to a masterful Black man, who was pushing all my buttons!I was gagging at first, as I wasn't prepared to go balls deep just yet, but that seemed to turn him on even more, and he fucked my throat harder, and started really pinching my nipples hard, twisting them, and pulling on them! THAT WAS IT!!!THAT WAS MY TRIGGER!With his cock deep in my throat, my fingers playing with my pussy, and his fingers tormenting my nipples, I had a SUDDEN, STRONG orgasm!I was like a rag doll, as I was coming, convulsing, between the gag reflex, and the orgasm hitting me so hard, he was just ramming my head back and forth on his cock!He was twisting my head left and right, up and down, wrenching my neck in all directions, till he finally pulled out, and shot his load all over my face! I quickly put my mouth back on his dick, cleaning him with my tongue, until he pulled me off, slapped my face lightly, and said his cock was too sensitive after cumming.Again, I thanked him, and tucked his cock back into his pants, and he left, again, leaving the door wide open!I lost track of most of the guys that used my mouth after that.. I was just in a total cock-daze.. I do remember though, much later in the afternoon, this one guy who came in.He was Indian, or Pakistani, who knows, or cares, but he pulled out a cock that HAD to be 12 inches or more, long, but thinner than any cock I'd ever seen! And it had this WICKED downwards curve!Well, I figured it wouldn't go all the way down my throat, but it seems that that downward curve was just MADE for my throat!He slid into my throat with NO trouble, no gagging, no bumping the back of my throat, nothing! It just slid all the way down my throat, till I had my nose, lips, and even my eyes, BURIED in his pubic hairs!It was unbelieveable, how he was able to pull it all the way out, then slide it all the way in, and down my throat, with such ease!
Being that it was so easy to take, I think I must have spent at least a half hour to 45 minutes sucking his cock, fondling his balls, and even fingering his asshole!But that's not the best part!When he finally came, he shot part of his load straight down my throat (I really prefer to have the guy cum in my mouth, so I can taste it), and I pulled off his cock, so just the head was in my mouth, and he finished by shooting a couple of strong shots into my mouth, which were absolutely yummy!(I've found that vegetarians have the sweetest-tasting cum,cocks, and pussies!)He surprised me, instead of pulling out and walking out, he let me finish licking his cock clean, then pulled me up, turned me around so I was facing away from him, and bent me over!He slid his cock into my pussy, pumped a few times, then pulled out, and slid his cock SO SMOOTHLY into my asshole!Now, I've taken a lot of ass-fuckings over the years, but the only times I've taken a cock in my ass that easily, without the guy using SOME kind of lube, such as ky,or even cum, or even spit, was when I was totally fucked up drunk, or high as a kite!This guy used nothing but my pussy juices, and he went right up my ass, with no trouble! Sure, when he got about 3/4 of the way in, I had a little discomfort, but he just stopped, and changed his angle, and slid the rest of the way in, till I felt his balls slapping my ass!He fucked my ass for a while, then pulled out, slid into my cunt, pumped a while, then slid right back into my ass, going back and forth, till he finally unloaded his balls into my ass, ramming it ALL THE WAY in, then unloading his cum in me!While all this was going on, I was playing with my pussy and clit, and he was mauling my tits so hard, he left handprints, and a few scratch marks as well!After he was done cumming in my ass, I turned right around, dropped to my knees, and licked all our combined juices off his cock. I figured that was is then, as he tucked his cock back in his pants, but then he surprised me, by grabbing me again, and pulling me into a deep kiss! Now, I've NEVER had a guy kiss me, right after I'd licked his cock clean, after being in my ass! This guy was using his tongue like I've never felt anyone use their tongue before!We finally broke the kiss, and he gave me his number, and asked me to call him sometime. (I'm calling him tomorrow)I sucked off a few other guys after that, and got fucked once more, but none of them really memorable.I remember the last guy, but only because he WAS the last guy.He was a hispanic guy, looked like a migrant worker,and had about a 6 inch cock.. He was sweaty, and smelled like he had been working all day, but for some reason, his sweaty body and smell turned me on tremendously!And what was erally surprising, was that he was the most gentle of the bunch!He was stroking my hair, and guiding my head gently up and down his cock, not moving my head, just guiding me, letting me know just how far he wanted me to go, when he wanted me to stay down, with his cock in my throat, and when he wanted me to pull off..At one point, I was really getting to enjoy his cock down my throat, and felt him getting ready to cum, when he gently guided my head back, and off his cock.
I tilted my head back to let him shoot on my face, or in my mouth, wherever he wanted, and he just stood there, stroking his cock, while touching my face, gently, with the back of his hand, and muttering in spanish.. He stiffened up, and shot his cum into my mouth, and let his cock rest on my tongue, as the remainder oozed out. I have to admit, the taste was stronger than I expected, but very pleasant. Iclosed my mouth, swallowed his cum, and said "grasias senor'", to which he muttered something in spanish again, zipped up, and left.
This time, I closed the door, and got off my knees, feeling like an old woman, as I felt my knees creaking.I put my shorts and tube top back on, and noticed that my shorts were still damp! Well, considering tht my pussy was pretty wet when I took them off, and the fact that I had a few loads of cum dripping from my pussy and ass, it looked like they were going to get even wetter.Strangely, that fact turned me on!I walked out of the bookstore, but not before buying a dozen of those small packets of lube, and making a date with the bookstore clerk for later that night! (After all, he hadn't said a word, when the videos in my booth stopped running!)
I met up with the clerk (a young white guy of about 25, with an average cock, but a PERVERTED libido!) that night, and he fucked all 3 holes, before shooting his cum all over my tits!We did things that I haven't done with a white guy, except in gangbangs with mostly Black guys.He pissed on, and in me, I pissed on him. We got chinese food, and he took great delight in sticking egg rolls in my pussy and ass, and eating them out! And I have to admit, I had quite a bit of fun myself, eating lo mein from around his cock, and licking duck sauce from his asshole!but the best, is when he took the spicy sauce from an order of General Tso Chicken, and poured it into my pussy and rubbed it into my nipples,cunt lips, and asshole, and licked it all off, and out!My pussy was on fire! It felt so good! But even better, when he rammed his cock in my holes again! He came in my pussy and it felt so soothing, and so good in my burning cunt!Definately a trick I'm going to remember!
I woke up next to him this morning, and sucked his cock till he was awake. He said he had to take a piss, so I just pushed him down, and told him to piss in my mouth! He liked the idea, but took a few moments to soften enough to pee..When he did, he let loose a lot stronger than I had expected!I managed to gulp down quite a bit of his piss, but he still managed to spray my face pretty well, getting it n my hair, as well!After he was done peeing, I dropped to the floor, on my knees, and sucked his cock till he came in my mouth.At that point, my stomache stared to gurgle, being full of cum, piss, and chinese food.. I sent him on his way, after getting his number, and went to lay down for a few hours.I knew that I needed to empty my bowels, but there is something about having all that cum and piss in me, that I didn't want to get rid of it just yet.
Later, when I couldn't hold it in anymore, I "took care of business", and was surprised when I saw that, in the toilet bowl, there was sill a lot of visible cum floating! LOL!
Well, I'm off to bed.. I think I'm going to call the Indian/Pakistani early today, and see if he wants to come over and fuck me again!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I pulled a train!!

