Thursday, August 25, 2005

No "real" job yet....

Well, it's been what, almost two weeks since I lost my job in the Law office.. Bills are piling up, but at least I'm over my depression...

Jacob, one of my favorite guys, took me out to see a friend of his last night.. He runs a "massage" joint, and Jacob suggested that I try working there for a while, for some extra money, to help me till I get back on my feet.. I worked there last night, for about 6 hours.
Seems my tits are a big hit there!
I gave my first massage within 15 mins of arriving, and made 50 bucks tip!
The guy *said* he wanted a massage, so I started to give him a back massage, then he told me that he wanted an ALL-OVER body rub, meaning that he wanted me to pour oil on his back, and rub my body all over him! I was a little surprised at this, but soon had him all oiled up, and my naked body sliding all along first his back, then later, his front!
Naturally, soon, he wanted some "extras", meaning, he wanted to slid his cock in between my oil-up breasts, so I told him that for 50 bucks, he could tit-fuck me! Within minutes of him sliding a 6 inch cock (he was white, btw) between my greased-up tits, he shot a nice load on my face, and into my mouth! Well, never being one to waste a load of cum, I swallowed what shot into my mouth, and licked the rest up from my fingers!

The rest of the time went pretty much the same, until the end of the night..

The owner of the massage joint walked in, layed 100 bucks on the table stripped, and told me that I had gotten nothing but good reviews from his customers, so he decided to try me out himself.

He stripped down, and I told him to lay down, for the massage. He told me, "No massage, I want to skip right to the "extras"".
I stripped off my panties, and dropped to my knees, and got started sucking his dick.. It started out small, only about 4 inches soft, but within a minute, I had him hard, and throbbing, and standing up at at least 8 inches, and THICK!!!
He pulled out of my mouth with a POP!, and then, as the head passed my lips, I realized just how THICK his cock was! My lips felt like they were being stretched outward, from the sheer size of his cockhead!

He pulled me to my feet, and quickly bent me over, face-down, on the massage table.
He didn't waste any time with foreplay on me, and just RAMMED his thick cock right up my pussy! He rammed that cock into me harder, and faster, rubbing me raw, as my pussy was almost dry, when he started. My cunt got wet very quickly, so it wasn't so bad.. After about 5 minutes, just as I was ready to have an orgasm (not the first, btw.. I had had a couple just from sucking cock.. getting to be almost a Pavlovian response with me.. Cum in my mouth, or on my face, and I cum so hard!) as I was saying, as I was ready to cum, he yanked his cock out of my cunt, and rammed it, almost DRY, to the balls, in my ass!! That hurt like hell!!!

The pain didn't last too long though, as my lovers have gotten me ADDICTED to having my ass fucked hard!! Within a minute, I was cumming again!! I was begging him to fuck me harder, which he did, fucking me like an animal for the next few minutes, slapping my ass, grabbing my hair, and pulling hard (another thing that get's me off, btw!) till he shot a huge load of his cum up my ass!
When he came, I had another strong cum, and just slumped to the floor, gasping for breath, till he shoved his cock in my face. He didn't have to ask, or tell me, I just wrapped my lips on his cock right away, and licked it clean of my ass-slime, and his cum, and just a tiny bit of my shit, licking, and sucking, till his cock was clean, and he was pulling me off his cock.

He told me that I was welcome back anytime, and that he'd love to have me there fulltime!
I told him I'd think about it....

Jacob offered to pick me up when I was done, but I was in the mood to walk.. I love walking in the city late at night... always get's my head clear, and my juices flowing, and this night was no exception... I walked for a few blocks, kinda in a daze, till I heard the catcalls and whistles.. . I realized that I was walking in public with nothing much on, except my heels, a sheer blouse, and a miniskirt, that barely covers my ass, and no underwear! (I figured it would be a good outfit, for going into the massage joint).
I recognized a few Black guys, really young guys, about 15-17 yrs old, that I had seen around the city a few times, and I shook my ass a little more, as I walked, enjoying the attention..
I was still a bit horny, so I turned around, walked back up to the guys, and invited them into an alley to fuck me... And did they ever!!! I love young boys like that, as they have so much energy!
What they DON'T know about sex, they make up for with their eagerness!
I wound up coming out of the alley a half hour later, with 3 loads of cum dripping from my pussy, and another from my ass, while still more, dribbled from my face.
I was just about a block away, still wiping up cum from my face, when a cop car drove up, and asked me if I was alright?
I said "Sure! Why?", and the cop told me that I looked like I just got raped or something!
I giggled at the cop, and told him that it was "Something like that", and told him thanks for caring, and to have a nice night, and I went back to walking.
I only walked a couple of blacks more, till I decided that I had had enough for that night, and flagged down a cab, to take me home..

