Saturday, November 19, 2005

I wound up going out for some fun.

Well, only two of my Men came over.. They fucked me in every hole, gave me a couple of nice-sized loads of cum, but that was all.
The last one left about 11:30pm, and I was out the door, and headed for the city, within 30 mins of them leaving. I was still horny as hell (truth be told, I'm STILL horny as hell, but not as much now), so I headed for the adult theater. Being as cold as it is, there obviously wasn't as much action as in the middle of summer, but I wound up being used rough, the way I like it, by 6 or 7 guys. My nipples are bleeding from the rough usage they were given, at my request. No, make that my DEMAND!! LOL!
At one point, I was squatting over this one old, fat man's cock, about 6 inches, and had a NICE thick, BLACK cock in my ass, about 9 inches, but thicker than my wrist, while I was trying to cram two cocks (one white, one Black) in my mouth at the same time! The old man was squeezing my tits gently, almost lovingly, and I stopped sucking just long enough to tell him to "HURT MY TITS, YOU BASTARD!!"
Well, he did, and more! He was digging his fingernails into my tits, not just the nipples, but digging his fingernails DEEP into my tit-flesh!
That gave me an INSTANT orgasm, causing me to stop sucking the cocks in my mouth, and I started screaming as I came! Within a second of me screaming, I had one of the cocks shoved in my mouth, with somebody telling me to shut the fuck up!
Oh well! LOL!! Guess I got just a little TOO loud!
By the time I left, I had taken the cum of at least 4 guys, total strangers, in my slutty pussy, and at least 3 loads (I think.. Some guys, I can't always tell if they're cumming of not) in my asshole, and I know at least one guy came on my breasts, and the two I was sucking off, came all over my face.
The guys kept switching positions, taking turns with each hole, but my favorites were when the guys who were just in my asshole, shoved their cocks down my throat! I love ass-to-mouth!!!

BTW, when I left the house, I had on NOTHING, but a short winter coat... I'm sure that my pussy was seen more than a few times, as I walked the half-block to the theater, but I really didn't care!

When I finally left the theater, I had cum dripping from my pussy and ass,still on my tits, some still on my face, and a little left in my hair!
I'm sitting here now, still naked, but with a towel between my legs, so I don't stain the chair, and a buttplug in my ass.
My nipples are lightly bleeding, and they are SO tender right now! I love it! Just makes me want to put my nipple clamps on them!

Not much else I can do tonight, but I'm making sure that my front door is unlocked, and I'm going to stretch out on a comforter on the floor near the door. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a visitor???

Nite now...

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