Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My Weekend

Well, I got bored with the same old fucking and sucking, with my Man bringing home guys to use me.. I mean, the sex is good and all, I'm having plenty of orgasms, and getting all the cum I can handle, in my cunt, ass, mouth, and on my face and tits, but it was getting to be so..normal...

Mind you, I NEVER get tired of Black cocks, but I was feeling out of sorts.. I've been getting used, but it just wasn't doing it for me!

SO... I got dressed up really trashy Friday night,the whole nine yards.. 6 inch open-toed "fuck me" shoes, with a stiletto heel (bright Red, of course!) a tiny skirt that didn't even cover my ass, fishnet stockings, with a garter belt that was visible for a few inches below my skirt, a sheer white blouse, that showed off my tits like the slut that I am. I had the makeup on really heavy, I'm talking so heavy, that I was halfway between whore, and clown! My lips were a BRIGHT, cocksucking red, very full, heavy eyeshadow, the whole nine yards!

I got in the car, and drove out of town, to an adult bookstore that I heard had a BUSY gloryhole area.
I walked in, got fifty dollar's worth of $5's, and entered the video booth area...
A few guys standing around, including a couple of VERY effeminate "queens" (by this, I don't mean that they were drag queens, they were just acting very feminine, very catty, very chatty...) not the type of thing, I've noticed in the past, that attracts guys.. they were just standing around, gossipping like a couple of young girls.. geeeze!
Either go watch a video, suck a dick, or get the fuck out!! My God!!

Well, I walked around for a few minutes, making it obvious, by staring at men's crotches, and licking my lips, that I was hungry for cock...
I located a couple of the gloryhole booths, and settled for one near the end.. it had a gloryhole in each wall, 3 in all, and I entered the booth, and, with the door wide open, hiked my skirt up to show my clean-shaven pussy, took off my blouse, and, while guys were watching, I smiled at them, told them "You know what to do..", and closed and locked the door.
I put $20.00 in the video machine, and started clicking through the different videos.. Now, when it comes to Porn, I like ALL TYPES!
I enjoy watching lesbian porn, but not that sweet, gentle-type of lesbian lovemaking... no, if I want that, I can always get that, easily... if I'm watching lesbian porn, I like to see one girl that's at least pretty,being the submissive one, and one that's a little more "butch".. Especially if there is strap-on play involved! I love to see a butch female treating another girl the way that a drunk sailor would treat a cheap whore! But that's just me...

Well, I got lucky with this booth, as the holes were larger than I've seen (and used!) at other places. One was so large, that I was able to fit almost half my ass through the hole, so both holes were available, so that's just what I did!
Within a second of my pushing my ass through the hole, I felt a hand rubbing my ass cheeks! Next thing I know, somebody's eating my pussy through the hole!
I enjoyed the hell out of that! I saw a cock come through the other hole, in front of me, and I quickly bent forward to take it in my mouth... It was just average sized, about 6 inches, nothing special, but i didn't care. I went right down on it, licking it all over, taking it down my throat, stroking it, just enjoying the taste, and texture of this strange cock. Within 5 minutes, he started pounding the wall with his hips, and gave me a decent sized load.. nothing special, but enjoyable..
Whoever was eating my pussy, had me nice and wet, and didn't even try to slide his cock in easy.. he just RAMMED it up my soaking wet pussy, to the hilt!
Now, he wasn't much for technique, and his cock wasn't that fat, but it was long enough, that, when he rammed it in, he hit my cervix!!!! I came on the spot!!!!
It was just so rude, and unexpected, and the pain/pleasure of having that long hard cock pounding on the entrance to my womb, just totally set me off! I practically SCREAMED when he did that! I know i made a LOT of noise, because within seconds, I had the gloryhole in front of me, filled with cock, and the 3rd gloryhole was being used as well!
I stroked the cock in the 3rd hole, while I was sucking off the one in front of me, while my pussy continued to get fucked, hard! The guy fucking me pulled out suddenly, and I knew he hadn't cum yet, so I was, for a second, like "WTF??
Suddenly, he started pushing into my ass!
Now, I had forgotten to lube my asshole, and this was starting to hurt!
I thought about, at the very least, just putting some spit in my hand, and rubbing it onto my asshole, but by this point, one hand was busy jacking off one cock, and the other hand was holding the cock that was in my mouth, so I just said fuck it... pushed out a bit, and his cock forced it's way into my asshole.
I'd forgotten how much of a turn-on it can be, for me to take a cock up my ass DRY!
This got got animalistic, ramming it in deeper, and being rougher, and my ass just kept taking it!
I wasn't going to pull off this guys cock till he came in my ass!
I used every trick I could think of, rotating my hips, squeezing, clenching, and relaxing my asshole, trying to milk his cock with my asshole.
He came in me a few minutes later, DEEP, and just kept it there for a few minutes, till he shrunk a bit, and slipped out. When he did, I quickly turned around, and took his cock into my mouth, and licked every inch of his cock clean... Did I mention that I LOVE Ass-To-Mouth???

He pulled back, and left the booth, and I put my pussy up against the hole where I had been sucking, to be quickly filled with cock. I then licked all around the gloryhole I had been fucked through, getting any last traces of cum that were there.
Almost immediately, there was another cock in my mouth, and down my throat!

I stayed in that booth for about 4 hours Friday night, taking on any cock that came through... I even ate some asses!
At one point, the guy on the other side wanted me to push my tit through the hole, so I did.. it wasn't easy, as my tits were bigger that the hole, but after a bit of pushing on my part, and the guy pulling on my nipples from his end, my big fat tit was soon pulled through!
I figured he wanted to suck them, bite them, generally just feel them... well, he did that, and more!
At one point, I could feel both his hands wrap around my whole tit, and he squeezed incredibly hard!! I could feel his fingers pressing SO DEEP into my tit-flesh! And then he started pulling on my tit!!
So there I am, tit pulled through a gloryhole, forcing my face up against the wall! At this point, I was almost panicking, wondering if he was going to try and pull my tit off! I completely forgot about the other two gloryholes, and even if I remembered, it wasn't like I could DO anything at that moment!
Well, he finally released my tit from the hole, but not before giving my tit a few INCREDIBLY HARD BITES!!! Here,4 days later, I've STILL got these huge bite marks and bruises on my tit, and the damned thing feels like it's hanging an inch or two lower than normal!!
But, back to my evening...
Like I said, I was there about 4 hours, and, if my count is right (which I doubt.. I think it's a little short), I think I serviced over 50 cocks that night! not sure if any were repeats or not, and don't really care!

By the time I finally was ready to leave, I had numerous loads in my pussy, and my asshole, and they were dripping out pretty well by this time..
I had taken at least 5 loads on my tits, and swallowed at least 10 loads, with a lot of loads also being shot on my face, and in my hair.

