Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally went to the chiropractor...

Feel so much better now!!
I have to say, if you haven't been to a chiropractor before, please go!
I used to hear the stories about chiropractors, people saying that you have to go at least twice a week, EVERY week.. That's BULLSHIT!

I go about every two weeks or so, especially if my Men have been particularly "physical" with me, and it helps keep me in pretty good health! My back dosn't hurt much, and let me tell you, when you're getting your face and throat fucked HARD, and often, it tends to yank things around. My chiropractor get's me all fixed up in no time at all! And it's a HELL of a lot cheaper than having to pay prescription drug prices!!

Now, is I could only pay him with sex, life would be a lot easier!!! LOL!! (Besides, his receptionist is a really CUTE redhead!!I'd LOVE to spend some time under her desk, licking her pussy!)

Weather here has been really shitty the last few days.. Lots of rain, and wind, and the temps dropping... Even the ducks are staying inside!!
But.. I was feeling adventerous, and horny (I know, nothing new!) so I went to the city tonight for a few hours.. could have gone to the adult theater, didn't, could have gone to the Black bars, didn't feel like drinking tonight though, so I just walked around... Was enjoying the looks from the young bucks, as I walked around in just a short skirt, a tube top, and heels, (no panties, or bra, of course!), and when the rain started to really come down hard, I ducked into a local adult bookstore.. There was someone new at the counter tonight, that I didn't recognize, so I started browsing the adult toy section, thinking maybe I'd pick up a new vibrator or a new fake cock..
Saw a couple nice ones, that I'm going to come back for later.. But while I was there, I noticed a few guys looking at me, and that always gets my juices flowing...
When I noticed that the clerk was busy with a customer, I ducked into the video booth area, to see what was playing, and maybe have some fun.

Watched the flicks for about 15 minutes, and stroked my pussy for a while, just enjoying myself for a while, then decided to see what else was going on...
As I came out of the booth, I notice that the male population in the video booth area had grown from about 3 guys, to about 10.... a real cute asian midget, a few white guys, a couple of hispanics, and one Black Man.
Now, you all know, by know, how I get around Black men, especially when it's in a situation where I know I can get used easily!
I soon had him joining me in a big booth, where he immediately pinned me to the wall, kissing me hard, while pawing my tits through my tube top with one hand, and shoving his fingers in my soaked pussy with the other hand! I was loving it!!!
He had the tube top down in an instant, and was really sucking on my nipples with finesse!! Now, I love having my nipples worked over, and he could tell, by my moans, that I was really enjoying it! I dropped to my knees a minute later though, as I just HAD to see what he was packing in his pants! I didn't waste a second, yanking his zipper down, and opening his pants and boxers, to find a nice thick 6 inch cock! Now, granted, I'm a size queen, I'll admit it.. I'd much rather have a 9 or 10 inch Black cock, but any Black cock turns me on, and his was no exception!! Besides, it was really thick!!!
I had him down my throat in no time, swallowing him to the root, and licking his balls at the same time! His cock tasted SO good!!!
I was enjoying making love to his Black cock with my lips and tongue, loving the feel of his hands in my hair, pulling my mouth harder, on to his cock, when suddenly he stopped, and pulled me off his cock! I looked up at him, ready to ask why?, when he pushed my head towards the wall!
Turns out there was a gloryhole there that I didn't see! (New one that I hadn't seen yet) And there was a nice hard dick sticking through it!! It was white, but that didn't stop me.. This hot Black man wanted me to suck this strange white cock through the hole, I wasn't going to argue, or disobey!
I immediately attacked that white cock with a passion, sucking it as passionately as I did the Black cock before it. Next thing I know, I the Black man's hands on my hips, pulling my ass up in the air, and, a moment later, his nice thick cock entering my dripping wet slut cunt.
He must have fucked me like that for at least 10 minutes, ramming into my cunt hard, which only served to ram my face into the wall, driving the dick in my mouth, deeping into my throat.
Next thing I know, the white dick is cumming in my mouth, I'm swallowing all the cum shooting out, and the Black cock in my pussy is shooting a nice load in my womb, and I'm cumming so often, and so loud, that I KNOW the clerk has to be hearing us!!
I was right, because within a minute of all of us cumming, the clerk is banging on the door, telling us to all get out, before he calls the cops!! Well, we all scooted out of there quick, the Black man pulling me out of the store, and into a nearby alley!

He pushed me back down to my knees, in that smelly, dark, wet alley, and made me lick his cock clean. When I was done, I looked up, and there were a group of other guys from the bookstore, all with their cocks out, and waiting their turns!!
Naturally, being the cocksucking slut/whore that I am, I had a strange dick in my mouth in no time at all!
I wound up sucking off 6 guys in that alley, and getting fucked in the ass by the last one, the asian midget! He came a HUGE load up my ass, and after I licked his cock clean afterward, he gave me his phone number, and told me to call him sometime, that he had some friends who would love to fuck me!
I left the alley soaking wet, face and chest covered in cum, my knees muddy, and red from the alley, and thouroughly fucked! I think I came about 5 times while I was in the alley, as well!

As I stumbled out of the alley, a couple of really sleazy, cheap-looking hookers were passing by, and looked down at me, and just kinda sneered "slut!"..
I looked at them and just laughed... LOL!!! I got off all those guys, for NO CHARGE!! They had to be pissed, as they would have probably made a few bucks off those guys! oh well!
I know the guys were happy... they didn't have to pay for a hooker, and they didn't have to put a rubber on!!
I got to my van, climbed in, and drove home... This was a few hours ago, and I've taken a nice long bath, followed by a hot shower, and I feel somewhat "normal" again...

I hope some of my Men cum by today.... I'm getting horny again...


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

i need to go home and wank so hard the cum shoots onto the wall;-) you are SO SO hot Gina!!

Gina Forchevsky said...

Thank you!

Matt said...


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Anonymous said...

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