Well, I told some guys that I was IM'ing with, that I had pulled a train, and promised to put it up here....

Last week, I had been drinking... HEAVILY!!!!

I was hitting bars all around Quebec, , some nightclubs, some neighborhood bars, some tourist joints, just in the mood to get drunk, and get laid... no memories, prefereably!

I had scored some grass, some nice Thai Stick, and that was mellowing me out too much, so I asked around, and managed to score some coke... A couple of lines of that magical white powder, and I was "up", alert, and ready to party, and felt like I could handle anything I came across!

Well, I wound up, about 2 hours later, coming down from the coke, and smashed off my pretty white ass, stepping into a bar on the "WRONG" side of town!

Within ONE BLOCK, I was seeing winos, crack-heads, and bums!

I didn't feel particularly safe, seeing as how it was 10pm, and it looked like I was WAY overdressed!

I ducked into this bar, figuring I'd call a cab or something, and as I looked around, I saw what looked to be a "working class" crowd.. I figured that I probably called a little more attention to myself than I'd like, being dressed for nightclubs, but figured I'd be relatively safe in this bar, till I could call a cab..

Within a half hour, I had forgotten about calling a cab, and was drinking, joking,and flirting with all the guys there, and soon found myself going to the ladies' room.

I was in there, returning some of the liqour I drank (remember... "you don't buy it, you rent it!" LOL!), and as I was starting to wipe, I hear the door open and close, and all of a sudden, my door get's slammed open!

So here I am, sitting on the toilet, and I look up to see this white guy, in his 50's, I'm guessing, looking like a factory worker, with his dick hanging out of his pants, and he's stroking it, while leering at me!

