Saturday, October 29, 2005

didn't mean to leave that last one unfinished....

Sorry, but while I was writing that last note, I got a couple of visitors.

One was the building super, looking for sex. I told him that I couldn't fuck him right now, but that I'd give him a blowjob, which was fine by him.

He must have been really horny today, because his cock was rock hard before I even opened his pants, and he came within 30 seconds of my mouth being on his cock!
Damned white boys... I swear, I have YET to find a Black man that doesn't last less than 5 minutes! I love to have to work for that load of cum!

The second guy came by 10 minutes after I finished with the building super.
This was this little tiny asian man.. Turns out his dick matched his stature... so tiny!
I think it had to be no more than 3 inches long, but it felt so nice in my mouth, and on my tongue! It was so soft, and silky feeling, while still being rock-hard! I have to admit, it was one of the nicest feeling cocks I've had in my mouth in a LOOONG time!
Yes, it was tiny, but the feeling made it worth it... Not to mention, this asian man fucked my face good and hard, ramming his pubic bones into my face, fucking my head just the way I like it!
He only lasted about 5 minutes, but when he came, WOW!!! He didn't just shoot cum, like most men, his dick practically EXPLODED cum into my mouth! There was so much, I couldn't swallow all of it, and a lot of it ran out of my mouth, down, onto my tits. I was swallowing like mad to keep up, byut I just couldn't, so I finally just pulled off his cock, and let him shoot the last couple of jets of cum all over my face, which he seemed to enjoy!
When he was finally done, I licked his cock gently clean, loving the feel of his smoooth dick-skin on my tongue, till he pulled away, and zipped up.
Right before he left, he reached over and gave my nipples a HARD TUG, and a viscious twist, and I came immediately!! As he left, I was on the floor, spasming in a mind-shattering orgasm that left me totally drained!

It's 45 minutes later, and I've showered and shaved my legs, and trimmed my bush, and I'm getting ready to meet a few of my men for drinks and who knows what else..
As I've been ordered, I'm wearing my too-small jeans, and a tube-top, no panties, of course, and no bra, with a pair of 4 inch stilletto heeled red "fuck me" pumps.

The temperature's really dropped in the last hour, so I know my nipples are going to be really poking out tonight.... I can't wait to see what happens tonight...

Been busy........

Sorry I've been away so long, but my Men have been keeping me busy! ;-)

Since my last entry, Jacob, the most Dominant of my Men, read my last blog entry and man, was he pissed!!!

Jacob came by a few days after that last entry, about 5am, while I was fast asleep, walked into my apartment (doors are still unlocked, remember) and woke me up by grabbing me by the hair, and yanking me out of bed! He started slapping the hell out of me, slapping my face, tits, the side of my head, anywhere he could reach easily.
He was saying that he KNEW I was a slut, but that he had TOLD me that my days of freedom were gone, and that I seemed to have forgotted that! I told him that I was bored, and horny, and nobody was around, and nobody had come by to use me in a few days, and that I just NEEDED to get out!
Well, he took care of that all right!
Jacob took me outside, naked, at a little after 5am, threw me into the van, and took me to the city, where he told me that I was going to be a treat for some of the homeless guys.
He took me to the Mission, and found a group of drunken homeless guys there, and threw me out of the van, telling me not to come back till they were done with me!
He then walked over to one of the guys, and told him that they could use me any way they wanted, for the next few hours.
Man, the looks on the faces of these guys scared me!
Some looked VERY horny, and some just looked crazy!
There, right in front of the Mission, I was forced to my knees, and the guys took turns fucking my mouth, over and over, cumming in my mouth, on my face, and on my tits.
After they all came the first time, they dragged me off to the side, out of sight of anyone passing by, and threw me onto a couple of trashbags, and took turns fucking me, over and over.
By the time it was done, it was light, I had cum dripping from my holes, and quite a few bruises from slaps and punches from the homeless guys.
When they were done, they just said "Get up slut, and get the fuck outta here", so I got up, and walked out to the street, still naked, and dripping cum, looking for Jacob.
I didn't see him, and started to panic! Just as I was starting to freak out, I heard the familiar beep of the van horn. He was about a block away, so I started to walk towards the van. When I got there, he just told me to climb in the back, and lay down, so I did..
All the way home, all I heard was him muttering "fucking pig! Fucking slut! what the fuck am I gonna do with you?"
I didn't answer, just huddled in the back till we got back to my place. When we got there, he pushed me up the stairs to my apartment, and pushed me into my place. He told me that I looked, and smelled like a pig, and to go take a shower. When my shower was done, he told me that for the next week or so, I was going to be an "on-call" slut.. That he was going to be putting my phone number out, around town, for men to call for a blowjob, and that was ALL I was allowed to do, was give blowjobs! I wasn't allowed to get fucked, just to suck cock (or pussy) till he told me otherwise.

