Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My Weekend

Well, I got bored with the same old fucking and sucking, with my Man bringing home guys to use me.. I mean, the sex is good and all, I'm having plenty of orgasms, and getting all the cum I can handle, in my cunt, ass, mouth, and on my face and tits, but it was getting to be so..normal...

Mind you, I NEVER get tired of Black cocks, but I was feeling out of sorts.. I've been getting used, but it just wasn't doing it for me!

SO... I got dressed up really trashy Friday night,the whole nine yards.. 6 inch open-toed "fuck me" shoes, with a stiletto heel (bright Red, of course!) a tiny skirt that didn't even cover my ass, fishnet stockings, with a garter belt that was visible for a few inches below my skirt, a sheer white blouse, that showed off my tits like the slut that I am. I had the makeup on really heavy, I'm talking so heavy, that I was halfway between whore, and clown! My lips were a BRIGHT, cocksucking red, very full, heavy eyeshadow, the whole nine yards!

I got in the car, and drove out of town, to an adult bookstore that I heard had a BUSY gloryhole area.
I walked in, got fifty dollar's worth of $5's, and entered the video booth area...
A few guys standing around, including a couple of VERY effeminate "queens" (by this, I don't mean that they were drag queens, they were just acting very feminine, very catty, very chatty...) not the type of thing, I've noticed in the past, that attracts guys.. they were just standing around, gossipping like a couple of young girls.. geeeze!
Either go watch a video, suck a dick, or get the fuck out!! My God!!

Well, I walked around for a few minutes, making it obvious, by staring at men's crotches, and licking my lips, that I was hungry for cock...
I located a couple of the gloryhole booths, and settled for one near the end.. it had a gloryhole in each wall, 3 in all, and I entered the booth, and, with the door wide open, hiked my skirt up to show my clean-shaven pussy, took off my blouse, and, while guys were watching, I smiled at them, told them "You know what to do..", and closed and locked the door.
I put $20.00 in the video machine, and started clicking through the different videos.. Now, when it comes to Porn, I like ALL TYPES!
I enjoy watching lesbian porn, but not that sweet, gentle-type of lesbian lovemaking... no, if I want that, I can always get that, easily... if I'm watching lesbian porn, I like to see one girl that's at least pretty,being the submissive one, and one that's a little more "butch".. Especially if there is strap-on play involved! I love to see a butch female treating another girl the way that a drunk sailor would treat a cheap whore! But that's just me...

Well, I got lucky with this booth, as the holes were larger than I've seen (and used!) at other places. One was so large, that I was able to fit almost half my ass through the hole, so both holes were available, so that's just what I did!
Within a second of my pushing my ass through the hole, I felt a hand rubbing my ass cheeks! Next thing I know, somebody's eating my pussy through the hole!
I enjoyed the hell out of that! I saw a cock come through the other hole, in front of me, and I quickly bent forward to take it in my mouth... It was just average sized, about 6 inches, nothing special, but i didn't care. I went right down on it, licking it all over, taking it down my throat, stroking it, just enjoying the taste, and texture of this strange cock. Within 5 minutes, he started pounding the wall with his hips, and gave me a decent sized load.. nothing special, but enjoyable..
Whoever was eating my pussy, had me nice and wet, and didn't even try to slide his cock in easy.. he just RAMMED it up my soaking wet pussy, to the hilt!
Now, he wasn't much for technique, and his cock wasn't that fat, but it was long enough, that, when he rammed it in, he hit my cervix!!!! I came on the spot!!!!
It was just so rude, and unexpected, and the pain/pleasure of having that long hard cock pounding on the entrance to my womb, just totally set me off! I practically SCREAMED when he did that! I know i made a LOT of noise, because within seconds, I had the gloryhole in front of me, filled with cock, and the 3rd gloryhole was being used as well!
I stroked the cock in the 3rd hole, while I was sucking off the one in front of me, while my pussy continued to get fucked, hard! The guy fucking me pulled out suddenly, and I knew he hadn't cum yet, so I was, for a second, like "WTF??
Suddenly, he started pushing into my ass!
Now, I had forgotten to lube my asshole, and this was starting to hurt!
I thought about, at the very least, just putting some spit in my hand, and rubbing it onto my asshole, but by this point, one hand was busy jacking off one cock, and the other hand was holding the cock that was in my mouth, so I just said fuck it... pushed out a bit, and his cock forced it's way into my asshole.
I'd forgotten how much of a turn-on it can be, for me to take a cock up my ass DRY!
This got got animalistic, ramming it in deeper, and being rougher, and my ass just kept taking it!
I wasn't going to pull off this guys cock till he came in my ass!
I used every trick I could think of, rotating my hips, squeezing, clenching, and relaxing my asshole, trying to milk his cock with my asshole.
He came in me a few minutes later, DEEP, and just kept it there for a few minutes, till he shrunk a bit, and slipped out. When he did, I quickly turned around, and took his cock into my mouth, and licked every inch of his cock clean... Did I mention that I LOVE Ass-To-Mouth???

