Friday, November 27, 2009

Been away for a while... here's why!

It's been, what? 5 months or so, since I posted last?

I know SOME people have been wondering why.... Well, here goes...

First off, I got lost in wanderlust.. I just kept driving, as long as I could, not staying in any one town, or area, more than a couple of days.

2) My laptop crashed.. or rather, it crashed off a table! Some kid, about 6 or so, I guess, came by, and just swept my laptop, and other things I had on a picnic table, right off the table!!

Little fucking spoiled brat!!!! Her father came over immediately, apologized for his daughter being such a bitch, and insisted on having my laptop repaired..

I explained I would only be in the area a couple of days, but he insisted that the laptop would take more than a week to get fixed. He told me that it was either wait around to get it fixed, or leave with a broken laptop. He couldn't afford a replacement for me.

SO... I stayed around for 4 days, till it was fixed... got to know him a little better, and in the process, for to give his daughter a good spanking! THAT WAS FUN!!

She was a lot nicer to me after that... almost TOO nice.. I think the little bitch enjoyed being spanked! (Her mother had left them a year before, I was told, later)

I got my laptop back, as well as a warm house to sleep in, some DAMNED FINE cooking, and on the night that I was going to leave, I got a pretty good fucking, as well! (I had to initiate it though.. this guy was just TOO nice... )

I might return to him someday... when I'm ready to settle down for a while... who knows?

3) When I got the laptop back, for some reason, I really didn't want to use it.. I got used to being without it for 4 days, and didn't really miss it much...

4)Crossed the Border back into the US in Minnesota, in a little town called
"St Vincent"..

It's a quiet little town.. kinda dead, but it had it's cute qualities to it..
From there, I just started driving again, aimlessly..
To be honest, I stopped keeping track of most of the places I visited..
At one point, I went at least a month with no sex.. not even masturbation! Damned if I know how I did it... I think that, for a while I was slipping in, and out of a case of depression.. I didn't really feel "depressed", per se, but I really had no interest in anything, just driving kind of aimlessly.. sure, I found some nice spots, and was really relaxing for a while, but no real passion for anything.
I know that, for a period of about 2 weeks, I was snapping at people for the littlest, tiny, irritating things!
I mean, I came out of a supermarket, and saw some woman parked literally 10 feet from one of those corrals for shopping carts, and she was too damned lazy to push the cart in! I mean, she just left the cart at the opening of the corral, and I went off!

I was like "Jesus Christ, lady!! How fucking lazy can you be, that you can't push the god damned cart back into the corral????" The look on her face was priceless! She looked shocked, ashamed, confused, and embarrassed, all at once! I think she was ready to piss herself at one point!
I was like "Well, go put the damned cart away, you lazy bitch!!" At that, she kinda snapped out of it, pushed the cart into the corral, making sure it was in line with the others, and even put another cart that was off to the side, back into the corral!!!
I walked away feeling SO much better! A few people even applauded!!
Another time, I went off on this guy for not using his turn signal, before turning into a convenience store.. Again, I just snapped! I walked up to this guy as he was coming out of the store, and asked him "Excuse me, but I think your turn-signal is broken" He looked confused for a minute, and was stupid enough to ask "Really? How do you know?" I looked him right in the eye, and said "Well, I didn't see your turn signal when you cut me off, to come in here, so, it's either broken, of you're TOO FUCKING LAZY TO USE IT!!"
Again, that priceless look! Mostly fear, I think...(Evil grin)
He hopped in his car and took off like a shot!! But he used his turn signal that time! LOL!

I continued driving for months, before I finally got the urge to use the laptop.I was taking little jobs, for a day or two, filling in as a seamstress, pumping gas, doing clerical work, all sorts of stuff.. every town I'd visit, I'd check the local papers for temp work, just enough work to make gas money, and for food, work a day or two, get paid, then move on.
I even worked 3 days in a strip club as a dancer! (Granted, I'm not a GOOD dancer, but they loved my tits, and my hips, so I made about 400 bucks in those 3 days)

I finally stopped in Deadwood, South Dakota, for a week, and thought I might try my hand at hooking again... the first night, after an hour on the streets, LOOKING like a cheap whore, the local cops pulled up to me, said "You must be new here!" I asked why, and they said that I must be, otherwise, I wouldn't be trying to turn tricks in that part of town!THAT explains why I was the only hooker in the area, and I was getting no dates!

