Saturday, December 26, 2009

How I spent my Christmas...

I hooked up with a guy from the 'net a few days before Christmas, and he told me he had a bunch of Black men that needed a slut for Christmas, so I agreed to meet up with him, as I was only an hour away, and drove over Christmas morning, about 7am.
When I got there, it turned out to be a good-sized house, with no neighbors for at least a half-mile on either side.
He met me at the door, naked, and when I entered, I saw about 5 other Black men, also naked, so started stripping right away. Within seconds, I was naked, and on my knees, a Black cock in each hand, and one in my throat, while another one was ramming into my cunt!
Now, normally, I would be loving this, but this was within a minute of me walking in, and my pussy was still pretty dry! He had a nice thick cock though, so I was soaking wet within a minute of him entering me, and I was taking it like a champ!

For the next two hours, I didn't leave that position, and more guys started showing up!
By the end of two hours, I had cum in every hole, cum in my hair, all over my face, and tits, cum on my back and ass, and dripping from my cunt and ass, down my thighs.

They let me rest for about a half hour, then one of the guys grabbed my hair, and yanked me to a sitting position, and just shoved his cock down my throat, using my hair to control my head. He didn't last long, and when he came, he pulled out, and shot all over my face.

It went like that for the next 18 or so hours, with me taking Black cocks in every hole,and cum filling my holes, and coating most of my body.

A few times, I was dragged into the shower, and pissed on, and I even had guys pissing in my cunt and ass a few times each!

We oly stopped fucking long enough to eat, use the bathroom, and take short naps.. I think my longest nap was about 2 hours, and when I woke up, my pussy and ass were filled with cum, which wasn't there when I laid down to rest!

And it wasn't just fucking and sucking, either!
A few of these guys could kiss like pros!
At one point, it was me on the couch, with a Big Black Man on either side of me, taking turns kissing me deeply,while they played with my tits. One guy kept coming over, and eating my pussy and ass for a while, till his tongue got tired, then he'd just walk away, coming back in 10 minutes or so.
Between him licking my holes, and the guys kissing me, and playing with my tits, I was going nuts, with the need to cum!
The guy who kept licking my holes saw this, and all of a sudden, I'm feeling his hand working it's way into my pussy!
He fisted me good, hard, and long for the better part of an hour, making me orgasm over and over, till I had to beg him to stop, as my cunt was sore, swollen, and too tender to even touch!

At several points during the day and night, I got up, and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for these guys, finding the fridge and cabinets well stocked with all the fixings for a holiday feast!

I even found a turkey that was all set-up, and ready to go into the oven, so I loaded this HUGE bird into the oven in the afternoon, and went back to pleasing all those hot Black Men!

I won't lie, and tell you that they were all handsome, as, out of what turned out to be a group of 15 guys, maybe 4, were what I would consider "handsome", and only 1, was a total GOD! he stood about 6'4, looked like a bodybuilder, with a genuine six-pack abs, the nicest, tightest little ass on himbig, suckable nipples, perfect nose, just slightly pointed, not too wide, lips that I could kiss for hours at a time, and eyes that made my pussy get wet, and my knees get weak anytime he'd smile at me! And it was really cute, how this hunk of a man, with a body that most men would kill for, and a face that would make most women melt, was actually SHY!!!!
His cock was something to write home about too! Thick as a can, and a good 9 inches, with a WICKED curve, that went upward, and to the left! This man hit spots in me that haven't been hit in the LONGEST TIME!!!
Oh, and did I mention that he was uncut??? OMFG!!! I'd peel back his foreskin, and his dick smelled and tasted so sweet!!!
And his cum was incredible! It tastes salty, no real bleach-y smell or taste to it, and pretty sweet! And he was shooting some pretty big loads each time!
His balls! OMG! His balls hang down at least 4 inches lower than most, and each one is distinct! Each one is a wonder in itself1 HUGE, first off, and so beautifully round! Most guys' balls are kind egg-shaped, but his seem to be perfectly round!
A couple of the guys were downright UGLY! I mean, if it weren't for the fact that it was a group thing, and I was being constantly pounded by Black Cock, I might have turned these guys down!
I mean, one of these guys was SO ugly, I couldn't even look at him while he was fucking me! (I found out, as I was leaving, that he was one of the homeless from the area. The Host of the party picked him up, bought him home, had him shower, shave, and gave him some good clothes, but unfortunatly, he couldn't do anything about his looks. Poor guy had most of his teeth missing, his nose had obviously been broken at one point, and he was just generally ugly.. and god didn't gift him in the cock department either! You'd think that,as ugly as he was, god would have given him SOMETHING to be proud of, but not that I could see! His dick was the shortest, and thinnest of the bunch, at maybe 4 inches, and just a little thicker than my thumb!
I almost laughed when I saw it, but comparing it to the others, I coudn't help myself. I took pity on him, and gave him my best blowjob, ate his ass like it was made of chocolate and honey, and found that this man could KISS!!!
And let me tell you something! He ate my pussy lke nobody's business!
He even chewed on my clit, and my nipples, and, due to his lack of teeth, he was able to REALLY gnaw on my nips and clit, HARD, and all I felt was a smooth, even, pressure on my bits! it felt fantastic!
I just had to keep my eyes closed when he was facing me!

