Thursday, December 15, 2005

They had me working the streets last night...

Well, it was a Wednesday, and it was EXTREMELY COLD!!
So, not a whole lot of business... They had me out on the streets wearing a miniskirt (a size too small, and EXTRA short!) that barely covered my ass, and no panties. boy was my pussy cold!!!
A tube-top two sizes too small, so my big tits were practically falling out, and 4 inch stilletto heels. No stockings to help keep my legs warm.. brrrr!!!
As usual, I was ordered to put my makeup on heavy, and slutty, and take any date that was offered.

I only got 4 dates last night, a couple of blowjobs for 20 bucks a piece, and a regular fuck, no condoms, of course! And I told him to come on my slut cunt, like I was told to do.. The last date of the night was a man who couldn't keep his hand, lips, or cock away from my big titties! He gave me a BIG load al over my tits and face! Of course, I licked up what I could, but still left a lot on my chest and face.

I was out there for 2 hours, no traffic in sight, and no dates.
My Men finally came by in my van, and picked me up, and took me to a local flophouse, where some really scummy guys were living.. My Men fucked my pussy, ass, and mouth, then told the guys they could have me for the rest of the night, and to feel free to do whatever they wanted with me.

I was fucked in every hole, called names, slapped and beaten, pissed on, and in, then passed around to some guys that had just arrived. All told, I think about 20 guys used me.

Today, I have bruises all over my face, chest, thighs,back, ass, oh hell, I've got bruises all over my body! I'm hurting like a bitch right now, and one of my men just called, telling me he just checked my blog, and was pissed that I hadn't posted about last night yet.

He told me that he's coming over with Darnell, a really sadistic bastard. Black as night, buiilt like a pro bodybuiler, and packing a 12 inch cock that's thicker than most I've taken! He really gets off on hurting me.. both with his cock, and with his hands.
Last time he came over, he tied me up, put a noose around my neck, and hung me by it, while punching me in the cunt, stomach, tits, and face. It's almost worth it though, as when he gets going, he gets VERY horny, and fucks like a horse! He stretches my pussy so wide with that huge cock, that it's hours before my pussy starts to tighten back up! And I can't even begin to describe the pain/pleasure I get from him fucking me in the ass! It's like, instant orgasm!

Granted, I'm going to be bruised, and hurting like hell for the next couple of days, but.. between the awesome sex I'm be getting, and the fact that my Men OWN me now, I accept it as a cost of living the life I want to live..

Till Next Time,

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