I was a total mess! By the time I got dressed, and left the video booth area, I could feel cum dripping down my thighs...
As I was leaving the store, I caught sight of myself in the security mirror. WOW! My hair was all fucked up, and you could easily see the strands and globs of cum in my hair, as well as globs on my face, my blouse was soaked with all the cum on my tits, my makeup was all fucked up, eyeliner dripping down my face, like a sad clown, . in short, I looked like I had just been put through the wringer!!
I walked out into the night air, and just walked a couple of blocks to my car, just enjoying the feel of the cum drying on my face, and the feel of dripping down my legs.

I got home, and didn't even bother to take a shower... I was just too tired... (do you have ANY idea how much strain gets put on the back of your thigh muscles when you're bent over at a gloryhole getting fucked??? I'm STILL a little sore!!)
My Man woke up when I climbed into bed, rolled over and kissed me, then pulled back when he tasted the cum on my lips.
He just looked at me for a few moments, before finally saying "Damn Gina, looks like you had fun! Get what you wanted tonight?"
I just nodded yes, and spooned up in front of him, and asked him to give me a nice slow fuck, so I could go to sleep..
I fell asleep right after we both came, with his beautiful, hard Black cock in my pussy, where I hope it stayed for a few hours!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

I'm back again!

Hey everybody!
I KNOW that some people have been worried about me, or angry, that I've been letting this blog go, not posting, for so long, and for that, I'm sorry, but, to be truthful, I just haven't been in the mood to post.

But, figure that I owe you nice guys and girls an update, so here goes...

I've been with a real nice Black Man, for 15 months, and I have to say, I'm EXTREMELY happy!
I'm getting all the sex I could wish for, from him, his friends, and guys that he brings home, as well as the occasional trips out to adult theaters, Black bars, and other places...

For example... last weekend, he took me to the sleaziest part of town, and before leaving the house, he had me dress, as he put it, like the cheapest, sleaziest, white-trash slut possible!

Well, that wasn't difficult! LOL!
He wound up leading me down an alley, both ends of which was heavily trafficked, and he had me drop to my knees and start sucking his Beautiful Black Cock. (NO PROBLEM!!)
He was treating me like a cheap whore that he'd picked up, really fucking my throat hard, fast, and deep!
As I'd HOPED would happen, soon, the sight of me being throat-raped attracted a group of young guys who were passing by...Once I assured them that I was ok, and that I LOVED how Bull was using me, the cocks started coming out.. All sizes, shapes, and all BLACK! I was in heaven! Over the course of the next hour or so, these young guys had their cocks in my mouth, down my throat, RAMMED HARD up my ass, and fucked my cunt so hard, that I was walking strange afterwards!
I was a real sight that night, walking down the street, cum dripping from my cunt and ass, down my legs, cum drying on my face, in my hair, and my tiny tube-top so soaked that it was drying into a crusty, flaky mess!
Bull and I had walked about 4 blocks, down a semi-busy public sidewalk, when he suddenly stopped, looked into an alley, and pulled me down it.. I thought "Great! Round two!"...NOPE...

Instead, he had me drop to my knees, pulled out his beautiful cock, and proceeded to piss all over me!
Now, I don't have a problem with that, I just didn't expect it.. He hosed my face, my chest, and REALLY hosed down my hair! I was a dripping, filthy, cum-encrusted, piss-covered mess!
After he was done, he just grabbed me by the hair, stood me up, and marched me back to the sidewalk..
His truck was another block away, so he told me that, being the mess that I was, that I was going to have to ride in the truck bed! Well, it wouldn't be the first time, and I doubt it will be the last...

When we got home, he took me around back, and hosed me off with the garden hose... thank god it's still somewhat warm out!
He stripped me there, outside, and took my hand, and lead me into our "playroom".
At that point, he took two of my biggest vibrating dildoes, and roughly shoved them in my cunt and ass, then secured them in place with duct tape, tied my hands above my head, to the headboard of the bed, and shoved a sock in my mouth, and secured it with more duct tape.He told me that he was going to leave me like that overnight!
Well, needless to say, I was in no position to argue, and I figured that was that.. I was just going to be left like this, to cum my brains out, till he untied me sometime the next day...
He came back a few minutes later, with two baggies.. in one, was cocaine.. in the other, crystal meth...
He took the coke, and coated my cuntlips,and my clit with it, till I was totally numb down there.. then, he took the meth, put it in a syringe with some brandy, and injected it into my asshole!
So here I am, holes still full of strange men's cum, two LARGE vibrating dildoes in my holes, my clit, and pussy lips numb, and about 8 ounces of liguid in my asshole, with the meth and the brandy giving a slight burning sensation, and my desire to cum building quickly!
At that point, he walked away...
I was going crazy with the need to cum , in no time flat!
I STILL, after what seemed like an hour, couldn't feel my cunt at all! I mean, I felt the dildo in my pussy, KNEW it was vibrating, but I wasn't getting any feeling from it!
My asshole, on the other hand, was THROBBING from being used so much, and so hard, that night, and so many times, I felt like, "if He'll only move that damn dildo in and out a few times, I'll orgasm!!!"
Again.. no such luck!
Until hours later.... my holes are sore as hell, but the cocaine was worn off, and I've had a few, unsatisfying orgasms... then HE walks in. and he wasn't alone!
He brought this OLD man in, he had to have been in his eighties!!
He tells the old man, "go ahead, do whatever you want to the slut.. she loves it!"
And leaves the room!
The old man strips naked, climbs on the bed, and YANKS the dildoes out of me! I'm so sore at this point, that all I can do is scream! Well, the gag took a lot of the impact of that scream away, and he just sat back chuckling.. I'm thinking to myself "WTF???"
The old man starts on my tits.. he's not being at all gentle, he's digging his fingers deeply into my tit-flesh, really sinking them in, and squeezing, till tears are coming from my eyes, then, he starts in on my nipples.. he starts pinching them, HARD (which I LOVE, btw), then starts yanking on them, practically lifting me off the bed by my nipples!
He starts slapping them, side to side, tops and bottoms, then digs his fingers in again, this time, TWISTING MY TITS!!! OUCH!!!!
Next thing I know, hes BITING my tit-flesh! And I mean DEEP!!! Days later, I STILL have teeth marks and bruises on my tits!!
He tired of that after god-knows how long, and starts to work on my nipples, not nibbling, bit even biting, but CHEWING on my nipples, till they started to bleed!
When he stops, and steps back, I notice that the old bastard is hard! 80 yrs old, I wouldn't think he could still get it up, but I'm wrong again, as I've been wrong so many times, this night...