So, for most of the last two weeks, that's how things have been going.. I've gotten calls from at least fifty different men,and quite a few women, and all the calls start the same.. "I got this number from (wherever-men's room walls, friends, ladies' room walls,etc) and I was just wondering if it was for real?"
I tell them (as ordered), "Yes, it's for real, I'm a hungry slut who just wants my mouth to be used for strangers' pleasure!! Where would you like me to eat/suck you?"
Many times I was called to motels, offices, homes, cars, bars, and a few times I was told to meet them late at night at the local kid's park, where I'd blow them, or eat their pussy somewhere in the park, such as on the kid's swings, or in the Jungle Gym area! One guy even had me hang by my knees fromt he monkey bars, upside down, ad suck his cock as he stood on one of the bars!
A few people decided the wanted to cum to my place, so I just told them the address, and to walk right in, where I was waiting, naked, on my knees, just inside the door. Some came inside and sat down on the couch, or on a chair, others just unzipped, right there in the doorway, with the door wide open, and started to fuck my face right there! Thankfully, no one came by while this was happening!
One guy had me come to his office, around 6pm, and when I got there, there were about 6 guys there, all waiting! They tried to fuck me, but I told them no, that I don't fuck, just suck. (Trust me, that was a tough one, as I hadn't been fucked in days, and was so horny I would have fucked a dog, just to get some dick in me!!) They weren't happy about that, but they used me for a few hours, fucking my face, cumming all over my face and tits, and a few even pissed in my mouth, ordering me to swallow it all! I did, of course.
The highlight of the week though, was when a woman called, and told me to come over to her place.
I got there, and knocked on the door, and it was answered by a Black woman, about 5'6" tall, and about 350 pounds! She told me to "get yo white ass in here, slut!", and had me strip naked, and eat her pussy as she lay on the couch. I swear, some pussy tastes almost better than Black Cock, and Black Pussy, YUMMY!!! I ate that fat Black woman for over an hour! She was a squirter, and she HOSED my face with her cum so many times I lost track, and she lost consciousness!! While she was out, I was just gently licking her juices up, loving the taste of her wetness, and loving the feel of her fat rolls in my hands, as I kneaded her breasts, and every other roll of fat I could get my hands on!
When she finally came to, about 15 minutes later, she rolled off the couch, onto the floor, on all fours, and had me eat her ass for awhile. It was sweaty, and funky, but tasted so good, that I had my head buried so far in her asscheeks, that I could no longer hear anything, and could barely breathe, as she grabbed my head, and pushed it in deeper! I had my tongue, AND my nose up her ass, and I was loving every minute of it!

