Monday, August 28, 2006

Been a while.. Interesting things have been happening!

Well, I won't say where I am right now, as life has gotten QUITE interesting!

I hooked up with a guy from Yahoo, a Black man, we chatted whenever I got on, which wasn't often...
He seemed real nice... intelligent,. kind, funny, and a VERY sexual/sensual side!
He wasn't raunchy from the get-go, like some guys, didn't say anything like "Nice Tits!" or "I'm looking for a slut", or anything like that, so we chatted for a couple of weeks, before I finally agreed to drive out to see him.
His name is Michael, and he's a businessman in a really large city, and we met at his office.
We went to dinner, where he did some honest-to-goodness seduction on me!

I didn't realize just how much I missed that!

Michael had me feeling flustered, and I felt like I was having hot flashes! I mean, this man treated me like a lady, yet STILL managed to get me more turned on, than any man has ever done before!

Oh, I forgot to mention... Michael is 75 years old!!!

I wanted to go to bed with him right away, but he wouldn't hear of it! I couldn't believe it!
So we took it slow.... 2 weeks, to be exact....
We went out almost every night, and afterwards, he would bring me to the sleazebag motel I was staying at, kiss me like a gentleman, and say goodnight, refusing to come in!
Talk about frustrating!!!
After just a few dates, I was getting so sexually frustrated, that I went to an adult bookstore, and took on any guy that wanted me! Well, considering that it was a predominately GAY bookstore, I only got 4 dicks to suck and 1 to fuck me, but it took the edge off....

Funny thing happened though...
When I was done, I had this really unusual feeling... I felt like I had cheated on Michael!!
When I saw him, two days later, I broke down crying, in his car, and confessed... I figured he'd be mad or turned on, or something... but to my surprise, NOTHING... He didn't say a word.
NOW I was worried... when a man doesn't say anything, that's never a good sign.

All he did, was stop at his office, and have me wait outside for a few minutes.
When he called me in to his office, he told me that he knew about my sexual experiences/preferences, having read this blog, and from yahoo groups... seemed he had followed old postings of me for months, before contacting me.

Michael told me that he was, indeed, turned on by my exploits, but wanted to see if I could be true to him, on my own, without him having to ask. I started crying again, and told him that I felt like a cheating wife after I left the bookstore, and felt like I had let him down, and that I had never felt so guilty about cheating before, until I met him.
He held me, wiped my tears, and said that it was okay, that he understood that monogamy wasn't an easy thing for me.... He USED to be the jealous type, he said, till he lost his last wife, when she cheated, and confessed, and tried to make it up to him, and he said he had gone ballistic, and had thrown her out, and called her a filthy whore, and other nasty things, and that she took her own life, 3 days later, claiming that she couldn't live, having hurt him so badly, and couldn't live without him.
He told me that it had been like an awakening for him, that he realized that petty jealousies were not worth losing someone he had truly loved, and that had still loved him, and that he had vowed, if he ever met another woman he could love, he would let her do almost anything she wanted, as long as she came back home to him!

This left me a bit confused, until he told me that he would explain soon....

A little while later, his phone rang, and he told the guy in the lobby to let "them" in, and to send them up to his office. Minutes after that, a group of older Black men came in, five of them, all about the same age as Michael.
He introduced me to them, and explained that these guys were his best friends, and old war buddies, and that, if I REALLy needed to be used by a group of men, and treated like a slut, whore, and fuckpig, that he would prefer it if it was with his buddies!

He announced to me, and his buddies, that, if I TRULY wanted to stay with him, that I would be expected, at least once a week, perhaps more often, to make my body available to his friends, sexually, and, of course, him.
It took me a few minutes to sink in, but then I was all over Michael, hugging, and kissing him, and thanking him, saying that yes, I would LOVE it if he would let me stay with him, and YES, I'd LOVE to be able to service his friends whenever possible!
By the waym three of the men looked like retired business types, and the other two looked like they did menial labor (one was the janitor, at the city hall, and the other, it turns out, worked for the city sewerage plant)
As soon as I said that, he suggested to the men that they all get started, and they were all soon naked, and all sporting some NICE cocks!
One of them , the smallest dick of the bunch, was only about 5 inches, but a nice fat one! The largest, was about 9 inches, and thin.. But the balls on ALL of these guys were HUGE!!!

They soon had me standing up, and were kissing, and caressing every square inch of me, as they undressed me, and soon, I was on my knees, staring up at 6 beautiful Black cocks!
By the time we left, it was 2am, and I had taken every man in every hole, swallowed cum from some, took a few loads in my pussy and ass, and had even taken a couple of loads on my face!
As we were walking out of his office, we ran into the night watchman for the building, as he was making his rounds. Now, this guy was about 50 or so, white, and definately overweight!
As soon as Michael saw him, he whispered into my ear to get down on my knees, as he called over the guard. He told the guard that he'd like to offer my mouth to him, if he'd like to use me, and I soon had a 6 inch white cock in my mouth, sucking him off, as Michael stroked my hair, and told me that the guard hadn't had sex in 5 years, that his wife didn't claim to want it anymore, and that, if I didn't mind, could I possibly take care of him once a week or so? I had just finished swallowing the guard's cum, and turned my head to Michael, and told him that I'd be happy to, if that's what he wanted!
Michael had a huge grin on his face, and, as we went downstairs to his car, told me that we were going to my motel, and pack my stuff up, that he was moving me into his house!
I was, and still am, THRILLED at this!
Michael takes good care of me, he fucks me at least once every other day, and his friends stop by every day! At least one at a time, but a few times, they've showed up all at once, asking to use me, and have even brought a few new friends!

So, right now, I'm getting all the Black cock I need/want, and am feeling like a pampered princess!
He's really sweet, my Michael, and I think I'm starting to fall for him!
And his buddies are really sweet too! They always treat me like I'm their girlfriend, acting more like full time lovers, rather than as guys that come over just to fuck me!

There's just one problem... I'm starting to get that itch, to be a slut for total strangers again!
And I wouldn't mind eating some pussy too....

Guess that it's time to talk to Michael about this... Hope he doesn't mind...