This old man, after abusing my tits and nipples so horribly (but looking back on it, I have to admit, I *did* enjoy quite a bit of it!), he goes down on my pussy, and really starts licking deep, like he KNOWS that I have multiple loads of cum in me (turns out, Bull told him about my alley gangbang), and he's licking me SO deep! I swear, I could feel his tongue damn near at my cervix!
Within 30 seconds, I'm moaning, wanting to just grab his head, and keep it right there, or at least tell him not to stop, but I can't do either...
He does stop, but only after he's gotten most, if not all, of the cum from my cunt, and gotten me off quite a few times in the process!
All of a sudden he turns me over onto my stomach, and starts eating out my asshole, grabbing my ass cheeks, and pulling them apart pretty roughly!
That's it! I started cumming again, and again, and again!
Finally, he turns me over again, spreads my legs, and slides his hard cock, about 6 inches, but with a very defined head, so very gently into my pussy, and proceeds to again, so gently, lick my throat, my ears, kiss my lips, place light kisses on my eyelids, and all over my face, while he slowly, gently fucks me!
This weird combination of styles, brutal, then gentle, has me, mentally, totally off-kilter, and I'm waiting, expecting him, at any time, to start brutalizing me again, but it never comes..

He must have fucked me for a good hour, so slowly, so gently, that I started to dry up a bit... it felt good though, his cock in me, but by know, I'm so sore all over, that I wish he'd just cum in me, and get it over with...
As I felt his cock speed up it's fucking of me, he suddenly bites my neck! I'm talking, teenager-strength hickie style!!
He's also gone back to pinching my nipples!
That does it for me, I'm SOAKING WET, and on the verge of my best orgasm in days!
I start to shake, I'm thrashing all over the place, moaning, screaming, pounding the back of my head into the mattress, wanting to grab hold of him, and pull him in deeper, to beg him to hurt my nipples more, but all that's coming out of me, are incoherent moans!
The old man cums in my pussy, then goes down, and starts flicking his tongue on my clit, like it's got a high-speed motor! He's also ramming what feels like 4 fingers in my asshole, hard, and fast, and DEEP!
That's the last thing I remember!

I woke up later, and Bull told me that I had been out for 10 hours! I noticed that he had untied me, and removed the gag, and had carried me to our bed..I still looked a mess, but I felt SO good!
Bull helped me to the bath, and I took a nice long soak, then went back to bed for a few more hours...

I love Bull.. he's so nasty, yet caring...

I think I'm going to stay here quite a while! I haven't had the urge to travel since I met Bull, and if he can keep me satisfied, the way he's done so far, I might just settle down with him!

I think I'm going to go to the gynecologist, and see if I'm still able to have kids... Bull and I have been talking about the possibility of it, and how we would raise them. especially after I told him about my daughters....he really gave my holes a workout that night, so I think he might be just kinky enough to want to duplicate what has happened to my daughters... but I think he's thinking of starting them younger... who knows?
But, whatever happens, I love Bull, and think that I'll go along with whatever he decides.. he hasn't disappointed me yet!


Friday, May 13, 2011

To those that have been asking about my Daughters....

Folks, to be honest, I *WANT* to tell you, in detail, what my girls are doing, sexually, especially my littlest one but I've gotten quite a few responses from readers who were appalled, disgusted, shocked, and downright ANGRY at me, for talking about my young girls having sex with older Black Men!

So, I'm going to think about it, for a while...
I REALLY don't want to lose this blog....


PS... "Bull" took me to his job this afternoon, and had me service all his co-workers!
Afterward, he put me up on the lift, and shoved a grease gun up my ass, and gave me a"lube job", before letting his co-workers fuck my ass! (Guess he's been reading my old blog posts.. ya think??)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been a while since I posted.. Sorry...

It's been more than a year since I posted last, I think, and I want to first, apologize...

I know quite a few of my followers have been concerned about my well-being.. I'm fine...

I hooked up with a guy about 10 months ago, and we've gotten involved in an interesting relationship...
He's young.. he's only 19, but he's got more experience than most men I've met, 3 times his age!
He's Black, like I said, 19, but with a body like a professional body-builder, and a cock that would make many porn stars jealous!!
He's got an honest to goodness 14 inch long cock (I've measured it!) with a thickness of 4 1/4inches!
The head on his cock is HUGE!!! It's a real mushroom-shape, with the shaft starting out at about 3 inches across, but thickening quickly up to the 4-1/4 inch mark!
His balls are HUGE, and hang down about 6 inches from his crotch, and they are always SO full of cum! I swear, this guy could star in a LOT of porn films, between the size of his cock, the amount of cum he shoots, and his Masterful way of fucking!
And, on top of that, he's bisexual, into group sex, bondage, watersports, and he's VERY dominant!
He's also got a VERY kinky mind, which I'm constantly amazed, and turned on by!

I met him when my van broke down, and he was the mechanic. Even in his loose coveralls, I could still see his soft cock moving around! I swear! When he's soft, he's an easy 10 inches long! I'd measure it, but every time I try, he starts getting hard! I've even tried measuring it when he's asleep, but as soon as I start touching it, it starts to grow, and I can't stop myself from taking it into my throat!!
His name's Tim, but since the first time we were together sexually, I've taken to calling his "Bull".. trust me, he FUCKS like a bull!

He offered to let me stay in his guest bedroom for the few days it would take to work on my van, and after seeing the bulge in his pants, I accepted immediately!
That first night, he was a perfect gentleman, not trying to make any kinds of moves on me, but i couldn't stop myself.. at bedtime, I went to him, in my sexiest lingerie, which consisted of red, lace-top stockings and a matching lace garter-belt, crotchless lace panties, and a very lacy, red, 1/4 cup bra, which did nothing to hide my big tits, but lifted them up, and out, to display their fullness, and my hard nipples...
I teased my hair up into a big, slutty, trashy poofy style, put my make-up on VERY heavy, so I looked like a trashy white slut, and walked into his room, telling him that I wanted to thank him for his kindness.

We fucked all night long, till almost 5 am, then just laid together until 7am, when he had to get ready for work.
While we were laying together, he asked about some of the scars on my body, and I told him about some of my experiences, both good and bad.
He was shocked at the more brutal ones, but I could also feel his cock stirring, and could see the wheels turning in his head, as he asked me questions, like "was this consensual?" to which I replied that I started out that way, but didn't finish consensually, and he asked me if I had enjoyed ANY of what had happened... I replied that there were MANY things about the abuse that I enjoyed, and some that I didn't..mainly those things that scarred me physically, and that damaged me bad enough to put me out of action for a period of time..
We talked for hours during the next few days, when we weren't fucking, about what turned me on, what didn't, what I enjoyed, what I didn't, things I had tried,things wanted to try, and all sorts of stuff.
He asked about my family, when I told him I was divorced, and asked about my girls, and my parents, and seemed quite interested when I told him about Mom and Dad, their sexual lives, and about how my daughters are all getting fucked by Black Men. He found out how much of an influence I've had on my girls, and seemed very interested in that, so we talked at length about that.

