Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve, and I'm all alone..

Well, here it is, the night before Christmas.

I'm alone again....
Going to Mom's in the morning, where my ex is going to bring our daughters, to exchange gifts.

But till then, I'm lonely as hell.. still sick, just not as much.
Not even horny.....

Wishing everyone a happy holidays, spend it with someone you care about.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I've got a cold!

Wel, I've been laid up in bed for the last week or so, sick as a dog. Guess I caught the cold from being on the streets.. The other girls out whoring themselves were all bundled up, but I was there in just a micro-mini. and tube top... no wonder I'm sick!

My men have stopped by during the week, bringing me chicken soup, and other things to eat, and Jacob even gave me a bath!
The guys have been really great this past week, trying to make sure that I'm somewhat comfortable, and eating properly, and a couple of the wives were by, helping to nurse me back to health..Feeling a bit better now, but my throat's still swollen, my hair's a mess, and I don't feel at ALL, pretty...

The building superintendant came by last night, saw I was sick, but told me he wanted a blowjob anyway.. Hurt my throat to do it, but I have to....

Thomas spent the night, and fucked me a few times, doggy-style, cumming in my pussy twice, and in my ass once. I licked him clean afterwards, and we both fell asleep soon afterward.
He woke up an hour ago, and woke me up to feel him fucking my ass! I'm not as sore there now, so it was kind of a nice way to wake up!
He just left, so I thought, as long as I'm up, what the hell.. enter something here....

Friday, December 16, 2005

Jacob just called...

Seems he feels that I haven't suffered enough abuse yet.

Jacob called, and told me that, for the rest of the day, even if I go out, I am to keep my fattest dildo in my ass, and two VERY LARGE dildoes in my pussy!
Now, normally, I'd say "no problem!"
Today, BIG PROBLEM! It hurts like HELL, just to wear panties! A thong wouldn't be so bad, except for it rubbing in my ass-crack, but my WHOLE ass hurts today, not just my asshole!
And to keep these dildoes in my holes, I'm going to have to call my mom, and borrow one of her panty-girdles, to keep these fake cocks from slipping out!

Oh well, just more pain that I have to suffer through..

Hmmmm.... wondering if Mom would like to come over and help me satisfy my Men?
Let me call.....

NOPE.. mom will loan me the panty-girdle, but she tells me that she's already having her lover over tonight, and, since she read my blog this week, she's told me that I deserve my punishment, and that I've got to do whatever it takes, to make it up to my Men.
OK, so I walk around the house naked, except for the panty-girdle... Hopefully, it won't be too bad...



Well, my ass and pussy got used like a slut's last night, and I loved it!
I'm still in a bit of pain from that huge cock, but it's a good kinda pain.. keeps reminding me of last night.
It's hours after, yet my asshole is STILL swollen, and still gaping slightly.. I just slid two fingers, greased with just my spit, into my asshole.. a little pain, but they slid in a little TOO easily, if you know what I mean! ;-)

My poor cunt is ruined, at least for a day or two more... it's really swollen, and red, and bruised from the punches I took there....
My lips are also swollen, and bruised... hell, it even hurts to drink from a glass!

My nipples are cracked from the cold, and bleeding ever so slightly.
It's actually kinda hard to be writing this right now, as both eyes are swollen, and black and blue, but My men told me to write, so write I will!

Right now, I'm sitting on a feather pillow, trying to give my poor asshole and cuntlips a break from the pain. FORGET ABOUT WEARING PANTIES! Just hurts too damned much!

Jacob called just now, and he says he's bringing over a few guys to use me tonight...
I don't know how the hell I'm going to be able to handle it!

This has been probably, one of the most brutal beatings/rapes I've had ever...
But I was wrong for going out whoring on my own, and even more so, for not telling them afterward, and handing the money over to them, like I would any other time, so, I guess I deserved it...

Till later...
Time to go clean up, and start dinner for 4 or more..
Either going to be steaks, or veal.. haven't decided on which, but I think it'll be a buffet style tonight.. That way they can eat when/where they want.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

They had me working the streets last night...

Well, it was a Wednesday, and it was EXTREMELY COLD!!
So, not a whole lot of business... They had me out on the streets wearing a miniskirt (a size too small, and EXTRA short!) that barely covered my ass, and no panties. boy was my pussy cold!!!
A tube-top two sizes too small, so my big tits were practically falling out, and 4 inch stilletto heels. No stockings to help keep my legs warm.. brrrr!!!
As usual, I was ordered to put my makeup on heavy, and slutty, and take any date that was offered.

I only got 4 dates last night, a couple of blowjobs for 20 bucks a piece, and a regular fuck, no condoms, of course! And I told him to come on my slut cunt, like I was told to do.. The last date of the night was a man who couldn't keep his hand, lips, or cock away from my big titties! He gave me a BIG load al over my tits and face! Of course, I licked up what I could, but still left a lot on my chest and face.