After a while, she pulled my head away, and handed me a strap-on dildo, about 14 inches long, Black, and thicker than my thickest toys! She told me to fuck her pussy with it, and to give it to her real good and hard!
As I was fucking her with it, she was moaning, groaning, and thrashing all over the place, telling me that she hadn't had a man in years, prefering to have some white cunt fuck her with a dildo, instead! She told me that she loved how white women fuck, seeming to know just where to hit with the dildoes!
I fucked her like that for about 15 minutes, till she came again, squirting her pussy-juice all over my thighs, then collapsed on the floor again, panting.
I figured that was it, and started to get up to leave, and she told me to stay, that I wasn't done yet.....
She told me that I had to eat her one more time, and to lie on my back, that she was going to sit on my face. I almost freaked out, knowing what her weight on my face might do, but she just laughed, and said not to worry, she wouldn't smother me... much...and laughed again!
I laid down, and she got on her knees, and slowly brought her fat, dripping Black cunt down to my lips.. I started eating her as best I could, and I guess I was doing a pretty good job, because she was leaking pussy juice all over my face the whole time! I have to admit, I loved sucking on those fat pussy lips, and sticking my tongue deep into her pink, tasting her arousal, as she finger-fucked my horny cunt. I guess I got into it a little too much, because I didn't even hear someone come into the room, until suddenly, I felt a cock pushing into my pussy!!! At first, I was like "OH MY GOD! That feels TOO good!" Then, I was like "Hey! I'm not supposed to be getting fucked!! Jacob will kill me if he finds out!!" I slapped her ass and thighs, trying to get her off me, to stop the man fucking me, and all I heard was laughter!! She was telling me, "Bitch, you gonna get a GOOD fucking now!! My brother loves fucking white bitches who can't do nothin about it!"
I couldn't move if I wanted to! Part of me DIDN'T want to, mind you, as it was feeling too good, to have that cock stretching my pussy, so I just kinda gave up, and went back to eating her fat Black cunt, while some stranger was really pounding my pussy!
When she finally came, spraying my face again, she got off, and I got to see who was giving me such a wonderful fucking! It was Jacob!!!
He acted mad, telling me that he ordered me NOT to get fucked, but then started laughing, saying that he could understand, as I couldn't exactly fight it, with his sister sitting on my face!
He finished the fuck by ramming it in deep, and shooting a BIG load of Black baby-batter up my cunt, and kissing me, licking his sister's juices off my face as he came.
We all got dressed, and his sister told me that I was welcome in her pussy anytime, and I told her that if Jacob said it was ok, I'd love to come over whenever she needed me!
Of course, Jacob said YES!

He took me home after that, and called over some of the other guys, and they fucked every hole I have, using me nonstop for about 4 hours, till I finally passed out, covered in cum, with cum dripping from my pussy, my ass, my mouth, hell, they even came in my ears, and up my nose!
I woke up later, to find myself tied to the bed, cum dried up on me, leaving me somewhat sticky, and sore, but feeling soooooo good!
They left me like that for the rest of the day, finally letting me up to pee. When I was done, they let me take a shower, and then I went and cooked up some steaks for my Men.

I'm still getting calls, and Jacob says that I'm to continue going out, and being a cocksucking slut.. at least till he tires of it.. It's funny, but most of the cock I've been sucking lately, has been white guys... I do it, not by choice, but because I'm ordered to.. I have to admit though, after sucking all that white dick, I appreciate my Black lovers' cocks that much more, when I finally get them!

One of my Men suggested that, when I go out on these "cocksucking calls" as he puts it, that I put a big butt plug up my ass, and an even larger one in my pussy, to keep my cunt stretched out, and full, and that I wear a pair of super-tight jeans, to hold the plugs in, plus, he says he likes the sight of me in too-small jeans... He says that I look like an even bigger piece of white trash, with my belly hanging over the waistband, and my ass squeezed so tight into those jeans!

He's also making me go out wearing a tube-top, something I always thought was too trashy, and "teeny-bopper" for me, but I know the drill by now.. if he says do it, I do it!

Weather is getting a lot colder now.. I hope he'll let me at least wear a warm coat... granted, the cold will make my nipples stand out that much more, but I hate the cold!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally went to the chiropractor...

