Monday, September 26, 2005

Slowly healing....

Well, my pussy and asshole aren't as sore as before, but still tender...

My Men haven't been using anything but my mouth for the last couple of days, and THAT is starting to feel a little sore...

The guys have been really good about this whole thing.. I was sure at least one of them would be pissed off, but they've been real nice about it. They're settling for blowjobs, handjobs, and the occasional tit-fuck.
The wives of some of my guys aren't too happy though... They say that since their husbands aren't getting any pussy or ass from me, that their men are more agressive than usual, and that they can't seem to keep up. I guess that they were only getting it a couple of times a week, if that much.. One wife said that her husband has been fucking her every other day now, and doing things with her he never used to do, like ass-fucking her, and coming all over her face! LOL!!!

Three of the wives came over last night, and had me service them all.. They kept fingering my pussy, and not being that gentle, either... They kept playing with my clit, getting me almost to the point of orgasm countless times, but they kept stopping!!
I was damn near crazy with the need to cum!!

After they finally left, I managed to get off two weak orgasms with a vibrator, but what I REALLY want, is a cock (or at least a dildo!) in my pussy and ass!! It's driving me crazy!!

The unannounced visits from strange guys have let up quite a bit.. Gave two blowjobs tonight, before the wives came over, and one while the wives were taking a break. Kinda embarassing doing this guy while they sat there, drinking wine, and talking, all naked, especially when I had to announce, loud enough for them to hear, that *I* was the slut that was available, and they were, like him, here to use me.
But, as always, I take it.
I forgot to mention... While I was servicing the wives, they put nipple clamps on my nips, with some HEAVY weights..and every once in a while, they would give a hard tug to the chain...I thought they were gonna tear off my nipples at one point!
They weren't even being sexual about it.. It was more like "Let's see how much pain we can inflict on the white whore!"

But, as they say, "payback's a bitch!" Wait till I'm healed... their husbands aren't going to have any energy, or desire left, to fuck their wives... I plan on draining their husbands completely, and as often, as I can!!!
Right now, I swear, I'm so fuckng horny, I'm ready to take the chance of ripping my stitches open, by getting fucked before the doc says it's ok!!


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