Well, once I got over the shock of being surprised like that, I just did what comes naturally, and pulled him to me, by his dick, and swallowed a nice thick 7 inch cock!

He wasn't too gentle about it, once he realized that I was ok with him coming in, and he grabbed my head, and just started face-fucking me for all he was worth!

He came in my mouth pretty quick, and I swallowed it right down.. I guess he thought I was going to spit??? LOL!! Not me!!!

Well, we exited the ladies' room together, with everyone looking, and he quickly told his buddies what happened, and next thing I know, I'm surrounded by 6 guys, all asking when they can get theirs??!!!

The bartender was like "Hey! You can't do that in my bar!!" Then he smiled, and added, "Unless you're going to do me, too!"

I knew where this was headed, having been bar-banged before, and asked him "aren't you going to close the bar first?"

He told me no, that he had a back room we could use, and the other bartender could watch the bar... I said ok, and went with the bartender, and the 6 guys, into the back room, and dropped to my knees, and told the bartender to whip it out!

Well, he did, and so did the 6 guys! Next thing I know, I've got the bartender's cock down my throat, and a dick in each hand, and the remaining guys stripping my clothes off me!

I was a little worried about my purse, as I didn't know anyone there, but the bartender just told one of the guys to put it behind the bar, till later...

I went to work (fun job, eh?;-))and had gotten all 7 of the guys off in my mouth, and was just getting up off my knees to go back to the bar, when one of the guys says "I want a piece of this slut's cunt!"

All of a sudden, I'm being lifted up, and put on top of a table, on my back!

Two of the guys are holding my legs, up, and open, and another has me by the hair, pulling my head back, and down, and sliding his dick down my throat!

By now, I know what to expect, to I just started sucking away, letting myself enjoy being used like a slut, and soon I've got a nice hard cock in my pussy.

He cums almost immediately, and is replaced, just as quick, with another! I moaned as this cock went in me, as I was really starting to get into it, and the guys started making comments, like "Yeah! This slut's loving this! Go get more guys!", and "Take that cock, bitch!"

I was really getting into this action, having sucked off at least 4 guys while I was on my back, and having taken another 6 or so in my slut cunt, when suddenly, I hear "ok boys... FLIP HER!"

That threw me off a bit, until I felt a cock trying to jam into my ass!

I pulled off the cock in my mouth, told them to hold on a sex, spit into my hand, and slopped my spit all over my asshole, and shoved 4 fingers in my ass, hoping to stretch myself open a bit, before they could do any real damage!

The guys seemed to like that, and when I pulled my fingers out of my ass, one of the guys just SLAMMED into my ass, all the way to the balls, in one stroke!

Well, I had my mouth full again, so all I could do was moan around the cock in my mouth, and take it!

The guys must have liked what they were seeing, as they were making all kinds of sex, lude, and crude comments about me, and my ability to take the hard fucking I was getting, which just spurred me on more!
I got my pussy fucked by at least 15 different guy, some taking seconds and thirds, and got my ass pounded by at least 10 guys...
All Bareback, no rubbers, and most of the cum going in me, but more than a few blasted all over my face, tits, and ass.
There were Black guys, white guys, hispanics, and all of them were great!
By the time they were done with me, it was close to 4am, and I was invited up to the bartender's apartment over the bar, to clean up.
He was real nice, he ran a bath for me, bathed me, nice and gentle, and even made breakfast for me! (of course, that wasn't until 10 am, after we had taken a nap together, and I woke him up with a blowjob and his chooice of holes! (he chose my ass, btw... he told me he loved watching me fist my own ass, and I wound up fucking my ass with 4 fingers after he fucked me... he loved seeing my fingers coming out, all coated with his cum! (and probably some of the other guys' cum too!))
Afterward, we shared a joint, then I said that I had to be going.. he called me a cab, and paid the fare, and I headed to my hotel room for a good day's rest, before moving on.
BTW.. I forgot to mention this GORGEOUS Mexican housekeeper I met as I was packing to go!
She came in to clean (I didn't hear her knock, as I was in the shower), and when I came out, naked, she just stood there, with this "deer in the headlights" look.. looked like she didn't know what to do, scream, moan, or run away, so I walked up to her, put my finger to her lips to shush her, and then kissed her, deeply, while I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair, and then, when she didn't stop me, I closed the door to the room, and lead her to my bed, where I ate her sweet-tasting pussy for about a half hour. I had her cumming so hard she was thrashing all over the bed!
When she was done, she told me that she had never been with a woman before, and that she didn't know what to do.
I kissed her again, and told her that she had just done all that I needed her to do.
I had to explain to her that I just wanted to taste her, to make her cum, that I wanted nothing in return!
She started to clean the room up, and I just jumped right in, helping, telling her that we had better get this done quick, so her supervisor didn't give her any trouble about being behind.
We knocked out the room quickly, and as she was leaving, she gave me her number!
She told me that she had never been with another woman before, but that her husband had been wanting her to try it for years!
I told her that, next time I came through her area, I'd call her, and we could get together again.. possibly even with her husband, if she wanted!
It's a pity she's married, as she was so cute, I could have kidnapped her right there, and taken her with me!
Very few women have that effect on me....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pregnancy results