At the end, when we were all done, I went home with mr "six pack abs", and just woke up a little while ago, and wanted to post it while it was still fresh in my mind.
I woke up with his beautiful dick still buried in my ass!

So I'm sitting here, nice and relaxed, his cum in my pussy and ass, and I can still taste him in my mouth, so I'm going back to bed with this handsome hunk, and see if I can go back to sleep with his cock in my mouth. Yum! It's one of my favorite things to do, when relaxing, to suck and lick gently, on a soft, resting cock, licking my ass-juices off it, when I fade off into sleepy-time!

I think I'm going to stick around here for a few days, if he'll let me..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How I keep myself awake during those long drive-times...

I'm bored. and I'm horny.. which is no surprise, to anyone that reads my blog...

I get so bored driving on highways, to the point that I sometimes get "tunnel vision", where all I see, is the strip of highway ahead of me.. but it kind of sways, and I have to keep shaking my head, to keep it clear, so I don't have an accident.
I've tried blasting the music, rolling down all the windows, to the point that, sometimes, it get's so cold that my nipples are painfull hard, and not in a good way, and I'm shaking from the cold.. when I get that way, I just say "fuck it", and pull over somewhere,and take a nap.

But two days ago, I stopped in Home Depot, or as some in the BDSM community call it, "Dom Depot" (LOL!)
I was looking around for a hose-clamp (one of my radiator hoses tends to come loose, so it was time to change the clamp), when I started getting some NASTY ideas!

I remembered the way those mechanics had used oil-filter wrenches on my tits in the past, and how much I loved the feeling, so I decided to see what I could come up with, that might be similar, without spending a small fortune.

In the end, here's what I wound up with:

I use this one, when I REALLY have to wake up, QUICK! I pull my tits out of my top (or just remove my top altogether),and open it wide, position it over my nipple, and just let it SNAP! closed, right on my nipple! (Mind you, I found I have GOT to pull over before I do this! I tried ONCE, to do this while driving, and almost drove off the road!) I do one nipple, and start driving, and after mile or two, I pull over, and do the other nipple!

At this point, I'm screaming, and cursing, but I'm wide awake!! (I've also got a soaking wet pussy by this time! LOL!)
This will keep me awake for a good half hour or so, before it's TOO painfull.. but I'm working on taking it for longer periods..
My next toy, (I bought two of these!), I use to clamp onto my tit-flesh.. these work REALLY well, and they can really compress my big fat tits into some strange shapes!

The pain/pleasure quotient on these is really great, because I get that great rush of endorphins from the pain, which keeps me awake, while the pleasure starts to really build up!

I keep these on for the better part of an hour, tightening them occasionally.

Next, and I think, my favorite, are these awesome hose clamps I found!

They're really huge, just right for my breasts!

I open them up wide, slide my breasts through them, (one for each tit) and start to tighten them.

Once they get GOOD and tight, that's when the fun begins!

They have these notches in them, for the screw threads to grip, to close and open them, and when they start to get tight, they really dig into the skin nicely!

If I'm not careful ( or I'm feeling particularly masochistic at that moment), they pinch my tits very painfully!!!

I've been keeping thse on for hours at a time, sometimes loosening them, sometimes tightening them, and the nice part is, I can wear them under a t-shirt, and no one notices them! And they really lift my tits up nicely!

Then, there's my last toy! I've seen these in bondage supply sites/catalogs, but had no idea home depot sold these!! They're great for nipple clamping! They're easy to put on, but after 15 minutes or so, not so easy to get off!
BTW... the clamps that are pictured here, also work WONDERFULLY on my pussy-lips!!! LOL!
I took a couple of my mini-vibes, pushed them up my pussy, and used the most severe clamp, to keep my pussy closed!
WOW!!! What a feeling!
Till later,
PS.. can anyone tell me why I keep having to go in, and remove so many blank lines from my posts? I know you guys don't see them, but I do, while I'm writing, and have to keep gong back, and hitting delete, to get rid of them!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Been away for a while... here's why!

It's been, what? 5 months or so, since I posted last?

I know SOME people have been wondering why.... Well, here goes...

First off, I got lost in wanderlust.. I just kept driving, as long as I could, not staying in any one town, or area, more than a couple of days.

2) My laptop crashed.. or rather, it crashed off a table! Some kid, about 6 or so, I guess, came by, and just swept my laptop, and other things I had on a picnic table, right off the table!!

Little fucking spoiled brat!!!! Her father came over immediately, apologized for his daughter being such a bitch, and insisted on having my laptop repaired..

I explained I would only be in the area a couple of days, but he insisted that the laptop would take more than a week to get fixed. He told me that it was either wait around to get it fixed, or leave with a broken laptop. He couldn't afford a replacement for me.

SO... I stayed around for 4 days, till it was fixed... got to know him a little better, and in the process, for to give his daughter a good spanking! THAT WAS FUN!!

She was a lot nicer to me after that... almost TOO nice.. I think the little bitch enjoyed being spanked! (Her mother had left them a year before, I was told, later)

I got my laptop back, as well as a warm house to sleep in, some DAMNED FINE cooking, and on the night that I was going to leave, I got a pretty good fucking, as well! (I had to initiate it though.. this guy was just TOO nice... )

I might return to him someday... when I'm ready to settle down for a while... who knows?

