Friday, May 13, 2011

To those that have been asking about my Daughters....

Folks, to be honest, I *WANT* to tell you, in detail, what my girls are doing, sexually, especially my littlest one but I've gotten quite a few responses from readers who were appalled, disgusted, shocked, and downright ANGRY at me, for talking about my young girls having sex with older Black Men!

So, I'm going to think about it, for a while...
I REALLY don't want to lose this blog....


PS... "Bull" took me to his job this afternoon, and had me service all his co-workers!
Afterward, he put me up on the lift, and shoved a grease gun up my ass, and gave me a"lube job", before letting his co-workers fuck my ass! (Guess he's been reading my old blog posts.. ya think??)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been a while since I posted.. Sorry...

It's been more than a year since I posted last, I think, and I want to first, apologize...

I know quite a few of my followers have been concerned about my well-being.. I'm fine...

I hooked up with a guy about 10 months ago, and we've gotten involved in an interesting relationship...
He's young.. he's only 19, but he's got more experience than most men I've met, 3 times his age!
He's Black, like I said, 19, but with a body like a professional body-builder, and a cock that would make many porn stars jealous!!
He's got an honest to goodness 14 inch long cock (I've measured it!) with a thickness of 4 1/4inches!
The head on his cock is HUGE!!! It's a real mushroom-shape, with the shaft starting out at about 3 inches across, but thickening quickly up to the 4-1/4 inch mark!
His balls are HUGE, and hang down about 6 inches from his crotch, and they are always SO full of cum! I swear, this guy could star in a LOT of porn films, between the size of his cock, the amount of cum he shoots, and his Masterful way of fucking!
And, on top of that, he's bisexual, into group sex, bondage, watersports, and he's VERY dominant!
He's also got a VERY kinky mind, which I'm constantly amazed, and turned on by!

I met him when my van broke down, and he was the mechanic. Even in his loose coveralls, I could still see his soft cock moving around! I swear! When he's soft, he's an easy 10 inches long! I'd measure it, but every time I try, he starts getting hard! I've even tried measuring it when he's asleep, but as soon as I start touching it, it starts to grow, and I can't stop myself from taking it into my throat!!
His name's Tim, but since the first time we were together sexually, I've taken to calling his "Bull".. trust me, he FUCKS like a bull!

He offered to let me stay in his guest bedroom for the few days it would take to work on my van, and after seeing the bulge in his pants, I accepted immediately!
That first night, he was a perfect gentleman, not trying to make any kinds of moves on me, but i couldn't stop myself.. at bedtime, I went to him, in my sexiest lingerie, which consisted of red, lace-top stockings and a matching lace garter-belt, crotchless lace panties, and a very lacy, red, 1/4 cup bra, which did nothing to hide my big tits, but lifted them up, and out, to display their fullness, and my hard nipples...
I teased my hair up into a big, slutty, trashy poofy style, put my make-up on VERY heavy, so I looked like a trashy white slut, and walked into his room, telling him that I wanted to thank him for his kindness.

We fucked all night long, till almost 5 am, then just laid together until 7am, when he had to get ready for work.
While we were laying together, he asked about some of the scars on my body, and I told him about some of my experiences, both good and bad.
He was shocked at the more brutal ones, but I could also feel his cock stirring, and could see the wheels turning in his head, as he asked me questions, like "was this consensual?" to which I replied that I started out that way, but didn't finish consensually, and he asked me if I had enjoyed ANY of what had happened... I replied that there were MANY things about the abuse that I enjoyed, and some that I didn't..mainly those things that scarred me physically, and that damaged me bad enough to put me out of action for a period of time..
We talked for hours during the next few days, when we weren't fucking, about what turned me on, what didn't, what I enjoyed, what I didn't, things I had tried,things wanted to try, and all sorts of stuff.
He asked about my family, when I told him I was divorced, and asked about my girls, and my parents, and seemed quite interested when I told him about Mom and Dad, their sexual lives, and about how my daughters are all getting fucked by Black Men. He found out how much of an influence I've had on my girls, and seemed very interested in that, so we talked at length about that.