Well, on one hand, I was really HOPING that all those anonymous loads that I took at the gloryhole "took", and that I'd be officially pregnant by now, and on the Other Hand, I was hoping that I DIDN'T get "knocked up", as it would be a real pain in the ass, dealing with all the issues that come with pregnancy.. the weight gain, the morning sickness, the fact that some guys are afraid to fuck a pregnant woman...

So... after 6 home pregnancy kits, I can say with 99% assurance, that I did NOT get knocked up!

Sigh..... not sure if I'm happy about that or sad....

I mean, face it... my lifestyle over the last couple of years has been pretty strange, even for me..

Bringing a baby into it would be kind of bizzare....

Me, hauling a baby around in my van, taking care of it, WHILE still trying to get laid on a semi-steady basis, would be difficult, if not damn near impossible!

But, on the other hand, it would open the door up to a whole new range of guys,, those that wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, and those that would get off on the perverse thrill of fucking a woman WHILE her newborn baby was right there!

Yes, that's nasty of me, to even think of having sex in front of my baby, but I've done so many nasty things these last few years, that I don't think I'd have a problem with it!

Actually, I think it might be a turn on, to be getting fucked by some total stranger, while my baby is suckling on my tits!

And who knows? I might just let the baby (boy or girl) taste some of the cum from my lovers!

Now, before you guys go condemning me, or worse, reporting me, remember that I am NOT pregnant, so this isn't happening...

It's just a few nasty ideas I've been tossing around in my sex-addled brain...

I mean, I've already taught my daughters to love Black Men, and Black dick... this wouldn't be much of a stretch.. only starting my baby a lot younger!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Gloryhole Fun!

This post has been postponed for about two weeks... I started it, and got caught up with things (playing, traveling, mood swings-I just wasn't in the mood to type) so I put it on the back burner...
So, here it is!

Well, I told you, in my last post, that I was going to find a gloryhole to play at, and I did!

I found this town a few miles from where I'm at, temporarily, and went to this adult bookstore where I had heard there were gloryholes.
Now, as I've said, I LOVE the anonymity of gloryholes, never seeing the guy(s) that just fucked you, or just blew their cum into my mouth, and I was READY for it again!

Well, I went into this place, and it looked like all the guys were gay, so I didn't see my chances of getting fucked as real good.. but I figured I might get a few strange cocks down my throat, at least...

I started off by buying about 20.00 worth of tokens for the movies, and wandered around, looking at the covers of the differnt pornos that were playing in the booths, before picking one to watch..
I found a couple of booths with one gloryhole each, but what really interested me,was the booth with two holes, one on each side!
I quickly looked to either side of the hall, to make sure that someone saw me going in, and then stepped into the booth...
I put about 5 bucks into the machine, and started flipping through the channels, till I found a hot movie with one white girl, and 4 black guys! YES! My kind of movie!

I quickly stripped off all my clothes, and started playing with my pussy and ass, getting them nice and wet/slick for what I HOPED would happen!

Well, I'm not really in the mood to type a blow by blow right now, so I'll try to give you some highlights...

I started off slow, got a couple of cocks to suck in the first hour, and enjoyed it, but it was nothing like I had hoped it would be, but figured I just had to be patient.. It was around 7pm by that point, and I was hearing the sounds of men coming in to the booth area.

Within minutes, I had my mouth full of cock, and a nice load down my throat, a minute after that..
I sucked a few after that, switching between holes, going back a forth a few times, till I sensed that the booth area was now, officially "busy".
I decided at that point, that it was time to get fucked!!

The holes were pretty big.. I was able to put most of my face through them, so I decided that my ass should be able to fit into that hole pretty well, too!
So, I got off my knees, and lifted my ass up, so the hole was framing my pussy and asshole, with my ass lubed up nice with spit, and my pussy all wet from all the playing I was doing with it earlier.

