Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On the Road..

Hey all! Been a few weeks since my last entry, and things have changed!!

First off, I got fed up at my men, and left!
I packed a few clothes, some tunes, and pointed the van north.
I hit Camden New Jersey by the time the van was almost out of gas, so I found where the local hookers were working, and put on the sleaziest outfit I had with me, and got my ass out on the streets!
Within an hour, I had blown 4 guys, and gotten fucked once. There was money for gas, and some food. Back in the van, and keep driving! (used the van for the fuck,btw)

Next stop was Philadelphia, where I found a safe place to park the van, sucked off the guy working the booth at the garage, for letting me park it there no charge, and made a quick 200 bucks on my back in an hour and a half, then got a room, cleaned up, and walked around Philly for a couple of hours, just seeing the sights!

Went to a club, found it too boring, and too full of white guys, so asked around, and found out about a party at some Black guys's place. Went there, had a LOT more fun, better music, better dancers, and some FINE weed!
Stayed there all night, partying, and dancing, and making out with a few guys, till about 5am.
Didn't feel like having sex, so I turned down a couple of brothas who offered, but I got their numbers, so, who knows? Maybe if I get back in Philly again, I'll call them!

Went to my motel room, slept till noon, checked out, and hit the road, giving the day guy at the garage a blowjob, just because I felt like it! (Kinda cute italian guy.. average dick, but a nice load of cum!)

Hit the road till I came to a truck stop.. was feeling pretty hungry, so I stopped for a bite, and afterward, had to go to the bathroom... Old habits die hard, and I automatically went to the MEN'S room, instead of the Ladies Room. OOOPS!!!

Walked in to find some young guy, looked like he was only about 16, getting fucked by a big, fat, hairy trucker (I'm guessing here), that had to be at least 60!
Found it to be INCREDIBLY HOT, and just stood watching, fingering myself, as the old man fucked this young boy, like he wasn't going to get another piece of ass for years! He called him a pig, a slut, a cumbucket, and other nasty things! I know, from experience, how hot that can be, so I urged the young guy on, telling him to take that fat cock in his ass like a real slut, to milk his cock, and take his cum! When the old guy came, it must have been a hell of a load, as he sounded like a angry bear as he came, and when he pulled out, the kid's ass was oozing cum out of it!
I couldn't resist, and licked his asshole clean, then licked the old guy's cock clean! Yummy!
Didn't get laid, but enjoyed myself anyway.
Filled the tank with gas, and headed north again.

I wanted to visit NYC, but found a beautiful stretch of county road, that I just felt like following..

Next thing I know, NYC is long past me... Oh well...

Found a nice little town, nice and quiet, and got a room for the night... slept from about 6pm, till about 8am, woke up, showered, dressed, and got a bite to eat at a cozy little coffee shop..Then back on the road!

Wound up, finally, in Scranton Pa, where I stopped at a walmart.. Loaded up on food, and found a nearby laundramat todo some wash. Got done that, and decided to check out the town.. bigger than I out, originally, and quickly found a section of the city where the whores were working..
I was down to about 20 bucks by now, so figured I'd see if I could make any money here...
Got two dates, a BJ and a regular fuck, make 100 bucks, and almost got arrested by the local cops! Two blowjobs later, and I was on my way.. on my way back to the streets, that is!
Got a few more dates, including one, that paid me 200 bucks to let him tit-fuck me, and cum on my face! I was surprised at the offer, till he told me that none of the girls around there had tits like mine, and none of them would let him cum on their face. I accepted, of course, and 15 minutes later, I had a decent load on my face, and on my tits!
I got out of his car, cum still dripping from my face, obvious cum-stains on my blouse, and a few drops still in my cleavage. The girls that were standing there, were like "EWW!!! You let him cum on your face???" I just smiled, and licked my lips, and scooped some up with my finger, and ate it up! I don't know about some of these hookers...
When I told them he paid me 200 bucks for it, they just looked at me, and told me that that guy never offers more than 50 bucks, anf I just replied that I could see why, with those flat, stretched-out, or almost non-existant tits they had! Boy, were those hoes PISSED at me!
I walked away, laughing, but an hour later, the same two cops who hassled me earlier were back, telling me that the girls had ratted on me! They told me that I had better do something special to make them consider not arresting me. I asked them what they meant, and we finally settled on me going back to one of their apt's, and them fucking me in all three holes, ending with them cumming all over my face and tits, and me licking them clean afterward.
After that, I got the hell out of town, but not before I had made another 100 bucks for an ass-fuck, letting me leave town with a not-so-easy 400 bucks in my pocket!

Just drove for hours then, till I got tired, and pulled off the highway, and parked at a rest area, and slept for a few hours in the back of the van.

Made it to Syracuse, NY, where I'm taking a break. Found a copy place where I could enter this, and now I'm going to sleep for a while... hopefully, I can NOT have to prositute myself for a while, and just enjoy driving.... Even 2 days without guys treating me like a whore, would be a nice change!


Admiral Krag said...

Admiral Krag here .. glad you like the pics. I am glad to see my legacy continues. btw i am no longer I am now

Gina Forchevsky said...

Admiral!! I've been a fan for YEARS!!!

Jourgo said...

Regarding your leaving your men, I guess it just goes to show - no matter who much control they think they have, in a D/S relationship its the submissive that has the ultimate power over the dominant. Your deciding to end the arrangement you had with your men just goes to prove this point.

Good luck to you. You're a fantastic woman!