3) When I got the laptop back, for some reason, I really didn't want to use it.. I got used to being without it for 4 days, and didn't really miss it much...

4)Crossed the Border back into the US in Minnesota, in a little town called
"St Vincent"..

It's a quiet little town.. kinda dead, but it had it's cute qualities to it..
From there, I just started driving again, aimlessly..
To be honest, I stopped keeping track of most of the places I visited..
At one point, I went at least a month with no sex.. not even masturbation! Damned if I know how I did it... I think that, for a while I was slipping in, and out of a case of depression.. I didn't really feel "depressed", per se, but I really had no interest in anything, just driving kind of aimlessly.. sure, I found some nice spots, and was really relaxing for a while, but no real passion for anything.
I know that, for a period of about 2 weeks, I was snapping at people for the littlest, tiny, irritating things!
I mean, I came out of a supermarket, and saw some woman parked literally 10 feet from one of those corrals for shopping carts, and she was too damned lazy to push the cart in! I mean, she just left the cart at the opening of the corral, and I went off!

I was like "Jesus Christ, lady!! How fucking lazy can you be, that you can't push the god damned cart back into the corral????" The look on her face was priceless! She looked shocked, ashamed, confused, and embarrassed, all at once! I think she was ready to piss herself at one point!
I was like "Well, go put the damned cart away, you lazy bitch!!" At that, she kinda snapped out of it, pushed the cart into the corral, making sure it was in line with the others, and even put another cart that was off to the side, back into the corral!!!
I walked away feeling SO much better! A few people even applauded!!
Another time, I went off on this guy for not using his turn signal, before turning into a convenience store.. Again, I just snapped! I walked up to this guy as he was coming out of the store, and asked him "Excuse me, but I think your turn-signal is broken" He looked confused for a minute, and was stupid enough to ask "Really? How do you know?" I looked him right in the eye, and said "Well, I didn't see your turn signal when you cut me off, to come in here, so, it's either broken, of you're TOO FUCKING LAZY TO USE IT!!"
Again, that priceless look! Mostly fear, I think...(Evil grin)
He hopped in his car and took off like a shot!! But he used his turn signal that time! LOL!

I continued driving for months, before I finally got the urge to use the laptop.I was taking little jobs, for a day or two, filling in as a seamstress, pumping gas, doing clerical work, all sorts of stuff.. every town I'd visit, I'd check the local papers for temp work, just enough work to make gas money, and for food, work a day or two, get paid, then move on.
I even worked 3 days in a strip club as a dancer! (Granted, I'm not a GOOD dancer, but they loved my tits, and my hips, so I made about 400 bucks in those 3 days)

I finally stopped in Deadwood, South Dakota, for a week, and thought I might try my hand at hooking again... the first night, after an hour on the streets, LOOKING like a cheap whore, the local cops pulled up to me, said "You must be new here!" I asked why, and they said that I must be, otherwise, I wouldn't be trying to turn tricks in that part of town!THAT explains why I was the only hooker in the area, and I was getting no dates!

I figured, at that point, they knew what I was up to, so I just said to hell with it, went to a bar, and got stinking drunk. Wound up back in the van, passed out for a few hours, then woke up, found a place with wi-fi I could tap into, and checked craigslist personals, for the area.

Hooked up with a guy that wanted a simple "pump and dump", so I contacted him, and that night, met him in a cheap motel, blew him till he was hard, then he fucked me for about 15 minutes, came, and paid me 150 bucks, and left.

Nothing after that, so I hit the casino that night, won 200 bucks playing poker, and left town. Again, I drove, for weeks, again, doing the "temp" thing, until I wound up at a church, of all places! I was just driving around this little town, windows open, tired, trying to stay awake, when I heard the most beautiful sound coming from a cute little church!I went in, sat at the back, and just listened to the choir sing.. I couldn't explain it then, ad can't explain it now, but I suddenly felt full of energy, and better than I had in a year!

(Now, before you guys go "Oh shit.. she's found religion!" It's not like that...I still can't explain it, but I just felt BETTER!!)

I hung around for the rest of the service, then left afterwards, and just sat in the local park, watching people walk around...I felt more at peace with myself than I have in a long, long time!

I wound up staying in town for a week, a longer period of time than I've stayed anywhere, in months! I wound up volunteering at a local charity function, and met a Black Man there, who I wound up spending a few days with.

We talked, and I gave him the "g" rated version of my travels, and my life, and he claimed he understood about "Wanderlust".. He had gone through the same thing, after his wife died a few years ago, and had wound up here, and made a life for himself here.

Yes, in case you're wondering, we DID hook up!! He was in his mid 50's, and was a fantastic lover! Not just a "good fuck", like so many others, but he was gentle, passionate, tender, and caring! It was great sex, in, and of, itself, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, but it wasn't enough to make me consider staying any longer.. After a week in that town, I finally told him I had to go,, time to move on.. He kissed me goodbye, gently, telling me he understood, and gave me a great big hug, telling me that I always had a place here, if I wanted it..

I got back in the van, and left him.. I was almost sorry to be going...

Hooked up with another guy through craigslist, who said he wanted a true slut, to use, and abuse, and share with others. I emailed him, and we got together. After we felt each other out, we felt each other up, then the fun started!