When my van was repaired, he offered to let me stay longer if I wanted, and I told him about my travels, and how I don't normally like to stay in one place too long, unless I've found a guy that could keep up with me, and still allow me to be the wanton slut that I am.
He said he had no problem with that, and proved it, when, after working late on a rush job, he came home to find the house empty, with me coming in about 3am that night, my hair all fucked up, and my pussy and ass dripping cum, and cum on my face, and in my hair... I had gone out to an all-Black bar, and had taken on quite a few guys in the alley behind the bar.. my knees were filthy, my hair was all fucked up, and I smelled like a well-used whore! (his words, btw)

He had told his boss he was taking the next day off, so he was on the couch having a few beers, and watching a movie when I came in, all disheveled, and said that it looked like I had fun that night! I looked in his eyes for some sign of disapproval, and seeing none, told him that yes, I DID have fun that night!
He told me to grab a beer from the fridge, sit down, and tell him all about it, so I went to the fridge, got a beer for myself, and one for him, gave it to him, and just plopped down on the sofa, exhausted. I told him how I was feeling really horny without him there to fuck me, so I went out, flirted all night with these Black men, and kept going out to the alley to suck cock, and get fucked. I told him how hot it had gotten me, to be used as a cum-dump by these men, and that many of these men, after using me, had come back in the bar, and pointed me out to their friends.

I could see his cock getting hard at my account of my night, and I just reached over, fished his cock out of his boxers, and started going down on him. He was running his fingers through my hair, telling me how I looked like a trashy whore right then, and pulled my hips around, so we were in a 69 position.
While I was sucking him, he was eating my cunt and ass, going back and forth, eating all that cum out of my nasty, well-fucked holes, and I could feel his cock just throbbing harder, and harder!
Well, he finally came, his load shooting out with so much force that it came out of my nose, which I snorted right back in, btw, then he picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me to the bed, where he started to fuck the shit out of me! And this, only minutes after cumming in my mouth!

He fucked my pussy hard, then flipped me over, and just RAMMED that huge, thick, beautiful Black cock up my ass!
He was talking shit the whole time, telling me what a whore I am, and asking me if I like taking all that Nigger cock and cum in my holes!
I was screaming in pain and pleasure, from his cock in my ass, and telling him "YES! YES! I love being used by big-dicked Niggers! I love it!!!"

After he came in me again, he ate my pussy and ass till I came again, at least 3 or 4 times, then I think I passed out.

I woke up hours later, to find that he had tied me down, spread-eagled, and when he realized I was awake, he started to stuff all sorts of things in my ass and cunt!
He had cucumbers, carrots, strawberries, fingers, and, at one point, he even pushed a large squash up my cunt!
He started to pinch my nipples really hard, and hearing me moan in pleasure at that, he went to twisting my nipples like mad! Well, if you remember, I just LOVE having my nipples abused, and I started to lose my mind, cumming so hard from the abuse, and the objects in my holes, that I went into spasms, and wound up shooting the carrots from my ass, and a minute later, the squash literally SHOT out of my cunt, along with a good amount of my cunt-cream!
I was squirting like mad!
He just pushed his face into my soaking wet pussy, and I squirted all over his face! he just kept licking, and lapping it all up!

When I finally came down, he untied me, and stroked me gently, letting me come down easy, and just laid there with me for a few hours, with me dropping in and out occasionally...

Later that day, we talked about how I felt about being tied up, and I told him that with him, I felt perfectly at ease with it, and loved what he had done to me!

That night, he led me to his garage (at his house), and tied my wrists together, and hooked them to a winch he used to lift engines from cars, and he lifted me off my feet. He opened a trunk he had in the garage, and pulled out a spreader bar, which he attached to my ankles, spreading my legs out.
He then proceeded to tie my big, fat tits up TIGHT! Within minutes of him finishing the tieing, my tits were swollen, and starting to darken. He clamped my nipples with clover clamps, not too extreme, but I definitely felt some pain/pleasure! He then proceeded to force a large buttplug up my ass, then began slapping my tits and my pussy with his hand.
He forced a Hitachi wand into my cunt, not like those bondage sites you see, where they just position it on the girls clit.. he forced at least 8 inches of it, handle and all, deeply into my soaking wet cunt! I could feel vibrations on my cervix!!
He finally had to gag me, as I was getting so loud!
I was having non-stop, multiple orgasms, as he smacked the hell out my tits, slapped my clit, and at the height of it, he reached up,removed the clamps from my nipples, and slapped me right in the face!!
That did it for me!! I had a HUGE, uncontrollable, body-shaking, toes curling, eyes rolling bak into my head, head twisting in every direction, mind-numbingly intense, orgasm!!!
I must have passed out, because next thing I knew, I was laying on his bed, my tits untied and unclamped, my wrists and ankles untied, and his soft cock in my mouth, with me suckling it, like a baby at a tit!

We've repeated that scenario many times since, sometimes he'll fuck me while I'm tied up, sometimes not..
We've gone out to clubs, and hes watched me give head to total strangers, he's offered my holes to his friends, either they'll be visiting, or he'll just sned me over, with orders to fuck his friend into unconsciousness, or they'll call, and ask him if I'm available.

He's taken me out to nice restaurants, and lounges, just like a regular date, and treated me as an equal, other times, he's taken me out, with a slave collar around my neck,with me wearing something slutty, or just a tiny bikini, to show me off, and use me around others..
Last week, he tole me that he felt like really showing me off, and humiliating me...

We drove a few hours to a small town, on a Sunday, and he made me get out, and walk around the small town's main shopping area, which consisted of just two blocks of mom and pop stores.
He made me wear a flesh-colored bikini, so tiny it barely covered my nipples. and my cunt lips poking out of the bottom! I was wearing 4 inch stilletto, CLEAR heels, and my collar, to which he had attached a dog leash. He had also written on my chest, plainly visible to anyone, the words
"Black Man's Slave", and the words "SLUT" written down the outside of each leg, and WHORE" written on my forehead!
I was blushing a deep red the whole time, while we pretended to window shop, until he pulled me into an alley behind a dumpster, and bent me over, and fucked my pussy hard, till he shot off in my cunt. I licked him clean, and then he told me we were going to walk around some more.

Next thing I know, I hear church bells ringing, and we're walking towards a church, that was just letting out!!!
By now, I'm sweating, and blushing, and worrying about being seen like this, in front of a whole congregation of church folks, and my pussy is leaking his cum, which is dripping down my legs, and my pussy is getting wetter by the moment!!
He takes my leash, and ties it to a nearby fence, and tells me to stand there, facing the church, legs spread wide, until he tells me otherwise.
He reaches up, and pinches my nipples HARD, making them stand out, plainly visible, with his cum, and my pussy juice dripping down my legs, and making me look like a white-trash, cheap, sleazy whore!

