Monday, September 05, 2005

New Job

Well, I didn't take that job at the massage joint.. at least not full-time..
I've worked 3 days so far there, thinking I might do it once a week or so...

Last two times were kind of average.. Nothing special.. sucked off a couple of white guys, let a couple of asian busnessmen (at least that's what they looked like) jerk off on my face, sort of a mini "bukkake", got my pussy fucked a few times,and my ass seems to be pretty popular with the guys..
Still, the sex, while fun, is nowhere near as satisfying as when I'm with my Black men.

Got a new job, working in an accounting office, as a secretary. Boring, but the pay isn't bad, and the people seems nice.. No freedom to take long "fuck-lunches" like I used to, but, such is life..

I met a new guy a few days ago, a Black Man, naturally, and he's really nice... older, around 50, distinguished, very low-key. His names Abraham, and he's sexy! Not in a way that I'd normally be attracted to my men, but we started talking, and I could see the lust in his eyes..
He asked me out to lunch, and was a total gentleman! He took me to a little asian place, one I hadn't heard of before, really out of the way place, and the food and conversation was flowing like we were old friends that came to the place all the time!
(Turns out he *does* come to this particular place wuite often)

It's weird.. he hasn't come on to me yet... not sure how to take that. But it was nice to just sit, eat, and talk like a normal person, instead of him treating me like a cheap white slut, like the other guys do.

I went out Friday, not having been out alone for a while, and decided to visit an adult bookstore that has gloryholes... I was in the mood for some anonymous cock, and seeing how it was Labor Day weekend, my Men were all with their families and such, and I was really in the mood for some anonymous cock.
Dressed as slutty as I could, and still be legal (hell, if I could, I'd go out dressed in crotchless panties, and a push-up bra, and heels, and nothing else!) I was wearing a short skirt (VERY SHORT), with a slit on the side that ran all the way to my waist, exposing lots of thigh, and a sheer black blouse, with no bra underneath, and naturally, no panties, heavy makeup, and a pair of 4 inch heels, open-toed.
I went into the bookstore, browsed the adult magazines and videos for a while, and looked at the assorted sex-toys, finally deciding on a nice thick dark-brown dildo, about 10 inches, with a suction cup, and a pair of "clover"nipple clamps.
I told the clerk not to bother bagging them, and opened the packages right there, in front of her(the clerk was this older woman, about 60, and white) she looked at me kinda funny at first, then smiled a knowing smile, as I started feeling all the veins, and ridges on the dildo. I picked up my new toys, and walked into the video booth area, and walked straight to the booth that I knew had the gloryholes, paused before going in, to let the guys see me going in, and entered, and locked the door. I put a 20 dollar bill in the machine, and chose a good interracial flick, and stripped down to just my heels. I wet the suction cup of the dildo, and got on my knees in front of the hole, and positioned it just right, and slid right down on the dildo (my pussy was already plenty wet, by the time I got to the bookstore) and put the clamps on my nipples.. (God, I love the feel of my nipples being clamped! The pain/pleasure is so damned good!)
There was already a guy in the booth on the other side of the hole, and I motioned with my finger, for him to stick his cock through... no go... turns out it was a gay guy, and *he* was there to suck cock too! He told me to get out, so other guys could come in, and I told him no, I had just put 20 bucks in the machine, and I wasn't leaving till I sucked some cock through the hole!
He got out a few minutes later, mumbling something like "Fucking hetero slut!"
Poor guy! Jealous, I guess!
I sucked quite a few guys off that night, none spectacular, but one sticks out in my mind.. He came into the booth after I had been there about an hour, probably sucked off about 6 guys, and had a few decent cums myself, along the way, thanks to the dildo, when this one cock pokes through the hole.. there was only about two inches sticking through the hole, and it was white, but I had decided earlier, that I wouldn't leave until I either (a) got tired, (b) ran out of 20's for the machine, or (c) the line of cocks dried up. So I sucked his cock into my mouth, all the while wishing it was longer, so I could swallow more, and within about a minute, the guy came. It was a gusher!!! I mean, this guy was shooting like a water fountain! It hit the back of my throat with such force, that I gagged! (and I rarely gag when cum shoots into my mouth!) The taste was ok, but what made it so hot, was the sheer force of his cum shots! I pulled back for a second, to recover, and that cock kept shooting, long, watery shots, that hit me square in the face, then, as I backed up a bit, shot all over my breasts! I swear, the way this guy was shooting, his balls must have been pulled back into his body, from the force of it coming out! He soaked me! I quickly put his cock back in my mouth, noticing a very strong taste, like Indian food, which was a little unsettling, but I was shocked that, even after all he shot on me, I was still getting such a mouthful of cum, that I had to keep swallowing!! I'm sure it only lasted a minute or so, but I swear, it felt like I was swallowing cum for 5 minutes straight!!!
By the time he was finished, my chest was almost covered in watery cum, my face was a mess, and I was in the middle of another orgasm! I licked him clean, and he pulled his cock through the hole, and pushed a 20 dollar bill through!!! I thanked him, and told him it wasn't neccesary, but he insisted, saying that I should use the 20 to keep the movie running, so I could stay longer. (He obviously understood bookstore/gloryhole ettiquette, in that, it's a business, so you've gotta keep putting money into the machine, to stay there. Most guys forget that, and then wonder why, when they're in the middle of sucking cock, management comes and bangs on the door!

