Sunday, January 22, 2006

A fan's question...

Someone made a comment on my last entry, asking, if given a blind taste test, whether I would be able to tell, just by taste, whether the cum was from a Black man, or hispanic, or asian, or whatever..
Truthfully, I doubt I could, but I know I'd sure enjoy the test!!!

Now, if you're talking fucking styles, well, MOST asians would be easy to tell, (and NO, its not because of dick size.. I've had a few asians that had 7 to 9 inch cocks! Rare, but they're out there.)
MOST asians tend to fuck "jackrabbit" style.. fast, short strokes, designed to get them off as quick as possible... but there have been exceptions..

Now, as for a cum taste test, I doubt ANYONE could tell the difference, taste-wise...
I mean, I've had cum from all races, and they all tasted different, yet in some ways, alike..
Some were thick, and ropy, damn near impossible to swallow easy, 'cause it was so thick.
Others, were thin, and watery.. Some shot HUGE loads, and, of those, some shot out like water from a firehose, while others just sort of dribbled out.
I think the most tasty load (and one of the biggest, and strongest-force of ejaculation, came from an old man that I get together with, twice a year, for the last couple of years.
He's an old Jewish guy, that I met in an adult theater. He was shy as hell, still kinda is, for that matter, but for some reason, I found that I loved sucking his cock! It rarely gets hard, but it's got a nice, silky feeling to it, and, he shoots a load that is unbelieveable!!\Even when he's soft, he shoots HUGE loads, of probably the sweetest cum I've ever tasted!
He claims to be a vegetarian, so maybe that's it... Female vegetarians seem to have the sweetest-tasting pussy, too!

How the cum tastes, seems to be dependent on your diet.. a lot of coffee, and/or cigarettes seems to make the cum kinda bitter, while eating chocolate, or fruits, things high in sugar, tend to sweeten the cum...
Oh! Just remembered!

One night, while I was in an adult bookstore, with video booths, I sucked off an Indian/Pakistani guy that shot the most watery load I'd ever seen!
I was high as hell, and feeling horny as usual, and was on my knees in a booth, waiting for someone new to come along and use my mouth. This Indian/Pakistani guy comes up, looking dirty, and slimy, and if I wasn't high and horny, I probably would have turned him away...
But I was seriously cock-hungry that night, so I let him in, unzipped him, and pulled out about a 7 inch dick. I quickly went down on him, and was just really getting into sucking his cock, when he shot this really watery load! Taste wasn't that good, but not too bad, but the volume of his cum was amazing!!
I couldn't swallow fast enough, so I pulled off, and he hosed down my face completely, and most of my titties!!
I couldn't believe it!! I was SOAKED in cum!!!
It just blew my mind, and gave me an INSTANT orgasm!!
I met up with him a few times, and finally, after literally MONTHS of begging him, I got him to fuck me! He didn't want my pussy though, and I wasn't about to turn down the chance to get my insides flooded with his cum, so I offered my ass to him, and he just went wild on it!

He fucked me like a madman, in this tiny, cramped, video-viewing booth, digging his hands into my hips, as he pounded into my ass! he was pulling all the way out, and slamming it all the way back in!
When he came, I had an instant orgasm, as I felt his cum start shooting up my ass like a hose!
By the time he was done, I was clenching my asscheeks together like I had to take a wicked shit, and my tummy was cramping up, just like it does when I get an enema, which I guess this essentially was! By the time I got to my van, afterwards, my panties were soaked, and thin, watery cum was dripping down both legs!

Well, that's all for now, as it's early morning, and the clerk at this internet cafe is looking at me strange...
He's kinda cute though, for a nerdy white guy....;-)


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