Friday, August 15, 2008

I pulled a train!!

Well, I told some guys that I was IM'ing with, that I had pulled a train, and promised to put it up here....

Last week, I had been drinking... HEAVILY!!!!

I was hitting bars all around Quebec, , some nightclubs, some neighborhood bars, some tourist joints, just in the mood to get drunk, and get laid... no memories, prefereably!

I had scored some grass, some nice Thai Stick, and that was mellowing me out too much, so I asked around, and managed to score some coke... A couple of lines of that magical white powder, and I was "up", alert, and ready to party, and felt like I could handle anything I came across!

Well, I wound up, about 2 hours later, coming down from the coke, and smashed off my pretty white ass, stepping into a bar on the "WRONG" side of town!

Within ONE BLOCK, I was seeing winos, crack-heads, and bums!

I didn't feel particularly safe, seeing as how it was 10pm, and it looked like I was WAY overdressed!

I ducked into this bar, figuring I'd call a cab or something, and as I looked around, I saw what looked to be a "working class" crowd.. I figured that I probably called a little more attention to myself than I'd like, being dressed for nightclubs, but figured I'd be relatively safe in this bar, till I could call a cab..

Within a half hour, I had forgotten about calling a cab, and was drinking, joking,and flirting with all the guys there, and soon found myself going to the ladies' room.

I was in there, returning some of the liqour I drank (remember... "you don't buy it, you rent it!" LOL!), and as I was starting to wipe, I hear the door open and close, and all of a sudden, my door get's slammed open!

So here I am, sitting on the toilet, and I look up to see this white guy, in his 50's, I'm guessing, looking like a factory worker, with his dick hanging out of his pants, and he's stroking it, while leering at me!

Well, once I got over the shock of being surprised like that, I just did what comes naturally, and pulled him to me, by his dick, and swallowed a nice thick 7 inch cock!

He wasn't too gentle about it, once he realized that I was ok with him coming in, and he grabbed my head, and just started face-fucking me for all he was worth!

He came in my mouth pretty quick, and I swallowed it right down.. I guess he thought I was going to spit??? LOL!! Not me!!!

Well, we exited the ladies' room together, with everyone looking, and he quickly told his buddies what happened, and next thing I know, I'm surrounded by 6 guys, all asking when they can get theirs??!!!

The bartender was like "Hey! You can't do that in my bar!!" Then he smiled, and added, "Unless you're going to do me, too!"

I knew where this was headed, having been bar-banged before, and asked him "aren't you going to close the bar first?"

He told me no, that he had a back room we could use, and the other bartender could watch the bar... I said ok, and went with the bartender, and the 6 guys, into the back room, and dropped to my knees, and told the bartender to whip it out!

Well, he did, and so did the 6 guys! Next thing I know, I've got the bartender's cock down my throat, and a dick in each hand, and the remaining guys stripping my clothes off me!

I was a little worried about my purse, as I didn't know anyone there, but the bartender just told one of the guys to put it behind the bar, till later...

I went to work (fun job, eh?;-))and had gotten all 7 of the guys off in my mouth, and was just getting up off my knees to go back to the bar, when one of the guys says "I want a piece of this slut's cunt!"

All of a sudden, I'm being lifted up, and put on top of a table, on my back!

Two of the guys are holding my legs, up, and open, and another has me by the hair, pulling my head back, and down, and sliding his dick down my throat!

By now, I know what to expect, to I just started sucking away, letting myself enjoy being used like a slut, and soon I've got a nice hard cock in my pussy.

He cums almost immediately, and is replaced, just as quick, with another! I moaned as this cock went in me, as I was really starting to get into it, and the guys started making comments, like "Yeah! This slut's loving this! Go get more guys!", and "Take that cock, bitch!"

I was really getting into this action, having sucked off at least 4 guys while I was on my back, and having taken another 6 or so in my slut cunt, when suddenly, I hear "ok boys... FLIP HER!"

That threw me off a bit, until I felt a cock trying to jam into my ass!

I pulled off the cock in my mouth, told them to hold on a sex, spit into my hand, and slopped my spit all over my asshole, and shoved 4 fingers in my ass, hoping to stretch myself open a bit, before they could do any real damage!

The guys seemed to like that, and when I pulled my fingers out of my ass, one of the guys just SLAMMED into my ass, all the way to the balls, in one stroke!

Well, I had my mouth full again, so all I could do was moan around the cock in my mouth, and take it!

The guys must have liked what they were seeing, as they were making all kinds of sex, lude, and crude comments about me, and my ability to take the hard fucking I was getting, which just spurred me on more!
I got my pussy fucked by at least 15 different guy, some taking seconds and thirds, and got my ass pounded by at least 10 guys...
All Bareback, no rubbers, and most of the cum going in me, but more than a few blasted all over my face, tits, and ass.
There were Black guys, white guys, hispanics, and all of them were great!
By the time they were done with me, it was close to 4am, and I was invited up to the bartender's apartment over the bar, to clean up.
He was real nice, he ran a bath for me, bathed me, nice and gentle, and even made breakfast for me! (of course, that wasn't until 10 am, after we had taken a nap together, and I woke him up with a blowjob and his chooice of holes! (he chose my ass, btw... he told me he loved watching me fist my own ass, and I wound up fucking my ass with 4 fingers after he fucked me... he loved seeing my fingers coming out, all coated with his cum! (and probably some of the other guys' cum too!))
Afterward, we shared a joint, then I said that I had to be going.. he called me a cab, and paid the fare, and I headed to my hotel room for a good day's rest, before moving on.
BTW.. I forgot to mention this GORGEOUS Mexican housekeeper I met as I was packing to go!
She came in to clean (I didn't hear her knock, as I was in the shower), and when I came out, naked, she just stood there, with this "deer in the headlights" look.. looked like she didn't know what to do, scream, moan, or run away, so I walked up to her, put my finger to her lips to shush her, and then kissed her, deeply, while I ran my fingers through her thick, black hair, and then, when she didn't stop me, I closed the door to the room, and lead her to my bed, where I ate her sweet-tasting pussy for about a half hour. I had her cumming so hard she was thrashing all over the bed!
When she was done, she told me that she had never been with a woman before, and that she didn't know what to do.
I kissed her again, and told her that she had just done all that I needed her to do.
I had to explain to her that I just wanted to taste her, to make her cum, that I wanted nothing in return!
She started to clean the room up, and I just jumped right in, helping, telling her that we had better get this done quick, so her supervisor didn't give her any trouble about being behind.
We knocked out the room quickly, and as she was leaving, she gave me her number!
She told me that she had never been with another woman before, but that her husband had been wanting her to try it for years!
I told her that, next time I came through her area, I'd call her, and we could get together again.. possibly even with her husband, if she wanted!
It's a pity she's married, as she was so cute, I could have kidnapped her right there, and taken her with me!
Very few women have that effect on me....


Kate Anderson said...

not being negative but looking at the number of people who have visited your profile all i can say is that sex sells better than everything else... anyway looking forward to seeing more great stuff.....

Greg and Sheryl said...

We just found out that you started blogging again this summer. Welcome back! Your stories were worth the wait.

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