Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm going to hell! LOL!

Well, I'm guessing that I'm going STRAIGHT TO HELL!

I finally did it! I convinced the preacher to let me blow him during Sunday church services!
I had to get under his podium two hours before the service, so no one would see, and I couldn't leave until almost two hours AFTER the service!
And the service was two hours long!
So I was under that podium, on my knees, NAKED, for about 6 hours!

I finally convinced him, after doing some of the MOST perverted things I've ever done! And that's saying a lot!
Sunday morning, about 5am, he had me meet him at the church.
He started off by taking a knife to my dress, and cutting it to shreds, before ripping it off my body, then slapped my face HARD, before having me lay down on the altar, and he shoved a large crucifix into my pussy, hard, and twisted it around for a while, then left it in me, and walked away, telling me not to move.
He returned a little bit later with a chalice, and communion wafers, and he pissed in the chalice, and dipped the wafers in the piss, and fed them to me, telling me that i was eating HIS (the preacher's flesh, and drinking HIS water of life! (Thank god he didn't put his blood into it! That would have been too much!) He fed me a dozen communion wafers, and make me drink all the piss in the chalice, before taking the cross out of my sore pussy, and then fucked me hard for a few minutes, before pulling out, and cumming on my face! (He called it "Annointing" me)

He led me to his office, and proceeded to beat my tits, ass, and cunt, while calling me names, and spitting on my face. He didn't allow me to wipe his cum or spit off my face, telling me to leave it there till he told me otherwise.

He then led me up to the podium, and had me get on my knees, and sit on my heels, and he tied my hands behind my back, and then tied my feet together, and tied my hands to my feet.
He then positioned my body under his podium, and told me not to make a sound!
So there I am, 2 hours before the service, tied up, and on my knees, under his podium, naked, knowing that I was going to be there for a LONG time!
Finally, I heard the church filling up.. old folks, adults, and kids!
The service started, and he approached the podium, and I was wondering how I was going to get to his cock with my hands tied?
Well, he started the sermon, and I' guessing about a half hour into it (I had lost all sense of time by now) he opened his robe, to show me that he was naked under it!
His cock was soft, and I just leaned forward what little I could, and actually fell forward, into his crotch! I don't know how visible it was, but I know that he got nudged backward a tiny bit, but he steaded himself, and me, and continued on with the service.
I had his cock hard and throbbing, in no time, and as he spoke, I was sucking harder, and harder!
His speech was getting louder, and more passionate about what God's plans were for us, and I just kept sucking harder, and deeper, till finally, he came in my mouth!
I don't know how the hell he did it, but he kept up his sermon as if nothing was happening to him,, and after I swallowed, and licked him clean, I kept his softening cock in my mouth..
Damned if he didn't piss in my mouth, minutes later!! Of course, I was expected to swallow every drop, which I did, then I watched him discreetly tuck his cock back into his robe.
I couldnt see what he was doing, but I know he walked away from the podium for some time.
By now, my legs were cramping up, and I had to pee so bad!
He came back up to the podium, and started talking again, but didn't pull his dick out, so I just leaned forward, and moved my head around till I was inside his robe. I found his cock, and wrapped my lips around it again, and started sucking... He took a lot longer to get hard this time, event though I was doing my best to get him hard, and when he got hard, he took at least a half hour of sucking before he came again! I kept my mouth on his dick until he finally reached down and pushed me off him, adjusted his robes, and finished the service. I had to stay under there for 2 more hours, until everyone was gone, including the maintence guy, before he came and got me.
He pulled me out, and untied me, and I told him how much I needed to pee, and he just handed me the chalice, and told me to piss in it..
Well, by now, it was either piss in the chalice, or all over the floor, as I doubt I could have made it to the bathroom in time, so I just let go, almost filling the cup!
Then, he told me to drink it!
OK, I figured, what the fuck, I'm already going to hell, and I've already drank his piss, so why not?
I drank my own piss, then he stood me up, and immediately bent me over the podium, and rammed his cock, DRY, right up my ass! I screamed at the pain, but he kept right on fucking me!
When he was done, he told me to get out of his church, that I was a filthy slut, and how could I make him do such vile, sinful things?? I had to keep from laughing out loud!
I reminded him that he had cut up my clothes, so he took me back to the room where the church keeps clothing donations, and he picked out some old clothes for me to wear.. I got dressed, and left the church, and went back to my van, and spent the rest of the day curled up in a nice, soft, warm blanket, rubbing my pussy, and remembering every second of my day!

It's not something that I'd want to repeat often, but it *was* fun!

Also.. I finally got my van fixed!!
I'm going to leave this crazy town in the next day or so...
I haven't decided which way I'm going to go yet.....we'll see...


Merlin7 said...


Merlin7 said...

By the way love your blogs.

I was thinking about this blog a little last night (yes and i did have a wank thinking about you), and how erotic it was, trouble is I will struggle to concentrate on any surmon I listen too, I will be visualising you giving the priest head...

Anonymous said...

gina, you are a nasty whore!
see ya been busy too
email me back when ya get the chance
itwolf2304 on yahoo
or wolf2304 on hotmail

goooooood girl said...

Feel good......

Anal Slut said...

Pletid cume am mein
Fullom am deser todo
Moi waunt tu cume a mein
A moi, eh so mote es

Anal Slut said...

Pletid cume am mein
Fullom am deser todo
Moi waunt tu cume a mein
A moi, eh so mote es

Becky and Pete. said...

Hardcore go for it!

Prince Anon said...

Got Damn Girl. That is wild Reminds me of my want to fuck a nun