He left me like that for at least 15 minutes, making me endure the stares, and comments from the church people, hearing them call me a whore, a slut, a trollop (a word I haven't heard used in years!), and other things! I was getting dirty looks from the women, and leers from the men, and before I knew it, "Bull" was untying my leash, and leading me, quickly, back to his car, and telling me to get inside quick!
He tore out of that little town like we were being chased by the cops! (I found out later, there WAS a cop car following us, but they stopped, when we got out of town.)

This man keep surprising me!
He has told me that he has a special night planned for me tonight...
He's bringing over a few friends, and at one point, I'm going to have two cocks in my puss, two cocks in my ass, and sucking cock!
I can't wait! Not sure how he'll manage to get two cocks in my ass and two in my cunt at the same time, but I can't wait to find out!!!

Till later....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm back...

I'm beaten, and weary, but I'm back.
That little-dicked, sadistic BASTARD, whom I made the mistake of willingly giving myself to, put me in the fucking hospital!!!
After my last post, he did some things to me that I thought I would NEVER let happen!
It seems that he got so turned on, abusing my body that night, that he decided to go even further, the next night!

The next night, he took me out to the garage again, and the first thing he did, was gag me. Big, rough, HUGE dog-toy for a gag! Because of it, and his repeated punching to my face, I suffered a dislocated jaw, my eyes were black and blue, and swollen shut for a few days, my lips (on my face) were split open, and are just now, down to normal size.
He broke my nose!!!

And that was just my face...

He hung me, suspended by my ankles, a strap around my hips, and a collar around my neck, facing the floor.. I was horizontal for a good day, at least. My legs were kept spread, VERY wide, and a pretty good portion of my weight was suspended by my neck.
It's been weeks, and I'm just now, starting to be able to speak again.. though my voice is still raspy, and rough, and it still hurts to swallow.
This sadistic asshole beat my tits with his bare fists, and even took a baseball bat to them!
They're STILL black and blue, and I won't be wearing a bra for a few more weeks, I don't care what ANYONE says!
I'm wearing mu-mus for the next month or so, just so I can move around in public!

He punched me in the stomach so many times I lost count, broke 3 ribs, and broke my right arm, with a baseball bat, just above the elbow, just to hear me scream again!
He punched me in my cunt so many times I lost track, and forced two aluminum baseball bats into my ass, and kept twisting them!
My insides are sore, and I was on a colostomy bag for 2 weeks, so my asshole could heal. he split it open pretty good...
My cunt, well, that's not much better...
I guess I should be thankful he didn't use the baseball bats inside my cunt.
Instead, he took a bunch of branches, and shoved them up my pussy!
I'm honestly surprised that the neighbors didn't call the police! Even gagged, I was still making a lot of noise!
My cunt had to be internally stitched closed, as the branches really tore me up.
My clit got sliced! Right now, I don't even want to THINK about having sex!
Hell, just writing this, makes me hurt!
He took a dozen large knitting needles, and forced them through my tits!

But I'm ok now...it's been about two months, and I've been staying with a guy I met a year ago, who has been nursing me back to health.

It was over a month, before I would even THINK about sex. I wouldn't even suck on a soft dick!

But I'm better now.. my arm is still in a cast, but I went out with my friend last night, as I had convinced him that I HAD to get "back in the saddle" again!

So, I had him take me to an adult theater, and while there, I got fucked by about 10 guys, in all my holes, all bareback, and by the time we left, I had cum dripping down my legs from my pussy and ass, cum all over my face and tits, and huge lumps of cum in my hair.

It felt great!
We got back to his place, and I passed out within 10 minutes. We got in, I stripped, and he was going to put me in the shower, but I insisted that I wanted to feel the cum drying on me.
So, I lit up a nice fat joint, did a couple of shots of Jack Daniels', and passed out on the bed.
I woke up about 12 hours later, had my friend fuck me, then went and took a shower.

When I was done, I came out to the kitchen, naked, got myself something to eat, and went out to his back yard, and laid out in the cool afternoon sun for a couple of hours... It felt so good, so relaxing!

I'm getting the van ready to travel again...
no idea where I'll go, but there's this lonely-looking stretch of road that looks good...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Master tortured me tonight...

Master wanted to play with my nipples tonight..

Only problem is, when Master wants to play with my nipples, he has to take my new nipple rings out....
When Master "plays" with my nipples, it's not like most men "play" with nipples... He gets really sadistic with them!
Take last night, for example...
Master had me follow him to His garage, and He had me stand, with my arms behind me, and told me not to move my arms, no matter what, or I would be punished. That comment made me shiver in fear, and anticipation.. I mean, what ELSE could He do to punish me, that He hasn't already done?

He led me to his tool bench, removed my nipple rings, and opened a drawer full of "vice-grips"!!!
Master took the heavies, nastiest-looking vice grips I've ever seen, and put one on each nipple, clamped HARD!!!! He didn't lower them easily, either! He, in fact, LIFTED them, then DROPPED them, so, not only did they really YANK on my nipples, but the sheer weight of them, hit my belly, HARD!
As if the vice grips weren't heavy enough, He hung ANOTHER pair from the others, so I now had some really HEAVY weights hanging from my poor nipples!
Then he told me to spread my legs, and he clamped smaller, but still heavy, vice grips from my cunt-lips.. These, he didn't clamp quite as hard, but he put 4 on each cunt lip! And not just the outside lips, either!
He clamped them to both the outside, AND the inside lips, together!