Within less than a minute, I was bent over, with a hard cock pushing it's way into my wet cunt, and another hard cock in my mouth, with both fucking away HARD in me!
I swallowed the load from the cock in my mouth, and soon felt the one in my pussy shoot... not a huge load, but it was a start..
It seemed like, when one guy was done, another would take his place almost immediately!

Over the next 4 hours, I got dick in my mouth, my pussy, and in my ass, almost nonstop!

And here's the best part! The majority of them used my holes bareback (no condoms), so I got SO MANY loads in me!!
Some of the fucking was so forcefull, that I wound up accidently pulling off the cock in my mouth a few times, and got hosed down by some nice-sized loads!

After a total of about 5 hours, I was too tired, and sore, to continue in the positions I'd been in, so got ready to leave.. funny thing was, I would have stayed there for 12 hours straight, if I could have found a way to be more comfortable!
I had run out of tokens after the first 2 hours, but luckily, guys would hand me tokens afterward.. I guess to make sure that I stayed!
One guy even pushed a ROLL of tokens into my pussy! LOL!

So.. I started to get dressed, and realized that, during all my fun, I hadn't paid attention to my clothes, and I found that my skirt and blouse was covered in cum, and grime!

Well, I figured, the damage was already done, so I got dressed (not that I could leave there naked! LOL), and decided, screw it.. I'm NOT cleaning up, first!
So, I exited the booth, and you should have seen these guys' faces!!
Part shock, part turned-on, which totally turned ME on!
I walked out of the store that day, with cum in my hair, on my face, one my tits, which made my blouse stick to my bare boobs, and cum dripping from my pussy and ass, and down my legs!
I felt so good after that, that I just lifted my arms, and stretched out my muscles, like a cat stretching after a nice long nap in the sun!
My van wasn't too far from the store, but for some reason, I wound up walking around the block, before getting into my van!

It felt SO GOOD, that I wound up going back 3 nights in a row!
Needless to say, those other days were even better than the first! I think word got around pretty fast!!

And by the way.. I have to admit, that all those cocks going in my pussy and ass felt fantastic, especially since I didn't SEE most of them!!
I didn't know, most of the time, what size, color, thickness, shape, etc cock was going to be in me next! And the fact that most of them were bareback, made it even hotter!!!

I can't wait to see the results of the pregnancy test!
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda HOPING that I got pregnant! It's just so sexy to me, knowing that I took, and kept in me, ALL those loads of strange mens' cum!!

Going to be an interesting week or so...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was recognised today!

I was just laying out in the sun this morning, when this white guy walks up to me, and asks "Are You Gina Forchevsky?"

At first, I was like "oh shit, what did I do now?"

I told him I was, and he knelt down, and stuck out his hand, telling me that he had chatted with me in the past, and gave me his yahoo screenname (I'm going to keep that a secret, as you never know who reads these blogs.. maybe even his wife!)

We were talking for a few minutes, and it suddenly struck me.. How did he recognize me? I don't have any pics of my face up anywhere?

So I asked him... he told me that, under normal circumstances, he most likely wouldn't have recognized me, but the fact that I was laying out getting sun, wearing a TINY top, I must say, made him really notice my breasts!

And, since that's the most easily recognized thing in my picture,he thought that he should take a chance!

Well, we kept talking for a little while longer, and I invited him to my van for something to drink (it warmed up fast today!)

Well, he complimented me about my van, and then just came right out and said it! He said "Gina, I know I'm a white guy, and that you prefer Black Cock, but I would LOVE to fuck you!"

Well, laying out in the sun tends to make me somewhat horny, (I know, EVERYTHING makes me horny!!) so I told him sure, and he hopped up on the bed, and in no time, we were making that van ROCK!!

His cock wasn't anything spectacular, at least, not compared to my Black Men, but for a white guy, it wasn't bad..
What he really excelled in tho, was eating me! He ate my pussy, he ate my asshole, he treated my tits rough, just the way I LOVE, and he even, at one point, had his fist in my cunt, while eating my ass!
And I'll admit it, that even though he was white, he had one of the most DELICIOUS tasting loads of cum I've had in a LOOOONG time!
Turns out he's a vegetarian, which backs up my theory that vegetarians have the sweetest cum, due to their diet!

He confessed later, that he remembered all the things I love having done to me, from my posts on various groups, and from our Yahoo chats! I love a guy that will go that extra mile to please me, so I told him that I would do ANYTHING he wanted, no limits, as a thank you!

