Sunday, December 31, 2006

My ass is available!! FINALLY!!!

Went to the Dr today... he checked out my asshole, and declared it "Open For Business"!!!
He also opened it with a speculum, and opened it WIDE!!
After he was done, he asked me if the offer to take fuck my ass was still open, and I just smiled, dropped to my knees, pulled his dick out, and popped it into my mouth, sucking it till it was hard and ready!
I got up, bent over, put some spit in my hand, , and as I was about to put it on my ass, he told me he had KY jelly... I told him to put it away, and spit on my ass, instead! He wasn't too sure, but tried it anyway, and damned if he didn't get into the idea!
Once he saw how nicely it lubed up my asshole, he just slid his cock right up my ass!
He said he was surprised that my ass felt as tight as it did, considering what I'd gone through... I just smiled, and told him to loosen me up! Fuck my ass hard, Doc!
BTW.. he TRIED to use a condom.... I wasn't having any of that!
Again, after putting up a small fight, he caved, and again, he got into it!
He said he'd never fucked ANYTHING without a rubber, much less an ass, but he loved it!
Especially when he shot a huge load up my ass!
When he was done, he asked if I needed to used the bathroom to get rid of his load, and I just smiled, said no thanks, and got dressed to go!
He had this SHOCKED look on his face! I loved it!
He was like "You're leaving with my cum up your ass???"
I told him, OF COURSE!!!"
Well, I was wearing a short skirt, and, of course, no panties, and as he saw me out the door, I FARTED!! LOL!!! You should have seen the look on his face, as he looked at me, then looked down, to see a huge dollop of cum start sliding down my thigh! I just giggled, reached down, and scooped it up, and licked it off my finger, smiling, and said YUM! Thanks Doc!
And left his office, walking down the street, humming happily to myself!!

I have to get Michael to get some of the guys together tonight, for a new years eve gangbang!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Well, I've done ass-to-mouth a few times before, but since my double-anal session last month, I've been doing it a LOT lately!

Let me tell you about what happened 5 nights ago.....

Michael was THRILLED that I loved the double-anal so much, and that I loved having my asshole stretched open like that, so he got in touch with a couple of Black Men through the net, that were supposed to have some really HUGE cocks, and invited them to fuck my ass!

They came over, and by the looks of them, I wasn't expecting much.. one was about 40 or so, looked like a bum, he was short, dirty, unshaven, and skinny as hell! The other one wasn't much better... at least he had bathed...
But if my Man wants me to fuck these guys, why should I refuse? He's never disappointed me in the past, and I figured, well, what the fuck, even if they have tiny dicks, I'll get them both off, and my Michael will be happy.
I dropped to my knees, and unzipped their pants... These guys weren't even hard yet, but they each had at least 8 inches, and pretty thick... I was thinking that this could get interesting....I wasn't disappointed!
I started taking turns, sucking their soft cocks into my mouth, rolling my tongue all over the heads of their cocks, then literally sucking their cocks into my throat, to the balls, then pulling off, and switching to the other guy, stroking the other cock with my hand, and kept going back and forth till they were both hard. By the time I had the short, smelly one hard, my mouth was stretched farther than I had ever had it stretched before! It had snaked it's way DOWN my throat, again, stretching like never before! I didn't think I'd be able to get the head out of my throat!
It litterally POP'ed out of my throat!
Then the other guy did the same thing!
While all this was happening, my Man kept spitting on my asshole, and rubbing it in, getting me wet, and loose for them..
I sat on the guy that didn't stink, got his thick cock in my ass, and started riding... I figured that I'd take turns for a little while, taking them up my ass one at a time, to get used to it again, but NO... after I was all the way down on the first cock, the smelly one pushed me forward, HARD, and shoved that fat prick right up my ass! The guy already in me, was like "WHOA!! What the fuck you doin???" No warning, just SLAM!!!
After I got over the initial pain and shock, I really started to get into it!

I LOVED the feel of my ass being stretched like never before!
I even started to bleed a bit, hell, MORE than just a bit! It was bleeding kinda heavy!
When I found out, everyone kinda freaked a bit, and wanted to stop, but I told them "NO FUCKING WAY, ARE YOU TAKING THOSE BIG NIGGER COCKS OUTTA MY ASS!!!

So they did!! And I LOVED it!!
After they both came in my ass, I told them to pull out, and shove those big nigger cocks in my mouth, and let me clean them off.
So here I am, asshole gaping open, dripping blood, and cum, and a bit of shit (had a hell of a time cleaning the carpet afterward, btw), and these two HUGE, THICK Black cocks are staring mein the face, slapping my face with their cocks, and shoving them in my mouth!
I was, at that point, absolutely crazy with lust, and was just going to town on these two dicks!
I'm licking the blood, the cum, ass-juices, and a small amount of shit off them, and loving it!

I had blood, cum, and everything else smeared all over my face, and when they were clean, and hard again, they were like "Round 2???"
I said yes! to that, and rounds 3, and 4!
By then end, my face was full of dried cum, blood, shit and ass juices, andmy mouth was all sticky.... and I was passed out on the floor, in pain and pleasure, till Michael picked me up, and put me in a hot bath..
I just layed there for 2 hours, with him putting more hot water in every 15 mins or so, till he was done cleaning me up, and the swelling in my ass went down, then Michael helped me to bed, fucked my pussy, came in me, then tucked me in to sleep, and he went out somewhere.

I woke up the next day wearing an adult diaper, with a huge amount of gauze packed into my asshole, to try and stop the bleeding... When Iw as awake, he took me to a doctor friend of his who said I didn't need stitches, but that I was going to be sore for some time, and to not get ass-fucked for a while... I smiled, thanked him, and asked him how long I had to wait.. he said at least a week.. I looked at him and asked him if he was serious... He was....
Well, right now, I'm sitting on a soft cushion, with an ice pack on my asshole.... it still feels swollen, and open, but not gaping anymore...
My asshole is numb...and I want to get fucked again!!!!!!
Oh well.... Doc said that as much ass to mouth as I did, he's suprised I wasn't sick.... I told him I was too.... then smiled, and told him to call me when he thinks it's ok to get assfucked... he could be the first!

Well, bye for now!