When I got home, I emptied my purse, and counted up my money...All in all, I woulnd up coming home with about 450 bucks!

So.. the rent's almost paid, and the internet bill, and utilities are due soon also...I'm still debating whether to go back there or not....
I mean, I enjoyed the way the men used me, especially the owner, but only one of the guys I did that night at the massage joint was Black, so I'm not entirely sure...
(God, I wish I could do that, with nothing but Black men!!)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday Night.....

Well, feeling a bit better tonight... Horny again, so I guess that's a good sign..;-)

Just sat up part of the day, watching old movies.. got bored of that, so started looking through my collection of old tapes, and dvd's.....
Found one that a lover of mine made for me, full of interracial clips, so I decided to put that one in the dvd player...
WOW!! Forgot how hot those movies got me!!!
Within 5 minutes, I was fingering my pussy and ass, watching those lucky girls take on these horse-hung Black Men in all holes!! I had to get out my toys, and start fucking my own holes, to match the action on the screen.. Got me off tremendously, the only problem was, after the dvd was done, I was even hornier than when I started!!!

That being the case, I called the house of one of my lovers, who is a long-lasting buck, and has a kink streak a mile long!!
His wife answered, and we chatted for a few minutes, she asked me when I was coming over again, as she missed the times we used to spend, when her husband was either fucked-out from the two of us, or when we were waiting for him to get home... I told her that I'd be over Sunday (today, now), and that I couldn't wait to get my mouth on her pussy! After she told me that she was looking forward to it (as am *I*!! She has a SWEET tasting pussy! Must be the fact that she's a vegetarian!), she put her husband on, and I told him what had been going on with me the past week, and how I was crazy horny now, and needed some relief, NOW!!!

He told me he'd pick me up in a half hour, and to be ready for anything, and to wear as little as possible!

I quickly showered, shaved my legs, and my pussy (decided to surprise him, by shaving it ALL off!) and put on a pair of really high heels, (stilletto's, with a 6 inch heel that I can barely walk in, for more than 2 minutes), teased my hair up really trashy, and made my face up as whorish-ly as I could!! Bright red lipstick, with matching fingernails, and toenails, and a bright blue eyeshadow and extra-heavy eye-liner.
Once that was done, I went to the door, and put on a trenchcoat. It came to mid-calf, so you couldn't tell what I had (or should I say, didn't have) underneath!

He got there a few minutes later, and I practically RAN to his car, jumping in, and we were off!

He drove to a local porn store, that has a theater, and that has a reputation for being a mostly gay place... I knew this, and mentioned it to him, and he said that, if his plans didn't work out here, he had another place to go...
We went inside, and he paid for our tickets to the theater, and led me in.
It was so dark, at first, I couldn't see a thing, other than some shapes moving around.
Within a minute though, as my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I saw various men either jerking off, or sucking other guy, or getting fucked..
Now, before I go any further, I should explain that watching gay men play, turns me on pretty strong... something about a man taking another man's cock in his mouth, or ass, is just such a turn-on to me!!I guess it's like guys getting off on watching two women go at it!

He took my coat off, and told me to turn around, telling me he liked what he saw.
He took me up front, near the screen, so everyone could see, and pushed me to my knees, and told me that for the next hour, I would take on any guy that wanted to use me, any way they wanted. I was so damned horny by this time, I would have said yes, if he had brought in a horse, and a group of horny, tiny-dicked white guys, I would have taken them all on!!!
He started off fucking my face, deep, and within minutes I had a couple of guys near us, jerking off towards my face, watching me take his 8 inch Black cock down my throat.
When my lover came, he pulled out, and sprayed my face and tits with his load,and stepped back, telling everyone in the theater that "this white slut will take on anyone, any hole, no arguments!"
At this, the two guys jerking off near me started jerking off faster, till they came in my eyes, on my nose, and in my hair!

I couldn't see for a while, but at one point, I was bent over, and ass-fucked good and hard (luckily for me, my pussy was soaking wet, and dripping down to my ass-crack!), by at least 4 different guys, all cumming in my ass!
I got my pussy fucked at least 6 times, by two Black guys (btw, my lover, after cumming on my face, sat back and watched all this!) a couple of white guys (think the largest white cock was about 8 inches, but hard to tell, as I didn't see much of it, between the fact that I was getting fucked from behind, and the cum in my eyes..btw.. cum stings when it get's in your eyes!!!) and a couple of hispanics.. mexicans, I think...
My mouth was kept pretty busy too, as a few of the guys came over, and either stuck their cocks in my mouth after fucking my pussy and ass, or stuck their asses in my face, and I ate their assholes, either to get them ready to be fucked, or to suck the cum out of their asses! ( That was a new one for me, but I liked it!)