Feel so much better now!!
I have to say, if you haven't been to a chiropractor before, please go!
I used to hear the stories about chiropractors, people saying that you have to go at least twice a week, EVERY week.. That's BULLSHIT!

I go about every two weeks or so, especially if my Men have been particularly "physical" with me, and it helps keep me in pretty good health! My back dosn't hurt much, and let me tell you, when you're getting your face and throat fucked HARD, and often, it tends to yank things around. My chiropractor get's me all fixed up in no time at all! And it's a HELL of a lot cheaper than having to pay prescription drug prices!!

Now, is I could only pay him with sex, life would be a lot easier!!! LOL!! (Besides, his receptionist is a really CUTE redhead!!I'd LOVE to spend some time under her desk, licking her pussy!)

Weather here has been really shitty the last few days.. Lots of rain, and wind, and the temps dropping... Even the ducks are staying inside!!
But.. I was feeling adventerous, and horny (I know, nothing new!) so I went to the city tonight for a few hours.. could have gone to the adult theater, didn't, could have gone to the Black bars, didn't feel like drinking tonight though, so I just walked around... Was enjoying the looks from the young bucks, as I walked around in just a short skirt, a tube top, and heels, (no panties, or bra, of course!), and when the rain started to really come down hard, I ducked into a local adult bookstore.. There was someone new at the counter tonight, that I didn't recognize, so I started browsing the adult toy section, thinking maybe I'd pick up a new vibrator or a new fake cock..
Saw a couple nice ones, that I'm going to come back for later.. But while I was there, I noticed a few guys looking at me, and that always gets my juices flowing...
When I noticed that the clerk was busy with a customer, I ducked into the video booth area, to see what was playing, and maybe have some fun.

Watched the flicks for about 15 minutes, and stroked my pussy for a while, just enjoying myself for a while, then decided to see what else was going on...
As I came out of the booth, I notice that the male population in the video booth area had grown from about 3 guys, to about 10.... a real cute asian midget, a few white guys, a couple of hispanics, and one Black Man.
Now, you all know, by know, how I get around Black men, especially when it's in a situation where I know I can get used easily!
I soon had him joining me in a big booth, where he immediately pinned me to the wall, kissing me hard, while pawing my tits through my tube top with one hand, and shoving his fingers in my soaked pussy with the other hand! I was loving it!!!
He had the tube top down in an instant, and was really sucking on my nipples with finesse!! Now, I love having my nipples worked over, and he could tell, by my moans, that I was really enjoying it! I dropped to my knees a minute later though, as I just HAD to see what he was packing in his pants! I didn't waste a second, yanking his zipper down, and opening his pants and boxers, to find a nice thick 6 inch cock! Now, granted, I'm a size queen, I'll admit it.. I'd much rather have a 9 or 10 inch Black cock, but any Black cock turns me on, and his was no exception!! Besides, it was really thick!!!
I had him down my throat in no time, swallowing him to the root, and licking his balls at the same time! His cock tasted SO good!!!
I was enjoying making love to his Black cock with my lips and tongue, loving the feel of his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth harder, on to his cock, when suddenly he stopped, and pulled me off his cock! I looked up at him, ready to ask why?, when he pushed my head towards the wall!
Turns out there was a gloryhole there that I didn't see! (New one that I hadn't seen yet) And there was a nice hard dick sticking through it!! It was white, but that didn't stop me.. This hot Black man wanted me to suck this strange white cock through the hole, I wasn't going to argue, or disobey!
I immediately attacked that white cock with a passion, sucking it as passionately as I did the Black cock before it. Next thing I know, I the Black man's hands on my hips, pulling my ass up in the air, and, a moment later, his nice thick cock entering my dripping wet slut cunt.
He must have fucked me like that for at least 10 minutes, ramming into my cunt hard, which only served to ram my face into the wall, driving the dick in my mouth, deeping into my throat.
Next thing I know, the white dick is cumming in my mouth, I'm swallowing all the cum shooting out, and the Black cock in my pussy is shooting a nice load in my womb, and I'm cumming so often, and so loud, that I KNOW the clerk has to be hearing us!!
I was right, because within a minute of all of us cumming, the clerk is banging on the door, telling us to all get out, before he calls the cops!! Well, we all scooted out of there quick, the Black man pulling me out of the store, and into a nearby alley!

