Sunday, December 31, 2006

My ass is available!! FINALLY!!!

Went to the Dr today... he checked out my asshole, and declared it "Open For Business"!!!
He also opened it with a speculum, and opened it WIDE!!
After he was done, he asked me if the offer to take fuck my ass was still open, and I just smiled, dropped to my knees, pulled his dick out, and popped it into my mouth, sucking it till it was hard and ready!
I got up, bent over, put some spit in my hand, , and as I was about to put it on my ass, he told me he had KY jelly... I told him to put it away, and spit on my ass, instead! He wasn't too sure, but tried it anyway, and damned if he didn't get into the idea!
Once he saw how nicely it lubed up my asshole, he just slid his cock right up my ass!
He said he was surprised that my ass felt as tight as it did, considering what I'd gone through... I just smiled, and told him to loosen me up! Fuck my ass hard, Doc!
BTW.. he TRIED to use a condom.... I wasn't having any of that!
Again, after putting up a small fight, he caved, and again, he got into it!
He said he'd never fucked ANYTHING without a rubber, much less an ass, but he loved it!
Especially when he shot a huge load up my ass!
When he was done, he asked if I needed to used the bathroom to get rid of his load, and I just smiled, said no thanks, and got dressed to go!
He had this SHOCKED look on his face! I loved it!
He was like "You're leaving with my cum up your ass???"
I told him, OF COURSE!!!"
Well, I was wearing a short skirt, and, of course, no panties, and as he saw me out the door, I FARTED!! LOL!!! You should have seen the look on his face, as he looked at me, then looked down, to see a huge dollop of cum start sliding down my thigh! I just giggled, reached down, and scooped it up, and licked it off my finger, smiling, and said YUM! Thanks Doc!
And left his office, walking down the street, humming happily to myself!!

I have to get Michael to get some of the guys together tonight, for a new years eve gangbang!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Well, I've done ass-to-mouth a few times before, but since my double-anal session last month, I've been doing it a LOT lately!

Let me tell you about what happened 5 nights ago.....

Michael was THRILLED that I loved the double-anal so much, and that I loved having my asshole stretched open like that, so he got in touch with a couple of Black Men through the net, that were supposed to have some really HUGE cocks, and invited them to fuck my ass!

They came over, and by the looks of them, I wasn't expecting much.. one was about 40 or so, looked like a bum, he was short, dirty, unshaven, and skinny as hell! The other one wasn't much better... at least he had bathed...
But if my Man wants me to fuck these guys, why should I refuse? He's never disappointed me in the past, and I figured, well, what the fuck, even if they have tiny dicks, I'll get them both off, and my Michael will be happy.
I dropped to my knees, and unzipped their pants... These guys weren't even hard yet, but they each had at least 8 inches, and pretty thick... I was thinking that this could get interesting....I wasn't disappointed!
I started taking turns, sucking their soft cocks into my mouth, rolling my tongue all over the heads of their cocks, then literally sucking their cocks into my throat, to the balls, then pulling off, and switching to the other guy, stroking the other cock with my hand, and kept going back and forth till they were both hard. By the time I had the short, smelly one hard, my mouth was stretched farther than I had ever had it stretched before! It had snaked it's way DOWN my throat, again, stretching like never before! I didn't think I'd be able to get the head out of my throat!
It litterally POP'ed out of my throat!
Then the other guy did the same thing!
While all this was happening, my Man kept spitting on my asshole, and rubbing it in, getting me wet, and loose for them..
I sat on the guy that didn't stink, got his thick cock in my ass, and started riding... I figured that I'd take turns for a little while, taking them up my ass one at a time, to get used to it again, but NO... after I was all the way down on the first cock, the smelly one pushed me forward, HARD, and shoved that fat prick right up my ass! The guy already in me, was like "WHOA!! What the fuck you doin???" No warning, just SLAM!!!
After I got over the initial pain and shock, I really started to get into it!

I LOVED the feel of my ass being stretched like never before!
I even started to bleed a bit, hell, MORE than just a bit! It was bleeding kinda heavy!
When I found out, everyone kinda freaked a bit, and wanted to stop, but I told them "NO FUCKING WAY, ARE YOU TAKING THOSE BIG NIGGER COCKS OUTTA MY ASS!!!

So they did!! And I LOVED it!!
After they both came in my ass, I told them to pull out, and shove those big nigger cocks in my mouth, and let me clean them off.
So here I am, asshole gaping open, dripping blood, and cum, and a bit of shit (had a hell of a time cleaning the carpet afterward, btw), and these two HUGE, THICK Black cocks are staring mein the face, slapping my face with their cocks, and shoving them in my mouth!
I was, at that point, absolutely crazy with lust, and was just going to town on these two dicks!
I'm licking the blood, the cum, ass-juices, and a small amount of shit off them, and loving it!

I had blood, cum, and everything else smeared all over my face, and when they were clean, and hard again, they were like "Round 2???"
I said yes! to that, and rounds 3, and 4!
By then end, my face was full of dried cum, blood, shit and ass juices, andmy mouth was all sticky.... and I was passed out on the floor, in pain and pleasure, till Michael picked me up, and put me in a hot bath..
I just layed there for 2 hours, with him putting more hot water in every 15 mins or so, till he was done cleaning me up, and the swelling in my ass went down, then Michael helped me to bed, fucked my pussy, came in me, then tucked me in to sleep, and he went out somewhere.

I woke up the next day wearing an adult diaper, with a huge amount of gauze packed into my asshole, to try and stop the bleeding... When Iw as awake, he took me to a doctor friend of his who said I didn't need stitches, but that I was going to be sore for some time, and to not get ass-fucked for a while... I smiled, thanked him, and asked him how long I had to wait.. he said at least a week.. I looked at him and asked him if he was serious... He was....
Well, right now, I'm sitting on a soft cushion, with an ice pack on my asshole.... it still feels swollen, and open, but not gaping anymore...
My asshole is numb...and I want to get fucked again!!!!!!
Oh well.... Doc said that as much ass to mouth as I did, he's suprised I wasn't sick.... I told him I was too.... then smiled, and told him to call me when he thinks it's ok to get assfucked... he could be the first!

Well, bye for now!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sorry I've been gone..

Well, if you read my last post, you'll know that I wanted to get anally gang-banged by at least 30 Big, Black cocks!
Just my luck... only 22 showed up, not counting Michael, so that desire didn't get fulfilled...
On a positive note though, I DID get a good ass-fucking, and wound up taking at least two loads from each guy! A few came a third time!

I was fucked up that night, having smoked some good weed, and, later in the afternoon (this started at 10 in the morning, btw), one of the guys pulled out some crystal meth.. WOW!!!

I smoked some, and it hit me right away, really making me horny, full of energy, and a little hazy...
A few things I DEFINATELY remember, was the PAIN, and later, the pleasure, when two of the biggest cocks in the group BOTH got pushed up my ass at the same time!
I was sitting on one guy's cock, facing with my back to him, trying to get used to his thickness, and another guy, that I had been sucking (working as my own fluffer! LOL!), pushed me back, lifted my legs, and started pushing his cock into my ass, right above the one already in there!
Now, I've been double-anal penetrated before, but OMG!! These guys were both thicker than most of the guys I've taken back there!
These guys fucked me for a LONG time, I'll tell you! I was surprised at how long they lasted! I guess that my ass wasn't that tight, by that point, by that point, so maybe that's why...

btw.. NOBODY brought a damned camera!!! SHIT!

I know that, at one point, I reached down to feel my asshole, which was starting to hurt a bit, and felt just how swollen it was, and could feel the cum just dripping out of my ass, as it was just GAPING OPEN!!! I REALLY wish I could have had pictures of that!!

