Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been a week...

I went back to the "kink-friendly" Doctor, finally, and decided to go for it!

It's been a week without sex, of ANY kind, and not only am *I* antsy to get used again, but the old folks I care for, miss the attention!

By the way, one of my blog readers asked if my doctor friend is white or black...

He's actually sort of white.. he's Eskimo.

Now, as I was saying...

I called the doctor, and told him I was up for trying his "kink", so we arranged that I would be at his office/home last night, at midnight, and that I would be His, for at least 8 hours.

I showed up at midnight, as requested, and he took me to his exam room, turned the lights on BRIGHT, and strapped me into a "birthing chair" (See Pic)...
He proceeded to strap my feet and legs to the chair, and pulled my hands behind the chair, and bound my wrists together.
He ran a thick strap across my belly, one below, and above my tits, one across my throat (Did I mention that I love being choked? It makes me cum SO hard!!), and one across my forhead, essentially rendering me totally immobile!
I was a bit nervous, but after I answered yes to his question of "Do you trust me?", he injected me with some HEAVY muscle relaxers, and then, while I watched, he gave me what he called a "Booty Bump", in that, he squirted inside my cunt and asshole, a mixture of Crystal Meth, water, and Blue Agave Tequila.
I felt a burning in my cunt and ass, while he placed alligator clamps (BRUTAL ONES!) on each nipple, and padded clamps on four spots on each of my cuntlips, and stretched my cunt wide open. He also placed a Hitachi Magic Wand directly on my clit, so, while my holes were still burning, I was feeling enough pleasure that I no longer cared... not about the burning in my cunt, nor in my asshole, not the teeth of the clamps biting into my nipples, not the feeling of my cunt-lips being stretched wide apart, my cunt being pulled open. NOTHING...
Within a short amount of time, I'm not sure how long, the drugs began to kick in, and my whole body, at the same time, relaxed, yet tensed up, and I became 20 kinds of horny!!
It was at this point, that i noticed him wheeling over a cart, LOADED with some of the largest dildoes I had ever seen!
One by one, he greased them up, using what I found out this afternoon, was a mixture of Crisco, Icy Hot, and a desenstizing agent.
He grabbed a VERY large one, larger than I have ever taken before, and slid it right into my wet cunt, to the hilt. I screamed at the sudden pain/pleasure I was feeling, being so suddenly stretched beyond anything I'd ever taken before, and yet, I wanted MORE!!
He either knew me better than I knew myself, or, most likely, he was a Master at his Art.
He next slid, or rather, he SHOVED a HUGE buttplug into my relaxed, and somewhat gaping, asshole!
I came on the spot!
For the next 12 hours, he proceeded to shove 4, even 5 large dildoes into my cunt, and just as many into my ass!
He kept me wired from the Meth, and constantly horny!
At the end of 12 hours, around noon today, I was in this position:
1) still strapped in as in the beginning.
2) 3 HUMONGOUSLY HUGE dildoes, the likes of which I had never seen before, stretching my cunt to the point that I felt muscles tearing in my cunt, and a slight trickle of blood seeping out.
3) my ass had a 3 foot long, monster-thick cock in it, to the root, while a 6 inch long, but still incredibly thick, dildo, was wedged alongside it.
4) his cock, which was rather short, and thin, was being rammed into my mouth, just barely tickling my tonsils, while I sucked like a person starving for the juice only a cock can provide.
5) my tits tightly bound, for hours, previous, so that they were purple, and covered with black and blue marks, from his hands, and his belt, slapping them.
When He finally removed the toys, the clamps, and the bonds that were securing me to the table, I just layed there, exhausted, and drooling,cum dripping off my face, and my holes gaping open, looking like a woman who had just pulled a train on, literally, A TRAIN! LOL!
He lifted me from the birthing chair, and set me in a nearby birthing pool, filled with very hot water. I screamed from the sudden shock of the water temp, but quickly sank down into it, feeling that hot water filling my cunt and ass, soothing me, inside and out, for the next hour.
When the doc finally helped me out of the water, my holes gushed out all that water, and lube, and god knows what else!
he helped me to a bed, and we both lay there, naked, relaxing, and then he did something I wasn't expecting.. he slid his tiny little dick into my gaping cunt!
I could feel it, just barely, and it was the wierdest feeling, after being stretched out so much!
All the time, he was saying how incredible my cunt felt.. so open, wet still, and that my pussy walls felt so hot, and so smooth!
He fucked me like that for about 2 minutes, before shooting his cum into my pussy. I could feel it, almost immediately, dripping out.. it felt SO NASTY! I loved it!
I fell asleep soon afterward, and slept for a good 8 hours or so.
When I woke up, I was convinced that I had dreamt it, until I put my hands down into my cunt. It was smaller, but it was still gaping open.. I then felt my asshole- Same thing.. Surprisingly though, my holes weren't sore in the least! but he tells me that I'll feel it for the next few days...
I'm sitting here right now, with my cunt lips still open, and with the Hitachi Wand wedged between my cunt-lips, buzzing gently away, and a medium-sized buttplug in my ass.. I'm wearing a tight pair of panties, not that I want to, but I quickly found out, that as soon as I get up from my seat, if I'm not wearing panties, the buttplug will slip right out!
I'm not going ANYWHERE for the next day or so, if I can help it! LOL!
I loved this experience, but I don't know how often I'll want to repeat it... Doc tells me that, if I do it TOO often, my muscles will be history, and my cunt and ass will never close up completely again.
Now, thinking about it, while typing this out, I have this sudden URGE to find the thickest cock I can, and have him slam it into my stretched out holes! I want to see how it feels, to have my cunt feel loose, and well-used, even when I'm stuffed with a nice fat REAL cock!
I'm afraid, however, that if I do that, word will get out quick, and no man will want to fuck me!
So.. I guess it's little vibes, and skinny dildoes for the next few days, I guess...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Talked to my DR friend..

I talked to the "kink-Friendly" doctor, that I mentioned in my last post, and he said that it's perfectly normal for a slut to get tired of sex all the time.
He says that, like any vice, be it drinking, eating ice cream, or eating anything, too much, too often, a person is bound to get tired of it after a while, and need a break...
So I'm going to take a break from multiple cocks down my throat, in my pussy, and up my ass, multiple times a day...
I told my dr friend that, and he said that it might be just the break I needed...
BUT.. if I decide I want to try something a little different, to call him.

I asked "Something Different"? Such as what?
He then confessed that he had a "thing" about stuffing large toys in women's holes.. that he loved to fuck them with dildoes, and buttplugs, and such... sometimes even vegetables, or other items.

I told him that I've played with toys before, but that it's been some time, since anyone used them on me, other than the occasional vibrator on my clit.
He said that he loves to go a LOT farther than just simple vibes, but that, to find out more, I'd have to come to his place, and submit to him.
I told him that I'd think about it.
He told me that it wouldn't be like I was having sex...
It would be more like, I was just being used as a receptacle for the toys.
I answered back, that a lot of my sex is like that.. I'm just a set of holes for guys to stick their dicks in, and cum.. That I actually preferred it that way.
Again, I told him I'd think about it...

It's been two days, with NO SEX at all, not even my fingers, and I find myself thinking of him, and his offer, more and more...

We'll see...