Saturday, December 26, 2009

How I spent my Christmas...

I hooked up with a guy from the 'net a few days before Christmas, and he told me he had a bunch of Black men that needed a slut for Christmas, so I agreed to meet up with him, as I was only an hour away, and drove over Christmas morning, about 7am.
When I got there, it turned out to be a good-sized house, with no neighbors for at least a half-mile on either side.
He met me at the door, naked, and when I entered, I saw about 5 other Black men, also naked, so started stripping right away. Within seconds, I was naked, and on my knees, a Black cock in each hand, and one in my throat, while another one was ramming into my cunt!
Now, normally, I would be loving this, but this was within a minute of me walking in, and my pussy was still pretty dry! He had a nice thick cock though, so I was soaking wet within a minute of him entering me, and I was taking it like a champ!

For the next two hours, I didn't leave that position, and more guys started showing up!
By the end of two hours, I had cum in every hole, cum in my hair, all over my face, and tits, cum on my back and ass, and dripping from my cunt and ass, down my thighs.

They let me rest for about a half hour, then one of the guys grabbed my hair, and yanked me to a sitting position, and just shoved his cock down my throat, using my hair to control my head. He didn't last long, and when he came, he pulled out, and shot all over my face.

It went like that for the next 18 or so hours, with me taking Black cocks in every hole,and cum filling my holes, and coating most of my body.

A few times, I was dragged into the shower, and pissed on, and I even had guys pissing in my cunt and ass a few times each!

We oly stopped fucking long enough to eat, use the bathroom, and take short naps.. I think my longest nap was about 2 hours, and when I woke up, my pussy and ass were filled with cum, which wasn't there when I laid down to rest!

And it wasn't just fucking and sucking, either!
A few of these guys could kiss like pros!
At one point, it was me on the couch, with a Big Black Man on either side of me, taking turns kissing me deeply,while they played with my tits. One guy kept coming over, and eating my pussy and ass for a while, till his tongue got tired, then he'd just walk away, coming back in 10 minutes or so.
Between him licking my holes, and the guys kissing me, and playing with my tits, I was going nuts, with the need to cum!
The guy who kept licking my holes saw this, and all of a sudden, I'm feeling his hand working it's way into my pussy!
He fisted me good, hard, and long for the better part of an hour, making me orgasm over and over, till I had to beg him to stop, as my cunt was sore, swollen, and too tender to even touch!

At several points during the day and night, I got up, and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for these guys, finding the fridge and cabinets well stocked with all the fixings for a holiday feast!

I even found a turkey that was all set-up, and ready to go into the oven, so I loaded this HUGE bird into the oven in the afternoon, and went back to pleasing all those hot Black Men!

I won't lie, and tell you that they were all handsome, as, out of what turned out to be a group of 15 guys, maybe 4, were what I would consider "handsome", and only 1, was a total GOD! he stood about 6'4, looked like a bodybuilder, with a genuine six-pack abs, the nicest, tightest little ass on himbig, suckable nipples, perfect nose, just slightly pointed, not too wide, lips that I could kiss for hours at a time, and eyes that made my pussy get wet, and my knees get weak anytime he'd smile at me! And it was really cute, how this hunk of a man, with a body that most men would kill for, and a face that would make most women melt, was actually SHY!!!!
His cock was something to write home about too! Thick as a can, and a good 9 inches, with a WICKED curve, that went upward, and to the left! This man hit spots in me that haven't been hit in the LONGEST TIME!!!
Oh, and did I mention that he was uncut??? OMFG!!! I'd peel back his foreskin, and his dick smelled and tasted so sweet!!!
And his cum was incredible! It tastes salty, no real bleach-y smell or taste to it, and pretty sweet! And he was shooting some pretty big loads each time!
His balls! OMG! His balls hang down at least 4 inches lower than most, and each one is distinct! Each one is a wonder in itself1 HUGE, first off, and so beautifully round! Most guys' balls are kind egg-shaped, but his seem to be perfectly round!
A couple of the guys were downright UGLY! I mean, if it weren't for the fact that it was a group thing, and I was being constantly pounded by Black Cock, I might have turned these guys down!
I mean, one of these guys was SO ugly, I couldn't even look at him while he was fucking me! (I found out, as I was leaving, that he was one of the homeless from the area. The Host of the party picked him up, bought him home, had him shower, shave, and gave him some good clothes, but unfortunatly, he couldn't do anything about his looks. Poor guy had most of his teeth missing, his nose had obviously been broken at one point, and he was just generally ugly.. and god didn't gift him in the cock department either! You'd think that,as ugly as he was, god would have given him SOMETHING to be proud of, but not that I could see! His dick was the shortest, and thinnest of the bunch, at maybe 4 inches, and just a little thicker than my thumb!
I almost laughed when I saw it, but comparing it to the others, I coudn't help myself. I took pity on him, and gave him my best blowjob, ate his ass like it was made of chocolate and honey, and found that this man could KISS!!!
And let me tell you something! He ate my pussy lke nobody's business!
He even chewed on my clit, and my nipples, and, due to his lack of teeth, he was able to REALLY gnaw on my nips and clit, HARD, and all I felt was a smooth, even, pressure on my bits! it felt fantastic!
I just had to keep my eyes closed when he was facing me!

