Thursday, September 22, 2005

Went to the doctor today....

I went to the doctor today, as my ass and pussy were really sore, and my ass was bleeding pretty bad. I've had my asshole ripped before, and there was some bleeding, but it always stopped after a while.
This time, I was having to take a shit every hour or so, and I was getting blood every time.
I finally went to the doctor that I see, whenever it looks like I've taken too much sexual abuse, and after checking me out, said that he was going to have to give me stitches!

Well, I was in so much pain, that I knew that it must have been pretty bad... He gave me a local anesthetic, to numb me, and he proceeded to give me six stitches INSIDE my asshole, as I got pretty torn up there, and a couple near my clit.. Those are the ones that REALLY, REALLY hurt!!

How did this happen?? I got horny, then I got ambitious, then I got hurt....

A few of my Men came over, and brought a few of their friends.. A total of 10 guys were here, early this morning, and woke me up with a few hard slaps to my face, and tits. By the time I was able to focus my eyes, I noticed that they were all naked, all Black, and all sporting hard-ons.
I smiled, and figured I was going to get used GOOD today, and I wasn't disappointed!
These guys took turns fucking my mouth, my pussy, and my ass, and one of the guys lit up a joint, which always makes me hornier.. Inside of an hour, each man had cum at least once, using every hole, and I had taken a couple of REALLY fat Black cocks in my ass, at the same time, and was loving every second of it!! But, being the high, horny slut that I was, the two cocks in my ass felt great, but I wanted more!! So, stupid cunt that I can be, I asked, no, that's not right, I BEGGED for a third cock in my ass!!
And which one do I beg for?? Naturally, I begged for the biggest!! I felt like, and I told them, that I wanted my ass ripped open, and ruined, by Big Black Cock!!
Well, I got what I asked for, that's for sure!! The third guy was only about 9 inches, but he was the thickest there, with about nine inches ( 9") around!!! I was screaming in pain as he started to push it in, and he almost stopped, but I was so fucking high on the weed, that I yelled at him to just ram it in, to the balls!!
He did, and I felt my ass rip! Only problem was, as soon as he got balls-deep, and was screaming, another guy grabbed my hair, and shoved his cock down my throat!
Well, that did it for me, at that moment, I had one of the strongest, wettest orgasms I've ever had!! They say that once I stopped cumming, I passed out, and they kept fucking me, till they all came in my ass!
They slapped me till I came to, and as I was trying to focus, all I knew, was that I had 3 Black Cocks being pushed into my face! I was on autopilot by then, and they say I went wild licking all their cocks clean!
I don't remember much of it, actually...
I *do* remember though, that, as much pain as my ass was in, I was horny all over again!! Sucking cock always does that to me.. (goofy grin)

I told them, that if my ass could take it, I wanted it in my slut cunt next, telling them that I wanted three of those Big, Black, Nasty cocks in my pussy!
Even now, I'm wondering how they did it.. Hell, I'm wondering how the hell they got three cocks in my ass, for that matter!
All I know is, they did it, and I came almost as hard as when my ass was getting ripped up!
They fucked me for the next few hours, tag-teaming each other in.. when one came, or got tired, he's pull out, and another would take his place.. for at least two hours, I had three cocks at once in my pussy, fucking like mad, cumming in me, pulling out, and being replaced!!
I couldn't even concentrate on sucking anybody while it was happening, and one guy tired to fuck my mouth, and wound up getting his dick bitten a bit, when the guys would hit a spot in my pussy, that made me just clamp down!! Poor guy... no stitches, but his cock's gonna be sore for a week or so... and I KNOW that I'm going to get beaten pretty good for it....
But, as always, I'll accept it as part of life....

Right now, I've got a soft pillow under my ass, and I'm starting to feel the effects of the pain killers the doc gave me, so I'm just going to relax, maybe hop on yahoo messenger for a while, then go lay down..
My men have assured me that I won't be getting any cock in my pussy or ass for a few days, but that my mouth will be busy till my holes heal..
I've got two of my Men's wives coming over tommorrow morning to check on me, and to have me service them... that's gonna be hard, as, besides my jaws feeling a little sore, I can't even play with my pussy or asshole for a while! The doc even told me to TRY and AVOID having an orgasm!! DO YOU HAVE *ANY IDEA* HOW HARD THAT IS FOR ME???? lol!!!!

till later,

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