But I'm very proud to say, I didn't move my arms or hands, though I did scream pretty loud!
Master slapped me for that...HARD! And many times!
He also slapped my tits, causing the clamps to sway back and forth, which just made me scream again, getting more slaps to the face!
He put a spreader bar on my ankles, securing them wide open, then told me to bring my hands to my front, where he put steel handcuffs on my wrists, and told me to bend over and touch the spreader bar. When I did that, he took another set of cuffs, and attached them from the spreader bar, to my cuffs, keeping me bent over. Master then put a very tight collar around my neck, tightening it so much, that it started to hurt, and made it difficult to breathe. He attached a rope, hanging overhead, to a ring on the back of the collar, and pulled the rope tight, pulling my head up, till I couldn't move!
I also found that breathing was gong to be difficult!
He made it more difficult, when he walked in front of me, and pulled my head down further (which I didn't think would be possible), and shoved his little cock in my mouth!
He gave me a BRUTAL face-fucking, yanking my head up and down, and each time he yanked down, it was like I was being hanged! Each yank downward, pulled the collar tighter around my airway, and started to cut off the blood flow to my brain!
With each thrust, wach downward yank to my head, I felt myself feeling more light-headed!
I found it harder to breathe, and I started to struggle, trying to get some air in my lungs, but not getting enough. I didn't ask him to stop though, as we had agreed that I would NOT have a "safe word"!!
The next thing I remember, was me feeling him fisting my asshole!
Once He realized that I was conscious again, he told me that I had passed out, and dropped like a stone to the floor, hanging by my neck!!
I now noticed that I had a saw-horse below me, supporting my weight, but not really taking much pressure off. Master told me he loosened the collar, but only a tiny bit, so I could stay conscious, and alert.
As Master was telling me this, He didn't once, stop ramming his balled-up fist DEEP into my ass, then pullng it all the way out, and JAMMING it back in!!!
Master DID stop, for a few moments, after a while (no idea of time at this point), to take the vice-grips off my nipples. When He did that, I screamed again, as the blood rushed back into my nipples!!!
Oh my FUCKING god!! Unless you've played, long-term, with heavy-duty nipple clamps, you can't even begin to imagine how much pain you can experience!! The pain of having clamps on your nipples an be bad enough, when they first go on, but after they've been on for a while, you barely feel them, until they're removed, and the blood flows back into your nips!!
Master took this opportunity to stop fisting my asshole, and come around, and start slapping my face and tits again, this time, even harder, and really focusing His hits directly on my nipples!

I wish it had been videoed, as I must have been quite a sight!
I know I was crying so bad, that snot was now running from my nose, I was drooling, and I must have been a mess!
I even pissed myself at one point!
Master then took some rope, and tied it to the vice-grips on my cunt-lips, and pulled them apart, stretching my cunt-lips wide open, and making me scream anew!!
Master fisted my cunt this time, using BOTH FISTS, no warm-up to it, just greased up His hands with motor oil, and forced them in!
That finally did it for me, and I started to have a HUGE orgasm!
I don't recall anything more, as I blacked out, I guess, because Master told me that I came, non-stop, for a good 10 minutes, squirting my cunt-cum, piss, and motor oil all over Him, and the floor!
Master told me he untied me, un-clamped me, and pulled me off the saw-horse, and laid me on the floor. Master told me that I looked like a slut having a seizure, as I just kept twitching, shaking, and cumming!
I finally came to, Master said I was out for a good hour or so, and I found myself still on the floor, soaking wet, and shivering from the old. (Master told me that, while I was out, he pissed on me, to warm me up a bit. The temperatures outside have been in the low 20's the past few days, and the garage isn't heated.)

I vaguely remember Master ordering me to get up, and go inside. I remember Master guiding me, holding me up just slightly, then leading me to the laundry room, where i recall it being VERY warm, compared to outside.
I woke up this morning, tired, and sore, and smelling of piss.
I wanted to get up and get a good hot shower, but I knew that Master would be angry, if I did that, without His permission, so I laid there for a while, till He walked in...

Master told me to get on my knees, as He had to piss again. I did, and He pissed in my mouth, on my face, and in my hair, then grabbed my hair, yanked me down, told me to keep my ass in the air, and to lick up his piss. While I was doing that, Master forced His two largest plugs into myass and cunt, and when I was done licking up His piss, he told me to go to the computer and write this.
I am writing this, as Master is beating my ass with a wooden paddle, and each time I've made a mistake in spelling, punctuation, grammer, or not capitalized the "H" in "Him", or the "M" in "Master", he's given my nipples two swats each!

Right now, my ass and tits, especially my nipples, are a bright red, they're swollen, and throbbing!
Master has said that, when I'm done here, to His satisfaction, I can take a quick hot shower, and then I can take a nap in my bed, which is really nothing more than a scratchy old blanket.
I welcome it right now, and I am grateful for any "creature comfort" Master gives to me!

I'm off now, to shower, and rest.
Good day to all,

Love my Nipple Rings!

OMG! I just LOVE my new nipple rings! They look so pretty!!!
They are a beautiful, thick, shiny gold, and he showed them to me, closely, and I saw that he had them engraved with the words "SLUT" on one, and "WHORE"on the other!
Master says that when my nipples have healed enough, he's going to have the rings welded shut, so I can't remove them!

I don't know whether to be happy, or worried!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm submitting to an ugly old white man..

I met this guy online, we've been chatting for a few months, and he's really been turning me on!
He's got a really filthy, perverted mind, and he's been telling me exactly what he wants to do to me, and it's been turning me on like nobody's business, so we agreed to meet.

So, I drive to his town to meet up with him, and we talked, fucked, talked, fucked, and talked some more!

So, we've come to an agreement.

I've agreed to give myself over to him, COMPLETELY, and he's agreed to use me, or have me used, in some of the most decadent, and possibly SICK ways that he can come up with!

Let me start off, with a description of Him:
He's 72 years old, white, about 5 foot tall, maybe 250 lbs, balding,a really UGLY face, that looks like it's been run over by a truck a few times, huge gut, glasses so thick, they look like Coke bottles, and legally blind, so he can't drive, and he has a cock that's about 4 inches long, and skinny, with a tiny set of balls, that look like marbles, and hang down at least 6 inches below his dick.

Now, this is normally one of the LAST guys that I would be interested in, but like I said, he's got a really filthy mind to him, so that got me turned on, more than anything!

I've been staying with him for just over a week now, and he's agreed that, if I give myself over to him completely, not just my body, but my will, he will make me do some of the NASTIEST things he can come up with, that will humiliate me, degrade me, and abuse me, and that will also give me some of my biggest, most memorable orgasms!

The day that I agreed to submit to Him, the first thing he did,, was take all my clothes,the keys to my van, my ID, all my money, and personal possessions, and lock them up in a steamer trunk.

Next, he had me strip, and threw my clothes that I was wearing, into the fireplace, burning them up fast., and proceeded to slap handcuffs on my wrists,behind my back, and leg cuffs on my ankles, with a short length of chain between my feet, just enough to allow me to walk somewhat, but not too long of a stride.

Then came the nipple clamps, the clover kind, with a length of chain attached.
He then wrote on my forehead, the word "URINAL", and on my chest, he wrote "SLUT", and over my pussy, he wrote "CUMDUMP". On my ass, he wrote "ASS SLUT", then he put an "O" ring gag in my mouth, stretching my mouth open wide, and locked that in place.
He went and made a phone call, and about an hour later, a mexican guy shows up with a truck, and a large gym-type bag, but larger than I had ever seen.

My new Master ordered me to climb into the bag, and bend over, and he quickly zipped the bag shut.
Now, at this point, I started to get a little worried.. I mean, he's burned the clothes I was wearing, and locked up anything that would allow me to run away, if I thought I needed to, and he's got my ID, so no way to identify me, other than fingerprints and dental records, and NO ONE, up to this point, knew where I was! (Well, actually, even now, nobody knows where I am!)