He tied me up, hogtied, and beat my ass, tits, and pussy, till I was screaming in pain, and pleasure, then fucked all 3 holes, cumming in each, and spraying my face with cum! He left me tied like that for a few hours, and came back with 4 other guys, who took turns fucking me, slapping my face, tits, ass, and cunt, pissed on me, spit on me, called me a dirty fucking whore, and making me cum so hard my eyes crossed, and I passed out a few times!

This guy used me for 4 days, in his house, in his yard, he took me to adult theaters and bars, and let friends, and total strangers use my body for their pleasure, not ONCE asking me if I was ok with it! (Well, if I wasn't, I sure would have told him! LOL!)

When I finally left him, I had cum dried all over my body, cum dripping out of my pussy and ass, and I stunk of cum, piss, and pussy!

I drove like that for a week, only stopping for gas, and food (drive-thru's are wonderful!)and a place to piss. The whole time I was driving, I had a buttplug, or a dildo in my ass and cunt, no panties, and just the tiniest skirt and blouse, so I could easily reach down and play with myself while I drove.

After a week, I pulled into a truck-stop, got a shower, changed my clothes, and sat down to the first REAL meal, I'd had in two weeks!

After I was satisfied, I got up, went to the bar, had a few drinks (A few too many, actually), and caught the eye of a trucker coming out of the bathroom.. I winked at him, and went into the MEN'S room, with him following right behind! I gave him a nice blowjob, and he gave me 20 bucks!

After that, I remembered something I read about hookers working truk stops, so went out to the van, got on a wifi connection, and started reading about "lot lizards"... Within the hour, I was dressed like a cheap slut, and walking around the lots, smiling and winking at the truckers, andstarted getting dates! I spent at least 12 hours working that lot, giving blowjobs, and fucks to a bunch of guys, and seeing some really NICE truck cabs!

I only had one bad experience, and that was when I agreed to give a blowjob to this grizzled old guy, who looked like he hadn't shaved in years, and smelt like he hadn't seen soap in years, either! His dick wasn't smelling to great either, but physically, it looked fine, so I mentally blocked out the smell, and gave him my usual, world-class (if I do say so myself) head. He came within minutes, and paid me 50 bucks (I would have charged him only twenty, but he really looked bad, and I thought that would make him change his mind... NOPE!)

Afterwards, I figured that was it for me, so i went back, got another hot shower, gassed up, and got the fuck out of there!

I drove for a couple more days, until I got into Chicago Illinois, and my van seemed to know exactly where to go, to the seediest part of town!

I wound up in some Black bar, and was downing shots of Jack Daniel's like they were cool-aid, and flirting with some real sexy Black Men. I wound up, again, in one of the places I've come to know SO well, the Men's Room... Again, as before, I was on my knees, sucking any cock that got put in my face, being pissed on, slapped, spit on, and occasionally fucked!

When I left, hours later, I was still drunk off my ass (guys kept bringing back shots of Jack for me) and stumbled into the alley to throw up.. weird feeling.. I've never been so drunk before, that I threw up! It must have been acombination of all that Jack, plus all the cum and piss I'd swallowed, because when I threw up, it came out smooth, almost clear! No chunks! When I was done puking my guts out, I stumbled back to the van, and passed out for god-knows-how-long, and when I woke up, and realized where I was, I cleaned myself of as best I could with mouthwash, and wetnaps, and figured I'd better fight my hangover with more Jack Daniel's..

So I went back into the bar, it was early evening, and started drinking again, and again, wound up in the Men's Room!

This time though, I was in the mood for getting my ass fucked, so I told the guys that I was on my period, and that they could have my ass..

I took at least 10 different Black cocks in my ass that night, each of them cumming in my ass, and I licked each one clean afterwards!

yes, I still wound up sucking dick, drinking piss, and getting pissed on, but I didn't drink that much, so when I felt I had had enough, I got up, left, got into the van, and got out of town.

I drove for two days straight, after I had managed to score some meth.. After the meth wore off, I HAD to get a motel room, as I was coming down HARD...

I paid for two days, and slept most of those days.

Drove more... and more, and more, and more...

Met a few cute guys along the way, met some hard-dicked studs, and we used each other, then parted, and I met a few girls that I had some fun with..

Then I was driving again....

Very few "memorable" encounters, other than those I've mentioned...

Called my girls last night... the two oldest are pregnant by Black guys, and the youngest is going steady with an older Black Man.

Ex-Husband is drinking heavily, lost his job, and is looking for work, but the girls say it dosen't look so good there...

Perhaps I should come back home for a while.....We'll See...

Mom and Dad are doing good... Dad found a couple of Black men for Mom to fuck on a regular basis, so she doesn't have to go out to the bars as often (though she still goes at least once or twice a week), so Mom is home more often, keeping house, and Dad says he's hasn't seen her this happy and productive in years! She's getting fucked by Black Cocks at least once a day, every day, and STILL hits the Black bars at least once a week!

I SWEAR! Mom just get's sluttier, as she gets older!

Mom tells me that Dad's got the wife of one on the Black guys, on the side, and he's fucking her 3-4 times a week.. Mom say's that the woman is in her 40's, and that she thinks Dad intends on getting her pregnant....If it's true, I hope Daddy succeeds!

Well, that's it for now... here's a few pics I found, that I liked, that you might enjoy...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been a week...