He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, until I finally told him "ANYTHING... no matter how strange, kinky, perverse, long as it's not life-threatening!!"

So, he came right out and said it..
He wanted to watch me get fucked by a Black Man, and that he wanted to eat my pussy clean afterwards!
I started laughing out loud! I had to stop myself though, as I saw him looking upset, and explained to him that his wish was something so easy! I thought he was going to ask me to do something like stick a fish in my pussy or something!

Well, after talking about it for a bit, he went a rented a cheap motel room, then we went to Home Depot to buy some rope, and proceeded to the rented room, where I tied him, naked, to a chair, put a gag in his mouth, and tied his balls up really tight, so his dick was throbbing hard, from lack of blood circulation, and told him that I was going out to find a Black Stud to fuck me in front of him!

I knew I couldn't keep the poor boy tied up for hours, so I figured I'd just try and pick up the first Black Man that looked decent, and bring him back...
Well, that took a half hour, and I found him hitch-hiking, of all things!
I didn't waste any time, and told this young Black Buck of around 17, that I wanted him to fuck me in front of my wimp white boyfriend. He was all for it, and when we got to the room, he even went so far, as to verbally humiliate the guy!

I put an end to that, quick, by telling that stud that I needed his young, Superior Black Cock in my cunt NOW!
He didn't even bother with foreplay, just climbed on, and RAMMED his cock into my pussy hard!
He had about 8 inches, but nice and thick, so it wasn't much of a stretch for me to tell him that I LOVED his huge Black Cock in my white cunt!
All the while, I was teasing the white guy, telling him how good it felt to be fucked by a REAL MAN, a BLACK MAN, as opposed to his wimpy white excuse of a dick. (This was mainly for the white guy's benefit, as he told me that it was one of his biggest fantasies)
After about a half hour, the Black kid came deep in my pussy, and I asked him to untie my boyfriend, and to make him eat all that Black Cum out of my white pussy, like a good whiteboy should!
The Black kid didn't have a problem with that, and soon, he was holding thae white guy's head down, pushing his face deep into my pussy! I could tell the white guy loved it, as I haven't had such an enthusiastic cunt-lapping in a long time!
The Black guy left a little while later, and even after he left, the white guy was still at it!
He couldn't seem to get enough of my pussy!
We wound up staying together that night, with him eating me, fisting me, and fucking me in all 3 holes!
And to think, I didn't want to be recognized! LOL!
PS.. hey guy, if you're still reading my blog, email me privately, so I can get your number, for if I ever pass through your town again!!!


I have to admit, for a wite guy,he wasn't bad!

His dick was only about 7 inches, and not too thick, but he


Sorry, but I had some things to do, and couldn't get back to this blog until now...

As I was saying, from the last post, I had just had this drunk chick eating cum from my pussy, and she wound up puking all over my belly and chest!
I was so fucked up I didn't care, and started playing with it!
The guys saw this, and got into it, seeing what a filthy whore I was being, so they decided to see just how much of a filthy whore I could be, and started pissing in my face, and on my chest!
I wound up drinking whatever I could, and just laid back and enjoyed the feel of that hot piss hitting my body, while I was rubbing my sore pussy...
I really got wild when that happened, and started getting really verbal, telling them to fuck me, to use me, to abuse me, and that really got them going!

They started to pinch and slap my tits, and when they saw how much I was enjoying it, they started to slap them harder!
One guy climbed back on top of me, and started fucking me, while he was slapping my face, and the more he slapped, the more I urged them all on, till soon, I was being choked HARD, while guys were taking turns slapping my face and tits!
I LOVED IT!!! I was orgasming so hard, and so often, that I passed out!
The guys told me that they just kept fucking me anyway... I love guys like that!

When I woke up, I was all alone, naked, covered in cum, piss, and some puke..
Talk about feeling used!! I love that feeling!

I finally got up, and took a shower, and, as the bed was pretty soaked from the cum and piss, I left there, got in the van, and drove off, to take a nap in the van...
My pussy was sore for a day after that! It even hurt to piss!

I've been to a few different towns since then, went out whoring for money a few times, just to have gas and food money, and I've had a few different experiences with men and women, but nothing really of note lately...
Although, I *did* get a flat, and called Triple A.. guy came out, changed my tire, and I gave him a blowjob in my van, as thanks!

I Heard about a place in a nearby town that has gloryholes... going to go there later, and check them out... haven't had a really GOOD gloryhole experience in some time...
Just something about sucking cock, and getting fucked, through the gloryholes, that just turns me into a bigger slut!
I think it's the anonymity of it all...