My asshole, when I woke up the next day, was still stretched enough that Michael was able to slide his cock in, and barely touch the sides! He said he'd never felt a PUSSY so loose, much less an ASSHOLE!!
It hurt like hell when he fucked me that next day, but I still came like mad, squirting cum out of my ass like a faucet!
Michael couldn't even cum, as my ass was so loose, so I sucked him off instead.. I have to admit, I loved the taste of his cock that morning, as it was coated with my ass-juices, and the mixed loads of god knows HOW MANY guys!
It's almost a month later, and my ass is still feeling loose.. not AS loose as before, but I've been fucking it steadily, when I can't get a real cock for my ass, with some really big toys!
I love the feeling of having my ass gaping open like that!
I told Michael that I want a slightly smaller anal gangbang soon... Oh, and I asked him for more crystal meth! I read where gay men do something called a "booty bump", where they either stick the crystal powder, or a solution of water and meth, in their asshole.. that it's supposed to soak right in through the membranes or something, and really hit you hard, and fast!
I can't wait! I want to get completely fucked up on this stuff, to see how it feels!

I think I'm going to tell the guys to fuck my pussy as well, this time..
The anal gangbang before, I only sucked cock, didn't swallow any cum, and didn't get my cunt fucked AT ALL!
Not the next time though... I want to be made completely "airtight", with a cock in my mouth, cunt, and ass... Hopefully, we can figure out a way to get two cocks in my ass, and hopefully, two in my pussy, at the same time!
No idea how they'll do that, but I can't wait to try!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anal Gangbang Tonight!

Talked to Michael earlier this week, told him I was REALLY in the mood to get my ass stretched, stuffed, and filled with cum, and he was saying that it wasn't a problem, that he'd bring a couple of guys over to fuck my ass.. Now, normally, that would have been fine, but for some reason, the idea of just a couple of guys ass-fucking me, wasn't enough!

I explained my craving, and after discussing it with Michael for an hour, I finally convinced him that I was totally serious in wanting this.
He agreed that I could take on as many as possible, but he asked that he be there, not only to join in, but mainly, to watch, and make sure that I didn't overdo it.. Of course, I said yes!

He made some calls, and by the next day, he had contacted at least 30 men, with 25 saying that they could make it. The other 5 WANTED to come and fuck my ass, but due to obligations (mainly family, but 2 were work-related) they couldn't make it.

Some of the guys said they could probably get a few guys to come with them, so I'm hoping that I get at LEAST 30 guys to fuck my ass!

I told Michael that I wanted at least 5 guys with really THICK Black cocks, to really stretch my hole out good, so I hope he's able to hook it up for me..
I'm going to do it tonight (Wednesday night), so I've been on a liquid diet since this morning (Tuesday morning), and have been giving myself enemas about every two hours, starting with just a shallow one, with the latest, having pushed the enema nozzle deeper up my ass than I have ever done before. The last few have been interesting, to say the least, and have been QUITE uncomfortable! I've taken two breaks since starting to write this latest blog entry, to empty my bowels, and most of the water is running clear, which is a good sign.. I'll take a nap when I'm sure that I'm completely empty, then wake up around 10 am to give myself a final enema... Right now, my asshole is a little sore, but a bit of ice on my asshole, I know, will help numb the pain, and take down any swelling.
I've been eating yogurt the last couple of hours, as they say that it's the best thing to do for your body, after so many enemas... We'll see...

I'll fill you all in, as soon as I can, on the results of the anal gangbang.

I sincerely hope someone takes some pictures, so that I can post them up here, but until then, here's a few that I've gotten off the 'net, for you all to enjoy.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Got SUPER horny last night!

Well, Michael came home, and as I hoped he *DID* have PLENTY of energy for me!
He shoved each and every one of my new toys in each hole, hell, he even managed to SHOVE the BAM toy at least 8 inches down my throat, as he was slamming the huge buttplug up my ass with his knee, and holding the fist toy in my cunt!
By the time the night was over, I was passed out from exhaustion, with the fist toy AND the BAM toy BOTH up my ass, and the biggest buttplug in my pussy!
I woke up, to find one of the big dildoes still stuck in my mouth, my face with dried cum on it, and my holes even more sore than the first night with the toys!

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since then, and last night, since Michael was out drinking with his buddies, I was home alone, and horny as hell, and the toys just WERE NOT gonna satisfy me!

So I decided to try something...
I dressed SUPER-SLUTTY, like when I was whoring my ass on the streets for money, and went to where the hookers hang out... I was gonna get laid by some strange cock tonight, and I was gonna feel like a total whore/slut, doing it!
I had decided though, that I was going to tell each guy that wanted me, that I wasn't charging a penny... Thought it might be fun to see the reactions..
Was it ever!!!

Got used by about 10 guys, in the first 4 hours, then, as a guy pulled up, and I leaned into his window to talk to him, he started to ask the usual questions.. "What will you do?" (Anything he wanted!), "Will you do it without a rubber?" (No problem there!!)
Then came the final question... "How much?"

I told him that I wasn't charging, and he thought I was joking. He kept asking "how much for a blowjob?" (free) " How much to fuck you?" (again, free!)
Well, we got to his room, and as I unzipped his pants, instead of his cock, I found his BADGE!!

He was a cop!!
He started to talk shit, like that he was going to arrest me for prostitution, and I kept arguing that I wasn't charging, that I was giving it away, but he seemed pretty determined...
After I asked him what it would take to convince him that I wasn't hooking, that I was doing this only for fun, he finally told me that, to prove it, I would have to let him, and his buddies on the vice squad fuck ALL my holes, no rubbers, for the rest of the night!

I just looked, then laughed hard, and told him "Send them in! Bring it on!"
He still, I think, didn't think I was serious, until his friends showed up, and I took them all on!
By the end, I think I had at least 6 loads of cum in my pussy, cum all over my face, hair, and tits, and had taken at least 4 loads in my asshole, and swallowed at least 2 loads.. these, right after they were done fucking my ass!
I loved it!!
I told them that I hoped they'd use me like that, NEXT time they saw me "walking the streets" again!
They assured me they would!

So now, I'm just sitting here, almost ready to nod off, as I'm feeling the cum leaking from my pussy and asshole... I love going to sleep like this!!
Night night, all!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I got Michael's gift finally!

Well, it came in the mail yesterday, and I was shocked!!!
It was a HUGE box, and when the UPS guy brought it in, I opened it right there in front of him! I just couldn't wait!

Well, what is the first thing that BOTH of us see???

I double-headed dildo, that was absolutely HUGE!!!
I mean, the thing had to be over 3 feet long, and as thick as my arm! (And remember, I have a bit of meat to me! LOL!)
I pulled it out, and saw the look on the UPS guy, and besides the look of shock, I also saw LUST in his eyes! I wasn't at all embarrassed though, and kept digging! The second surprise in the box was a "make your own dildo" kit! It had a note attached, from Michael, that said "When I get home, we can make a dildo from my cock!"
I can't WAIT to do that! Sounds like it's gonna be fun!
The next item out of the box was a vibrating dildo, a huge Black one, called BAM!
I tried that one out last night!!! WOW!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the UPS guy! After I was done pulling everything out, which included vibrators, a fist-shaped dildo (HUGE, btw), and a couple of butt-plugs, he cleared his throat, I guess to remind me that he was still there (like I could forget?), and I signed the package, then grabbed his crotch!
I told him toys are fun, but I wanted the real thing, right then!
I kissed him HARD, then dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, and got whacked in the face with a cute 6 inch white cock. I didn't tell him I wanted something bigger, as I didn't want to make him feel bad, so quickly sucked it right down my throat, and made him feel good for a few minutes, then bent over, flipped my robe up, so he could get to my cunt, and told him to fuck me hard!
Well, he did, for about 2 minutes, before cumming in my pussy! I wasn't even CLOSE to cumming yet, but I could see that he was done, so I grabbed the BAM dildo, turned it on (nice vibes!), and rammed it into my wet cunt, straddling it, and placing the base on the floor, so I could ride it, while I licked his cock clean.
I couldn't stop licking, and sucking, as I rode that big Black dildo, and I guess the sight of that, got him turned on, and he got hard again, almost right away!