I went back to the "kink-friendly" Doctor, finally, and decided to go for it!

It's been a week without sex, of ANY kind, and not only am *I* antsy to get used again, but the old folks I care for, miss the attention!

By the way, one of my blog readers asked if my doctor friend is white or black...

He's actually sort of white.. he's Eskimo.

Now, as I was saying...

I called the doctor, and told him I was up for trying his "kink", so we arranged that I would be at his office/home last night, at midnight, and that I would be His, for at least 8 hours.

I showed up at midnight, as requested, and he took me to his exam room, turned the lights on BRIGHT, and strapped me into a "birthing chair" (See Pic)...
He proceeded to strap my feet and legs to the chair, and pulled my hands behind the chair, and bound my wrists together.
He ran a thick strap across my belly, one below, and above my tits, one across my throat (Did I mention that I love being choked? It makes me cum SO hard!!), and one across my forhead, essentially rendering me totally immobile!
I was a bit nervous, but after I answered yes to his question of "Do you trust me?", he injected me with some HEAVY muscle relaxers, and then, while I watched, he gave me what he called a "Booty Bump", in that, he squirted inside my cunt and asshole, a mixture of Crystal Meth, water, and Blue Agave Tequila.
I felt a burning in my cunt and ass, while he placed alligator clamps (BRUTAL ONES!) on each nipple, and padded clamps on four spots on each of my cuntlips, and stretched my cunt wide open. He also placed a Hitachi Magic Wand directly on my clit, so, while my holes were still burning, I was feeling enough pleasure that I no longer cared... not about the burning in my cunt, nor in my asshole, not the teeth of the clamps biting into my nipples, not the feeling of my cunt-lips being stretched wide apart, my cunt being pulled open. NOTHING...
Within a short amount of time, I'm not sure how long, the drugs began to kick in, and my whole body, at the same time, relaxed, yet tensed up, and I became 20 kinds of horny!!
It was at this point, that i noticed him wheeling over a cart, LOADED with some of the largest dildoes I had ever seen!
One by one, he greased them up, using what I found out this afternoon, was a mixture of Crisco, Icy Hot, and a desenstizing agent.
He grabbed a VERY large one, larger than I have ever taken before, and slid it right into my wet cunt, to the hilt. I screamed at the sudden pain/pleasure I was feeling, being so suddenly stretched beyond anything I'd ever taken before, and yet, I wanted MORE!!
He either knew me better than I knew myself, or, most likely, he was a Master at his Art.
He next slid, or rather, he SHOVED a HUGE buttplug into my relaxed, and somewhat gaping, asshole!
I came on the spot!
For the next 12 hours, he proceeded to shove 4, even 5 large dildoes into my cunt, and just as many into my ass!
He kept me wired from the Meth, and constantly horny!
At the end of 12 hours, around noon today, I was in this position:
1) still strapped in as in the beginning.
2) 3 HUMONGOUSLY HUGE dildoes, the likes of which I had never seen before, stretching my cunt to the point that I felt muscles tearing in my cunt, and a slight trickle of blood seeping out.
3) my ass had a 3 foot long, monster-thick cock in it, to the root, while a 6 inch long, but still incredibly thick, dildo, was wedged alongside it.
4) his cock, which was rather short, and thin, was being rammed into my mouth, just barely tickling my tonsils, while I sucked like a person starving for the juice only a cock can provide.
5) my tits tightly bound, for hours, previous, so that they were purple, and covered with black and blue marks, from his hands, and his belt, slapping them.
When He finally removed the toys, the clamps, and the bonds that were securing me to the table, I just layed there, exhausted, and drooling,cum dripping off my face, and my holes gaping open, looking like a woman who had just pulled a train on, literally, A TRAIN! LOL!
He lifted me from the birthing chair, and set me in a nearby birthing pool, filled with very hot water. I screamed from the sudden shock of the water temp, but quickly sank down into it, feeling that hot water filling my cunt and ass, soothing me, inside and out, for the next hour.
When the doc finally helped me out of the water, my holes gushed out all that water, and lube, and god knows what else!
he helped me to a bed, and we both lay there, naked, relaxing, and then he did something I wasn't expecting.. he slid his tiny little dick into my gaping cunt!
I could feel it, just barely, and it was the wierdest feeling, after being stretched out so much!
All the time, he was saying how incredible my cunt felt.. so open, wet still, and that my pussy walls felt so hot, and so smooth!
He fucked me like that for about 2 minutes, before shooting his cum into my pussy. I could feel it, almost immediately, dripping out.. it felt SO NASTY! I loved it!
I fell asleep soon afterward, and slept for a good 8 hours or so.
When I woke up, I was convinced that I had dreamt it, until I put my hands down into my cunt. It was smaller, but it was still gaping open.. I then felt my asshole- Same thing.. Surprisingly though, my holes weren't sore in the least! but he tells me that I'll feel it for the next few days...
I'm sitting here right now, with my cunt lips still open, and with the Hitachi Wand wedged between my cunt-lips, buzzing gently away, and a medium-sized buttplug in my ass.. I'm wearing a tight pair of panties, not that I want to, but I quickly found out, that as soon as I get up from my seat, if I'm not wearing panties, the buttplug will slip right out!
I'm not going ANYWHERE for the next day or so, if I can help it! LOL!
I loved this experience, but I don't know how often I'll want to repeat it... Doc tells me that, if I do it TOO often, my muscles will be history, and my cunt and ass will never close up completely again.
Now, thinking about it, while typing this out, I have this sudden URGE to find the thickest cock I can, and have him slam it into my stretched out holes! I want to see how it feels, to have my cunt feel loose, and well-used, even when I'm stuffed with a nice fat REAL cock!
I'm afraid, however, that if I do that, word will get out quick, and no man will want to fuck me!
So.. I guess it's little vibes, and skinny dildoes for the next few days, I guess...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Talked to my DR friend..

