Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry, but I had some things to do, and couldn't get back to this blog until now...

As I was saying, from the last post, I had just had this drunk chick eating cum from my pussy, and she wound up puking all over my belly and chest!
I was so fucked up I didn't care, and started playing with it!
The guys saw this, and got into it, seeing what a filthy whore I was being, so they decided to see just how much of a filthy whore I could be, and started pissing in my face, and on my chest!
I wound up drinking whatever I could, and just laid back and enjoyed the feel of that hot piss hitting my body, while I was rubbing my sore pussy...
I really got wild when that happened, and started getting really verbal, telling them to fuck me, to use me, to abuse me, and that really got them going!

They started to pinch and slap my tits, and when they saw how much I was enjoying it, they started to slap them harder!
One guy climbed back on top of me, and started fucking me, while he was slapping my face, and the more he slapped, the more I urged them all on, till soon, I was being choked HARD, while guys were taking turns slapping my face and tits!
I LOVED IT!!! I was orgasming so hard, and so often, that I passed out!
The guys told me that they just kept fucking me anyway... I love guys like that!

When I woke up, I was all alone, naked, covered in cum, piss, and some puke..
Talk about feeling used!! I love that feeling!

I finally got up, and took a shower, and, as the bed was pretty soaked from the cum and piss, I left there, got in the van, and drove off, to take a nap in the van...
My pussy was sore for a day after that! It even hurt to piss!

I've been to a few different towns since then, went out whoring for money a few times, just to have gas and food money, and I've had a few different experiences with men and women, but nothing really of note lately...
Although, I *did* get a flat, and called Triple A.. guy came out, changed my tire, and I gave him a blowjob in my van, as thanks!

I Heard about a place in a nearby town that has gloryholes... going to go there later, and check them out... haven't had a really GOOD gloryhole experience in some time...
Just something about sucking cock, and getting fucked, through the gloryholes, that just turns me into a bigger slut!
I think it's the anonymity of it all...

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CokeRabbit said...

hey! so glad that you're back.

i know you hate it, but if you're ever in the SoCal area, PLEASE let me know!

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