I told him he could fuck my ass, if he wanted, and he went right to work! He spit on my asshole, at my suggestion, and I told him to just RAM that cock right up my shitter! He did, and it was like, INSTANT ORGASM!!!
He fucked my ass for a good 5 minutes (I guess the first cum, helped him stay longer the second time around!) before he unloaded into my ass, just as I was on my 4th or 5th cum from the double penetration!
When he was done cumming, and pulled out, I took his cock right back into my mouth, and cleaned him off completely, with my tongue, then asked him, as he was zipping up his pants (he had never taken them off, just unzipped and fucked!), if he'd be kind enough to out the biggest butt-plug in my ass, before he left?
He didn't say a word, just started to unwrap the big plug, as I bent over in front of him, spreading my ass cheeks wide for him. He didn't lube it up or anything.. I guess my asshole was still creamy enough from his cum.. He just pushed that plug right in! I was like WHOA!!!! as the widest part of it spread my asshole, and then had an IMMEDIATE orgasm, as soon as my ass closed around the base of it! When I finally came down from that cum, I looked up, to see that the UPS guy was gone!
I pulled the BAM toy from my cunt, and, with my legs still shacking from the orgasm, got up, flipped my robe down over my ass, and collapsed on the sofa, still shaking!

All night long, I was playing with my new toys, and this morning, I woke up with the buttplug still in my ass, and the fist toy buried in my cunt!
I started to pull them out, and realized that my holes had dried up a bit, while I was sleeping!
Luckily, I always keep a tube of lube nearby, so I just put some on my fingers, and greased up my holes, and the toys just slipped right out, thank god!
My asshole is still pretty loose, as I, at one point, was yanking the butt-plug out of my ass, and shoving it right back in, back and forth, pretty fast!
It really stretched the hell outta my ass, but it was feeling so good!
My pussy got a pretty good workout too, for that matter!
I'm a little sore today, but it's a good kinda sore...
When Michael gets home, he'd better have prlenty of energy! Because I'm going to want him to use each, and every toy on me, while he fucks me!

Now, if you'll excuse me, writing about this, has my pussy getting wet, and my asshole itching to be filled again, so I think I'm going to put one of the smaller buttplugs in, and put the biggest one in my cunt, and run out to the store!
It's something I haven't done in a long time, going out in public, with both holes filled like that!
Last time I did it, I had to run into the mall ladies' room, and finger my clit till I came, just so I could think straight, while I was shopping!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

He's out of town, and I'm so lonely, and HORNY!!

Michael's been out of town for about 9 days now, and he's not due back for at LEAST another week!

Now, as I said in the title, I'm lonely, and horney.. but mostly lonely!

Never thought I'd feel lonely again.. normally, I'd just hop in the van, and go out somewhere, but damn it, Michael's got my heart so bad (or is that good?) that I don't want to go out, cheating on him!!! DAMN!!

Michael said he was going to send me a present soon... the way he said it, I just KNOW he has something on his mind!
Can't wait to see what it is!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

He took me out last night!

Michael called me from his office yesterday, and told me to dress like a lady, that he was taking me out.

He got home, and I was dressed, and waiting...

He changed into something more formal, and we got in the car.
Turns out, he was taking me out to dinner with one of his clients. He introduced me as his "Lady", and treated me like a real lady! He held the doors open, held my chair as I sat down at the table, and treated me with total respect!
Wow! It's been YEARS since I've had that experience!
I could get used to this!

We went to a really NICE restaurant, and had a great meal, and Michael encouraged me to join in the conversation, which was a nice change from "on your knees, bitch!" LOL!!!

I chatted with his client, an older Japanese businessman, and his wife, and just totally enjoyed the company!

I just woke up from a short rest, and wanted to write this, before it faded...
No sex, but I feel like I'm flying high, from the attention, and being treated like a classy lady, like every woman dreams of!

More later,

Friday, September 01, 2006

Michael's friends came over tonight...

They all just left..
They all came over at the same time, about 5 hours ago.
Seemed they were all drinking together, and got horny, and decided they wanted to get laid.

They walked in, said hi, all of them gave me a kiss, then started to strip, right there in the living room, telling me that they were going to take Michael up on his offer of my body!

No problem, I was ready...

Within seconds, I was naked, and had a dick in each hand, one in my mouth, sitting on the biggest, and the other one was inching his way up my ass!

I haven't done it like this in a while, and it took a little time to get back into the old rythym, but I think I did ok.
Michael woke up a short time ago, and found me laying on the couch, cum dripping out of my holes, cum in my hair, all over my face and tits, and a VERY satisfied look on my face!
He just stood there for a minute, and I couldn't tell if he was angry, shocked, turned on, or what!

Eventually, he smiled, came over, gave me a kiss, and told me that he had a feeling his friends would be over tonight, as they were all drinking together earlier, but he had had to leave, and they kept drinking.
He told me that he hoped I had had a good time, and that everyone had left satisfied, and I just smiled, nodded, and rubbed the cum into my pussy and asshole, and smeared a bunch into my breasts, then licked my fingers clean, right in front of him! He smiled, and said he was going back to bed.....

I think I'm going to go join him... I LOVE snuggling next to Michael!
And maybe he'll let me wake him with a blowjob, or maybe more??


Monday, August 28, 2006

Been a while.. Interesting things have been happening!

Well, I won't say where I am right now, as life has gotten QUITE interesting!

I hooked up with a guy from Yahoo, a Black man, we chatted whenever I got on, which wasn't often...
He seemed real nice... intelligent,. kind, funny, and a VERY sexual/sensual side!
He wasn't raunchy from the get-go, like some guys, didn't say anything like "Nice Tits!" or "I'm looking for a slut", or anything like that, so we chatted for a couple of weeks, before I finally agreed to drive out to see him.
His name is Michael, and he's a businessman in a really large city, and we met at his office.
We went to dinner, where he did some honest-to-goodness seduction on me!

I didn't realize just how much I missed that!

Michael had me feeling flustered, and I felt like I was having hot flashes! I mean, this man treated me like a lady, yet STILL managed to get me more turned on, than any man has ever done before!

Oh, I forgot to mention... Michael is 75 years old!!!

I wanted to go to bed with him right away, but he wouldn't hear of it! I couldn't believe it!
So we took it slow.... 2 weeks, to be exact....
We went out almost every night, and afterwards, he would bring me to the sleazebag motel I was staying at, kiss me like a gentleman, and say goodnight, refusing to come in!
Talk about frustrating!!!
After just a few dates, I was getting so sexually frustrated, that I went to an adult bookstore, and took on any guy that wanted me! Well, considering that it was a predominately GAY bookstore, I only got 4 dicks to suck and 1 to fuck me, but it took the edge off....

Funny thing happened though...
When I was done, I had this really unusual feeling... I felt like I had cheated on Michael!!
When I saw him, two days later, I broke down crying, in his car, and confessed... I figured he'd be mad or turned on, or something... but to my surprise, NOTHING... He didn't say a word.
NOW I was worried... when a man doesn't say anything, that's never a good sign.

All he did, was stop at his office, and have me wait outside for a few minutes.
When he called me in to his office, he told me that he knew about my sexual experiences/preferences, having read this blog, and from yahoo groups... seemed he had followed old postings of me for months, before contacting me.

Michael told me that he was, indeed, turned on by my exploits, but wanted to see if I could be true to him, on my own, without him having to ask. I started crying again, and told him that I felt like a cheating wife after I left the bookstore, and felt like I had let him down, and that I had never felt so guilty about cheating before, until I met him.
He held me, wiped my tears, and said that it was okay, that he understood that monogamy wasn't an easy thing for me.... He USED to be the jealous type, he said, till he lost his last wife, when she cheated, and confessed, and tried to make it up to him, and he said he had gone ballistic, and had thrown her out, and called her a filthy whore, and other nasty things, and that she took her own life, 3 days later, claiming that she couldn't live, having hurt him so badly, and couldn't live without him.
He told me that it had been like an awakening for him, that he realized that petty jealousies were not worth losing someone he had truly loved, and that had still loved him, and that he had vowed, if he ever met another woman he could love, he would let her do almost anything she wanted, as long as she came back home to him!