I talked to the "kink-Friendly" doctor, that I mentioned in my last post, and he said that it's perfectly normal for a slut to get tired of sex all the time.
He says that, like any vice, be it drinking, eating ice cream, or eating anything, too much, too often, a person is bound to get tired of it after a while, and need a break...
So I'm going to take a break from multiple cocks down my throat, in my pussy, and up my ass, multiple times a day...
I told my dr friend that, and he said that it might be just the break I needed...
BUT.. if I decide I want to try something a little different, to call him.

I asked "Something Different"? Such as what?
He then confessed that he had a "thing" about stuffing large toys in women's holes.. that he loved to fuck them with dildoes, and buttplugs, and such... sometimes even vegetables, or other items.

I told him that I've played with toys before, but that it's been some time, since anyone used them on me, other than the occasional vibrator on my clit.
He said that he loves to go a LOT farther than just simple vibes, but that, to find out more, I'd have to come to his place, and submit to him.
I told him that I'd think about it.
He told me that it wouldn't be like I was having sex...
It would be more like, I was just being used as a receptacle for the toys.
I answered back, that a lot of my sex is like that.. I'm just a set of holes for guys to stick their dicks in, and cum.. That I actually preferred it that way.
Again, I told him I'd think about it...

It's been two days, with NO SEX at all, not even my fingers, and I find myself thinking of him, and his offer, more and more...

We'll see...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What I've been up to lately...

First off, let me apologize for taking so long to post!
It's been, what 3 or 4 months? OMG! I need a GOOD beating for that! LOL!!!

I've decided to stay up here in Alaska, for a while longer, at least..
It's beautiful here, and warming up!

I'm still working at the convalescent home, still getting the old guys off, and some of the old women, as well!
I've even started to take care of the occasional doctor, orderly, and a couple of the nurses!
they don't seem to understand though, that most of the time, I'm not looking for them to take care of my sexual needs...
I don't entirely understand it myself, but so many times, when I'm sucking their cocks, and eating their pussies, I am just SO into it, that I don't even think about wanting my pussy pleasured! I'm just enjoying using my mouth on them too much to even THINK about having them pleasure me! A lot of times, I won't even touch myself, until much later, when I'm relaxing, reading to one of the patients, whi is usually nodding off, when I'll find that my hand has strayed down to my pussy!

I've been getting plenty of dick though... But when I'm on shift duty, it's usually only old man cock...
When I get off, I might top off for a bite to eat, but usually, I have something cooking in a crockpot, so I get something to eat at home...

Once I'm showered, and relaxed a bit, I'll usually place a call or 4, and start inviting guys over..
They never fail to get me off, and I never fail to get THEM off!

After a few hours of fun, they leave, and I just lay there, dripping cum from my pussy and ass, still tasting the cum that they've shot in my mouth, or licking the cum from around my lips, and rubbing the cum that they've shot on my tits, while I read a book, or watch a movie...
Then I nod off for a few hours, get up, shower, grab a bite to eat, and watch a little more tv, or, if I'm still horny, I might call a guy or two over for some more fun....
I love to start my day, by getting some nice, thick, Black cock in my cunt, before I have to get ready for work! I love the feel of that cum slowly leaking out of my pussy, and into my panties, while I'm at work!

I'm really starting to get worn out though...maybe it's all the meth I've been doing the last 2 years, or maybe I'm just finally getting "fucked out".... I met a really cute, kink-friendly doctor here, that knows what a slut I am, and doesn'tget offended when I ask him sexual questions, so I think I'll ask him if my waning desire to get fucked, is normal...

Maybe I just need a rest, or maybe it's time to be moving on again... Been here a while, and now have a few grand saved up, so I an afford to start driving aimlessly again...I think the travel time, between towns, is what was giving me a "recharge" period.. time to relax, and give my holes a break....clear my mind..

We'll see.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How the New Year's Eve party Went!

Well, First off, let me apologize for the 3 week delay in following up this post!
I've been busy!
I got a job in a convalescent center, and I've been having fun on my job!
But that will be a post for a later time...

Now, about New Year's Eve...
I got to the cabin about 6pm, and started getting everything ready, including my special dish, a sweet and sour sauerkraut, with polish kielbasa. I started that the night before at some guys house, and transferred it to a crock pot for the party.. tastes fantastic, but it has to cook for HOURS, and sit in the crock pot for over 12 hours! Geesh!

Got everything set up, and tried to decide what to wear... (what the hell *DO* you wear for a new year's eve gangbang??)
Just decided to go with some black, seamed stockings, 6 inch stiletto heels, black garter belt, and no bra, no panties.. I made my face up really heavy, looking VERY whorish, went and unlocked the door, and sat back on the bed, just watching my favorite porn.. Ava Devine, taking toys, fucking machines, white guys, Black guys, women, and everything else she does! She always gets me wet!

