Friday, November 18, 2005

Sorry I've been away so long!

Sorry folks, wish I could tell a hot and horny sex story, explaining my absence, but it's been a lot more boring than that.. Yes, I did some cocksucking, ass-licking, pussy eating, and of course, getting my pussy and ass filed with Black cock, but that hasn't been happening like it used to.

Most of the last few weeks have been spent keeping my apartment clean, and cooking for my Men...Lately, they come over, give me a quick fuck, cum in one of my holes, then tell me to cook something for them, they eat, drink, and leave...
I miss being used......
All I know is, if I don't get a good hard using, soon, by at least 2 guys at once, I'm either going to go crazy, or get my ass back out on the streets, picking up any Black guys I can!!

I've run out of spending money, as the guys are just paying my bills now, buying groceries and booze, paying the rent and utilities, but no spending money for me!
I've already worn out 6 2-packs of "c" batteries for my dildoes, my pussy hasn't gotten a good stretching for a while, and I SWEAR, I'm starting to suffer from a cum defiiciency!!

We'll see how the night goes....I'm calling up ALL my men tonight, and BEGGING them to sum use me, like they used to!!!
Here's hoping....

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