So, I feel them picking the bag up, with me inside, and by the sounds I could hear, I was being taken outside, and put into the truck. (not too gently, either!)

When the truck finally stopped, and I was unloaded, I found myself being removed from the bag, and being led into a men's bathroom.
I was then told that, until further notice, each day, I would be the urinal and slut, for any of the man's workers (Master owns a rather large factory, but i don't know what they make) to use as they see fit, during the day. He removed one of the cuffs, and repositioned my hands above my head. and hooked a large, heavy chain to the handcuffs, and attached it to a bolt in the ceiling, and attached a similar chain to my ankle cuffs, with that being secured to a bolt in the floor, so I wasn't going anywhere!

I could move around a little, turns out, just enough so that I could turn around, to be fucked in my ass, or pussy, as well as my mouth, as the workers saw fit.

The first day, I was raped in all 3 holes repeatedly, cum on, pissed on, and pissed IN, made to lick cocks clean afterward, (not easy to do, btw, with a ring-gag in my mouth!)
an even a few of the girls came in, to piss on me!

After the work-day was done, I was taken out of the bathroom, still naked, and in view of the workers, and still covered in piss and cum, was carried onto the bed of a pickup truck, and cuffed, spread-eagled, and in the air, suspended by my wrists and ankles, with nothing but the hard, dirty truck bed below me. I was told not to make a sound, and my new Master shoved two tennis balls into my cunt, and one tennis ball, with a rope going through it, into my asshole.
He then had his driver drive me and Him to Master's house, and I think he took the long way around!
We wound up on the highway, where, between the cold, and the wind, I was FREEZING by the time we got home!
He got out, and had his driver start shoveling snow on TOP of me!!!
I couldn't hold it in any longer, and started screaming at the top of my lungs for him to stop, that it was too cold! Master finally went and put a ball gag in my mouth, slapped me hard across the face, and told me to shut the fuck up!
So, now I'm covered in snow (actually, they filled the entire truck bed with snow!), and shivering, wondering what the fuck I've gotten myself into NOW, when I suddenly feel this warmth all over my body!
Turns out that they were pissing on my cunt, tits, and belly, but leaving my face buried in the snow, with only my nose uncovered!

They pulled me out of the truck bed, after uncuffing me, and the worker threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and dropped me on the floor, again, like a sack of potatoes!
Master then YANKED the tennis ball out of my ass, by the rope, making me scream into the gag again, then he reached into my cunt, and pulled the balls out of my cunt, which by now, was sore (not so much tho, due to the snow), and dragged me by the hair to the shower where he (thankfully) gave me a good hosing down with nice hot water. He dried me off roughly with a towel, then led me to his bed, where he cuffed my ankle to the bed post, and told me that i was to sleep there, from now on. No cushions, no pillow, no blanket, just hard, wood floor beneath me. thank God he keeps the house warm!
He shoved a huge buttplug into my ass, DRY, and an even bigger plug into my cunt, and locked a harness on me, to keep them inside me.
That was how I slept that first night, and for many nights afterwards.
This routine has repeated itself for the last week, with a few variations...
Besides being a human urinal for Him and his employees, I've also been beaten, and raped by many of the guys in his employ, and a few of the women.

Yesterday, I was taken out of the toilet, hosed down with cold water, and led by my nipple clamps, still naked, and cuffed, up to the accountant's office.
There, I was introduced to the accountant, a woman in her 60's, pretty, but kind of a bookish-look to her..
She had me cuffed so that my wrists were attached to my ankles, behind me, and she tied a rope through my hair, and yanked my head back, and tied the rope through my ankle cuffs, so my head was kept back.
For the rest of the day, she kept feeding me, giving me baby food, all green, btw.. as well as spaghetti with sauce, aparagus, and brussel sprouts, (two veggies i HATE!),and other things, like twinkies ( i was told to swallow them whole. not too hard for me), she also fed me raw carrot sticks, and celery, and about two dozen cherries, WITH STEMS! i didn't know what they fuck was going on, but I was told not to argue, or refuse anything she wanted to do to/with me.

Occasionally, she'd spit in my face, usually right in my eyes, which, if you remember, turns me on to NO END!!
She'd also reach down and slap my tits, or give me a hard kick in my pussy, or, if she as feeling nice, she's occasionally rub her stocking-covered foot into my pussy, getting me nice and wet, but not letting me cum!
At the end of the day, I was carried downstairs back to the toilet, still cuffed, with my head held back, and the workers were told that the urinal was back open, so within minutes, I had 30 or 40 guys pissing all over me, and in my mouth!
I was told to swallow as much piss as i could, so I did.
At this point, the lady accountant came down, and, in front of everyone, stripped naked, and put on a dildo harness, with a HUGE black dildo!
She walked up to me, untied my hair, and raped my mouth with that huge toy, making sure she went deep enough, and thrusted hard enough, to cause me to gag repeatedly!
She wasn't happy with that though, and started raping my throat, not just my mouth, with this thick, extremely long dildo!
Within seconds, I was gagging, and retching, and started to throw up, which, apparently, is what she was aiming for!
She would ram that dildo hard, and deep, down my throat, pulling it all the way out, then ramming it all the way back in, forcing me to take it, and on each out-stroke, I'd puke some more, till I couldn't stop vomiting, and I was soon bent over slightly, puke coming out of my mouth, and my nose, choking me, making it so I couldn't breathe, and then suddenly, I felt a cock being forced up my ass! The guy was saying that, with me gagging, and puking, and struggling for breath, that my asshole was gripping him off and on, like a vice!
He didn't last long in my ass, and came in me quickly, then pulled out, and shoved his dick, which had his cum, and my shit on it, into my mouth, ordering me to clean it with my tongue.
Now, I don't normally have a problem with being ordered to do this, but the puking was leaving me light-headed, from lack of air, and the taste of my puke (god, I hate that taste!) was just churning up my stomach more, and then, the taste and smell of my shit on his cock, just made me puke MORE, all over his cock!
Well, I got a couple of pretty hard slaps in the face for that, and was told to lick it all the messiness up, from his cock.
I managed that, not without some difficulty, and figured that was that.
WRONG!!! I was then ordered to lick up, and swallow, all the puke I'd just thrown up!
It was totally gross!
It was green, and yellow, and even some red, I guess, from blood, from having my throat raped so hard, and vomitting so hard!
I finally managed to lick, and swallow it all, then some guys started pissing in my mouth, telling me to drink it all up, that it would take away the taste of the puke. sure.. whatever... I did it.
I was then transported back to Master's house, where I was gently bathed, and placed in Master's bed. I was told that I had earned a nice night's rest, and to enjoy.