I was alone till 9pm, when the first guy showed up.. Average looking guy, Black, of course (as all the men were!) and I started off by answering the door, just as I was, not bothering to cover up at all..
I kissed him in the doorway, in full view of anyone passing by (but no one was passing by, damnit! This place was on the outskirts of town, and the cabin had no neighbors nearby), and ushered him in from the cold.. (Did I mention that there was 2 feet of snow, and it was still coming down?)
I helped him undress, and within a minute, he was naked, and I was on my knees, with a small, 6 inch Black cock in my mouth. I decided i was going to take my time with this one, as I didn't know how long it would be till the next guy came by.
I took my time licking his cock from his balls to his tip, all around, up and down, sucking along his shaft, just enjoying the taste of his Black shaft, I even ate his ass for a while, sticking my tongue deep up his musky, tasty asshole. I didn't let him cum yet, as it was too early, so just moved up, and started kissing him for a while, enjoying his hands on my tits, playing with my nipples, and loving the way his thick lips felt in my mouth! This guy had a great tongue, and not just for kissing, either! He really knew how to eat pussy and ass!
After about 45 minutes of this, I couldn't wait anymore, and asked him how he wanted me?
He had me on all fours, facing the door, and started giving me a nice, slow fucking, just right for getting my pussy nice and wet, and ready for more!
he fucked me for about 15 minutes before he started to pound my cunt harder, pulling all the way out, before going all the way back in.. Just as he was getting ready to cum in my pussy, somebody knocked on the door!
I just yelled out COME IN, IT'S OPEN!!, and in walked, NO JOKE, AT LEAST 10 GUYS!
They all stripped down, and within seconds, I've got a cock down my throat, the first guy cumming in my pussy, and a few slapping their cocks on my face, pinching my nipples, grabbing handfuls of tit, and just generally enjoying themselves, while the others were hitting the food and drink!
After the first guy finished off in my cunt, another quickly took his place, and the guy in my mouth pulled out, and shot all over my face!
What a great way to start the party!
I took on a few more, before I needed a break, and got up off the bed, grabbed a bottle of water, smoked a join, and had one of the guys load my ass wit a big booty bump of meth..
I reminded the guys to keep drinking.. water, booze, juices, or whatever their pleasures were, and took a moment to pull the cum off my face with my fingers, and lick them clean.
At this point, more guys started to come in, not even knocking, just coming in, a new guy every minute or so, till I finally counted heads, and came up with 47 guys!
Seems some of the guys brought friends! GREAT!!
I got tossed around the cabin for the next couple of hours, taking cock in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, all bareback, at one point, I had two guys fighting to fuck my ass, and I just told them to BOTH stick their cocks into my ass! It was great! All the previous loads made for a great, slimy lube, that, not only I, but the two guys in my ass, LOVED!
The way they were raving about it, most of the guys wanted to try it! After about 10 guys had done double-anal in me, my ass needed a break, so I suggested that they try a double-pussy penetration, so they did that, while I was on my back, sucking off one guy, while stroking 2 others!
At one point, I was on my hands and knees, one guy underneath me, with his dick in my cunt, and another pushing his alongside the first, and damned if another guy didn't climb OVER them, and ram his big black cock in my ass!
That was it for me! I was cumming all night so far, but this just set me off into a totally mind-numbing, body-shaking orgasm! I think I squirted, AND peed!!
I had guys cumming in every hole, and cumming on my face, my tits, my legs, and all over! I even had cum in my ears,, up my nose, and a group of 4, I think, intentionally aimed right for my eyes!
Some guys even came on my feet, WHILE I still had my heels on!
I wish I had thought to have somebody take pics!
My eyes, hell, my ENTIRE face, was covered in cum so thick, my nose was barely visible, they said!
My tits, oh hell, they were completely covered, which has only happened a couple of times before! That's not an easy thing to do!

