Saturday, October 01, 2005

Put back to work again..

Well, the stitches are almost ready to come out, but not just yet.. a few more days, at least..

A few of my Men came over last night, and announced that I had taken enough "time off"..

They took me to a cheap motel, tied my wrists to my ankles, and put me on my knees.
They told me that tonight, I was going to earn some money for them. I remonded them that I was still healing, and they reminded me that I was tied like that for a reason.
My "job" for the night, was to suck off any man who came in and paid them!

So there I was, on my knees, unable to move, and within 10 minutes, the first guy came in..
He handed one of my Men 20 dollars, and unzipped, and shoved his cock right down my throat!
He didn't last long, perhaps 5 minutes, betwen being excited, and the fact that, whenever I have a cock in my mouth, I get REAL cock-hungry!! I was sucking that cock like it was the last thing I'd ever get to eat!!
The rest of the night went on like that, for at least 6 hours. I think I must have sucked at least 20 different cocks! Most of them came in my mouth, but a few came on my face, and a few on my tits.
My jaw was so sore by the time I was about halfway through, that many of them just shoved it down my throat, not even caring if I gave them any suction. Luckily, I can deep-throat big cock pretty easily, so there wasn't much of a problem...
By the time I was done, and they untied me, I could barely stand, as my legs were almost numb.

They laid me on the bed, and I sucked off my Men, as my final job of the night...As they were leaving, they laid a 100 bucks on the nightstand, and told me that the room was paid till noon, so I could sleep there if I wanted...
I woke up at 10, tired, honry, but ok... Walked the three miles to my apartment, and dozed off for a few hours..


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

that was a HOT story. I really DO wish I were in the US to really do you are so darn sexy...;-)

Anonymous said...

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