I drifted off, only to be awoken a few hours later, by Master forcing a foot-long hot dog up my ass! And he didn't stop at just one! Within a matter of minutes, he had shoved 6 foot long hot dogs into my ass! I was so tired, I just moaned, knowing that I had no say in the matter, having agreed to give myself over to him, for HIS pleasure...

He then proceeded to open two packs of kosher hot dogs (I know this, because of the packaging, and the fact that they were really slimy.. Kosher dogs tend to be packed in some sort of slime, as a preservative), so there were at least 16 of them, and he was sticking them up my pussy!
Again, I just spread my legs, and let him have His fun, wondering when I'd get my fun...
He put duct tape over my cunt and asshole, telling me that He wanted me to keep the dogs in my holes overnight... that he had plans for them later. I drifted to sleep soon afterward, but it was a really weird feeling!

The next morning, a Saturday, he woke me up by sticking his dick in my mouth. When I was awake he started to piss in my mouth, slowly, telling me not to spill a drop on his bed, so I did my best, and only got a few drops on my neck and chest.
He then took me downstairs, and fed me, then took me out back to a hottub, where we both soaked for over an hour.
I asked him when the hot dogs were coming out of me, and he just told me, "Soon, you slut, soon.."
I was to find out later, that "soon" for Him, was not the same as "soon" for me!

He dressed me in a really TINY outfit... one that was at least 4 sizes too small for me, so everything I have, was spilling out, making me look like white-trash, with belly-bulges poking out, my tits overflowing the too-tiny tube top he gave me to wear, my thighs jiggling in a skirt that was WAY too small, and I was told to put on makeup really heavily. He told me that he wanted me to look like a "skank".. that's the word he used... He said "not slutty, not trashy, but skanky!"

So, with way too much eye makeup on, lips a bright blood red, multiple large, cheap plastic hoop earrings, and too much blush, and 4 inch spike heels, (not matching my outfit, either, btw), he took me to the mall, of all places! He and I walked around for the better part of an hour, before I realized that the duct tape was starting to come off!
I told him this, and begged with Him to take me out of the mall, so He did, after giving me a disappointed look.
Did he take me home? NOPE!
He took me to a strip mall, instead! So here we are, walking in and out of stores, when I feel the duct tape fluttering away! I tell Master, and he just smiles, and tells me that I'd better holdin all those hot dogs, or else! Well, I didn't have any idea of what "or else" entailed, and I honetly TRIED to keep those slimy dogs in my ass and cunt! I really did!

But suddenly, not one, not two, but three hot dogs slipped out of my pussy! We were standing, looking in a window, when he told me to bend over. When I did, the damned things slipped right out!
Between the bending over, and the fact that my pussy was slimy, and getting wetter by te moment, the hot dogs practically SHOT out of me! I had to clench my cunt and ass muscles SO hard, to keep the rest in!
He told me to pick them up off the dirty concrete sidewalk, and eat them, right there!
OMG!! I was so embarrassed! There were like 10 people in the area, and they saw the dogs pop out! I would have loved to know what was going through their minds when it happened!

Of course, I picked them up, and stuffed them in my mouth as quick as i could, and swallowed them down!
After that, he shuffled me back to the truck, where the mexican was waiting, we climbed in and went home. Master wrapped the remaining dogs from my holes, in plastic wrap, and that's all I've been eating now!
Yesterday, Master didn't take me to His factory. Instead, he tied my hands above my head, and secured them from a hook overhead. He put a spreader bar on my ankles, and shoved an old, NASTY, used, pair of His underwear in my mouth, and duct-taped it securely. He then took a bunch of cotton balls, soaked them in "poppers", and shoved them up my nose, then proceeded to shovea Hitachi wand up my cunt, and a large plug up my ass. Again, duct tape to hold them in. (Do you have ANY idea how much duct tape HURTS when it's RIPPED off a shaved bare cunt??? OMG! Talk about blinding pain!)
Within seconds I was floating from the poppers, orgasming non-stop from the Hitachi wand, and that's when he attached clamps, with chains attached, to my nipples, and attached the chains to a rope going to the ceiling, so my tits were pulled up, HARD!
I screamed! Who wouldn't???
I figured that was pretty much that... I forgot some of the things He'd promised to do to me!
He started out, by slapping the underside of my tits. OW!!!!!!!! Those are the area that don't get much use, so they were sensitive!!! He slapped my tits all over, not just the bottoms, but the tops, the sides, etc.. He squeezed, HARD, He bit, He chewed, and then, he took off his belt, and hit them with it!!!
OMG!!! The pain!!!!
He then told me "I'm not done yet, cunt!"
Oh shit.. that was a scary thing to hear!
He pulled out a set of 2 foot long skewers!!!
He proceeded to push the skewers through both breasts, side-to-side, TWICE, then pushed a couple through, from top to bottom!
I passed out at that point.

I woke up later, no idea how much time passed, and He didn't tell me.
I now had 8 skewers through various parts of my breasts, and He had removed the clamps from my nipples, which only hurt more!

He pierced my nipples!!!
With a god-damned set of knitting needles!!!!!
(on the plus side, I've got a BEAUTIFUL set of rings in my nips now! Solid gold, with one engraved "slut", and the other engraved "whore"!)
Again, I'm screaming!
I'm also having some of my strongest orgasms!!
He put some HEAVY weights on the skewers, really stretching my tit-flesh, and really pulling those skewers down..More screaming...More pain...
He wasn't done yet...

He pushed a skewer through my clit!!!
I passed out again, from the pain...

When I woke up, with him throwing ice water on my face and chest, and I was awake, alert, and aware of what was going on, he pulled out all the skewers.
I had blood dried, and some fresh, dripping from my tits and my clit.
He untied me, then led me to His bed, where he re-tied me, spread eagled, and proceeded to pt some balm or something on all the holes he made. My nipples, after he cleaned them, he put in my two new nipple rings. They were heavier than they looked, but they feel nice now!
He put antiseptic on all the other holes, before covering them with bandages.
I'm told that,after I leave, I'll have to clean them a few times a day.
He didn't put a rng, or any other kind of piercing in my clit, but I'm thinking, now, of having it done...

Master says he's almost done with me, for now.. He MAY release me soon.

But for now, he's ordered me to sit at the computer and write this.
I've got huge plugs in my cunt and asshole, and my ass is bright red, and black and blue, from the beating he gave it earlier, and right before he told me to write this. It hurts like hell to sit!

BTW, Master has taken my van to a dealership, to have it tuned up, and to do any repairs that need doing.
He's also having 4 new tires put on, and a new spare.

I've got to go now, as He's been standing behind me while I wrote this, and He's been jerking off the whole time.
He says that he's going to fuck me now, WITH the plugs in!

Bye for now,