Saturday, January 21, 2006

So excited!!

Today, I checked my blog, and saw a comment from someone claiming to be "Admiral Krag".. I truly hope that it is the Original Admiral Krag, as his scans were the best on the net, 10+ years ago!
If it is indeed him, and if he's back to scanning images from magazines, be on the lookout!
This man (I assume it's a man) always did his scans so artfully, and tastefully, it must have taken him at least an hour for each scan!
I truly look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!!

Now, on to the blog....

Rested for a couple of days, just sitting back in bed, reading a new W.E.B. Griffin novel, titled "B Order Of The President".. It's a novel based on the Intelligence community, and so far, a great read!
I read his series "The Corps", about the marines, and the Intelligence community, set in the times before WWI, and Korea..
Dad suggested it to me, and I got instantly hooked! A great read!!

Now, for what you probably came here for...
After 2 days of relaxing, reading,and touring the city, I finally decided to go out last night...

I found a local Black bar in town, and went in, I wasn't wearing anything overly "slutty", or anything that would immediately annouce that I was a slut for Black Cocks. (In fact, I was just wearing some tight jeans, and a thick sweater, with white Nike's).
I think though, that when I decide I want Black Cock, I must send off some kind of a signal to Black Men, as, before I even got in the bar, I was propositioned by 2 guys, grabbing their dicks, and being NASTY!! I smiled at the guys, and told them I might just look for them, later!

I went in, ordered a coors light, and just sat back to look at the place, as I drank my beer.
Within no more than 10 minutes, I had a HANDSOME Black man sitting next to me, chatting me up about nothing in particular.
Now, when I'm in a Black bar, memories of all the Black cock I've taken in back rooms, and bathrooms in Black bars come flooding back, and I wind up with my pussy soaking wet, and itching to be filled with BBC!!
That night was no exception. I TRIED not to act like a wanton white slut, and almost succeeded..... Until he kissed me, and placed his hand on his bulge, which was damn near down to his knee!
I felt that, and I just said to myself "who the HELL do you think you're kidding?? You WANT it!"

At that point, I just said FUCK IT...
2 minutes later, I was on my knees in the men's room, my mouth filled with Black cock, and my hand down the front of my jeans, playing with myself.
He was slow, and almost gentle, and it was nice, but at that moment, it wasn't what I wanted!
I went to town on his cock, sucking down at least 8 inches down my throat, when I felt him grab my head, and finally take control! YEA!!!

He wound up fucking my throat hard, and deep, and cumming all over my face, with some of it dripping onto my sweater, which was black,btw, so it clearly showed!
When he was done using my mouth, he turned to leave, and found 4 guys standing behind him, watching. He tried to get the guys to leave me alone, but I spoke up, and annouced to the guys "C'mere guys.. who's next?"
They practically attacked me at that point, stripping me naked in no time, and filling my cunt with Black cock, as well as my mouth, while I jerked on the other two cocks.One came in my mouth, and another filled my pussy with cum, before I asked the guys if they had a place we could go.
One guy quickly piped in that his place was just around the corner, and that we could go there!
I quickly got dressed, and the guys and I came out of the bathroom joking, and laughing, while they copped feels of my ass and tits, and one guy announced to his friends that "We're taking this fine white slut back to my place!" At which a couple of guys asked if they could come party with us? The guys looked at me for a second, and I smiled, and nodded, and off we went!
By the time we got into his apartment, we had 8 guys, all VERY dark Black, and all of them horny for some white pussy!
Needless to say, I took them all on, BAREBACK, which kinda freaked out a couple of the guys, as they were so used to using condoms that they were shocked that a woman would tell them that she REFUSED to take a rubber-covered cock, and that she actually was BEGGING the men to cum IN her!!
He calmed down, once it was his turn though, and wound up being one of the best fucks there! AND, he shot a HUGE load of Black seed in my pussy!!
I was there for at least 4 hours, getting Black cock in my pussy, my mouth, and my ass, getting cum in every hole,and also getting quite a bit on my face and tits, and a few NICE-sized drops in my hair!
By the time I left, I was worn OUT! These men weren't abusive like most of my men, but I enjoyed the sex just as much as with my men!
A few comments were made, calling me a slut, but it wasn't in a derogitory way, like some men will do. They called me a slut, in much the same way people call a telented painter an artist!
That's they way I feel about being called a slut, myself! Someone who loves what she's doing, and does it well!

Today, I'm going to pack the van back up, and start driving again.. North? West? East? south again? Who knows.. I'm going to just go where my heart tells me.



a fan said...

I wonder...
if you had to take a blind taste test, could you tell the different between a black man's cum, white man's, hispanic, asian, etc...

love your escapades!

Gina Forchevsky said...

Truthfully, I doubt I could...

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