When my van was repaired, he offered to let me stay longer if I wanted, and I told him about my travels, and how I don't normally like to stay in one place too long, unless I've found a guy that could keep up with me, and still allow me to be the wanton slut that I am.
He said he had no problem with that, and proved it, when, after working late on a rush job, he came home to find the house empty, with me coming in about 3am that night, my hair all fucked up, and my pussy and ass dripping cum, and cum on my face, and in my hair... I had gone out to an all-Black bar, and had taken on quite a few guys in the alley behind the bar.. my knees were filthy, my hair was all fucked up, and I smelled like a well-used whore! (his words, btw)

He had told his boss he was taking the next day off, so he was on the couch having a few beers, and watching a movie when I came in, all disheveled, and said that it looked like I had fun that night! I looked in his eyes for some sign of disapproval, and seeing none, told him that yes, I DID have fun that night!
He told me to grab a beer from the fridge, sit down, and tell him all about it, so I went to the fridge, got a beer for myself, and one for him, gave it to him, and just plopped down on the sofa, exhausted. I told him how I was feeling really horny without him there to fuck me, so I went out, flirted all night with these Black men, and kept going out to the alley to suck cock, and get fucked. I told him how hot it had gotten me, to be used as a cum-dump by these men, and that many of these men, after using me, had come back in the bar, and pointed me out to their friends.

I could see his cock getting hard at my account of my night, and I just reached over, fished his cock out of his boxers, and started going down on him. He was running his fingers through my hair, telling me how I looked like a trashy whore right then, and pulled my hips around, so we were in a 69 position.
While I was sucking him, he was eating my cunt and ass, going back and forth, eating all that cum out of my nasty, well-fucked holes, and I could feel his cock just throbbing harder, and harder!
Well, he finally came, his load shooting out with so much force that it came out of my nose, which I snorted right back in, btw, then he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me to the bed, where he started to fuck the shit out of me! And this, only minutes after cumming in my mouth!

He fucked my pussy hard, then flipped me over, and just RAMMED that huge, thick, beautiful Black cock up my ass!
He was talking shit the whole time, telling me what a whore I am, and asking me if I like taking all that Nigger cock and cum in my holes!
I was screaming in pain and pleasure, from his cock in my ass, and telling him "YES! YES! I love being used by big-dicked Niggers! I love it!!!"

After he came in me again, he ate my pussy and ass till I came again, at least 3 or 4 times, then I think I passed out.

I woke up hours later, to find that he had tied me down, spread-eagled, and when he realized I was awake, he started to stuff all sorts of things in my ass and cunt!
He had cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, fingers, and, at one point, he even pushed a large squash up my cunt!
He started to pinch my nipples really hard, and hearing me moan in pleasure at that, he went to twisting my nipples like mad! Well, if you remember, I just LOVE having my nipples abused, and I started to lose my mind, cumming so hard from the abuse, and the objects in my holes, that I went into spasms, and wound up shooting the carrots from my ass, and a minute later, the squash literally SHOT out of my cunt, along with a good amount of my cunt-cream!
I was squirting like mad!
He just pushed his face into my soaking wet pussy, and I squirted all over his face! he just kept licking, and lapping it all up!

When I finally came down, he untied me, and stroked me gently, letting me come down easy, and just laid there with me for a few hours, with me dropping in and out occasionally...

Later that day, we talked about how I felt about being tied up, and I told him that with him, I felt perfectly at ease with it, and loved what he had done to me!

