Friday, September 22, 2006

I got Michael's gift finally!

Well, it came in the mail yesterday, and I was shocked!!!
It was a HUGE box, and when the UPS guy brought it in, I opened it right there in front of him! I just couldn't wait!

Well, what is the first thing that BOTH of us see???

I double-headed dildo, that was absolutely HUGE!!!
I mean, the thing had to be over 3 feet long, and as thick as my arm! (And remember, I have a bit of meat to me! LOL!)
I pulled it out, and saw the look on the UPS guy, and besides the look of shock, I also saw LUST in his eyes! I wasn't at all embarrassed though, and kept digging! The second surprise in the box was a "make your own dildo" kit! It had a note attached, from Michael, that said "When I get home, we can make a dildo from my cock!"
I can't WAIT to do that! Sounds like it's gonna be fun!
The next item out of the box was a vibrating dildo, a huge Black one, called BAM!
I tried that one out last night!!! WOW!!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the UPS guy! After I was done pulling everything out, which included vibrators, a fist-shaped dildo (HUGE, btw), and a couple of butt-plugs, he cleared his throat, I guess to remind me that he was still there (like I could forget?), and I signed the package, then grabbed his crotch!
I told him toys are fun, but I wanted the real thing, right then!
I kissed him HARD, then dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, and got whacked in the face with a cute 6 inch white cock. I didn't tell him I wanted something bigger, as I didn't want to make him feel bad, so quickly sucked it right down my throat, and made him feel good for a few minutes, then bent over, flipped my robe up, so he could get to my cunt, and told him to fuck me hard!
Well, he did, for about 2 minutes, before cumming in my pussy! I wasn't even CLOSE to cumming yet, but I could see that he was done, so I grabbed the BAM dildo, turned it on (nice vibes!), and rammed it into my wet cunt, straddling it, and placing the base on the floor, so I could ride it, while I licked his cock clean.
I couldn't stop licking, and sucking, as I rode that big Black dildo, and I guess the sight of that, got him turned on, and he got hard again, almost right away!

I told him he could fuck my ass, if he wanted, and he went right to work! He spit on my asshole, at my suggestion, and I told him to just RAM that cock right up my shitter! He did, and it was like, INSTANT ORGASM!!!
He fucked my ass for a good 5 minutes (I guess the first cum, helped him stay longer the second time around!) before he unloaded into my ass, just as I was on my 4th or 5th cum from the double penetration!
When he was done cumming, and pulled out, I took his cock right back into my mouth, and cleaned him off completely, with my tongue, then asked him, as he was zipping up his pants (he had never taken them off, just unzipped and fucked!), if he'd be kind enough to out the biggest butt-plug in my ass, before he left?
He didn't say a word, just started to unwrap the big plug, as I bent over in front of him, spreading my ass cheeks wide for him. He didn't lube it up or anything.. I guess my asshole was still creamy enough from his cum.. He just pushed that plug right in! I was like WHOA!!!! as the widest part of it spread my asshole, and then had an IMMEDIATE orgasm, as soon as my ass closed around the base of it! When I finally came down from that cum, I looked up, to see that the UPS guy was gone!
I pulled the BAM toy from my cunt, and, with my legs still shacking from the orgasm, got up, flipped my robe down over my ass, and collapsed on the sofa, still shaking!

All night long, I was playing with my new toys, and this morning, I woke up with the buttplug still in my ass, and the fist toy buried in my cunt!
I started to pull them out, and realized that my holes had dried up a bit, while I was sleeping!
Luckily, I always keep a tube of lube nearby, so I just put some on my fingers, and greased up my holes, and the toys just slipped right out, thank god!
My asshole is still pretty loose, as I, at one point, was yanking the butt-plug out of my ass, and shoving it right back in, back and forth, pretty fast!
It really stretched the hell outta my ass, but it was feeling so good!
My pussy got a pretty good workout too, for that matter!
I'm a little sore today, but it's a good kinda sore...
When Michael gets home, he'd better have prlenty of energy! Because I'm going to want him to use each, and every toy on me, while he fucks me!

Now, if you'll excuse me, writing about this, has my pussy getting wet, and my asshole itching to be filled again, so I think I'm going to put one of the smaller buttplugs in, and put the biggest one in my cunt, and run out to the store!
It's something I haven't done in a long time, going out in public, with both holes filled like that!
Last time I did it, I had to run into the mall ladies' room, and finger my clit till I came, just so I could think straight, while I was shopping!



Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman

Durty Thawtz said...

maybe i should have taken that job with UPS...