Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa.. I was a BAD girl this year!! LOL!

I was driving around, after having had a few tokes off some really good weed, and spotted a Santa, leaving a nightclub!
I couldn't resist!
I pulled over, told Santa I was a BAD girl, which got his attention, so I invited Santa in, and gave him a blowjob, with both of us fully clothed, then sucked him to hardness again, and asked him if I could sit in "Santa's" lap!
He said yes, so I climbed on, and rode Santa's cock till he gave me a nice, cummy present!

Afterwards, as I was driving off, I heard him say "HO HO HO!!!"

I love holidays!
When's St.Patricks day again? Maybe I can find a leprachaun to fuck! LOL!

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RIV said...

That's awesome!
No other word for it.