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back!!

OMG!!! I just realized it's been, what, about 10 months since my last post!!

Well, for that, I'm sorry, but let's see if I can bring you guy and girls up to speed on what I've been doing..
I left Michael, and hit the road again, this time, I headed north... WAY NORTH!!
I went to Canada! I won't say where, as, truthfully, I've gotten tired of guys (and girls) emailing me, saying come to (whatever town)!!
I go where I please, generally, WHEN I please.. I hate planning trips, or planning much of anything else, either..
Right now, I'm parked outside of a McDonald's, that has wi-fi access, and I'm just laying on the bed in the van, typing this on my laptop.
It was a gift from a group of guys that I was fucking months ago. I had agreed to stay for a few weeks, staying at a frathouse at a moderately good-sized college. The agreement was, I stay with them, and be the house slut, and they'd hook me up with a laptop, and a few other goodies, so, how could I refuse? I mean, granted, it was an almost all-white frat, with only two Black guys, but then again, it was all young guys, so that meant plenty of dick available 24 hours a day, so it was worth the trade-off!
Personally, I would have LOVED to spend a few weeks as the house whore for a frat FULL of Black guys!
I might never leave, if that ever happens! LOL!
Well, about the frat....
I had met a couple of the guys in a local bar, and we were chatting, as they tried to pick me up.. I had decided within the first 5 minutes, that I was gonna fuck them both, but I let them think they were seducing me, and getting me drunk, so they could have their way with me..
I *DID* get drunk, and then "convinced" me to come home with them, that they'd drive me to their frat house in my van..
Well, within a minute of climbing in the van, I had the pants off the one guy, sucking his dick, as the other one drove, and by the time we got to the frat house, I was bare-assed naked, and getting fucked by the one guy, who came seconds after pulling up to the frat house.
The driver insisted it was his turn, so I had him turn the driver's captain seat around, and I unzipped him, and went down on him, while the guy that had just cum in me, was eating my cum-filled cunt!
The driver was ready to fuck in no time flat, but wanted to do it in his bed, so we all piled out, me still naked, and drunkenly stumbling into the house, up to his bedroom.
Let me tell you! This boy threw me on the bed, face down, and damn near raped me! I loved it!
He fucked me pretty good, for a young white boy! No as good as most of my Black lovers, but not too bad! He made me cum pretty good!
After he was done, he got off me, and I rolled over, still in a drunken, orgasmic haze, and just laid there. Next thing I know, here come some of his frat buddies, and they stripped right down, and started to go right at it!
They were using me like a cheap whore, which I so dearly LOVE, and was enjoying the hell out of it!
One guy was suckling at my tits like a newborn, while another was fingering my pussy, as he was ramming his dick down my throat, and another was running his hands all over my ass cheeks, and, a moment later, was spitting on my asshole, and jamming a finger up my ass!
Not much, in the way of foreplay, this one! LOL!
But you know me, I was loving the rough treatment anyway!

This went on for the better part of the night, with various guys coming and going, using my mouth, my pussy, and my asshole, fucking me good, some of them using rubbers, but most, not. I even had a couple of guys who were into eating the cum out of my pussy and ass, and later, convinced them to try bi! But I'll get to that later, maybe..

The next morning, I woke up, sore, and sticky, with cum dried on my face, my chest, my thighs, still dribbling out of my pussy, and I SWEAR, my ass was sealed shut, from dried cum!!
I went downstairs naked, figuring, what the fuck, they've all (or at least most of them) seen me naked, and fucked me anyway, and went to see if I could find anything to eat.
When I got downstairs, there were a few guys sitting around the kitchen table, studying, and eating, and they were kind enough to offer to make me breakfast, so I sat down, asked for coffee, and they made me something to eat, tho I don't remember now, what it was.

