Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry I've been gone..

Well, if you read my last post, you'll know that I wanted to get anally gang-banged by at least 30 Big, Black cocks!
Just my luck... only 22 showed up, not counting Michael, so that desire didn't get fulfilled...
On a positive note though, I DID get a good ass-fucking, and wound up taking at least two loads from each guy! A few came a third time!

I was fucked up that night, having smoked some good weed, and, later in the afternoon (this started at 10 in the morning, btw), one of the guys pulled out some crystal meth.. WOW!!!

I smoked some, and it hit me right away, really making me horny, full of energy, and a little hazy...
A few things I DEFINATELY remember, was the PAIN, and later, the pleasure, when two of the biggest cocks in the group BOTH got pushed up my ass at the same time!
I was sitting on one guy's cock, facing with my back to him, trying to get used to his thickness, and another guy, that I had been sucking (working as my own fluffer! LOL!), pushed me back, lifted my legs, and started pushing his cock into my ass, right above the one already in there!
Now, I've been double-anal penetrated before, but OMG!! These guys were both thicker than most of the guys I've taken back there!
These guys fucked me for a LONG time, I'll tell you! I was surprised at how long they lasted! I guess that my ass wasn't that tight, by that point, by that point, so maybe that's why...

btw.. NOBODY brought a damned camera!!! SHIT!

I know that, at one point, I reached down to feel my asshole, which was starting to hurt a bit, and felt just how swollen it was, and could feel the cum just dripping out of my ass, as it was just GAPING OPEN!!! I REALLY wish I could have had pictures of that!!

My asshole, when I woke up the next day, was still stretched enough that Michael was able to slide his cock in, and barely touch the sides! He said he'd never felt a PUSSY so loose, much less an ASSHOLE!!
It hurt like hell when he fucked me that next day, but I still came like mad, squirting cum out of my ass like a faucet!
Michael couldn't even cum, as my ass was so loose, so I sucked him off instead.. I have to admit, I loved the taste of his cock that morning, as it was coated with my ass-juices, and the mixed loads of god knows HOW MANY guys!
It's almost a month later, and my ass is still feeling loose.. not AS loose as before, but I've been fucking it steadily, when I can't get a real cock for my ass, with some really big toys!
I love the feeling of having my ass gaping open like that!
I told Michael that I want a slightly smaller anal gangbang soon... Oh, and I asked him for more crystal meth! I read where gay men do something called a "booty bump", where they either stick the crystal powder, or a solution of water and meth, in their asshole.. that it's supposed to soak right in through the membranes or something, and really hit you hard, and fast!
I can't wait! I want to get completely fucked up on this stuff, to see how it feels!

I think I'm going to tell the guys to fuck my pussy as well, this time..
The anal gangbang before, I only sucked cock, didn't swallow any cum, and didn't get my cunt fucked AT ALL!
Not the next time though... I want to be made completely "airtight", with a cock in my mouth, cunt, and ass... Hopefully, we can figure out a way to get two cocks in my ass, and hopefully, two in my pussy, at the same time!
No idea how they'll do that, but I can't wait to try!