I figured, at that point, they knew what I was up to, so I just said to hell with it, went to a bar, and got stinking drunk. Wound up back in the van, passed out for a few hours, then woke up, found a place with wi-fi I could tap into, and checked craigslist personals, for the area.

Hooked up with a guy that wanted a simple "pump and dump", so I contacted him, and that night, met him in a cheap motel, blew him till he was hard, then he fucked me for about 15 minutes, came, and paid me 150 bucks, and left.

Nothing after that, so I hit the casino that night, won 200 bucks playing poker, and left town. Again, I drove, for weeks, again, doing the "temp" thing, until I wound up at a church, of all places! I was just driving around this little town, windows open, tired, trying to stay awake, when I heard the most beautiful sound coming from a cute little church!I went in, sat at the back, and just listened to the choir sing.. I couldn't explain it then, ad can't explain it now, but I suddenly felt full of energy, and better than I had in a year!

(Now, before you guys go "Oh shit.. she's found religion!" It's not like that...I still can't explain it, but I just felt BETTER!!)

I hung around for the rest of the service, then left afterwards, and just sat in the local park, watching people walk around...I felt more at peace with myself than I have in a long, long time!

I wound up staying in town for a week, a longer period of time than I've stayed anywhere, in months! I wound up volunteering at a local charity function, and met a Black Man there, who I wound up spending a few days with.

We talked, and I gave him the "g" rated version of my travels, and my life, and he claimed he understood about "Wanderlust".. He had gone through the same thing, after his wife died a few years ago, and had wound up here, and made a life for himself here.

Yes, in case you're wondering, we DID hook up!! He was in his mid 50's, and was a fantastic lover! Not just a "good fuck", like so many others, but he was gentle, passionate, tender, and caring! It was great sex, in, and of, itself, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, but it wasn't enough to make me consider staying any longer.. After a week in that town, I finally told him I had to go,, time to move on.. He kissed me goodbye, gently, telling me he understood, and gave me a great big hug, telling me that I always had a place here, if I wanted it..

I got back in the van, and left him.. I was almost sorry to be going...

Hooked up with another guy through craigslist, who said he wanted a true slut, to use, and abuse, and share with others. I emailed him, and we got together. After we felt each other out, we felt each other up, then the fun started!

He tied me up, hogtied, and beat my ass, tits, and pussy, till I was screaming in pain, and pleasure, then fucked all 3 holes, cumming in each, and spraying my face with cum! He left me tied like that for a few hours, and came back with 4 other guys, who took turns fucking me, slapping my face, tits, ass, and cunt, pissed on me, spit on me, called me a dirty fucking whore, and making me cum so hard my eyes crossed, and I passed out a few times!

This guy used me for 4 days, in his house, in his yard, he took me to adult theaters and bars, and let friends, and total strangers use my body for their pleasure, not ONCE asking me if I was ok with it! (Well, if I wasn't, I sure would have told him! LOL!)

When I finally left him, I had cum dried all over my body, cum dripping out of my pussy and ass, and I stunk of cum, piss, and pussy!

I drove like that for a week, only stopping for gas, and food (drive-thru's are wonderful!)and a place to piss. The whole time I was driving, I had a buttplug, or a dildo in my ass and cunt, no panties, and just the tiniest skirt and blouse, so I could easily reach down and play with myself while I drove.

After a week, I pulled into a truck-stop, got a shower, changed my clothes, and sat down to the first REAL meal, I'd had in two weeks!

After I was satisfied, I got up, went to the bar, had a few drinks (A few too many, actually), and caught the eye of a trucker coming out of the bathroom.. I winked at him, and went into the MEN'S room, with him following right behind! I gave him a nice blowjob, and he gave me 20 bucks!

After that, I remembered something I read about hookers working truk stops, so went out to the van, got on a wifi connection, and started reading about "lot lizards"... Within the hour, I was dressed like a cheap slut, and walking around the lots, smiling and winking at the truckers, andstarted getting dates! I spent at least 12 hours working that lot, giving blowjobs, and fucks to a bunch of guys, and seeing some really NICE truck cabs!

