Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How the New Year's Eve party Went!

Well, First off, let me apologize for the 3 week delay in following up this post!
I've been busy!
I got a job in a convalescent center, and I've been having fun on my job!
But that will be a post for a later time...

Now, about New Year's Eve...
I got to the cabin about 6pm, and started getting everything ready, including my special dish, a sweet and sour sauerkraut, with polish kielbasa. I started that the night before at some guys house, and transferred it to a crock pot for the party.. tastes fantastic, but it has to cook for HOURS, and sit in the crock pot for over 12 hours! Geesh!

Got everything set up, and tried to decide what to wear... (what the hell *DO* you wear for a new year's eve gangbang??)
Just decided to go with some black, seamed stockings, 6 inch stiletto heels, black garter belt, and no bra, no panties.. I made my face up really heavy, looking VERY whorish, went and unlocked the door, and sat back on the bed, just watching my favorite porn.. Ava Devine, taking toys, fucking machines, white guys, Black guys, women, and everything else she does! She always gets me wet!

I was alone till 9pm, when the first guy showed up.. Average looking guy, Black, of course (as all the men were!) and I started off by answering the door, just as I was, not bothering to cover up at all..
I kissed him in the doorway, in full view of anyone passing by (but no one was passing by, damnit! This place was on the outskirts of town, and the cabin had no neighbors nearby), and ushered him in from the cold.. (Did I mention that there was 2 feet of snow, and it was still coming down?)
I helped him undress, and within a minute, he was naked, and I was on my knees, with a small, 6 inch Black cock in my mouth. I decided i was going to take my time with this one, as I didn't know how long it would be till the next guy came by.
I took my time licking his cock from his balls to his tip, all around, up and down, sucking along his shaft, just enjoying the taste of his Black shaft, I even ate his ass for a while, sticking my tongue deep up his musky, tasty asshole. I didn't let him cum yet, as it was too early, so just moved up, and started kissing him for a while, enjoying his hands on my tits, playing with my nipples, and loving the way his thick lips felt in my mouth! This guy had a great tongue, and not just for kissing, either! He really knew how to eat pussy and ass!
After about 45 minutes of this, I couldn't wait anymore, and asked him how he wanted me?
He had me on all fours, facing the door, and started giving me a nice, slow fucking, just right for getting my pussy nice and wet, and ready for more!
he fucked me for about 15 minutes before he started to pound my cunt harder, pulling all the way out, before going all the way back in.. Just as he was getting ready to cum in my pussy, somebody knocked on the door!
I just yelled out COME IN, IT'S OPEN!!, and in walked, NO JOKE, AT LEAST 10 GUYS!
They all stripped down, and within seconds, I've got a cock down my throat, the first guy cumming in my pussy, and a few slapping their cocks on my face, pinching my nipples, grabbing handfuls of tit, and just generally enjoying themselves, while the others were hitting the food and drink!
After the first guy finished off in my cunt, another quickly took his place, and the guy in my mouth pulled out, and shot all over my face!
What a great way to start the party!
I took on a few more, before I needed a break, and got up off the bed, grabbed a bottle of water, smoked a join, and had one of the guys load my ass wit a big booty bump of meth..
I reminded the guys to keep drinking.. water, booze, juices, or whatever their pleasures were, and took a moment to pull the cum off my face with my fingers, and lick them clean.
At this point, more guys started to come in, not even knocking, just coming in, a new guy every minute or so, till I finally counted heads, and came up with 47 guys!
Seems some of the guys brought friends! GREAT!!
I got tossed around the cabin for the next couple of hours, taking cock in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, all bareback, at one point, I had two guys fighting to fuck my ass, and I just told them to BOTH stick their cocks into my ass! It was great! All the previous loads made for a great, slimy lube, that, not only I, but the two guys in my ass, LOVED!
The way they were raving about it, most of the guys wanted to try it! After about 10 guys had done double-anal in me, my ass needed a break, so I suggested that they try a double-pussy penetration, so they did that, while I was on my back, sucking off one guy, while stroking 2 others!
At one point, I was on my hands and knees, one guy underneath me, with his dick in my cunt, and another pushing his alongside the first, and damned if another guy didn't climb OVER them, and ram his big black cock in my ass!
That was it for me! I was cumming all night so far, but this just set me off into a totally mind-numbing, body-shaking orgasm! I think I squirted, AND peed!!
I had guys cumming in every hole, and cumming on my face, my tits, my legs, and all over! I even had cum in my ears,, up my nose, and a group of 4, I think, intentionally aimed right for my eyes!
Some guys even came on my feet, WHILE I still had my heels on!
I wish I had thought to have somebody take pics!
My eyes, hell, my ENTIRE face, was covered in cum so thick, my nose was barely visible, they said!
My tits, oh hell, they were completely covered, which has only happened a couple of times before! That's not an easy thing to do!