This left me a bit confused, until he told me that he would explain soon....

A little while later, his phone rang, and he told the guy in the lobby to let "them" in, and to send them up to his office. Minutes after that, a group of older Black men came in, five of them, all about the same age as Michael.
He introduced me to them, and explained that these guys were his best friends, and old war buddies, and that, if I REALLy needed to be used by a group of men, and treated like a slut, whore, and fuckpig, that he would prefer it if it was with his buddies!

He announced to me, and his buddies, that, if I TRULY wanted to stay with him, that I would be expected, at least once a week, perhaps more often, to make my body available to his friends, sexually, and, of course, him.
It took me a few minutes to sink in, but then I was all over Michael, hugging, and kissing him, and thanking him, saying that yes, I would LOVE it if he would let me stay with him, and YES, I'd LOVE to be able to service his friends whenever possible!
By the waym three of the men looked like retired business types, and the other two looked like they did menial labor (one was the janitor, at the city hall, and the other, it turns out, worked for the city sewerage plant)
As soon as I said that, he suggested to the men that they all get started, and they were all soon naked, and all sporting some NICE cocks!
One of them , the smallest dick of the bunch, was only about 5 inches, but a nice fat one! The largest, was about 9 inches, and thin.. But the balls on ALL of these guys were HUGE!!!

They soon had me standing up, and were kissing, and caressing every square inch of me, as they undressed me, and soon, I was on my knees, staring up at 6 beautiful Black cocks!
By the time we left, it was 2am, and I had taken every man in every hole, swallowed cum from some, took a few loads in my pussy and ass, and had even taken a couple of loads on my face!
As we were walking out of his office, we ran into the night watchman for the building, as he was making his rounds. Now, this guy was about 50 or so, white, and definately overweight!
As soon as Michael saw him, he whispered into my ear to get down on my knees, as he called over the guard. He told the guard that he'd like to offer my mouth to him, if he'd like to use me, and I soon had a 6 inch white cock in my mouth, sucking him off, as Michael stroked my hair, and told me that the guard hadn't had sex in 5 years, that his wife didn't claim to want it anymore, and that, if I didn't mind, could I possibly take care of him once a week or so? I had just finished swallowing the guard's cum, and turned my head to Michael, and told him that I'd be happy to, if that's what he wanted!
Michael had a huge grin on his face, and, as we went downstairs to his car, told me that we were going to my motel, and pack my stuff up, that he was moving me into his house!
I was, and still am, THRILLED at this!
Michael takes good care of me, he fucks me at least once every other day, and his friends stop by every day! At least one at a time, but a few times, they've showed up all at once, asking to use me, and have even brought a few new friends!

So, right now, I'm getting all the Black cock I need/want, and am feeling like a pampered princess!
He's really sweet, my Michael, and I think I'm starting to fall for him!
And his buddies are really sweet too! They always treat me like I'm their girlfriend, acting more like full time lovers, rather than as guys that come over just to fuck me!

There's just one problem... I'm starting to get that itch, to be a slut for total strangers again!
And I wouldn't mind eating some pussy too....

Guess that it's time to talk to Michael about this... Hope he doesn't mind...


Monday, July 17, 2006

The new job, 10 days later...

Well, it's now 10 days later, and I'm still sucking (and occasionally fucking) cocks through a gloryhole for money...

The thrill has worn off *just* a bit... lol!!

Yeah, I get that same thrill whenever a LARGE cock gets put through the hole, especially if it's a Black one, but they are few, and far between...

One thing that will never cease to amaze me, is the size of the loads these different cocks shoot!
I've had these BIG cocks, with some HUGE balls, that wind up shooting these tiny, watery loads, then every once in a while, I get some guy with a tiny set of balls, average white dick (about 6 inches, if anyone cares), and, with these tiny balls, you'd think the cumload would be nothing... Not always so, my dear readers! I have had this one cock (I'd say, "this one guy", but I've only ever seen his cock and balls), he cums in about every 3 days, sticks his cock and balls through the hole, and always picks MY hole! (we try to use the same hole every night) I get right down on him, especially now, more so, now that I know what his deal is! He shoots this HUGE, thick, ropy cumload, that is SO tasty! It fills my mouth up EVERY TIME! DAMN!
And the taste is just indescribably SWEET!! Not quite candy sweet, but absolutely NO bitterness to it, and it just tastes so damn good!!

But like I was saying... I'm starting to get a little bored, of sitting there, night after night, sucking one strange cock after another, swallowing cumload after cumload...Oh, I alternate occasionally... besides getting my cunt pumped full of strange cock every once in a while, sometimes, I'll suck him till he's ready to cum, pinching my nipples the whole time, and pull off, just as he starts to cum, aiming his load on my chest! It makes for a nice change of pace... Can't wait to try it tonight, with the buy with the tiny balls, and huge cumload! I'll bet he's gonna cover at least one tit with cum!

I told one of the girls about mr. tiny balls, and how good his load tastes, and she didn't believe me.. so last time, instead of swallowing ALL his load, I kept about half in my mouth, then pulled her to me, and kissed her, feeding it to her! She loved the taste too!
I don't know if I want to give this one up!

But... Another thing that happened last night... It was late.. maybe 3am, and my shift was just about over.. I had eaten about 30 or more cumloads, and was really feeling a little queasy.. I think I'd better not eat anything before I go in, from now on... I always wind up feeling pretty full at the end of the night... Only 1 other girl there, will swallow almost all the loads, like I do..
So, last night, near the end of my shift, this guy sticks it through, and at first, it looked great! Nice and hard, thick, and about 7 inches.. I was like "YEAH! Good Eatin'!!!"

WRONG!!! It was uncircumsized, which I don't mind at all, but when I pulled back his foreskin, the STENCH hit me! I don't think this guy had washed his dick for 2 weeks!
I almost threw up, on the spot!! Well, I reached over for a baby wipe, cleaned his cock up, and thought I had done a good job! All the dick cheese was gone, and it didn't smell as bad, so I figured, what the fuck, I'll get him off quick, and get it over with...
Again...WRONG! He took quite a while, to get ready to cum, and before he did, I was gagging, struggling to to throw up again, from the taste of his cheesy dick, and suddenly, it happened.. Luckily, I keep a bucket below me, to catch any cum that spills out of my mouth..Well, I suddenly started gagging worse than I ever have, and just as he started to cum, the first shot hit the back of my throat, and I let loose with a load of vomit that surprised even me!
it was like, the sandwich I had eaten earlier (A Reuben.. Definately NOT a good idea! LOL!), untold number of cum-loads, and the usual nasty shit that comes up when you puke...
Funny thing is, I SWEAR, when I started puking, I heard somebody say "Cool! She's puking on his dick!", and his cum shot out even harder! Well, that just started more puking, and by the time he's down to a dribble, I've coated his cock, and half the wall, with my puke!
Thank god, one of the other girls was in between blowjobs, because the first thing she did, was reach for the baby wipes, and clean him off, before he pulled out (don't want to embarrass the guy more than we already have), then she started to wipe my face down, and my chest, then started scrubbing the wall! I just sat back recovering, and asked "How the fuck can you be so calm about this mess?"
"Simple, " she told me, "I have two kids.. I'm used to cleaning up messes like this!" LOL!!! OMG!!
She later told me that she has two kids, 1 year old, and 3 years old, so she's gotten used to cleaning up puke, and shit....
I asked her what her husband thought of what she was doing, and she told me that her husband left her after the last baby, insisting that it wasn't his.. (She insists that it is, that she never had sex with anyone before him, and didn't cheat on him, while they were married..)... I don't know.. she's a PRETTY GOOD COCKSUCKER, and that's coming from someone with a good eye for these things! hehehe!
She told me that her mother watches the babies while she's working.. I asked if her mom knows what she's doing, and she said that she told her mom everything, that it was the only way she could make enough money to pay her bills, and provide for her kids... Apparently her mom isn't helping her financially!