By the time I was done, two hours later, I walked out of the theater naked, the coat held by my lover, ad cum dripping from my pussy, my ass, my breasts, and my face and hair!
The looks I got from the clerk were priceless!!! The clerk was an old queen, and his reaction was like, "EWWWWW!! You whore!!!" I just looked at him, smiled, and blew him a kiss, as I walked out, still maked, onto the street, where my Lover covered me up, just before a local cop drove by!

We got in the car, and drove around for a while finally stopping at a McDonald's for something to eat.. He had me pull the coat open, while he ordered a couple of twenty-piece chicken nuggets, and kept it open while he paid for them, and got the food! The girls at the windows looked shocked as hell, but one of them looked envious!
After we pulled away, we shared the nuggets, with him feeding me mine, dipped in my pussy, and wiped across my breasts, and rubbing it across my cum-soaked asshole, making me eat them with the strangers' cum! I never enjoyed chicken nuggets so much!

Afterwards, we went to his place, and he hosed me down in his driveway, in front of his house, so anyone could see.. Took me inside, and had me service his wife while he fucked her, and came in her pussy, then made me eat it out.
Once they were done, and I had cleaned them both with my mouth, he took me home, after giving me my raincoat back, and I got in, and took a nap...
Woke up, took a long bath, and got online here....

Overall, I'm feeling MUCH better today!!
Monday, though, is job-hunting day.. either that, or start whoring myself to Black Men again! (This time, at just slightly below normal rates!!)


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Still Sick..

Not as ill as last night, but still sick...
Slept something like14 hours today, woke up, ate some soup, and watched a little tv..
Took a bath, and another nap... It's12:20 am now, and I've been awake about a half hour.. already want to go back to bed...

Hope for better days...


Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm tired.....

Well, it's Thursday night (Friday morning), and I'm tired...
I've been making my body available to damn near ANY Black man in my area, for the last few months, with the exception of a day I took this past week, to pamper myself, but it's not enough.. It's just not enough...
By body is aching, my mind feels clouded....

Truthfully, I'm hoping that I've just come down with a 24 hour flu bug or something, and not something more serious....

I woke up tired today, but horny, as always...
I went to work, where my boss, who's usually a nice enough guy, was in a foul mood...something about a contract that wasn't finished, due to me going out on my multi-hour fuck-lunches.

He fired me!
I went home, and one of the guy's showed up, with a stranger. some homeless guy he found, that he thought he's humiliate me with, by making me have sex with him.
As tired, and depressed as I was feeling, I felt that I had no choice, but to do as my Black Man told me, after all, there's nothing I won't do, to please my Men.

The homeless guy stripped, and told me to eat his ass, then suck his cock, before he would fuck me. Luckily, he was Black, so I didn't mind the smell, or the dirt on him as much as I would have, had it been a white guy.
Turned out he was hung pretty well, about 10 inches, but thick as hell! He hadn't had a woman in years (and probably hadn't had a bath, in at least as long!) and he fucked me like a madman, for at least an hour!
After he had cum in me, 3 times in my pussy, one in my mouth, and one in my ass, I drew a bath for him, and he spent the next two hours in it, cleaning himself up, while my Lover proceeded to fuck me for another hour. While my Lover was sleeping, I made a large meal for the three of us, and ran out, still dripping cum from my ass and pussy, to the local thrift shop, and bought a decent-looking set of clothes for the homeless guy, who's name was Jacob, btw.

After his bath, I gave him the clothes, and sat him down to eat. He filled himself up with the food, and afterwards, proceeded to lay me down, and eat my pussy and ass, as thanks for the sex,food, and clothes, making me cum like I haven't in a long time, from getting my pussy eaten!
(It's not true, btw, that Black men don't eat pussy... but most of them prefer to fuck)

I woke up my Lover, fed him, and he left, and I fell asleep minutes later.
That was around 2pm, and I've just woken up about an hour ago.. Yet I'm still tired...
I made a sandwich for my dinner, and sat to watch some TV...
Decided to get up, and add something new to the Blog...

So fucking tired right now....

I'm going to sleep for a few days, in hopes that I'll feel better. If not, I'll go to the Dr., and get myself tested for whatever I've caught... I hope it's nothing too serious.

I'll let you know, from here, what's going on..

Gina Forchevsky,
a tired, weak, foggy-brained Black-Cock slut