We sat around for hours, drinking coffee, and talking...It was kind of weird for them, I know, having a naked woman, old enough to be their aunt or something, sitting at the table with them, eating, and talking with them, like it was a normal thing for me to do!
I wound up sucking a couple of them off at the table, before taking them back upstairs for more fun.. We started in the shower, as I REALLY needed to wash the dried cum off of myself,
and wound up in one of the guy's bedroom.
After we were done fucking, the guys and I just layed there, talking, and one of the guys mentioned how nice it would be to have a woman like me there all the time!
I had forgotten what horny bastards young boys could be!
They were sounding pretty serious, so I told them to discuss it with their frat brothers, and get back to me.
They did, that night.. They tracked me down in town, as I was driving around, exploring the town, and told me that the frat brothers wanted to see me.
So, I drove back to the frat, and we walked in, and there, in the living room, were all 30 guys!
They all greeted me friendly, and respectfully, and asked me what would I want, to stay there with them?
Well, I told them, first off, that I wasn't one to stay in one place for too long, that I had the traveling bug, but that I might be able to be convinced to stay a few weeks or so, if they could convince me...
They asked me if there was anything I needed, or wanted badly, so I mentioned that the van could use a tune up, and some new shocks, and that I would love a laptop, for my travels.
They discussed this, and quickly agreed, but, before I made my decision, I made sure that they understood that I couldn't be faithful, even with a whole house of guys to fuck, and that I loved to fuck Black guys...
Well, right away, the two Black guys in the house whooped it up!
I told them that I was a slut, plain and simple, and wasn't going to apologize for it, so I didn't want any petty jealousy about me, or I was out of there!
The guys all agreed, and I moved some of my things into one of the spare bedrooms.
I also told them, I'd clean up my own messes, and do my own laundry, and not to expect me to become their housemaid!
They were ok with that, as they already had the household chores divided.
Within a few days, the shocks on my van had been replaced, actually, they said they beefed them up a bit, and they even put a new stereo, and speakers in the van, along with a 6 cd changer that would play mp3 cd's, and even a remote!
They also tuned up the engine, and arranged for a new exhaust system, if I'd fuck the guys that installed it! (I got new brakes, and 5 new tires also, but that took a few more visits to the shop! LOL!)
I wound up staying for 6 weeks, and I SWEAR, these kids didn't get tired of me, and trying new things! (Well, new for THEM! LOL!)
I even got a few of their girlfriends involved! One of them was a TOTAL VIRGIN.. she hadn't even given her boyfriend a blowjob yet, but by the time I left, she was sucking his dick, getting her pussy and ass fucked, swallowing cum, even rimming his ass!
This girl went from virgin to slut in a week! And she eats pussy and ass like a PRO!
I would have loved to be able to take her out whoring with me, but I don't think she was ready for that yet... She DID, however, get into a mini-orgy with me, her boyfriend, and two other guys.. I told her tat she HAD to learn to take more than one guy on at a time, and let me tell you, she handled it a hell of a lot better than I thought she would! By the end of the night, she was airtight, with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth, and the frat boys in her ass and pussy!
I had just gotten her on birth control a day earlier, so I insisted that she make all the guys wear rubbers for her pussy, for at least a week...I hope she remembers all I taught her...
If she can let go a little more, and her boyfriend can keep from getting jealous, I think she has the makings of a true slut, as, once she lost her cherry, she was fucking and sucking every chance she got! I even walked in on her in the bathroom, and there she was, sitting on the toilet, and sucking one of the frat boys' cock!
So, let's hear it for Higher Education!

After I left the frat house, I drove straight for the biggest city I could find, for some serious Black Cock, to feed the craving I had been having! I mean, yeah, I had two Black guys in the frat, but I needed more! And Nastier!
So, I posted an ad on craigslist, and within a day, I had arranged a gangbang where all the guys were Black, and I was the only female there...
Let me tell you, I was one fucked-out, and fucked-up slut!
I told the guys, in email, that ANYTHING goes, including drug use, so, within the first hour of the gangbang, I had a LOT of crystal meth shoved up my ass, smoked a couple of joints, and was hitting the tequila pretty hard!
I was flying pretty high, and don't remember everything, but I know for sure, that I got at least 20 differnt Black cocks in me that night, in every hole!
I know I got slapped around pretty good, as I had bruises, a fat lip, and a black eye, as well as my belly being very tender...My ass was pretty sore, as well...
I wish they had video'd it, as I love watching myself being used and abused like that...I was having multple orgasms all night, ESPECIALLY at one point, when the guys had me on my knees, and they were taking turns fucking my face, slapping my face, and spitting in my mouth, in my eyes, and all over my face!
It was a great night, as I had two cocks in my ass, and later, two in my cunt, and I took so many loads that I lost track!
I also got a chance to eat some pussy that night...while I was worn out, one of the guys brought in some drunk chick from a bar, and fucked her, and she sat on my face afterward, and I ate the cum from her pussy.
She was TOO drunk tho, as she puked when she started to eat the cum from my pussy.. wound up hurling all over my chest!
I was so fucked up at that point, that I started playing with it, and eating it! It was weird, but I was in a kinky frame of mind, and just went with it...

I have to go right now, but I'll continue this later..