I swear.. I thought I had seen it all.. guess I'm still learning...
Went out to breakfast with her and the kids this morning.. The kids are SO cute! and she looks so normal, when she's with them! You'd never know that she sits on a stool all night, 4 nights a week, and sucks all these strange cocks!
BTW.. she's one of the few girls that swallows most of the loads.... go figure!

I've got a date with one of the guys from internet cafe where I'm typing this from, tonight...
Kinda geeky, but cute, and I could use the night off, maybe just have a "normal" date.. either no sex, or just something nice, and romantic.. we'll see!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Got a new Job!

I won't tell you where, other than it's in Arizona..

I went to a strip clug, out of boredom (ok, I was horny as usual, but wanted pussy for a change, instead of dick! LOL!) and was watching things, and saw guys going through a door, almost continually, and coming back out, 5-10 mins later, looking like they had just blown their load!
So I decided to check it out.. Seems there were a couple of gloryholes in the walls! Guys came in, stuck a twenty in a slot, stuck their cock in, and got serviced!

I talked to the owner of the place the next day, and got a job working the hole!!
I get to keep 15 of the 20 bucks, and get all the dick I can suck!
Nice part? I don't see the guys, they don't see me, and I get all SORTS of dick!

Lsst night, I made three hundred bucks!
I sucked off most of the guys to completion, swallowing their loads, but there were two cocks that were so big, I just said to hell with the rules (supposed to be just BJs), and backed up to the hole, and took those cocks in my pussy, and rode them till we both came! It felt SO good to feel those cocks shoot into me!

Took tonight off, and just drank for a few hours.. Was doing shots of Jack Daniel's with beer chasers... got too drunk, and puked in the alley... real lady-like, eh? hehehe!!!

I turned down a couple of guys who wanted to fuck me... Would have been nice, but for some reason, I didn't want sex tonight...
Go figure....
Going jogging in the morning... My belly's getting a bit big.... (No, I'm not pregnant--At least I hope not... ;-)

The club owner says that I can stay in an apartment over the club if I want... but my cut of the bj money get's to only 10 bucks of the 20... not sure... We'll see...
Nice town.... kinda yuppie-ish, but I don't mind...

Wierd having this place in this area.. I'm guessing the owner is paying off the cops...Seems like such a straight-laced kinda town.. I was surprised to see this place here...

The other girls that work the holes here are a couple of skanky-looking bitches...
One is so skinny, she looks anorexic, and her breasts just kinda hang down.. look like a 3 cup, but skinny, and the end of my shift, she looked like death warmed over, but I've seen her work... she really sucks cockmeat down! Like she's starving or something!

The other girl is this UGLY black chick... And when I say UGLY, I'm not stretching the truth!
If these guys saw what she looks like, that would be the end of business for her!
But, again, she's got a talent for blowjobs... So I'm going to watch these two whenever I can, to learn anything I can from them...Whereas I did 20 guys, these two had to have done 30 each, at least!
The ugly one, at least, swallows... the skinny one, she just spits, or lets it shoot on her chest..

I think I'm going to try alternating with what I do with the cumloads... One in my mouth, one one my face, maybe one on my chest...but if those two big cocks come back, next time, I'm going to try to take them up my ass! LOL!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ben over 3 months since my last posting...Sorry

Well, it's been 3 months.. 3 loooooong ass months!

Was stuck in some little hick town, with very little internet access, and my van broken down...

only one Black man in the entire town, and he's in his 70's!!!

Had to take a job as a waitress in a coffee shop, so I could pay for the van repairs..

My sex life hasn't been that great, let me tell you.. I miss the big cities now!
I need to get the fuck out of this little dump of a town!
So far, I've managed to get fucked by two of the local cops, and my boss at the coffee shop, and so far, I've gone to the old Black man's house 3 times.. For an old man, he sure can fuck though!

Need to get the hell out of here... too damn boring...
You've heard the saying "They roll the sidewalks up at night"?? This place is just like that!! LOL!!
NOTHING going on here, after 7pm!!!

My only regular sexual play, has been my nightly "date" with my dildoes!
Thank god for plastic! LOL!

Think I'll be able to leave here within a few more days though...


Monday, February 20, 2006

About the orgy...

Well, as I said, I met this really BUTCH Black lesbian on the 15th, and she invited me to a lesbian orgy!
I had met her in a lesbian bar in a good-sized city I was driving through (I won't say where), and we talked, and drank, and talked, and drank, and after an hour or so, we were making out at the bar.
Janee' suggested we go "powder our noses", and I followed her to the women's restroom.
As soon as I got in there, she had me against the wall, kissing me hard, while feeling my breasts!
Well, you all KNOW I love it raunchy, so I got into it with her really quick!
Next thing I know, she's fingering my pussy, after snaking a hand up under my short skirt, and finding me not wearing any panties, and started calling me a slut, which only turned me on more!
I was trying to get my hand into her panties, but she had on a really tight pair of jeans, and I found myself unbuttoning them to get to her hot cunt.
She pushed me away, and then told me "get on your knees, bitch!"..Well, I always respond well to that kind of language, especially from a Black Man or Woman, and I dropped right down, and just looked up at her, as she opened the button-fly of her jeans, and pulled them down to her ankles, showing that, she too, wasn't wearing any panties!
She grabbed my head, and for the next 15 minutes or so, forced my face into her hot cunt! I really didn't need to be forced, as she had me so fucking horny by that time, but I enjoyed the feeling of being used, so just went along for the ride.
I brought her off about 5 times, then licked her clean, when she had shown that she had had enough. I was about to get to my feet, when another girl walked in, saw us, and Janee' told the other girl to "Go ahead and use the bitch!"
Well, I think this girl misunderstood, because she grabbed my hair, and dragged me towards the toilet! She leaned my back against the toilet, and pushed my head back into the bowl, and just squatted over my face, and let her pee fly!
My face was soaked, and I opened my mouth to drink her piss, and lick her wet pussy!
When she was done, she spit in my face, and told me to lick her clean! And you KNOW I did, too!

Afterwards, Janee' helped me up, told me that I was a good cuntlapper, and then told me about a little get-together she was going to, all women, some bi, some gay, but ALL fun!
She asked me if I was interested, and of course, I said yes!

I met her later that night, and she drove me to the place.

When we walked in, there were already about 6 or 7 women there, just standing around drinking, smoking, and chatting.. All eyes turned to us, when Janee' walked in, and announced that I was the designated submissive for the night, and that anyone could use me, ANY WAY that they wanted! And Janee' made SURE that everyone understood what she meant by "Any Way"!
Within a minute, I was stripped naked, and had my face forced into the pussy of a realy talkitive white girl, skinny as hell, but with the HAIRIEST mound I have ever had the pleasure of eating!
She was rubbing my face all in her cunt, thinking that I didn't know what I was doing, until I latched on to her clit, and licked all around it, then sucked it into my mouth like a tiny dick!
She went wild at that, and raised her legs up high, exposing her asshole, and, without needing to be told, I buried my tongue DEEP into her ass! Well, that just set her off, and she EXPLODED all in my hair, and all over my face! I kept up my tongue action, alternating between her cunt and ass, till she came all over my face again, then she grabbed my hair, pulled me up, and gave me such a soft, tender, tongue-kiss, that I almost couldn't believe it was the same girl! I just melted in her arms, and was perfectly content to be right there, till Janee' pulled me off, and pushed me to the floor, on my back, and told me to stay right there, till she or someone else, told me otherwise. What happened next, is easy to figure out..
Girls took tooks sitting on my face for the next 6 hours! I was also fisted in both my pussy And my ass, and had my tits brutally slapped, pinched, twisted, yanked, punched, etc..
Well, you all KNOW what THAT does to me, so I was off into orgasm-land for the next hour!
I passed out at some point, and came to, to find that I had been put into the tub, and I was being peed on by 3 women at once! Once I knew where I was, and got over the shock, I just opened my mouth, and drank as much piss as I could, while others peed all over my face and head.
When they were all done pissing on me, I thanked them for their gifts, and licked them all clean!

