Tuesday, July 26, 2005

That Bastard of an Ex-Husband

That bastard of an Ex-Husband called me tonight...asshole..

Seems he *finally* found out that our 17 yr old daughter is dating a Black Man.
He came home early, and found our 17yr old in bed with her Black lover.. Seems he was fucking her ass pretty good!
He was really pissed, and knew, right away, that I was the cause of her having a Black Lover..

He called me, and ranted that I was the cause of his "Princess" turning into a "nigger-loving whore", because *I* am a "nigger-loving whore", a slut, a piece of "nigger-loving white trash slut/whore"

Now, those comments didn't bother me at all, because, I confess to being all those things!
I admitted that he was right, that I was all those things, and more! And I wasn't at all ashamed of it!!!

The thing that got me upset though, was when he called me a horrible mother... That is what hurt me!!
I think I have been a great mother!
I've raised my two girls when their father was away for days, even weeks, at a time, with rarely a time that they needed a babysitter, as I was a stay-at-home mother.
I tended to their wounds, both physical, spiritual, and psycological, I raised them with good manners, and taught them to always hold their heads high, and stand/walk erect, and proper, and later, when I discovered my true calling in life, being a Black Cock Slut, I introduced my girls to the joys of Black Cock, and serving, and servicing Black Men!

My girls were growing up well-adjusted, healthy, and happy!

Now, thanks to their father, they are crying everytime I hear them, missing their mother, and hating their father!
So.. who's the bad parent???
He only sees that the oldest one is being fucked by Blacks.. He doesn't see how happy she is with him, both in, and out of bed!
He doesn't see (and doesn't know, I don't think) the looks of joy the youngest used to get, when she would taste a Black Man's cum, or lick his cock, or the look of youthful surprise when a Black cock shoots it's load of cum on her hand!!!
She loves the stuff, but now, the poor girl can't get anymore of it!!

I'm miserable about these things!!!

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Anonymous said...

you are a fucking mother you think only with the vagina