He pushed me back down to my knees, in that smelly, dark, wet alley, and made me lick his cock clean. When I was done, I looked up, and there were a group of other guys from the bookstore, all with their cocks out, and waiting their turns!!
Naturally, being the cocksucking slut/whore that I am, I had a strange dick in my mouth in no time at all!
I wound up sucking off 6 guys in that alley, and getting fucked in the ass by the last one, the asian midget! He came a HUGE load up my ass, and after I licked his cock clean afterward, he gave me his phone number, and told me to call him sometime, that he had some friends who would love to fuck me!
I left the alley soaking wet, face and chest covered in cum, my knees muddy, and red from the alley, and thouroughly fucked! I think I came about 5 times while I was in the alley, as well!

As I stumbled out of the alley, a couple of really sleazy, cheap-looking hookers were passing by, and looked down at me, and just kinda sneered "slut!"..
I looked at them and just laughed... LOL!!! I got off all those guys, for NO CHARGE!! They had to be pissed, as they would have probably made a few bucks off those guys! oh well!
I know the guys were happy... they didn't have to pay for a hooker, and they didn't have to put a rubber on!!
I got to my van, climbed in, and drove home... This was a few hours ago, and I've taken a nice long bath, followed by a hot shower, and I feel somewhat "normal" again...

I hope some of my Men cum by today.... I'm getting horny again...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

didn't go to the chiropractor...

Well, I woke up this morning, and felt like TOTAL shit.
I figured, ok, I'll sleep till late afternoon, and go to the chiropractor around 4..
Woke up, STILL felt like shit.. back doesn't hurt as much, but my belly feels horrible... like I've got some MAJOR gas.. yet I can't fart, can't burp.. what the fuck?????

I think I'm going to ask one of my men to come over and give me a good ass-fucking.. I tend to fart pretty good, after a good ass-pounding! LOL!!!

OH!! My aching BACK!!!

Been two days now, that I've been damn near incapacitated with severe back pain!
Don't know WHAT THE FUCK happened, but besides my back, my neck has been hurting, and my stomache isn't feeling too well either...

Going to the chiropractor's office today.. he always makes me feel better... I hope he can do it today, 'cause I really need relief....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

So much for waiting a few more days....

Well, it's 4:15 am here, and 2 guys just left... I'm still leaving my door unlocked, as ordered, but I figured that, since my guys told me that I would have the next day or so off, I wouldn't have to fuck anyone.. guess again!

I was sound asleep, in my bed, covers pulled up, old, comfortable (and not at ALL sexy) pajamas on, nice and comfortable, and next thing I know, there's a cock in my mouth! (I tend to snore, so I guess my mouth was open enough that the guy took it as an invitation!)

Well, I barely opened my eyes, just started sucking, letting him grab my hair (fucked up a nice hairstyle, btw) and fucking my face, till he came in my mouth.. And me, slut that I am, said thank you! What I didn't realize, was that there was another guy there.. He pushed his cock into my mouth, and, as usual, I just started sucking.. I *did* however, notice that this was a different one, and opened my eyes a bit.. through the haze of being half-asleep, I noticed that it was the apartment building super!!! And he's white!!!
Well, like I said earlier in the blog, when a man (or woman) walks in my door, and wants to use my body, I don't say no.. even if it *is* a little-dicked white guy!(the super only has a 6 inch dick!) Thanks to my Men, I can't turn anyone down... but at times like this, I wish to hell that I could! I was having a nice sleep!!!
The super decided he wanted to fuck me, but I told him I was on my period (easier than trying to explain that they just took stitches out of my pussy!), so he said ok, he's fuck my ass instead!
I told him that I wasn't clean back there, and he really didn't care.. He just rolled me onto my stomach, and spit on his dick, and slid right up my ass!
He made a comment about what a loose ass I had, called me a fucking whore, and kept on fucking my ass till he came.
I can't say I didn't enjoy it, because that would be a huge lie.. I always enjoy having my asshole fucked, and, even though it was more painful than it should have been, I still enjoyed it.. Didn't orgasm from it, but it was enjoyable anyway...
The other guy said he wanted to fuck my ass also, but seeing how open it was after getting fucked, he said he's rather jerk off instead! Now THAT, I took offense to!! but I didn't say a word... He jerked his cock off, slapping my lips, and nips with it, till he came in my hair. OK, what the fuck.. I'm used to it by problem....