Janee' pulled me up, and proceeded to give me a shower, soaping me up SO nicely, and gently, and I figured that was the end of that..


Janee' took me out of the shower, and led me to the bed, and tied me, face-up, to the bed, tieing my legs up, and back, so my cunt and asshole were exposed, and for the next few hours, the women took turns, using strap-ons, and regular dildoes, and fists, and fucked me to the point that I was rubbed raw, and my holes were swollen, and it was no longer pleasureable for me!
The just laughed, and kept abusing my holes, while occasionally sitting on my face!

I finally was released, hours later, and staggered out to Janee's car, hair all messed up, my clothes plastered to my body, between sweat, and piss, and cunt-juice, I was a wreck!

Janee' took me to her place, cleaned me up, and held me for the rest of the night, telling me I was welcome to stay with her as long as I wanted, but on HER terms..
In other words, that night, was just enough to tell me what life would be like if I stayed with Janee'...
It's been over two months now, and I'm getting ready to leave Janee'... It's been great fun, as she's a VERY domineering bitch, and has slutted me out to different groups of women, and a few groups of men, but I'm starting to miss my freedom....
I haven't been allowed to go out, without her permission, and I have to tell her where I'm going, with whom, and when I'll be back... If I'm late, she's beaten me for it..
That, and I haven't had any money for months now...

I have enough gas to make it to a decent-sized city, where I'll either get a temporary job, or go back to being a whore, till I can get together gas and living money....

We'll see how things go..
And to those who missed me, I'm sorry.

To those who don't believe what I write here in this blog, well, as Janee' constantly says...



Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Going to have fun tonight!!

Met this really butch, Black Lesbian online this morning, and she invited me to a Lesbian orgy!!

It's later tonight, and I can't wait!!

Ill try and fill you in on how it went, when I get back.. If I have enough energy! LOL!


Friday, February 10, 2006

Still Travelling...

Well, I haven't decided if I want to settle in any one place yet.. Been driving through NY state, went as far as Vermont, but it seems too cold this time of year, and the tires on my van really aren't up to the snow, so I'm going to try heading west..

Someone emailed me that I should come down to HotLanta (Atlanta Georgia), and it's tempting...I've gotten some pretty nice offers from Black Men, wanting me to cum down and be their slut. Very tempting idea indeed, as Atlanta has gotten the reputation of having some pretty hot, horny, Black men!
I KNOW I'd get fucked on a regular basis THERE, and I know that I'd probably be doing a lot of gangbangs as well.. While it's tempting, I think I'm going to hold off going there, for now...

I'm really enjoying travelling, and people have been so nice to me, at least most people...
Women tend to be a little strange at times.. especially in the smaller towns.. I swear, the looks some of these women have given me, you'd think I came into town, looking to steal their husbands or boyfriends!

I haven't dressed really trashy for a while now, just wearing jeans, and a sweater, and some comfortable sneakers.
But I'm getting tempted to dress slutty's ok, I've got about a thousand bucks left, right now, picking up a few bucks here and there, giving the occasional blowjob, of letting some lucky guy pay me for letting him fuck me.
I kinda miss being on the street... the feel of being nothing but a "dirty whore", of taking money for sucking a cock that I might suck for free, in a different situation, of being paid to spread my legs for some stranger, and the feel of taking loads from guys I've never met before, and probably will never see again, the stares of the men who want to fuck me, and the women who can't understand why I'd do this.. It just gets me so wet and horny!

I've thought about applying at a strip club a few times, but I can't dance.. at least, not sober, anyway! LOL! I always start thinking about where my feet have to go next, and next thing you know, I'm tripping all over myself!
Speaking of which- I went into an adult bookstore in Albany NY a while back, and while in there, I noticed that they had girls dancing behind glass. I couldn't figure out what that was, so I went up and put twenty bucks in the slot of this one older woman... About 50'ish, breasts were sagging a bit, and the face looked kinda rough, but everyone else's booth was busy, so I said, what the hell... I got in, closed the door, and dropped the twenty into the slot. A bit of fabric rose up, showing her there, naked, and playing with herself, and she pointed to a phone on the wall, that I should pick up. I did, and we started talking, with her asking me what I wanted to see?
I wasn't sure, and told her so, and we talked for a minute, with me finally telling her to do for me, what she usually does for the male customers.
Well, at this, she pulled out a dildo, and started writhing on the stool she was sitting on, licking the dildo, and rubbing it her pussy, talking dirty to me the whole time, telling me she wished it was my cock, and that I was so hot, etc, etc...
Near the end of the show, which was only about 10 minutes, she asked me if I'd like a "private show" with her. This confused me. I asked her if what we were doing right now, wasn't private?

She laughed like a big sister, showing little sis how something works, and explained that a "private show" was where you went into a little room with the girl, and got to touch her, and, for the right amount, you could get a blowjob, a massage, or a fuck from the girl!
I asked her how much she tended to make a night, working in that place, and she told me that during the week, perhaps $150 bucks or so, but when she worked weekends, and put in a 12 hour shift, she could sometimes average about $500!!

