Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anal Gangbang Tonight!

Talked to Michael earlier this week, told him I was REALLY in the mood to get my ass stretched, stuffed, and filled with cum, and he was saying that it wasn't a problem, that he'd bring a couple of guys over to fuck my ass.. Now, normally, that would have been fine, but for some reason, the idea of just a couple of guys ass-fucking me, wasn't enough!

I explained my craving, and after discussing it with Michael for an hour, I finally convinced him that I was totally serious in wanting this.
He agreed that I could take on as many as possible, but he asked that he be there, not only to join in, but mainly, to watch, and make sure that I didn't overdo it.. Of course, I said yes!

He made some calls, and by the next day, he had contacted at least 30 men, with 25 saying that they could make it. The other 5 WANTED to come and fuck my ass, but due to obligations (mainly family, but 2 were work-related) they couldn't make it.

Some of the guys said they could probably get a few guys to come with them, so I'm hoping that I get at LEAST 30 guys to fuck my ass!

I told Michael that I wanted at least 5 guys with really THICK Black cocks, to really stretch my hole out good, so I hope he's able to hook it up for me..
I'm going to do it tonight (Wednesday night), so I've been on a liquid diet since this morning (Tuesday morning), and have been giving myself enemas about every two hours, starting with just a shallow one, with the latest, having pushed the enema nozzle deeper up my ass than I have ever done before. The last few have been interesting, to say the least, and have been QUITE uncomfortable! I've taken two breaks since starting to write this latest blog entry, to empty my bowels, and most of the water is running clear, which is a good sign.. I'll take a nap when I'm sure that I'm completely empty, then wake up around 10 am to give myself a final enema... Right now, my asshole is a little sore, but a bit of ice on my asshole, I know, will help numb the pain, and take down any swelling.
I've been eating yogurt the last couple of hours, as they say that it's the best thing to do for your body, after so many enemas... We'll see...

I'll fill you all in, as soon as I can, on the results of the anal gangbang.

I sincerely hope someone takes some pictures, so that I can post them up here, but until then, here's a few that I've gotten off the 'net, for you all to enjoy.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Got SUPER horny last night!

Well, Michael came home, and as I hoped he *DID* have PLENTY of energy for me!
He shoved each and every one of my new toys in each hole, hell, he even managed to SHOVE the BAM toy at least 8 inches down my throat, as he was slamming the huge buttplug up my ass with his knee, and holding the fist toy in my cunt!
By the time the night was over, I was passed out from exhaustion, with the fist toy AND the BAM toy BOTH up my ass, and the biggest buttplug in my pussy!
I woke up, to find one of the big dildoes still stuck in my mouth, my face with dried cum on it, and my holes even more sore than the first night with the toys!

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since then, and last night, since Michael was out drinking with his buddies, I was home alone, and horny as hell, and the toys just WERE NOT gonna satisfy me!

So I decided to try something...
I dressed SUPER-SLUTTY, like when I was whoring my ass on the streets for money, and went to where the hookers hang out... I was gonna get laid by some strange cock tonight, and I was gonna feel like a total whore/slut, doing it!
I had decided though, that I was going to tell each guy that wanted me, that I wasn't charging a penny... Thought it might be fun to see the reactions..
Was it ever!!!

Got used by about 10 guys, in the first 4 hours, then, as a guy pulled up, and I leaned into his window to talk to him, he started to ask the usual questions.. "What will you do?" (Anything he wanted!), "Will you do it without a rubber?" (No problem there!!)
Then came the final question... "How much?"

I told him that I wasn't charging, and he thought I was joking. He kept asking "how much for a blowjob?" (free) " How much to fuck you?" (again, free!)
Well, we got to his room, and as I unzipped his pants, instead of his cock, I found his BADGE!!

He was a cop!!
He started to talk shit, like that he was going to arrest me for prostitution, and I kept arguing that I wasn't charging, that I was giving it away, but he seemed pretty determined...
After I asked him what it would take to convince him that I wasn't hooking, that I was doing this only for fun, he finally told me that, to prove it, I would have to let him, and his buddies on the vice squad fuck ALL my holes, no rubbers, for the rest of the night!

I just looked, then laughed hard, and told him "Send them in! Bring it on!"
He still, I think, didn't think I was serious, until his friends showed up, and I took them all on!
By the end, I think I had at least 6 loads of cum in my pussy, cum all over my face, hair, and tits, and had taken at least 4 loads in my asshole, and swallowed at least 2 loads.. these, right after they were done fucking my ass!
I loved it!!
I told them that I hoped they'd use me like that, NEXT time they saw me "walking the streets" again!
They assured me they would!

So now, I'm just sitting here, almost ready to nod off, as I'm feeling the cum leaking from my pussy and asshole... I love going to sleep like this!!
Night night, all!