He pulled back, and left the booth, and I put my pussy up against the hole where I had been sucking, to be quickly filled with cock. I then licked all around the gloryhole I had been fucked through, getting any last traces of cum that were there.
Almost immediately, there was another cock in my mouth, and down my throat!

I stayed in that booth for about 4 hours Friday night, taking on any cock that came through... I even ate some asses!
At one point, the guy on the other side wanted me to push my tit through the hole, so I did.. it wasn't easy, as my tits were bigger that the hole, but after a bit of pushing on my part, and the guy pulling on my nipples from his end, my big fat tit was soon pulled through!
I figured he wanted to suck them, bite them, generally just feel them... well, he did that, and more!
At one point, I could feel both his hands wrap around my whole tit, and he squeezed incredibly hard!! I could feel his fingers pressing SO DEEP into my tit-flesh! And then he started pulling on my tit!!
So there I am, tit pulled through a gloryhole, forcing my face up against the wall! At this point, I was almost panicking, wondering if he was going to try and pull my tit off! I completely forgot about the other two gloryholes, and even if I remembered, it wasn't like I could DO anything at that moment!
Well, he finally released my tit from the hole, but not before giving my tit a few INCREDIBLY HARD BITES!!! Here,4 days later, I've STILL got these huge bite marks and bruises on my tit, and the damned thing feels like it's hanging an inch or two lower than normal!!
But, back to my evening...
Like I said, I was there about 4 hours, and, if my count is right (which I doubt.. I think it's a little short), I think I serviced over 50 cocks that night! not sure if any were repeats or not, and don't really care!

By the time I finally was ready to leave, I had numerous loads in my pussy, and my asshole, and they were dripping out pretty well by this time..
I had taken at least 5 loads on my tits, and swallowed at least 10 loads, with a lot of loads also being shot on my face, and in my hair.

I was a total mess! By the time I got dressed, and left the video booth area, I could feel cum dripping down my thighs...
As I was leaving the store, I caught sight of myself in the security mirror. WOW! My hair was all fucked up, and you could easily see the strands and globs of cum in my hair, as well as globs on my face, my blouse was soaked with all the cum on my tits, my makeup was all fucked up, eyeliner dripping down my face, like a sad clown, . in short, I looked like I had just been put through the wringer!!
I walked out into the night air, and just walked a couple of blocks to my car, just enjoying the feel of the cum drying on my face, and the feel of dripping down my legs.

I got home, and didn't even bother to take a shower... I was just too tired... (do you have ANY idea how much strain gets put on the back of your thigh muscles when you're bent over at a gloryhole getting fucked??? I'm STILL a little sore!!)
My Man woke up when I climbed into bed, rolled over and kissed me, then pulled back when he tasted the cum on my lips.
He just looked at me for a few moments, before finally saying "Damn Gina, looks like you had fun! Get what you wanted tonight?"
I just nodded yes, and spooned up in front of him, and asked him to give me a nice slow fuck, so I could go to sleep..
I fell asleep right after we both came, with his beautiful, hard Black cock in my pussy, where I hope it stayed for a few hours!


NeverCanThink said...

You have a real treasure in that Man there Gina!

Glad to see you still posting.

Anonymous said...

Fuck gina you sond like a fun girl love 2 take you 2 a Book store 4 a night dfenby63@yahoo.com

~neighborhood milf said...

Wow, that was hot! I've done my share of gang-bangs, but never got up the nerve to go to a bookstore by myself. You've given me courage, hon! Thank you for a great account of your night.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wondering how you are doing?

How long have you know your mom is doing bbc and is the slut you came from?

How old are your daughters now? Are they pregnant again? Are they gifted with your same figure?

Did you leave Michael due to wander lust?

Anonymous said...

Desperate for an update on your adventures. I would also luv to hear more about your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Long time without an update. Hope you are doing well and post again soon

Candy Palmer said...

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Brenda Yas said...

Hi, new here. Loved your story. Can you post a link to a lesbian scene like you described. That sounds interesting

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