I wound up paying her 50 bucks, and went into a private room with her, and just ate her pussy for about 15 minutes, till she came. She asked if I wanted her to eat me, but I said no, that I couldn't afford to be spending money like I just did. She told me not to tell anyone, but as nice as I made her feel, she wanted to pay me back for the pleasure, so I said ok, and enjoyed one of the best tongues I'd had in a LONG, LONG time!!
She really seemed to enjoy eating my pussy, and even dipped down, and ate my ass! That seems to be something that not too many women are willing to do, and it drove me wild!!
Afterwards, I told her that I thought that what she did was a pretty cool way to earn a living, and that it's something I'd LOVE to try!
Well, she talked to the boss, and he didn't even hesitate to say ok, as long as I passed the "audition" LOL!!! I KNEW what he meant by that, and I dropped right to my knees, in his office, fished out his cock, and went to town on it! He grabbed hold of my head, and while telling me that I was a good cocksucker, that he wanted to see how much I could handle, he grabbed hold of my hair, and shoved his cock into my throat, balls-deep, and started brutally face-fucking me! I kept taking him, without flinching, till he finally pulled out, and shot his load all over my face, then smacked my face with his cock, calling me a dirty slut, and a whore! I scooped his cum up off my face with my fingers, and licked them clean, at which point he pulled me up, told me to strip, and commented that he knew I was a slut, and seeing that I wasn't wearing panties confirmed it! He bent me over his desk, stuck a finger in my pussy to find it wet, and proceeded to shove 2 more fingers in my cunt, fingering, and stretching my pussy open, while he fisted his cock, getting it hard again.
At one point, he pulled the fingers out of my wet pussy, and pushed them into my asshole. I think he was surprised at how easily his fingers went into my ass, as all I heard was "Oh My God, what a fucking slut!" When he was hard again, he RAMMED his cock into my ass, (which I LOVE,btw.. getting my ass REAMED like that always turns me on more!), fucked me like that for a few minutes, then pulled out, and shoved it right into my cunt, and fucked me the same way for a few more minutes, then pulled out, and put it back in my ass again, doing this, back and forth, for at least a half hour, before he finally shoved it in my ass one more time, pumped deep a few times, and shot a nice load in my ass! Of course, I squeezed my ass muscles a few times, to really milk his cock dry, then he pulled out, and reached for a baby wipe that he had nearby. I told him not to bother, and dropped to my knees, and licked his cock clean, which kinda freaked him out! He was like "You don't HAVE to do that, you know..." I told him I ALWAYS lick a man's cock clean after he's fucked me!" He was like, "But it was up your ass!", and I said "So what?", and went back to licking his cock and balls, till they were nice and clean, and he was hard again!
It's very rare that a guy can get three erections in such a short time, and that just turned me on even more, so I offered to give him a tit-fuck. He said ok, and I went to work on his cock.
All the while, he kept says that I was a nasty whore, and saying shit like "Oh my god, I can't believe what a fucking slut you are", and stuff like that, with me telling him to use me like a fucking slut, treat me like a whore, and all those things that most men seem to love hearing me say!
At this point, he was spitting on my tits, to keep them wet for the tit-fuck, and on one shot, he hawked a huge wad of spit, missing my tits completely, and hitting me right in the eye! Now, this is something that tends to REALLY get me off, having guys spit in my face, and calling me names, so when he did that, he heard me moan, and put my head back, and tell him "DO it again! Spit in the face of this cheap whore!" Well, he did, again and again, spitting in my eyes, in my mouth, and even got some up my nose! That did it for him, and he shot again, and again! Not as much as the first two cums, but he did manage to get a few nice big droplets of cum to shoot out, landing on my tits, and he watched me rub the cum into my nipples, as I was licking his cock clean.
He told me I could start any time, but that, for the customers, I should use a rubber.
I told him that I hardly ever use a rubber.. I enjoy the feel of bare cock too much, and I'm NOT about to let a guy waste his load into a rubber, when it could go IN, or ON me!
HE told me that it was my call, and walked away, zipping up as he went, to tell the guy working the front, to set me up in a booth whenever I wanted.
I told him that I'd work a few hours that night, if it was alright with him, and he said ok, so I went to my van, drove to mcdonald's and got someting to eat, and got a cheap room, that I could clean up in, and get ready for the evening.
I picked out my trashiest lingerie, open crotch panties, low cut shelf bra, and stockings and heels, and when I was cleaned, and had my dinner, I went back to the bookstore.
Being the new girl, I got most of the business while I was there, and did 7 booth shows, making about a hundred bucks, after the house's cut, and did a couple of "private shows", picking up another 300 bucks, and paid the house $100.00.
I wound up leaving about 4 hours later, having made some decent money, and walked out of the store just wearing a short skirt, and my coat over my bare tits, with cum dripping from my pussy and ass, cum all over my tits, and a nice bit of it drying on my face!
As with the whores on the street, the girls there were all freaked out at the sight of me, seeing obvious proof that I hadn't used condoms, and I could hear a few of them talking, saying that I looked like a total pig!
I love it when these so-called "Pro's" get freaked out like that, especially when I've just made more money than most of them!

I worked that store for a few more days, till I had about 2 grand in my pocket, then told the boss I was going to leaving, but that I might stop back sometime, and work some more, if he'll let me. He said that I can come back and work anytime I wanted, as long as he got to "audition" me again each time! I laughed, and told him no problem, and hit the road again.

I think I'm going to drive towards Chicago next.....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A fan's question...

Someone made a comment on my last entry, asking, if given a blind taste test, whether I would be able to tell, just by taste, whether the cum was from a Black man, or hispanic, or asian, or whatever..
Truthfully, I doubt I could, but I know I'd sure enjoy the test!!!

Now, if you're talking fucking styles, well, MOST asians would be easy to tell, (and NO, its not because of dick size.. I've had a few asians that had 7 to 9 inch cocks! Rare, but they're out there.)
MOST asians tend to fuck "jackrabbit" style.. fast, short strokes, designed to get them off as quick as possible... but there have been exceptions..

Now, as for a cum taste test, I doubt ANYONE could tell the difference, taste-wise...
I mean, I've had cum from all races, and they all tasted different, yet in some ways, alike..
Some were thick, and ropy, damn near impossible to swallow easy, 'cause it was so thick.
Others, were thin, and watery.. Some shot HUGE loads, and, of those, some shot out like water from a firehose, while others just sort of dribbled out.
I think the most tasty load (and one of the biggest, and strongest-force of ejaculation, came from an old man that I get together with, twice a year, for the last couple of years.
He's an old Jewish guy, that I met in an adult theater. He was shy as hell, still kinda is, for that matter, but for some reason, I found that I loved sucking his cock! It rarely gets hard, but it's got a nice, silky feeling to it, and, he shoots a load that is unbelieveable!!\Even when he's soft, he shoots HUGE loads, of probably the sweetest cum I've ever tasted!
He claims to be a vegetarian, so maybe that's it... Female vegetarians seem to have the sweetest-tasting pussy, too!

How the cum tastes, seems to be dependent on your diet.. a lot of coffee, and/or cigarettes seems to make the cum kinda bitter, while eating chocolate, or fruits, things high in sugar, tend to sweeten the cum...
Oh! Just remembered!

One night, while I was in an adult bookstore, with video booths, I sucked off an Indian/Pakistani guy that shot the most watery load I'd ever seen!
I was high as hell, and feeling horny as usual, and was on my knees in a booth, waiting for someone new to come along and use my mouth. This Indian/Pakistani guy comes up, looking dirty, and slimy, and if I wasn't high and horny, I probably would have turned him away...
But I was seriously cock-hungry that night, so I let him in, unzipped him, and pulled out about a 7 inch dick. I quickly went down on him, and was just really getting into sucking his cock, when he shot this really watery load! Taste wasn't that good, but not too bad, but the volume of his cum was amazing!!
I couldn't swallow fast enough, so I pulled off, and he hosed down my face completely, and most of my titties!!
I couldn't believe it!! I was SOAKED in cum!!!
It just blew my mind, and gave me an INSTANT orgasm!!
I met up with him a few times, and finally, after literally MONTHS of begging him, I got him to fuck me! He didn't want my pussy though, and I wasn't about to turn down the chance to get my insides flooded with his cum, so I offered my ass to him, and he just went wild on it!

He fucked me like a madman, in this tiny, cramped, video-viewing booth, digging his hands into my hips, as he pounded into my ass! he was pulling all the way out, and slamming it all the way back in!
When he came, I had an instant orgasm, as I felt his cum start shooting up my ass like a hose!
By the time he was done, I was clenching my asscheeks together like I had to take a wicked shit, and my tummy was cramping up, just like it does when I get an enema, which I guess this essentially was! By the time I got to my van, afterwards, my panties were soaked, and thin, watery cum was dripping down both legs!

Well, that's all for now, as it's early morning, and the clerk at this internet cafe is looking at me strange...
He's kinda cute though, for a nerdy white guy....;-)


Saturday, January 21, 2006

So excited!!

Today, I checked my blog, and saw a comment from someone claiming to be "Admiral Krag".. I truly hope that it is the Original Admiral Krag, as his scans were the best on the net, 10+ years ago!
If it is indeed him, and if he's back to scanning images from magazines, be on the lookout!
This man (I assume it's a man) always did his scans so artfully, and tastefully, it must have taken him at least an hour for each scan!
I truly look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!!

Now, on to the blog....

Rested for a couple of days, just sitting back in bed, reading a new W.E.B. Griffin novel, titled "B Order Of The President".. It's a novel based on the Intelligence community, and so far, a great read!
I read his series "The Corps", about the marines, and the Intelligence community, set in the times before WWI, and Korea..
Dad suggested it to me, and I got instantly hooked! A great read!!

Now, for what you probably came here for...
After 2 days of relaxing, reading,and touring the city, I finally decided to go out last night...

I found a local Black bar in town, and went in, I wasn't wearing anything overly "slutty", or anything that would immediately annouce that I was a slut for Black Cocks. (In fact, I was just wearing some tight jeans, and a thick sweater, with white Nike's).
I think though, that when I decide I want Black Cock, I must send off some kind of a signal to Black Men, as, before I even got in the bar, I was propositioned by 2 guys, grabbing their dicks, and being NASTY!! I smiled at the guys, and told them I might just look for them, later!