At about 11:45, I reminded the guys of what I wanted for Midnight, so I got up, and it was the funniest thing! I WAS SQUISHING AS I WALKED!!
Between the cum in my shoes (weird feeling, but I like it!), the cum dripping from my pussy and ass, down my thighs, and the cum still left in my holes, I was a sight! I was squishing like mad!
A few of the guys were laughing their asses off, and making comments, as I went and got the kiddie pool, and brought it out..
I was going to take everything off but I figured, what the hell, I was already cum-soaked, might as well keep my clothes on!
I climbed into the tub, and by the time I layed down, it was 2 minutes before midnight.
I told the guys to get ready, and at the stroke of midnight, EVERYONE was to start pissing on me!
It was the wildest thing ever, seeing 47 guys trying to crowd around a 6 foot long, by 3 foot wide inflatable pool, trying to push in, to get closer, to get a shot!
I layed back, cleared some of the cum from my eyes, so I could see everything, and i heard the guys counting down..10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and on "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I had piss raining down on me from all sides!
They were hitting every inch of my body, front and back, as I started to roll around in the piss!
As some guys finished pissing, others took their place, and within 5 minutes, there was easily a half-inch of piss in the pool!
There might have been more, who knows? I DO know, however, that at one point, I opened my mouth, and started trying to catch as many streams in my mouth, and on my face, as I could!
I was soaked, head to toe, including my hair!
When they finally stopped pissing, I just got up on my knees, and started sucking the first cock I could wrap my lips around!
This started the guys back up, and in between sucking cock, I told the guys to keep drinking, that my piss bath wasn't over yet!
So here I am, sucking all these gorgeous Black cocks, while every once in a while, someone would start to piss on my face again!
A few of the guys climbed into the pool, grabbed my hips, and lifted them up, and started fucking my pussy and ass again, all the while, somebody would start pissing again!
They tried to get me out of the pool, but I told them no, that I wanted to enjoy this a while longer, as I layed in the pool, reaching down, and spreading my cunt lips open, and making little piss-waves, pushing it into my cum-filled pussy...
Well, that gave one of the guys an idea, and he pulled me back up, ass in the air, and pushed my head into the piss, and told me to drink up!
I thought that was kinky, so I went for it!
Next thing I know, I feel a soft cock in my pussy, and then this wonderful warmth!! He was pissing in my cunt!
Well, that started a new trend, and at least 4 other guys did the same, till piss and cum were just flowing out of my cunt, and into the pool!
That's when I made the next request...
I had one of the guys stand over me, as I was on all fours, and spread my ass-cheeks wide, pulling my asshole open, as guys started aiming for my asshole! I looked back at one point, and there were, what looked like, about 6 guys, all pissing, all aiming for, and hitting, my asshole! I had multiple streams of piss going straight into my ass!
OMFG!! That is an incredible feeling!
I had another group of guys piss in my asshole, then, when everyone was done, somebody found my bag of toys, and pulled out all my butt plugs!
They tried each one of them, about 6 in all, till they got to my biggest one, and forced it into my ass, telling me that I should keep all that piss in for as long as possible!
I was all up for it!

Then they did something that surprised the hell out of me!
A group of the guys picked me up, and carried me outside!!
They took me over to the side of the road, dumped me, unceremoniously, on my face, in a snow bank, and started to cover me in snow!
I started to freak out at this, till one of the guys started pissing on my head, then trailing it down my body! I could feel the snow starting to melt off my back, as more guys joined in, pissing all over me! Enough snow finally melted, till I was able to turn over, and they kept pissing on me!
Thank god they were hitting my tits and pussy, and I felt like I was going to lose my tits and pussy lips to frostbite!!
When they were all done, one guy reached down, and YANKED the plug out of my ass, and all that cum and piss just poured out!
They rubbed snow all over me then picked me up again, and carried me to the cabin, but not before they took a HUGE snowball, and pushed in into my cunt!
OMFG!! That's a RUDE awakening for anyone!
They all laughed at that, and brought me in, layed me back in the pool, and started to piss again, aiming right for my pussy, thank god!
It was mostly just dribbles at this point, but it felt so good!
I noticed, btw, that I drank enough piss, that it was down to just about a 1/4 inch deep...My belly was sloshing around as I walked!

I went in, took a shower, and came out, to find 5 guys standing around the bed, hard Black cocks in hand, and waiting to fuck me again!
Well, who was I to deny them?
I climbed on the bed, and straddled one, while another pushed into my ass, and the other three gathered around my head, pulling me from one cock to another, fucking my throat like madmen!
Again, I loved it!
This went on until about 4 am or so, and by the time we were done, there were Black men passed out all over the cabin, or walking out the door, until there were just two left awake...

These were the two biggest-cocked guys that had shown up. I had asked them to spend the night.. There was a third, but he said that he had to get home to his wife...
I spent the rest of the night, getting fucked, sucking, and napping with these two big-dicked Black men, till the wee hours..
When I woke up, I had a man in my ass, and one in my pussy, both soft, but long enough that they didn't slip completely out..
Its a great way to wake up, let me tell you! All women whould try it as often as possible!
We finally got out of bed, and the guys went for the shower, while I made us all a nice big breakfast!
I still had cum dried, and caked all over my body, including my face and tits, cum still drippng from my ass and pussy, while I served them, and woke up the rest of the guys for breakfast..
After everyone was up, and had eaten, somebody said that he had to piss, so I just climbed back into the pool, and told them to piss on me again!
They all emptied their bladders on me, then they headed out the door, thanking me.
I sucked a few off before they left, and when the last guy was gone, I got up, turned the heat to 80, and climbed intot he piss-pool, and just sloshed around for a while, enjoying the feeling, then got up, and showered, then passed out on the bed for a few hours...

The cabin owner and his wife stopped by later in the day, and said the place smelled like stale piss and sex!
I laughed, and told them I'd have it all cleaned up, and smelling fresh before I left, but before they left, I sent the next two hours getting fucked by the cabin owner and eating his wifes pussy (they were an interractial couple, btw.. He's white, and she's Black), and she ate her husband's cum out of my pussy, while he fucked her.. then I ate her clean, then they left.

I napped again for a few hours, and later in the afternoon, I woke up, and spent the next few hours cleaning, and deodorizing the cabin..
I even went back out in the snow, totally naked, and made a snow angel!

I'm probably going to leave this town in a week or so.. I've been here almost a month, and with my job, I'll have saved up a thousand or so, to keep driving...
More places to see, more men to fuck!