Thursday, August 25, 2005

No "real" job yet....

Well, it's been what, almost two weeks since I lost my job in the Law office.. Bills are piling up, but at least I'm over my depression...

Jacob, one of my favorite guys, took me out to see a friend of his last night.. He runs a "massage" joint, and Jacob suggested that I try working there for a while, for some extra money, to help me till I get back on my feet.. I worked there last night, for about 6 hours.
Seems my tits are a big hit there!
I gave my first massage within 15 mins of arriving, and made 50 bucks tip!
The guy *said* he wanted a massage, so I started to give him a back massage, then he told me that he wanted an ALL-OVER body rub, meaning that he wanted me to pour oil on his back, and rub my body all over him! I was a little surprised at this, but soon had him all oiled up, and my naked body sliding all along first his back, then later, his front!
Naturally, soon, he wanted some "extras", meaning, he wanted to slid his cock in between my oil-up breasts, so I told him that for 50 bucks, he could tit-fuck me! Within minutes of him sliding a 6 inch cock (he was white, btw) between my greased-up tits, he shot a nice load on my face, and into my mouth! Well, never being one to waste a load of cum, I swallowed what shot into my mouth, and licked the rest up from my fingers!

The rest of the time went pretty much the same, until the end of the night..

The owner of the massage joint walked in, layed 100 bucks on the table stripped, and told me that I had gotten nothing but good reviews from his customers, so he decided to try me out himself.

He stripped down, and I told him to lay down, for the massage. He told me, "No massage, I want to skip right to the "extras"".
I stripped off my panties, and dropped to my knees, and got started sucking his dick.. It started out small, only about 4 inches soft, but within a minute, I had him hard, and throbbing, and standing up at at least 8 inches, and THICK!!!
He pulled out of my mouth with a POP!, and then, as the head passed my lips, I realized just how THICK his cock was! My lips felt like they were being stretched outward, from the sheer size of his cockhead!

He pulled me to my feet, and quickly bent me over, face-down, on the massage table.
He didn't waste any time with foreplay on me, and just RAMMED his thick cock right up my pussy! He rammed that cock into me harder, and faster, rubbing me raw, as my pussy was almost dry, when he started. My cunt got wet very quickly, so it wasn't so bad.. After about 5 minutes, just as I was ready to have an orgasm (not the first, btw.. I had had a couple just from sucking cock.. getting to be almost a Pavlovian response with me.. Cum in my mouth, or on my face, and I cum so hard!) as I was saying, as I was ready to cum, he yanked his cock out of my cunt, and rammed it, almost DRY, to the balls, in my ass!! That hurt like hell!!!

The pain didn't last too long though, as my lovers have gotten me ADDICTED to having my ass fucked hard!! Within a minute, I was cumming again!! I was begging him to fuck me harder, which he did, fucking me like an animal for the next few minutes, slapping my ass, grabbing my hair, and pulling hard (another thing that get's me off, btw!) till he shot a huge load of his cum up my ass!
When he came, I had another strong cum, and just slumped to the floor, gasping for breath, till he shoved his cock in my face. He didn't have to ask, or tell me, I just wrapped my lips on his cock right away, and licked it clean of my ass-slime, and his cum, and just a tiny bit of my shit, licking, and sucking, till his cock was clean, and he was pulling me off his cock.

He told me that I was welcome back anytime, and that he'd love to have me there fulltime!
I told him I'd think about it....

Jacob offered to pick me up when I was done, but I was in the mood to walk.. I love walking in the city late at night... always get's my head clear, and my juices flowing, and this night was no exception... I walked for a few blocks, kinda in a daze, till I heard the catcalls and whistles.. . I realized that I was walking in public with nothing much on, except my heels, a sheer blouse, and a miniskirt, that barely covers my ass, and no underwear! (I figured it would be a good outfit, for going into the massage joint).
I recognized a few Black guys, really young guys, about 15-17 yrs old, that I had seen around the city a few times, and I shook my ass a little more, as I walked, enjoying the attention..
I was still a bit horny, so I turned around, walked back up to the guys, and invited them into an alley to fuck me... And did they ever!!! I love young boys like that, as they have so much energy!
What they DON'T know about sex, they make up for with their eagerness!
I wound up coming out of the alley a half hour later, with 3 loads of cum dripping from my pussy, and another from my ass, while still more, dribbled from my face.
I was just about a block away, still wiping up cum from my face, when a cop car drove up, and asked me if I was alright?
I said "Sure! Why?", and the cop told me that I looked like I just got raped or something!
I giggled at the cop, and told him that it was "Something like that", and told him thanks for caring, and to have a nice night, and I went back to walking.
I only walked a couple of blacks more, till I decided that I had had enough for that night, and flagged down a cab, to take me home..

When I got home, I emptied my purse, and counted up my money...All in all, I woulnd up coming home with about 450 bucks!

So.. the rent's almost paid, and the internet bill, and utilities are due soon also...I'm still debating whether to go back there or not....
I mean, I enjoyed the way the men used me, especially the owner, but only one of the guys I did that night at the massage joint was Black, so I'm not entirely sure...
(God, I wish I could do that, with nothing but Black men!!)


notact2000 said...

I'm sure word of "mouth" will get around and there will be a bunch of BBC's "cuming" to see you soon at the parlor. btw, as an ex-cop I can tell you he probably just wanted to start talking to you so he could get some too! saw your profile on yahoo group "nigger worship".

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