I went in, ordered a coors light, and just sat back to look at the place, as I drank my beer.
Within no more than 10 minutes, I had a HANDSOME Black man sitting next to me, chatting me up about nothing in particular.
Now, when I'm in a Black bar, memories of all the Black cock I've taken in back rooms, and bathrooms in Black bars come flooding back, and I wind up with my pussy soaking wet, and itching to be filled with BBC!!
That night was no exception. I TRIED not to act like a wanton white slut, and almost succeeded..... Until he kissed me, and placed his hand on his bulge, which was damn near down to his knee!
I felt that, and I just said to myself "who the HELL do you think you're kidding?? You WANT it!"

At that point, I just said FUCK IT...
2 minutes later, I was on my knees in the men's room, my mouth filled with Black cock, and my hand down the front of my jeans, playing with myself.
He was slow, and almost gentle, and it was nice, but at that moment, it wasn't what I wanted!
I went to town on his cock, sucking down at least 8 inches down my throat, when I felt him grab my head, and finally take control! YEA!!!

He wound up fucking my throat hard, and deep, and cumming all over my face, with some of it dripping onto my sweater, which was black,btw, so it clearly showed!
When he was done using my mouth, he turned to leave, and found 4 guys standing behind him, watching. He tried to get the guys to leave me alone, but I spoke up, and annouced to the guys "C'mere guys.. who's next?"
They practically attacked me at that point, stripping me naked in no time, and filling my cunt with Black cock, as well as my mouth, while I jerked on the other two cocks.One came in my mouth, and another filled my pussy with cum, before I asked the guys if they had a place we could go.
One guy quickly piped in that his place was just around the corner, and that we could go there!
I quickly got dressed, and the guys and I came out of the bathroom joking, and laughing, while they copped feels of my ass and tits, and one guy announced to his friends that "We're taking this fine white slut back to my place!" At which a couple of guys asked if they could come party with us? The guys looked at me for a second, and I smiled, and nodded, and off we went!
By the time we got into his apartment, we had 8 guys, all VERY dark Black, and all of them horny for some white pussy!
Needless to say, I took them all on, BAREBACK, which kinda freaked out a couple of the guys, as they were so used to using condoms that they were shocked that a woman would tell them that she REFUSED to take a rubber-covered cock, and that she actually was BEGGING the men to cum IN her!!
He calmed down, once it was his turn though, and wound up being one of the best fucks there! AND, he shot a HUGE load of Black seed in my pussy!!
I was there for at least 4 hours, getting Black cock in my pussy, my mouth, and my ass, getting cum in every hole,and also getting quite a bit on my face and tits, and a few NICE-sized drops in my hair!
By the time I left, I was worn OUT! These men weren't abusive like most of my men, but I enjoyed the sex just as much as with my men!
A few comments were made, calling me a slut, but it wasn't in a derogitory way, like some men will do. They called me a slut, in much the same way people call a telented painter an artist!
That's they way I feel about being called a slut, myself! Someone who loves what she's doing, and does it well!

Today, I'm going to pack the van back up, and start driving again.. North? West? East? south again? Who knows.. I'm going to just go where my heart tells me.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On the Road..

Hey all! Been a few weeks since my last entry, and things have changed!!

First off, I got fed up at my men, and left!
I packed a few clothes, some tunes, and pointed the van north.
I hit Camden New Jersey by the time the van was almost out of gas, so I found where the local hookers were working, and put on the sleaziest outfit I had with me, and got my ass out on the streets!
Within an hour, I had blown 4 guys, and gotten fucked once. There was money for gas, and some food. Back in the van, and keep driving! (used the van for the fuck,btw)

Next stop was Philadelphia, where I found a safe place to park the van, sucked off the guy working the booth at the garage, for letting me park it there no charge, and made a quick 200 bucks on my back in an hour and a half, then got a room, cleaned up, and walked around Philly for a couple of hours, just seeing the sights!

Went to a club, found it too boring, and too full of white guys, so asked around, and found out about a party at some Black guys's place. Went there, had a LOT more fun, better music, better dancers, and some FINE weed!
Stayed there all night, partying, and dancing, and making out with a few guys, till about 5am.
Didn't feel like having sex, so I turned down a couple of brothas who offered, but I got their numbers, so, who knows? Maybe if I get back in Philly again, I'll call them!

Went to my motel room, slept till noon, checked out, and hit the road, giving the day guy at the garage a blowjob, just because I felt like it! (Kinda cute italian guy.. average dick, but a nice load of cum!)

Hit the road till I came to a truck stop.. was feeling pretty hungry, so I stopped for a bite, and afterward, had to go to the bathroom... Old habits die hard, and I automatically went to the MEN'S room, instead of the Ladies Room. OOOPS!!!

Walked in to find some young guy, looked like he was only about 16, getting fucked by a big, fat, hairy trucker (I'm guessing here), that had to be at least 60!
Found it to be INCREDIBLY HOT, and just stood watching, fingering myself, as the old man fucked this young boy, like he wasn't going to get another piece of ass for years! He called him a pig, a slut, a cumbucket, and other nasty things! I know, from experience, how hot that can be, so I urged the young guy on, telling him to take that fat cock in his ass like a real slut, to milk his cock, and take his cum! When the old guy came, it must have been a hell of a load, as he sounded like a angry bear as he came, and when he pulled out, the kid's ass was oozing cum out of it!
I couldn't resist, and licked his asshole clean, then licked the old guy's cock clean! Yummy!
Didn't get laid, but enjoyed myself anyway.
Filled the tank with gas, and headed north again.

I wanted to visit NYC, but found a beautiful stretch of county road, that I just felt like following..

Next thing I know, NYC is long past me... Oh well...

Found a nice little town, nice and quiet, and got a room for the night... slept from about 6pm, till about 8am, woke up, showered, dressed, and got a bite to eat at a cozy little coffee shop..Then back on the road!

Wound up, finally, in Scranton Pa, where I stopped at a walmart.. Loaded up on food, and found a nearby laundramat todo some wash. Got done that, and decided to check out the town.. bigger than I out, originally, and quickly found a section of the city where the whores were working..
I was down to about 20 bucks by now, so figured I'd see if I could make any money here...
Got two dates, a BJ and a regular fuck, make 100 bucks, and almost got arrested by the local cops! Two blowjobs later, and I was on my way.. on my way back to the streets, that is!
Got a few more dates, including one, that paid me 200 bucks to let him tit-fuck me, and cum on my face! I was surprised at the offer, till he told me that none of the girls around there had tits like mine, and none of them would let him cum on their face. I accepted, of course, and 15 minutes later, I had a decent load on my face, and on my tits!
I got out of his car, cum still dripping from my face, obvious cum-stains on my blouse, and a few drops still in my cleavage. The girls that were standing there, were like "EWW!!! You let him cum on your face???" I just smiled, and licked my lips, and scooped some up with my finger, and ate it up! I don't know about some of these hookers...
When I told them he paid me 200 bucks for it, they just looked at me, and told me that that guy never offers more than 50 bucks, anf I just replied that I could see why, with those flat, stretched-out, or almost non-existant tits they had! Boy, were those hoes PISSED at me!
I walked away, laughing, but an hour later, the same two cops who hassled me earlier were back, telling me that the girls had ratted on me! They told me that I had better do something special to make them consider not arresting me. I asked them what they meant, and we finally settled on me going back to one of their apt's, and them fucking me in all three holes, ending with them cumming all over my face and tits, and me licking them clean afterward.
After that, I got the hell out of town, but not before I had made another 100 bucks for an ass-fuck, letting me leave town with a not-so-easy 400 bucks in my pocket!

Just drove for hours then, till I got tired, and pulled off the highway, and parked at a rest area, and slept for a few hours in the back of the van.

Made it to Syracuse, NY, where I'm taking a break. Found a copy place where I could enter this, and now I'm going to sleep for a while... hopefully, I can NOT have to prositute myself for a while, and just enjoy driving.... Even 2 days without guys treating me like a whore, would be a nice change!