That night, he led me to his garage (at his house), and tied my wrists together, and hooked them to a winch he used to lift engines from cars, and he lifted me off my feet. He opened a trunk he had in the garage, and pulled out a spreader bar, which he attached to my ankles, spreading my legs out.
He then proceeded to tie my big, fat tits up TIGHT! Within minutes of him finishing the tieing, my tits were swollen, and starting to darken. He clamped my nipples with clover clamps, not too extreme, but I definitely felt some pain/pleasure! He then proceeded to force a large buttplug up my ass, then began slapping my tits and my pussy with his hand.
He forced a Hitachi wand into my cunt, not like those bondage sites you see, where they just position it on the girls clit.. he forced at least 8 inches of it, handle and all, deeply into my soaking wet cunt! I could feel vibrations on my cervix!!
He finally had to gag me, as I was getting so loud!
I was having non-stop, multiple orgasms, as he smacked the hell out my tits, slapped my clit, and at the height of it, he reached up,removed the clamps from my nipples, and slapped me right in the face!!
That did it for me!! I had a HUGE, uncontrollable, body-shaking, toes curling, eyes rolling bak into my head, head twisting in every direction, mind-numbingly intense, orgasm!!!
I must have passed out, because next thing I knew, I was laying on his bed, my tits untied and unclamped, my wrists and ankles untied, and his soft cock in my mouth, with me suckling it, like a baby at a tit!

We've repeated that scenario many times since, sometimes he'll fuck me while I'm tied up, sometimes not..
We've gone out to clubs, and hes watched me give head to total strangers, he's offered my holes to his friends, either they'll be visiting, or he'll just sned me over, with orders to fuck his friend into unconsciousness, or they'll call, and ask him if I'm available.

He's taken me out to nice restaurants, and lounges, just like a regular date, and treated me as an equal, other times, he's taken me out, with a slave collar around my neck,with me wearing something slutty, or just a tiny bikini, to show me off, and use me around others..
Last week, he tole me that he felt like really showing me off, and humiliating me...

We drove a few hours to a small town, on a Sunday, and he made me get out, and walk around the small town's main shopping area, which consisted of just two blocks of mom and pop stores.
He made me wear a flesh-colored bikini, so tiny it barely covered my nipples. and my cunt lips poking out of the bottom! I was wearing 4 inch stilletto, CLEAR heels, and my collar, to which he had attached a dog leash. He had also written on my chest, plainly visible to anyone, the words
"Black Man's Slave", and the words "SLUT" written down the outside of each leg, and WHORE" written on my forehead!
I was blushing a deep red the whole time, while we pretended to window shop, until he pulled me into an alley behind a dumpster, and bent me over, and fucked my pussy hard, till he shot off in my cunt. I licked him clean, and then he told me we were going to walk around some more.

Next thing I know, I hear church bells ringing, and we're walking towards a church, that was just letting out!!!
By now, I'm sweating, and blushing, and worrying about being seen like this, in front of a whole congregation of church folks, and my pussy is leaking his cum, which is dripping down my legs, and my pussy is getting wetter by the moment!!
He takes my leash, and ties it to a nearby fence, and tells me to stand there, facing the church, legs spread wide, until he tells me otherwise.
He reaches up, and pinches my nipples HARD, making them stand out, plainly visible, with his cum, and my pussy juice dripping down my legs, and making me look like a white-trash, cheap, sleazy whore!

He left me like that for at least 15 minutes, making me endure the stares, and comments from the church people, hearing them call me a whore, a slut, a trollop (a word I haven't heard used in years!), and other things! I was getting dirty looks from the women, and leers from the men, and before I knew it, "Bull" was untying my leash, and leading me, quickly, back to his car, and telling me to get inside quick!
He tore out of that little town like we were being chased by the cops! (I found out later, there WAS a cop car following us, but they stopped, when we got out of town.)

This man keep surprising me!
He has told me that he has a special night planned for me tonight...
He's bringing over a few friends, and at one point, I'm going to have two cocks in my puss, two cocks in my ass, and sucking cock!
I can't wait! Not sure how he'll manage to get two cocks in my ass and two in my cunt at the same time, but I can't wait to find out!!!

Till later....