So they wipe off, and leave.
Now I'm wondering if my building super is going to cause me any trouble..... I hope not.....

I'm going back to sleep.... wish to hell I could lock the damn door...

Friday, October 07, 2005

I've decided to wait....

Not as sore today, but I've decided not to chance ripping myself back up.. At least not yet...;-)

I went out shopping today, my first time out, by myself, in at least a couple of weeks..

Felt good, being able to walk around by myself, not having to go wherever someone else wants me to go..
I went and got my hair and nails done, a full manicure, and pedicure, of course, you KNOW that I got my nails done in "slut RED", of course!! LOL! Got my hair styled nice, but had to argue with the girl in the salon, when she wanted to cut it short.. I had to tell her that I wanted to letit grow out more.. I want my hair to reach my ass, if posssible, as the guys really enjoy grabbing my hair from behind, and, I have to admit, I love it as well!

I also went to Frederick's of Hollywood today, and got the cutest outfits!! See them here and here
I can't wait to see my Men's reaction to it!

Also did some more mundane stuff, like paying my electric bill, and cable internet, and did some food shopping as well..
Tonight, even though it's Friday, I think I'm going to do something really boring, like housework...I've asked my Men to give me a day to myself, and they said ok...We'll see...

Check back later!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Stitches are OUT!!

Thank GOD!!!
I got the stitches out yesterday, and I can't wait to start having regular sex again!!

I'm still pretty sore, but right now, it's a toss-up.. Have sex, and deal with the pain, and hope I don't over-do it, or wait a few more days, which the doctor suggests....

Decisions, decisions....


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Put back to work again..

Well, the stitches are almost ready to come out, but not just yet.. a few more days, at least..

A few of my Men came over last night, and announced that I had taken enough "time off"..

They took me to a cheap motel, tied my wrists to my ankles, and put me on my knees.
They told me that tonight, I was going to earn some money for them. I remonded them that I was still healing, and they reminded me that I was tied like that for a reason.
My "job" for the night, was to suck off any man who came in and paid them!

So there I was, on my knees, unable to move, and within 10 minutes, the first guy came in..
He handed one of my Men 20 dollars, and unzipped, and shoved his cock right down my throat!
He didn't last long, perhaps 5 minutes, betwen being excited, and the fact that, whenever I have a cock in my mouth, I get REAL cock-hungry!! I was sucking that cock like it was the last thing I'd ever get to eat!!
The rest of the night went on like that, for at least 6 hours. I think I must have sucked at least 20 different cocks! Most of them came in my mouth, but a few came on my face, and a few on my tits.
My jaw was so sore by the time I was about halfway through, that many of them just shoved it down my throat, not even caring if I gave them any suction. Luckily, I can deep-throat big cock pretty easily, so there wasn't much of a problem...
By the time I was done, and they untied me, I could barely stand, as my legs were almost numb.

They laid me on the bed, and I sucked off my Men, as my final job of the night...As they were leaving, they laid a 100 bucks on the nightstand, and told me that the room was paid till noon, so I could sleep there if I wanted...
I woke up at 10, tired, honry, but ok... Walked the three miles to my apartment, and dozed off for a few hours..