Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back...

I'm beaten, and weary, but I'm back.
That little-dicked, sadistic BASTARD, whom I made the mistake of willingly giving myself to, put me in the fucking hospital!!!
After my last post, he did some things to me that I thought I would NEVER let happen!
It seems that he got so turned on, abusing my body that night, that he decided to go even further, the next night!

The next night, he took me out to the garage again, and the first thing he did, was gag me. Big, rough, HUGE dog-toy for a gag! Because of it, and his repeated punching to my face, I suffered a dislocated jaw, my eyes were black and blue, and swollen shut for a few days, my lips (on my face) were split open, and are just now, down to normal size.
He broke my nose!!!

And that was just my face...

He hung me, suspended by my ankles, a strap around my hips, and a collar around my neck, facing the floor.. I was horizontal for a good day, at least. My legs were kept spread, VERY wide, and a pretty good portion of my weight was suspended by my neck.
It's been weeks, and I'm just now, starting to be able to speak again.. though my voice is still raspy, and rough, and it still hurts to swallow.
This sadistic asshole beat my tits with his bare fists, and even took a baseball bat to them!
They're STILL black and blue, and I won't be wearing a bra for a few more weeks, I don't care what ANYONE says!
I'm wearing mu-mus for the next month or so, just so I can move around in public!

He punched me in the stomach so many times I lost count, broke 3 ribs, and broke my right arm, with a baseball bat, just above the elbow, just to hear me scream again!
He punched me in my cunt so many times I lost track, and forced two aluminum baseball bats into my ass, and kept twisting them!
My insides are sore, and I was on a colostomy bag for 2 weeks, so my asshole could heal. he split it open pretty good...
My cunt, well, that's not much better...
I guess I should be thankful he didn't use the baseball bats inside my cunt.
Instead, he took a bunch of branches, and shoved them up my pussy!
I'm honestly surprised that the neighbors didn't call the police! Even gagged, I was still making a lot of noise!
My cunt had to be internally stitched closed, as the branches really tore me up.
My clit got sliced! Right now, I don't even want to THINK about having sex!
Hell, just writing this, makes me hurt!
He took a dozen large knitting needles, and forced them through my tits!

But I'm ok's been about two months, and I've been staying with a guy I met a year ago, who has been nursing me back to health.

It was over a month, before I would even THINK about sex. I wouldn't even suck on a soft dick!

But I'm better now.. my arm is still in a cast, but I went out with my friend last night, as I had convinced him that I HAD to get "back in the saddle" again!

So, I had him take me to an adult theater, and while there, I got fucked by about 10 guys, in all my holes, all bareback, and by the time we left, I had cum dripping down my legs from my pussy and ass, cum all over my face and tits, and huge lumps of cum in my hair.

It felt great!
We got back to his place, and I passed out within 10 minutes. We got in, I stripped, and he was going to put me in the shower, but I insisted that I wanted to feel the cum drying on me.
So, I lit up a nice fat joint, did a couple of shots of Jack Daniels', and passed out on the bed.
I woke up about 12 hours later, had my friend fuck me, then went and took a shower.

When I was done, I came out to the kitchen, naked, got myself something to eat, and went out to his back yard, and laid out in the cool afternoon sun for a couple of hours... It felt so good, so relaxing!

I'm getting the van ready to travel again...
no idea where I'll go, but there's this lonely-looking stretch of road that looks good...