At about 11:45, I reminded the guys of what I wanted for Midnight, so I got up, and it was the funniest thing! I WAS SQUISHING AS I WALKED!!
Between the cum in my shoes (weird feeling, but I like it!), the cum dripping from my pussy and ass, down my thighs, and the cum still left in my holes, I was a sight! I was squishing like mad!
A few of the guys were laughing their asses off, and making comments, as I went and got the kiddie pool, and brought it out..
I was going to take everything off but I figured, what the hell, I was already cum-soaked, might as well keep my clothes on!
I climbed into the tub, and by the time I layed down, it was 2 minutes before midnight.
I told the guys to get ready, and at the stroke of midnight, EVERYONE was to start pissing on me!
It was the wildest thing ever, seeing 47 guys trying to crowd around a 6 foot long, by 3 foot wide inflatable pool, trying to push in, to get closer, to get a shot!
I layed back, cleared some of the cum from my eyes, so I could see everything, and i heard the guys counting down..10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and on "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I had piss raining down on me from all sides!
They were hitting every inch of my body, front and back, as I started to roll around in the piss!
As some guys finished pissing, others took their place, and within 5 minutes, there was easily a half-inch of piss in the pool!
There might have been more, who knows? I DO know, however, that at one point, I opened my mouth, and started trying to catch as many streams in my mouth, and on my face, as I could!
I was soaked, head to toe, including my hair!
When they finally stopped pissing, I just got up on my knees, and started sucking the first cock I could wrap my lips around!
This started the guys back up, and in between sucking cock, I told the guys to keep drinking, that my piss bath wasn't over yet!
So here I am, sucking all these gorgeous Black cocks, while every once in a while, someone would start to piss on my face again!
A few of the guys climbed into the pool, grabbed my hips, and lifted them up, and started fucking my pussy and ass again, all the while, somebody would start pissing again!
They tried to get me out of the pool, but I told them no, that I wanted to enjoy this a while longer, as I layed in the pool, reaching down, and spreading my cunt lips open, and making little piss-waves, pushing it into my cum-filled pussy...
Well, that gave one of the guys an idea, and he pulled me back up, ass in the air, and pushed my head into the piss, and told me to drink up!
I thought that was kinky, so I went for it!
Next thing I know, I feel a soft cock in my pussy, and then this wonderful warmth!! He was pissing in my cunt!
Well, that started a new trend, and at least 4 other guys did the same, till piss and cum were just flowing out of my cunt, and into the pool!
That's when I made the next request...
I had one of the guys stand over me, as I was on all fours, and spread my ass-cheeks wide, pulling my asshole open, as guys started aiming for my asshole! I looked back at one point, and there were, what looked like, about 6 guys, all pissing, all aiming for, and hitting, my asshole! I had multiple streams of piss going straight into my ass!
OMFG!! That is an incredible feeling!
I had another group of guys piss in my asshole, then, when everyone was done, somebody found my bag of toys, and pulled out all my butt plugs!
They tried each one of them, about 6 in all, till they got to my biggest one, and forced it into my ass, telling me that I should keep all that piss in for as long as possible!
I was all up for it!

Then they did something that surprised the hell out of me!
A group of the guys picked me up, and carried me outside!!
They took me over to the side of the road, dumped me, unceremoniously, on my face, in a snow bank, and started to cover me in snow!
I started to freak out at this, till one of the guys started pissing on my head, then trailing it down my body! I could feel the snow starting to melt off my back, as more guys joined in, pissing all over me! Enough snow finally melted, till I was able to turn over, and they kept pissing on me!
Thank god they were hitting my tits and pussy, and I felt like I was going to lose my tits and pussy lips to frostbite!!
When they were all done, one guy reached down, and YANKED the plug out of my ass, and all that cum and piss just poured out!
They rubbed snow all over me then picked me up again, and carried me to the cabin, but not before they took a HUGE snowball, and pushed in into my cunt!
OMFG!! That's a RUDE awakening for anyone!
They all laughed at that, and brought me in, layed me back in the pool, and started to piss again, aiming right for my pussy, thank god!
It was mostly just dribbles at this point, but it felt so good!
I noticed, btw, that I drank enough piss, that it was down to just about a 1/4 inch deep...My belly was sloshing around as I walked!

I went in, took a shower, and came out, to find 5 guys standing around the bed, hard Black cocks in hand, and waiting to fuck me again!
Well, who was I to deny them?
I climbed on the bed, and straddled one, while another pushed into my ass, and the other three gathered around my head, pulling me from one cock to another, fucking my throat like madmen!
Again, I loved it!
This went on until about 4 am or so, and by the time we were done, there were Black men passed out all over the cabin, or walking out the door, until there were just two left awake...

These were the two biggest-cocked guys that had shown up. I had asked them to spend the night.. There was a third, but he said that he had to get home to his wife...
I spent the rest of the night, getting fucked, sucking, and napping with these two big-dicked Black men, till the wee hours..
When I woke up, I had a man in my ass, and one in my pussy, both soft, but long enough that they didn't slip completely out..
Its a great way to wake up, let me tell you! All women whould try it as often as possible!
We finally got out of bed, and the guys went for the shower, while I made us all a nice big breakfast!
I still had cum dried, and caked all over my body, including my face and tits, cum still drippng from my ass and pussy, while I served them, and woke up the rest of the guys for breakfast..
After everyone was up, and had eaten, somebody said that he had to piss, so I just climbed back into the pool, and told them to piss on me again!
They all emptied their bladders on me, then they headed out the door, thanking me.
I sucked a few off before they left, and when the last guy was gone, I got up, turned the heat to 80, and climbed intot he piss-pool, and just sloshed around for a while, enjoying the feeling, then got up, and showered, then passed out on the bed for a few hours...

The cabin owner and his wife stopped by later in the day, and said the place smelled like stale piss and sex!
I laughed, and told them I'd have it all cleaned up, and smelling fresh before I left, but before they left, I sent the next two hours getting fucked by the cabin owner and eating his wifes pussy (they were an interractial couple, btw.. He's white, and she's Black), and she ate her husband's cum out of my pussy, while he fucked her.. then I ate her clean, then they left.

I napped again for a few hours, and later in the afternoon, I woke up, and spent the next few hours cleaning, and deodorizing the cabin..
I even went back out in the snow, totally naked, and made a snow angel!

I'm probably going to leave this town in a week or so.. I've been here almost a month, and with my job, I'll have saved up a thousand or so, to keep driving...
More places to see, more men to fuck!