Friday, December 16, 2005

Jacob just called...

Seems he feels that I haven't suffered enough abuse yet.

Jacob called, and told me that, for the rest of the day, even if I go out, I am to keep my fattest dildo in my ass, and two VERY LARGE dildoes in my pussy!
Now, normally, I'd say "no problem!"
Today, BIG PROBLEM! It hurts like HELL, just to wear panties! A thong wouldn't be so bad, except for it rubbing in my ass-crack, but my WHOLE ass hurts today, not just my asshole!
And to keep these dildoes in my holes, I'm going to have to call my mom, and borrow one of her panty-girdles, to keep these fake cocks from slipping out!

Oh well, just more pain that I have to suffer through..

Hmmmm.... wondering if Mom would like to come over and help me satisfy my Men?
Let me call.....

NOPE.. mom will loan me the panty-girdle, but she tells me that she's already having her lover over tonight, and, since she read my blog this week, she's told me that I deserve my punishment, and that I've got to do whatever it takes, to make it up to my Men.
OK, so I walk around the house naked, except for the panty-girdle... Hopefully, it won't be too bad...


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