I was out there for 2 hours, no traffic in sight, and no dates.
My Men finally came by in my van, and picked me up, and took me to a local flophouse, where some really scummy guys were living.. My Men fucked my pussy, ass, and mouth, then told the guys they could have me for the rest of the night, and to feel free to do whatever they wanted with me.

I was fucked in every hole, called names, slapped and beaten, pissed on, and in, then passed around to some guys that had just arrived. All told, I think about 20 guys used me.

Today, I have bruises all over my face, chest, thighs,back, ass, oh hell, I've got bruises all over my body! I'm hurting like a bitch right now, and one of my men just called, telling me he just checked my blog, and was pissed that I hadn't posted about last night yet.

He told me that he's coming over with Darnell, a really sadistic bastard. Black as night, buiilt like a pro bodybuiler, and packing a 12 inch cock that's thicker than most I've taken! He really gets off on hurting me.. both with his cock, and with his hands.
Last time he came over, he tied me up, put a noose around my neck, and hung me by it, while punching me in the cunt, stomach, tits, and face. It's almost worth it though, as when he gets going, he gets VERY horny, and fucks like a horse! He stretches my pussy so wide with that huge cock, that it's hours before my pussy starts to tighten back up! And I can't even begin to describe the pain/pleasure I get from him fucking me in the ass! It's like, instant orgasm!

Granted, I'm going to be bruised, and hurting like hell for the next couple of days, but.. between the awesome sex I'm be getting, and the fact that my Men OWN me now, I accept it as a cost of living the life I want to live..

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Been away.. sorry..

Sorry folks, but this cum slut has been busy as of late!

After my choice to become a whore for the night, and making ALL that money, a few of my guys read my blog, and boy, were they pissed!!!

After beating the crap out of me, for not giving them the money I earned, they repeatedly ass-raped me for over 4 hours, bringing in a bunch of young gang kids, telling them it was as punishment! I know I had at least 30 different cocks in my ass that night, many of them fucking my ass more than once. It hurt like hell for the first 15 minutes, but then the cum started to work as a GOOD lube, and I started to enjoy the hell out of it!
By the end of the 4th hour, I was cumming almost non-stop, just from having my ass raped!
Did I mention that no lube was used? Well, at the beginning, no lube was used, then the cum made a great lube, but then, after I had taken at least 10 loads of cum in my ass, and had a huge pool of it on the carpet, where it had dripped out of my ass, they had turned me around, and told me to lick the carpet clean of cum! I hesitated for just a second, but that was too long, for Jacob, one of my Men.. He grabbed my hair, and hauled off and smacked me HARD! I didn't hesitate again... I licked it all up, like a good slut, and found I kinda enjoyed it!
They wiped my ass clean of cum, and some shit, and continued the rape.. However, by then, my ass was gaping open, so there wasn't as much pain as before, when they cocks went in dry.

When the kids were done raping my ass, they dragged me into the tub, and pissed all over me. I was made to lay in the tub, all that piss polling around me, till they felt it had gotten cold enough.
Then everyone left, with my Men telling me they'd be back later.
Two days later, they came back. My bruises were almost healed, so they fucked me, and left.

A few days later, they came by again, telling me that, since I made so much money that one night, I was going to be doing it more often!
I've been out on the street, hooking, every other night since then.
So far, my Men have made over 8 thousand dollars from my cunt, ass, and mouth!
I've gotten 300 bucks so far, from all my work. That paid for food, and booze, and this month's cable/internet bill.
I was really hoping to be able to buy a webcam, and possibly a digital cam with that money, and start taking some pics of myself to share with you guys... Perhaps in the future...

Last night, instead of putting me out "on the stroll", they took me to a Black bar that I've been to before...I was made to bend over a table, where they tied my wrists and ankles to the table legs, blindfolded me, and plugged my ears, and announced that I was available to anyone who wanted to use me, for the rest of the night.
That was at 6 am, I had lost track of how many men fucked my holes, and I know I had cum dripping from my pussy and ass, and cum drying on my face, and in my hair. I was a total mess!
I have to admit though, I loved it! I couldn't see who was using me, including at least 3 different women (I could tell my the taste of their cunts), and I was able to concentrate on every taste, and touch, and cock that used my body!

My men have threatened to arrange a breeding party for me, if I get too independent with them again...
They tell me that they will tie me up, my ass high in the air, so the sperm can get deep into my womb, and impregnate me. They also threatened that I wouldn't know who it was, what color the guys were, what they looked like, etc..
Hmmmm... sounds kinda fun!
They also told me that, if/when I finally get pregnant, whether it be from a "breeding party", or just from me taking cocks without rubbers, that I will CONTINUE to be a whore, whether it be on the streets, or in private, until I can't fuck anymore.. They didn't say that it would be until I was too pregnant to risk the baby, just that it would be until I can't fuck anymore...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about that last part...
Maybe I should behave for a while....