I stayed there for at least 3 hours that night, and when I wasn't sucking cock (didn't see any that made me want to get fucked by them), I was riding my new dildo, and yanking on the nipple clamps, making myself cum over and over.
When I finally left, I had dried cum all over my chest and face, and some in my hair (I wear cum in my hair like a badge of honor, btw), and my knees were dirty, and red, from being on them on that dirty floor for hours, my pussy had finally dried up a bit, and I had tucked the dildo and clamps away in my purse.
I climbed into my van, and headed home.. didn't get fucked, but my craving for anonymous cock was satisfied.. at least for the night...
One of my Men called me last night, and came over. Seems he and his wife had an argument over something or other, and he needed to let off some steam.
He came over, and found me naked, and waiting for him, as usual. I had his fav drink in my hand, a bottle of malt liqour, and he took it from me, and started to chug it down, while sitting, and I proceeded to strip him down.
When I got his pants off, his cock was sticking through the fly of his boxers, and I started to lick it, when he grabbed me by the hair, and shoved my mouth down on his cock. I didn't complain (I rarely do), just went to work sucking. He was more brutal then usual, and told me that I better plan on not going out that night, as he was in the mood to smack me around, to let out some of his tensions. He fucked my throat pretty hard for a while, then yanked me off his cock, stood up, finished stripping, and grabbed me by the arm, and yanked me around, throwing me down, face first, ontot he kitchen table. He told me to stay there, and not move, and he proceeded to smack my ass pretty hard, before ramming his cock, dry, into my ass! I screamed in pain, as he's got a pretty thick 9 inch cock, and, as I said, I was dry back there (knew I should have lubed up there!) but he kept on fucking me, finally cumming in my ass as I screamed in pain/pleasure (hurts like hell, but I love being used like that!)!
He finally pulled out, grabbed my hair, turned me around, and forced me to my knees, telling me to clean his dick. I went right to work, tasting his cum, and my ass, as well as cleaning a little blood off his cock. When I was done, he pulled back, and really let me have it, a hard slap, right across the face! He told me that was for not saying thank you! Well, you know, I immediately said I was sorry, and thanked him for using my ass for his pleasure, and, as I was saying that, he started smacking my tits!! HARD!!! Now, mind you, that hurts like hell, but it's also one of the things that gets me off big-time!!
I became instantly wet!! And he got hard again right away! (he has a bit of a sadistic streak in him, which is why we get along so well!)
He fucked my pussy for about an hour after that, with me on my knees, on the living room floor, till he filled my white slut cunt up with his Black seed.. Then he flipped me onto my back, and fucked me that way for awhile, alternating between my pussy and my ass, till he came again, this time in my ass, all the while, smacking me in the face, tits, and even right on my pussy!

I've got the makings of some pretty good bruises right now, all over my chest, my lips are swollen, and I think Ive got a black eye right now.. But they never last for long, and I've gotten pretty good at hiding the marks with makeup.

All in all, he was there for about 4 hours, and he came in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass, my pussy twice,before dragging me by the hair into the bathroom, and pissing all over me. By the time he was done with me, I was a quivering mess, still orgasming my ass off, just from his treatment of me, and he kissed me so tenderly afterward! He thanked me for letting him blow off some steam, and asked if I was ok, while he was getting dressed. I told him yes, I was going to be ok, and thanked him for using me, as he was heading out the door.

Most people would say that I'm a sick, fucked-up bitch for putting up with that type of stuff, but I learned a couple of years ago to accept almost anything from my Men, and learned to get pleasure from hard use!

I'm going to go out tonight, a few of the guys got together and made plans. they want to take me to someplace special, they said..
They told me to be ready to go, and to wear only the highest heels I have, and a raincoat.. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am bi, so I too love to go to the local booksotre and suck guys off. The idea of being used like that REALLY turns me on. I luv getting ravaged by a black guy. I would take ONLY black cock if I wasn't so horney all the time. I never turn down a hard cock that can cum. This mexican guy came to my work when I was all alone, and fucke me real good and took pictures. If you wanna see, lemme know.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

hi Gina, just came across your site. Thanks for the link--I was the one who requested your address to be added to my address book...

I find your site tremendously sexy! Will be back!!

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