At the end, when we were all done, I went home with mr "six pack abs", and just woke up a little while ago, and wanted to post it while it was still fresh in my mind.
I woke up with his beautiful dick still buried in my ass!

So I'm sitting here, nice and relaxed, his cum in my pussy and ass, and I can still taste him in my mouth, so I'm going back to bed with this handsome hunk, and see if I can go back to sleep with his cock in my mouth. Yum! It's one of my favorite things to do, when relaxing, to suck and lick gently, on a soft, resting cock, licking my ass-juices off it, when I fade off into sleepy-time!

I think I'm going to stick around here for a few days, if he'll let me..

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How I keep myself awake during those long drive-times...

I'm bored. and I'm horny.. which is no surprise, to anyone that reads my blog...

I get so bored driving on highways, to the point that I sometimes get "tunnel vision", where all I see, is the strip of highway ahead of me.. but it kind of sways, and I have to keep shaking my head, to keep it clear, so I don't have an accident.
I've tried blasting the music, rolling down all the windows, to the point that, sometimes, it get's so cold that my nipples are painfull hard, and not in a good way, and I'm shaking from the cold.. when I get that way, I just say "fuck it", and pull over somewhere,and take a nap.

But two days ago, I stopped in Home Depot, or as some in the BDSM community call it, "Dom Depot" (LOL!)
I was looking around for a hose-clamp (one of my radiator hoses tends to come loose, so it was time to change the clamp), when I started getting some NASTY ideas!

I remembered the way those mechanics had used oil-filter wrenches on my tits in the past, and how much I loved the feeling, so I decided to see what I could come up with, that might be similar, without spending a small fortune.

In the end, here's what I wound up with:

I use this one, when I REALLY have to wake up, QUICK! I pull my tits out of my top (or just remove my top altogether),and open it wide, position it over my nipple, and just let it SNAP! closed, right on my nipple! (Mind you, I found I have GOT to pull over before I do this! I tried ONCE, to do this while driving, and almost drove off the road!) I do one nipple, and start driving, and after mile or two, I pull over, and do the other nipple!

At this point, I'm screaming, and cursing, but I'm wide awake!! (I've also got a soaking wet pussy by this time! LOL!)
This will keep me awake for a good half hour or so, before it's TOO painfull.. but I'm working on taking it for longer periods..
My next toy, (I bought two of these!), I use to clamp onto my tit-flesh.. these work REALLY well, and they can really compress my big fat tits into some strange shapes!

The pain/pleasure quotient on these is really great, because I get that great rush of endorphins from the pain, which keeps me awake, while the pleasure starts to really build up!

I keep these on for the better part of an hour, tightening them occasionally.

Next, and I think, my favorite, are these awesome hose clamps I found!

They're really huge, just right for my breasts!

I open them up wide, slide my breasts through them, (one for each tit) and start to tighten them.

Once they get GOOD and tight, that's when the fun begins!

They have these notches in them, for the screw threads to grip, to close and open them, and when they start to get tight, they really dig into the skin nicely!

If I'm not careful ( or I'm feeling particularly masochistic at that moment), they pinch my tits very painfully!!!

I've been keeping thse on for hours at a time, sometimes loosening them, sometimes tightening them, and the nice part is, I can wear them under a t-shirt, and no one notices them! And they really lift my tits up nicely!

Then, there's my last toy! I've seen these in bondage supply sites/catalogs, but had no idea home depot sold these!! They're great for nipple clamping! They're easy to put on, but after 15 minutes or so, not so easy to get off!
BTW... the clamps that are pictured here, also work WONDERFULLY on my pussy-lips!!! LOL!
I took a couple of my mini-vibes, pushed them up my pussy, and used the most severe clamp, to keep my pussy closed!
WOW!!! What a feeling!
Till later,
PS.. can anyone tell me why I keep having to go in, and remove so many blank lines from my posts? I know you guys don't see them, but I do, while I'm writing, and have to keep gong back, and hitting delete, to get rid of them!