Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Called my parents...

I decided to call my Mom and Dad, as I hadn't talked to them in a few months, and Dad answered..I asked what was up, and dad filled me in on the usual, the taxes going up again, the local events, and told me that he had seen my Daughters a couple of days ago.. I hadn't talked to my daughters this week, and was glad to hear that they were alright, and that they were visiting their grandparents on a regular basis.
I asked to speak to Mom, and Dad told me that she couldn't come to the phone, as she was *entertaining*.. Now, when Dad says Mom is *Entertaining*, that ALWAYS means that mom is getting fucked by at LEAST one Black Man, and usually more! LOL!
I asked Dad to have Mom call me when she could, and about 18 hours later, she finally called... Seems she went out to the city, *on a mission*.. She does this every few weeks or so.. usually, she gets buzzed, and if she can't get a Black guy to fuck her that night, she'll continue drinking till she's either TOO drunk to stand, and call Dad to pick her up, or wind up offering her body to ANYONE, man or woman, that she thinks will use her like a whore!
Usually tho, she just calls Dad.
Well, turns out that this night was different...She went to a Topless bar, and was getting drinks bought for her almost as soon as she walked in.She told me that, within 15 minutes, she was surrounded by Black men, all trying to run their game on her, to get her to go home with them.She was kissing all these guys, she said, and rubbing cocks through pants like she would never get the chance again!She says she even sucked off two guys by the DJ booth! She also said she blew the DJ, a wimpy-looking white guy with bad skin and glasses, since he didn't say or do anything to stop her.
She wound up taking 6 of these guys home with her (Dad confirmed this), and got used in EVERY room of the house, including on the front porch, the bathroom, the laundry room, and the room my daughters stay in, when they stay overnight!They also fucked her on the upstairs deck facing the street (dad said that they had her bent over the railing, with her head dangling over, her feet in the air, and the only thing keeping her from being tossed over the railing, was the railing pushing into her belly, and the guy holding tight to her hips... Dad said that he didn't realize it was happening, until he heard her moaning.. He walked out front, looked up, and saw his wife, my mother, being ass-fucked, HARD, while dangling over the railing!)Mom told me that 8 hours after they started, they finally all left, and Dad found her exhausted, covered in cum, and love-bites, and literally *fucked stupid*! She was blabbering, drooling cum from her mouth, her pussy and ass, and couldn't stand, so Dad did what he's done in the past, every time she's overdone it with her lovers.. He licked the cum from her tits, belly, pussy and ass, then kissed her, gently, and lovingly, smoothed her hair, and covered her up with a sheet, put a pillow under her head, and put a cool washcloth on her pussy.
Dad says she's been doing this for the past 20 years, but only recently started bringing up home than 2 guys at a time.I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

PS.. I had sex with the preacher again!
He seems to be getting kinkier each time!
This time, he fucked my ass (no lube, btw) till he came in my ass, then pulled out, and rammed it down my throat, and held my head till my eyes rolled back in my head, and almost passed out!
After I caught my breath, he pulled out, and told me to lick him clean.
After I did that, he took me into the kid's playroom (day care had been done for hours, and the only other person in the building was the janitor.. And he was out to dinner), and put me on my knees, and tied my wrists behind my back with a jump rope, shoved a paint-splattered rag into my mouth, and proceeded to slap my face with his bare hand, then took off his belt and beat my tits with it, before grabbing my hair, and yanking me off balance, til I was face-down on the floor, with my ass in the air.
He proceeded to shove assorted toys into my pussy and ass, then beat my ass until it was on fire, and each smack was causing me to jump, and toys were popping out of my holes like crazy!
After he was done doing that, he fell on top of me, and fucked my pussy til he came (about a minute or less), then untied me, and told me to get dressed, and get out.
What the preacher didn't see, was that I was smiling as he said that... I doubt he noticed that my pussy was dripping wet afterward.. and not from his cum!
It's rare that I can find a white guy to use me like this..I'll never look at the clergy the same way again!

BTW... we're getting closer to the area where he does his sermons... I'm STILL hoping that either I can convince him, or that he comes up with the idea himself, to let me blow him under his pulpit, DURING a sermon!
I turns me on SO much, to think of sucking his cock, during a packed house on a Sunday!

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Your parents have wonderful relationship.