Sunday, February 07, 2010

Master tortured me tonight...

Master wanted to play with my nipples tonight..

Only problem is, when Master wants to play with my nipples, he has to take my new nipple rings out....
When Master "plays" with my nipples, it's not like most men "play" with nipples... He gets really sadistic with them!
Take last night, for example...
Master had me follow him to His garage, and He had me stand, with my arms behind me, and told me not to move my arms, no matter what, or I would be punished. That comment made me shiver in fear, and anticipation.. I mean, what ELSE could He do to punish me, that He hasn't already done?

He led me to his tool bench, removed my nipple rings, and opened a drawer full of "vice-grips"!!!
Master took the heavies, nastiest-looking vice grips I've ever seen, and put one on each nipple, clamped HARD!!!! He didn't lower them easily, either! He, in fact, LIFTED them, then DROPPED them, so, not only did they really YANK on my nipples, but the sheer weight of them, hit my belly, HARD!
As if the vice grips weren't heavy enough, He hung ANOTHER pair from the others, so I now had some really HEAVY weights hanging from my poor nipples!
Then he told me to spread my legs, and he clamped smaller, but still heavy, vice grips from my cunt-lips.. These, he didn't clamp quite as hard, but he put 4 on each cunt lip! And not just the outside lips, either!
He clamped them to both the outside, AND the inside lips, together!

But I'm very proud to say, I didn't move my arms or hands, though I did scream pretty loud!
Master slapped me for that...HARD! And many times!
He also slapped my tits, causing the clamps to sway back and forth, which just made me scream again, getting more slaps to the face!
He put a spreader bar on my ankles, securing them wide open, then told me to bring my hands to my front, where he put steel handcuffs on my wrists, and told me to bend over and touch the spreader bar. When I did that, he took another set of cuffs, and attached them from the spreader bar, to my cuffs, keeping me bent over. Master then put a very tight collar around my neck, tightening it so much, that it started to hurt, and made it difficult to breathe. He attached a rope, hanging overhead, to a ring on the back of the collar, and pulled the rope tight, pulling my head up, till I couldn't move!
I also found that breathing was gong to be difficult!
He made it more difficult, when he walked in front of me, and pulled my head down further (which I didn't think would be possible), and shoved his little cock in my mouth!
He gave me a BRUTAL face-fucking, yanking my head up and down, and each time he yanked down, it was like I was being hanged! Each yank downward, pulled the collar tighter around my airway, and started to cut off the blood flow to my brain!
With each thrust, wach downward yank to my head, I felt myself feeling more light-headed!
I found it harder to breathe, and I started to struggle, trying to get some air in my lungs, but not getting enough. I didn't ask him to stop though, as we had agreed that I would NOT have a "safe word"!!
The next thing I remember, was me feeling him fisting my asshole!
Once He realized that I was conscious again, he told me that I had passed out, and dropped like a stone to the floor, hanging by my neck!!
I now noticed that I had a saw-horse below me, supporting my weight, but not really taking much pressure off. Master told me he loosened the collar, but only a tiny bit, so I could stay conscious, and alert.
As Master was telling me this, He didn't once, stop ramming his balled-up fist DEEP into my ass, then pullng it all the way out, and JAMMING it back in!!!
Master DID stop, for a few moments, after a while (no idea of time at this point), to take the vice-grips off my nipples. When He did that, I screamed again, as the blood rushed back into my nipples!!!
Oh my FUCKING god!! Unless you've played, long-term, with heavy-duty nipple clamps, you can't even begin to imagine how much pain you can experience!! The pain of having clamps on your nipples an be bad enough, when they first go on, but after they've been on for a while, you barely feel them, until they're removed, and the blood flows back into your nips!!
Master took this opportunity to stop fisting my asshole, and come around, and start slapping my face and tits again, this time, even harder, and really focusing His hits directly on my nipples!

I wish it had been videoed, as I must have been quite a sight!
I know I was crying so bad, that snot was now running from my nose, I was drooling, and I must have been a mess!
I even pissed myself at one point!
Master then took some rope, and tied it to the vice-grips on my cunt-lips, and pulled them apart, stretching my cunt-lips wide open, and making me scream anew!!
Master fisted my cunt this time, using BOTH FISTS, no warm-up to it, just greased up His hands with motor oil, and forced them in!
That finally did it for me, and I started to have a HUGE orgasm!
I don't recall anything more, as I blacked out, I guess, because Master told me that I came, non-stop, for a good 10 minutes, squirting my cunt-cum, piss, and motor oil all over Him, and the floor!
Master told me he untied me, un-clamped me, and pulled me off the saw-horse, and laid me on the floor. Master told me that I looked like a slut having a seizure, as I just kept twitching, shaking, and cumming!
I finally came to, Master said I was out for a good hour or so, and I found myself still on the floor, soaking wet, and shivering from the old. (Master told me that, while I was out, he pissed on me, to warm me up a bit. The temperatures outside have been in the low 20's the past few days, and the garage isn't heated.)

I vaguely remember Master ordering me to get up, and go inside. I remember Master guiding me, holding me up just slightly, then leading me to the laundry room, where i recall it being VERY warm, compared to outside.
I woke up this morning, tired, and sore, and smelling of piss.
I wanted to get up and get a good hot shower, but I knew that Master would be angry, if I did that, without His permission, so I laid there for a while, till He walked in...

Master told me to get on my knees, as He had to piss again. I did, and He pissed in my mouth, on my face, and in my hair, then grabbed my hair, yanked me down, told me to keep my ass in the air, and to lick up his piss. While I was doing that, Master forced His two largest plugs into myass and cunt, and when I was done licking up His piss, he told me to go to the computer and write this.
I am writing this, as Master is beating my ass with a wooden paddle, and each time I've made a mistake in spelling, punctuation, grammer, or not capitalized the "H" in "Him", or the "M" in "Master", he's given my nipples two swats each!

Right now, my ass and tits, especially my nipples, are a bright red, they're swollen, and throbbing!
Master has said that, when I'm done here, to His satisfaction, I can take a quick hot shower, and then I can take a nap in my bed, which is really nothing more than a scratchy old blanket.
I welcome it right now, and I am grateful for any "creature comfort" Master gives to me!

I'm off now, to shower, and rest.
Good day to all,


Amy(LamBi)Ne said...


You sounded like my dreams come true.
Good girl. If I were a man, I'd marry you.

-Whore Amy

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your posts I always think to myself "How far can this girl go?" You really surprise me every time! I admire your bravery & sexual appetite ;)
I love nipple play as well <3

Holiday said...

God, you make me so hot. Your Master does like it rough, and so do you.

By the way, I absolutely adore your breasts.

Anonymous said...

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shyle38 said...

It's been a while. Hope he didn't kill you.

Miss Ava said...
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Anonymous said...

I use to read your blog all the time before you stop. I am glad to see that you are back in action and doing well.

Paula Louise said...

please tell us more

subshop said...

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c Mack said...

This is a nigga's dream taking the gal into garage for a session..aka philosophical tightening.