Friday, September 01, 2006

Michael's friends came over tonight...

They all just left..
They all came over at the same time, about 5 hours ago.
Seemed they were all drinking together, and got horny, and decided they wanted to get laid.

They walked in, said hi, all of them gave me a kiss, then started to strip, right there in the living room, telling me that they were going to take Michael up on his offer of my body!

No problem, I was ready...

Within seconds, I was naked, and had a dick in each hand, one in my mouth, sitting on the biggest, and the other one was inching his way up my ass!

I haven't done it like this in a while, and it took a little time to get back into the old rythym, but I think I did ok.
Michael woke up a short time ago, and found me laying on the couch, cum dripping out of my holes, cum in my hair, all over my face and tits, and a VERY satisfied look on my face!
He just stood there for a minute, and I couldn't tell if he was angry, shocked, turned on, or what!

Eventually, he smiled, came over, gave me a kiss, and told me that he had a feeling his friends would be over tonight, as they were all drinking together earlier, but he had had to leave, and they kept drinking.
He told me that he hoped I had had a good time, and that everyone had left satisfied, and I just smiled, nodded, and rubbed the cum into my pussy and asshole, and smeared a bunch into my breasts, then licked my fingers clean, right in front of him! He smiled, and said he was going back to bed.....

I think I'm going to go join him... I LOVE snuggling next to Michael!
And maybe he'll let me wake him with a blowjob, or maybe more??



Anonymous said...

Damn, Honey!
Found you a Sugar Daddy, I see!


Durty Thawtz said...

ah... the joys of friendship