Thursday, September 07, 2006

He took me out last night!

Michael called me from his office yesterday, and told me to dress like a lady, that he was taking me out.

He got home, and I was dressed, and waiting...

He changed into something more formal, and we got in the car.
Turns out, he was taking me out to dinner with one of his clients. He introduced me as his "Lady", and treated me like a real lady! He held the doors open, held my chair as I sat down at the table, and treated me with total respect!
Wow! It's been YEARS since I've had that experience!
I could get used to this!

We went to a really NICE restaurant, and had a great meal, and Michael encouraged me to join in the conversation, which was a nice change from "on your knees, bitch!" LOL!!!

I chatted with his client, an older Japanese businessman, and his wife, and just totally enjoyed the company!

I just woke up from a short rest, and wanted to write this, before it faded...
No sex, but I feel like I'm flying high, from the attention, and being treated like a classy lady, like every woman dreams of!

More later,

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Duane said...

You need some a dis.