I only had one bad experience, and that was when I agreed to give a blowjob to this grizzled old guy, who looked like he hadn't shaved in years, and smelt like he hadn't seen soap in years, either! His dick wasn't smelling to great either, but physically, it looked fine, so I mentally blocked out the smell, and gave him my usual, world-class (if I do say so myself) head. He came within minutes, and paid me 50 bucks (I would have charged him only twenty, but he really looked bad, and I thought that would make him change his mind... NOPE!)

Afterwards, I figured that was it for me, so i went back, got another hot shower, gassed up, and got the fuck out of there!

I drove for a couple more days, until I got into Chicago Illinois, and my van seemed to know exactly where to go, to the seediest part of town!

I wound up in some Black bar, and was downing shots of Jack Daniel's like they were cool-aid, and flirting with some real sexy Black Men. I wound up, again, in one of the places I've come to know SO well, the Men's Room... Again, as before, I was on my knees, sucking any cock that got put in my face, being pissed on, slapped, spit on, and occasionally fucked!

When I left, hours later, I was still drunk off my ass (guys kept bringing back shots of Jack for me) and stumbled into the alley to throw up.. weird feeling.. I've never been so drunk before, that I threw up! It must have been acombination of all that Jack, plus all the cum and piss I'd swallowed, because when I threw up, it came out smooth, almost clear! No chunks! When I was done puking my guts out, I stumbled back to the van, and passed out for god-knows-how-long, and when I woke up, and realized where I was, I cleaned myself of as best I could with mouthwash, and wetnaps, and figured I'd better fight my hangover with more Jack Daniel's..

So I went back into the bar, it was early evening, and started drinking again, and again, wound up in the Men's Room!

This time though, I was in the mood for getting my ass fucked, so I told the guys that I was on my period, and that they could have my ass..

I took at least 10 different Black cocks in my ass that night, each of them cumming in my ass, and I licked each one clean afterwards!

yes, I still wound up sucking dick, drinking piss, and getting pissed on, but I didn't drink that much, so when I felt I had had enough, I got up, left, got into the van, and got out of town.

I drove for two days straight, after I had managed to score some meth.. After the meth wore off, I HAD to get a motel room, as I was coming down HARD...

I paid for two days, and slept most of those days.

Drove more... and more, and more, and more...

Met a few cute guys along the way, met some hard-dicked studs, and we used each other, then parted, and I met a few girls that I had some fun with..

Then I was driving again....

Very few "memorable" encounters, other than those I've mentioned...

Called my girls last night... the two oldest are pregnant by Black guys, and the youngest is going steady with an older Black Man.

Ex-Husband is drinking heavily, lost his job, and is looking for work, but the girls say it dosen't look so good there...

Perhaps I should come back home for a while.....We'll See...

Mom and Dad are doing good... Dad found a couple of Black men for Mom to fuck on a regular basis, so she doesn't have to go out to the bars as often (though she still goes at least once or twice a week), so Mom is home more often, keeping house, and Dad says he's hasn't seen her this happy and productive in years! She's getting fucked by Black Cocks at least once a day, every day, and STILL hits the Black bars at least once a week!

I SWEAR! Mom just get's sluttier, as she gets older!

Mom tells me that Dad's got the wife of one on the Black guys, on the side, and he's fucking her 3-4 times a week.. Mom say's that the woman is in her 40's, and that she thinks Dad intends on getting her pregnant....If it's true, I hope Daddy succeeds!

Well, that's it for now... here's a few pics I found, that I liked, that you might enjoy...


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


You're my kind of woman O_O. Keep it up.


shyle38 said...

I've been checking in weekly for months hoping you'd post again. You're amazing! So glad you're getting spit on and peed on again!

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago & I've been dying for an update! Love your blogs! <33

itwolf said...

what a nasty cunt you are!
hoping you cum thru pa some time
if you do, let me know... ill keep my eyes open for you
would love to use you for a while

Josie T-girl said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love black inside me. Being a black mans woman is the best. Feeling his manhood inside me and feeling his seed explode and paint my insides with his essence is absolutely wonderful.

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